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Dear @comcare_gov_au,
I have recently received a response to a #FOI request in relation to the #Comcare investigation into #mould at the #Nauru RPC. Reviewing my original email to yourself in 2018, I feel I may not have made one aspect clear enough.
I would appreciate it if you could clarify whether the incident of a contracted mould inspector (microbiologist) being asked to remove his PPE for the inspection and consequently becoming sick, was part of the @comcare_gov_au investigation into the mould issue
2/ the tents at the RPC on #Nauru or was treated as a separate investigation.
The FOI response I received on the 5th of June 2020 in relation to MC00004067, has plainly stated that Comcare never interviewed Dr Cameron Jones, the microbiologist in question.
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Before the pandemic, @ICOnews had been moving towards issuing enforcement notices against public authorities repeatedly breaching #FOI time limits. 1/11
In November 2019 an #FOI enforcement notice was drafted against an authority in the police & justice sector which had 900 outstanding requests 3 months earlier. Because of significant improvements it was not issued. 2/11
In January 2020 @ICOnews proposed issuing an enforcement notice against the Met Police, requiring it to clear all #FOI requests over 6 months old by 31 March 2020. 3/11
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1- Le #pèlerinage de #Chartres est dans les starting-blocks. L’association Notre-Dame de #Chrétienté vient de diffuser le « teaser » de la 38e édition, du 30 mai au 1er juin. Un petit « #thread » spirituel s’impose. C’est parti ! @Berrezai @ndchretiente #NDC2020 @OuestFrance
2- Le #pèlerinage de #Chartres est organisé chaque année à la #Pentecôte, fête chrétienne qui célèbre la venue de l’Esprit Saint sur les apôtres le cinquantième jour après Pâques (en grec, pentêkostê signifie « cinquantième » ) @ndchretiente #Eglise #foi #NDC2020
3- Organisé par l’association Notre-Dame de Chrétienté, ce pèlerinage entre #Paris et #Chartres est attaché à la forme extraordinaire du rite romain (c’est-à-dire la messe traditionnelle en latin) #NDC2020
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#FOIAFriday 2019 wrap up: I want to highlight the aggressive #FOIA work @BuzzFeedNews has done this year and stories based on docs I obtained.

It's been a long, hard slog but the payoff was worth it.

This year, @BuzzFeedNews filed 20 federal FOIA lawsuits against the govt

@BuzzFeedNews Over the past decade, I have filed 66 #FOIA lawsuits against federal government agencies and have forced the release of more than 100K previously undisclosed and secret documents.

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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1C'est pourquoi,laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST,tendons à ce qui est #Parfait,sans poser de nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux œuvres mortes,[]»#AMEN,#Maranatha,#MerciJÉSUS


#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1 C'est pourquoi, laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST, *tendons* à ce qui est #Parfait, sans poser de #Nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux #œuvres #mortes,
2 de LA #Foi en DIEU, de LA #Doctrine des #BaptĂŞmes, de L'#Imposition des mains, de LA #RĂ©surrection des #morts, et du #Jugement Ă©ternel.

3 C'est ce que *nous ferons*, *si DIEU le permet*.
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I've had enough of Senior #BBC Management & journalists gaslighting the British public & refusing to apologise for the BBC's appalling #GeneralElection2019ً coverage. Complaint letter to Director Tony Hall here:… #BBCbias
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval A key point here is the #BBC are completely out of touch with their audience, partly because BBC complaints & monitoring is palmed off to outsourcing crooks #CAPITA. Send your GE2019 #BBCbias complaints direct to BBC management instead👇…
@bbclaurak @Renegade_Inc @nw_nicholas @medialens @BBCNewsPR @TheMendozaWoman @LabourLeft @SouthHackneyLab @ta_mills @D_Raval Here is Tony Benn's 5 tests for those in power. #BBC top brass answer public complaints with nothing but contempt, because they don't represent our interests, and are in no way accountable to us. #BBCbias cc @jimwaterson
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1. "Absolute devastation": The whistleblower who will "never work again" after helping tax watchdog. @Adele_Ferguson

Ron Shamir has a lot to be angry about...

#Auspol #whiatlebkower @OZloop @Senator_Patrick @ATO_gov_au @Insp_Gen_Tax @LouiseBeaston…
2. At a Senate inquiry into the performance of the Inspector General of Taxation, which acts as the watchdog for the Australian Taxation Office, the whistleblower outlined how the system had failed him.

#Auspol @Insp_Gen_Tax @ATO_gov_au
3. “The result has been absolute devastation… My family and I have been living in poverty and I have been told by experts I will never work again,” he told the Senate committee.

