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Around 170 CE, a Greek intellectual named #Celsus tore apart Christianity !
His writing is acerbic, questioning every fable in the Book, deriding the ignorance, ridiculing Creation, Resurrection, Nativity with reason & educated arguments.
His writings were banned, lost to history if a Christian apologist, Origen had not tried rebuttal to Celsus.
His “ On True Doctrine” didn’t spare anyone from Moses, Mary, to Jesus !

“Mary wasn’t beautiful enough to tempt a Deity, Jesus was born of infidelity & adultery...
Mary was convicted of adultery & driven out by her husband & he’s just getting started !
Moses had no idea about “ nature of the world, garden of Eden story was “silly “ !
Jesus contradicts Old Testament, God wasn’t omniscient either. Interesting 😂
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Eyes👀on. A lot here. I’m sure others can connect. #QAnon #QArmy
👉🏻“Sustaining the momentum” “By CHANNELING their energy into CONCRETE action.”
He’s fueling the flame.
Sunflower = Helios = Solar Plexus energy center = Egypt = Lower self, lower consciousness.
👉🏻CONCRETE 77, 19...
2. See pics. Reminder of 77 occult connections to Aleister Crowley, Seagrams 7&7 Crown 👑 ( = Corona) heiress & NXIVM Keith Raniere sex trafficking, Oz, James Bond 007 sun ☀️ god (sunflower). #symbolism
#MSM #FakeNews just used pic of #WorldWarZ

@LovesTheLight 😲 it’s 👉🏻PAN 💥
3. MORE on the occult use of 77, casting spells, summoning & “CHANNELING”. See pics. #PAN god.
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#QAnons #PatriotsUnited #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight #Revelation is UPON US!!

MUCH to unlearn &"RE-LEARN"!!

I feel called by Holy Spirit to show y'all what The Lord is OPENING MY 👀 abt.

We have *NOT* understood #Scripture & it's NOW TIME TO SEE!!

1st, I need to share w/ y'all abt how God reveald Himself to me personally
He tells us that in End Times we will "Dream dreams" & hav VISIONS
Just like the Prophets of old

So, I did what we ar told to do; I *ASKED*

The reply came in a Vision:
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I see that revolution gets many a mention in the comments here.
Clearly few are aware that there has never been a genuine grass roots revolution. All were initiated by #BlackNobility agent provocateurs to engineer upheaval, massive loss of life & to shift power into fewer hands.
Revolution would play into the hands of global totalitarians.
Something entirely different is required.
Resurrection of pre-political human values. No more Hegelian dialectic with contrived left/right, rich/poor divisions. A resurrection of the entire human family.
A paradigm shift in the collective consciousness which matures our behaviour from that of children being parented to adults cooperating.
A recognition of greed & power-lust as crimes against humanity; a willingness to eject them from our ambition & reward ourselves with equality.
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En ce jour de Pâques où les Chrétiens célèbrent le mystère de la Résurrection du Christ, je vous présente une synthèse de l'iconographie médiévale de la Résurrection en Occident.

⬇ (fil à dérouler) #Paques #resurrection #Easter #Ostern #Auferstehung #Resurrezione #resureccion ImageImage
1. Durant le haut Moyen Âge, c'est la Visite des Saintes Femmes au Sépulcre qui illustre presque tjrs la R. ds l'Occ. latin, tandis que ds le monde byzantin, c'est la Descente aux Limbes/enfers (Anastasis) qui s'impose et prédomine. Ces deux types icon. ne seront pas traités ici.
2. Nous ne ns occuperons ici que d'un type particulier au monde latin, qui y naît & s'y développe à partir du 12e s. : le R. sortant de son sépulcre (selon des modalités diverses) - et ce jusqu'au début du 16e s. (avec cependant qques timides ouvertures sur l'art post-tridentin).
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“Saturdays” stillness and quietness was probably one of if not the darkest day for the disciples.
Some of us are currently living in our own #HolySaturday.

I doubt the disciples saw it as a holy day. They were cloaked in grief, nearly swallowed by sorrow. There best friend, teacher, part of there community and family was just gone after the most horrific and brutal death.
Even after we celebrate the #resurrection tomorrow- I will still be pondering and thinking about the meaning of #HolySaturday-
I’ll be thinking of the disciples-
The dark...
The sorrow...
The grief...
The empty void gaping before them.

It feels more closely relevant right now.
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Does the #Bible teach that there will be no #romantic #love or #future #children in the #Resurrection?

Um, #NO, and here is why.
To say that Jesus had many enemies during his earthly ministry is a huge understatement. Though some pharisees were friendly to him (John 3:1-21), most despised him, challenging him and even plotted to kill him (Matt 12:14). One of their main issues with Christ was his refusal to
follow their oral tradition (Matt 15:1-9, Mark 7:1-13). Indeed, Jesus criticized the Pharisees’ over this very tradition. He pointed out their real problem; making the oral law on par with scripture. They had basically added to the Word of God.
The Sadducees had the opposite
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1C'est pourquoi,laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST,tendons à ce qui est #Parfait,sans poser de nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux œuvres mortes,[]»#AMEN,#Maranatha,#MerciJÉSUS


#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1 C'est pourquoi, laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST, *tendons* à ce qui est #Parfait, sans poser de #Nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux #œuvres #mortes,
2 de LA #Foi en DIEU, de LA #Doctrine des #Baptêmes, de L'#Imposition des mains, de LA #Résurrection des #morts, et du #Jugement éternel.

3 C'est ce que *nous ferons*, *si DIEU le permet*.
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I'll be in Rome for Christmas. Should be magical.

Some interesting background details on Christmas.
H/T @ SayWhenLA, DC is full of Masonic symbolism, but hadn't seen this one.

Masonic handshakes symbolize the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Please keep clicking to unhide entire thread, ends w/
🔹Christ inside Knights Templar labyrinth, and 🔹Bohemia thread.

Alatri, Italy.
This fresco is unique since nowhere else on earth has another been discovered with Christ in the centre of a labyrinth. (roughly 1000 A.D.)

Christ (33) was a human sacrifice, body picked up by Joseph (likely his father).

End of thread..

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Was the story of #Jesus' #Resurrection inspired or based on the resurrection of the pagan god #Zalmoxis?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
The story of Zalmoxis is used by Jesus Mythcists to show that either A. The Gospel writers were inspired by it to come up with the story Christ’s resurrection, or B. that there was a common “dying and rising” god motif in the ancient world, not solely a Jewish idea.
However…there are problems with this (stupid) theory.
Thrace was an ancient land that today would make up parts of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Zalmoxis, aka Salmoxis, aka Gebeleizis was a god of the Getae, a Thracian tribe. Indeed, he was the only god they worshipped, even
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For those of us who are Christians, this is the day--THE day--that is both the evocation and commemoration of our faith. The sorrow of #HolyWeek is past and the joy of #Easter is here. #Alleluia alleluia.

On Easter we re-dedicate ourselves to Christ's selflessness and love.🌿
Jesus offers us a message of love that transcends death. On #Easter, as the gospel tells us, Mary Magdalene went to Christ's tomb & found he was not there. She is the one who announces the Resurrection. In her we see ourselves, opening our minds & hearts to Christ's teachings. 🌿
The #Resurrection that we celebrate on #Easter is our annual baptism and re-birth into our faith. It is the story of how much we are loved by Christ and how the one and only thing Christ asks of us in return is to love others as we are loved by him.

Can we do this?
We must.🌿
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