Shamir became a whistleblower after he witnessed misconduct in the @ATO_gov_au relating...
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THREAD on 2019 Scottish exam results

When the results were released in August John Swinney hailed a 'strong set of results' and dismissed concerns about apparently falling pass rates. Thanks to my (ongoing) investigation, we now know that isn't the full story
Here is the Scottish Government official press release on exam results day. Note the highlighted sections in John Swinney's comments (image 2)
But the results, at least when it comes to Higher passes, don't show "variation" - they show a consistent decline since courses were reformed. Anyone willing to have a look at publicly available data can see this:
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This decision on Freedom of Information is another nail in the coffin of Ireland's access to information regime. It's vital that journalists, @NUJOfficial, civil society groups, and public join with @RightToKnowIE in resisting slow death of "our" FOI Act:…
There is a slow and steady whittling away of our right of access to public information that is being fought every day and at the moment, we are losing this fight. In cases involving the President, the law has been retrospectively changed to try and shut down requests:
In this latest case involving UCC and a similar related decision on eNet, the rules of Freedom of Information are changing before our eyes. Public bodies are picking up on this, refusing requests on grounds they would never have even tried to use before:…
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1/5: EU notification procedure directive is stuck in trilogue because the Commission insists on sweeping new powers to control local decision-making re services. New research reveals Commission's flawed, deeply biased process for preparing the directive…
2/5: EU Commission didn't consult municipalities or their associations when preparing notification procedure directive, which will force all municipalities to ask the Commission for permission for new rules impacting services markets three months IN ADVANCE of making the decision
3/5: New documents released via #FOI reveal a very intimate working relationship between the Commission department responsible for the Notifications Procedure and three major industry #lobbying groups: BusinessEurope, EuroCommerce, and EuroChambres.…
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Yesterday I published a blog post analysing a new batch of documents that provide an extraordinary insight into the Scottish Government's #FOI policies and culture.

This thread contains some of the highlights and the full post is here:…
The documents are briefings intended to help prep key individuals before they were interviewed by the Scottish Information Commissioner as part of the recent investigation into the Scottish Government's handling of FOI.
The people who received a briefing were as follows:

•John Swinney (MSP)
•Keith Brown (MSP)
•Shona Robison (MSP)
•Davie Hutchison (SPAD)
•Liz Lloyd (SPAD)
•Colin McAllister (SPAD)
•Stewart Maxwell (SPAD)
•An official from the SPAD Private Office (whose name is redacted)
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So far today @WhatDoTheyKnow volunteers (assisted by @mySociety staff) have dealt with around fifty different matters related to the running of the service. Issues will keep coming in into the evening and overnight. Could you volunteer to help?…
Today four volunteers have been active, and we’ve worked directly with around four members of @mySociety staff (other staff will have been working on keeping the organisation running, sysadmin, etc. developing the software which runs the site, which all helps too).
@mySociety In addition to the “active” volunteers, as we operate internally transparently, other volunteers, including trustees, will have kept an eye on what’s happening, ready to comment/nudge/question/discuss if necessary.
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Thread: Here we go again - GardaĂ­ have refused access to correspondence between former Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan and Terry Prone & the Communications Clinic (Deletions of personal email details are mine)
They say the records do not fall under the (extremely narrow) #FOIA regime that applies to An #Garda Síochána. This only covers administrative records relating to human resources, finance, and procurement.
They have at least conceded the existence of such records, which is more information than I got when I submitted a similar request some time ago:
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Here's someone who's highly engaged in politics, news and society but didn't know about #MyHROptOut until this morning.

If you're in media and wondering if this needs more coverage, here's your answer. #MyHealthRecord #Privacy
Opting out doesn't appear to be going well for people so far. I've seen multiple reports of long wait times on the phone and web server crashes.

I've you're planning to opt out, I'd suggest maybe not doing it today, but definitely not waiting too long.

#MyHealthRecord #Privacy
For the record, I've gone back and forward on opting out myself.

As a journalist with strong interests in tech and privacy, I really want to see the system for myself. Kick its tyres and experience its flaws and limitations personally. But ...

#MyHealthRecord #Privacy
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@RichieVeitch Ta! Wish I didn't have to campaign re #CroydonCrash but @TfL @MayorofLondon REFUSE to respond to my request for investigation why @RAIB @ORR @BTP @SNCLavalin didn't receive @FirstGroupplc TOL Fatigue Audit. @Heidi_LDN?… @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM
@RichieVeitch @TfL @MayorofLondon @raib @orr @BTP @SNCLavalin @FirstGroupplc @Heidi_LDN @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM It's not like @SadiqKhan doesn't know about it...he was Chair of 23 May TfL Board Meeting when @MLiebreich ask for #CroydonCrash #CoverUp to be investigated so that "lessons can be learned" "won't happen again" @ValShawcross was at the same meeting too.
@RichieVeitch @TfL @MayorofLondon @raib @orr @BTP @SNCLavalin @FirstGroupplc @Heidi_LDN @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM @SadiqKhan @MLiebreich @ValShawcross . @LeonDaniels inspired me to look into #CroydonCrash #CoverUp by announcing to SSHR Panel YEAR GO TODAY "An audit of First Group’s fatigue management processes had taken place, these were found to be satisfactory & did not give rise to any concerns."…
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