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Southern Idlib is witnessing a massive movement of civilians towards the northern countryside of the governorate, in a scenario that replaces what happened in northern Hama and southern Idlib last May.
The bridge correspondent said that dozens of families began to flee to an unknown fate from the villages and towns of the city of Maarat al-Numan, with the beginning of the escalation campaign launched by Assad's forces with Russian support,
and in the light of intensive strikes by Russian occupation aircraft on residential areas, and deliberately burning people and stone. On Monday morning, Assad's forces took control of Umm al-Khalakhil, Zarzour and al-Jadaan villages in the southeastern countryside of Idlib
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These photos are not from Hollywood
It is the bombing of Syrian helicopters and warplanes on the city of #Kafranbel in Idlib countryside with high-explosive rockets, explosive barrels and all kinds of internationally prohibited weapons
Is there anyone here?
Is there anyone watching it ?!
I'm sure no one watches it
The crimes of Assad and Russia continue against innocent civilians and children and against everything . The aim of the bombing is to kill everything and destroy everything
Health centers, hospitals, markets, neighborhoods, city centers and everything
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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The martyrs of #MaaraalNuman, who have not been registered so far ...
1- Amir al-Bunni is a civilian defense element
Mahmoud Yousef Qataz
3 - Hayan Al Nokha / Hama
4- Alaa Al-Khalid
5. Yassin Mustafa Ramadan
6 - Hossam Al Nahtan
7- The daughter of Shaher Al-Khmoura
8- Firas Al-Obeid / Gergnaz
9 - slaves of slaves / Gergnaz
10. Lama Tanari
11. Shaher Khamoura
12 - Mowaffak Okasha / Ghouta
13. Ayman Al-Tajini
14- Farouk al-Harbi / Ghouta
Fawzi Jamal Gharib
16. Mustafa Abed Al-Ramdan
17. Ahmed Gharib
18. Wael Al-Adl
19. Assaf Sattam Khattab
20- Safia Ahmed El-Yateem
21. Hind al-Awad
22 - Marwan Abdelqader Shaarawi
23 - Abdul Hadi Adnan Alwan
24- Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Sadeer
25- Naeem Aboud Sourani
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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When they kill and bomb civilians and no one says anything
And when humanity falls, it happens
When the nations fall and everything
When we die we are just numbers
When we burn as a result of the bombing of Syrian warplanes and no one says anything
Damn it all
Where are human rights?
Where are our rights to live in democracy and freedom?
Can not we live
Or we are animals worthless to us
Is it reasonable that no one can stop the regime of Assad and Russia
Is the Assad regime and Russia stronger than America and other countries?
Or everyone wants to kill and burn
Damn you all, you are the world
Thank you to all the friends who stand with us and join us in our cause
I swear to you I do not know what to write when I watched this video
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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It is a Holocaust and a massacre of civilians!!
The Syrian warplanes bombed a popular public market in Maarat al-Numaan in #Idlib’s southern countryside killing more than 11 people and injuring a large number of civilians.
And just lost 4 of my friends because of the brutal barbaric shelling by the Assad regime.
I swear to you the scene will make your heart cry!!!!
The bodies and the smell of blood of civilians filled the place!!! Indescribable
What should we do
Damn everything!!!
Damn the world!!
We are being killed.
Where is humanity?
Where are the animal rights of that!
I do not know what to write.
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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May 17, 2019
It’s was a very difficult day
The heavy bombing campaign by the Syrian warplanes began on my city when the planes began bombing the city downtown.
In the first air raid, the sound of the missile was very strong.
My sister Marwa was screaming and crying from the loud sound.
The sound and pressure indescribable!
I went to the bombing site in order to check if there were any injured people.
A series of air raids began on the city center.
We were bombed with more than 10 air strikes.
Each raid contains 2 highly explosive missiles which targeted residential neighborhoods.
A family’s house was targeted and the entire family was killed by the shelling.
The mother, father and their child.
Later, warplanes targeted my uncle’s house from my father side,
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I would like to talk to you about what happened with me today, the 10th of Ramadan. On May 15,2019 and around 6:30pm which is an hour before Iftar time, when people were in markets and streets buying food to take home to break their fast with.
At that time, the Syrian warplanes
bombarded the Corniche Street in the center of #MaaratAlNumaan town south of Idlib with high-explosive missiles.
A man and a woman were killed and many civilians were and wounded.
When I arrived to the bombing site, the scene was terrifying!!
Injured people everywhere..
Destroyed cars and motorcycles..
A massive destruction in the residential buildings.
The Syrian Civil Defense #WhiteHelmets arrived and immediately rescued the injured and secured the area.
Imagine yourself living there?!
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The shelling lasted from 10 hours until now by Syrian warplanes, Syrian helicopters and Russian warplanes on southern Idlib countryside to civilians, children, residential neighborhoods, hospitals, markets and city centers by the Assad regime and Russia in all types of weapons
It is like a resurrection
It is a holocaust against civilians
Why this happens
Children can not sleep because of shelling
Streets empty
When see people you how she is being driven out of her house by the Assad attack
Become despair and sadness
When you see children, women, and
civilians, I cry and burn my heart because of sadness
When you see people living in the open because of the attack of the lion and Russia
Sad scenes and a mass holocaust against civilians
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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Summary of today's events in Idlib:
4 May 2019
The martyrdom of a civil defense volunteer, seven civilians, including four women and two children, and the injury of 20 civilians, including seven children, and four women

Civil Defense volunteer Mohammed Shawwa died during his
humanitarian duty by helping the injured near the village of Rakaya Sjaneh by double raids of the warplanes targeting him and his team, and then again targeting the second team that attended the martyr's ambulance
One woman was killed and four children and a man were injured
when four air strikes and two explosive grenades were bombed in the vicinity of Rakaya Sjana village

A woman and a child were killed and two children were wounded in the town of Al-Hbeit following a bombardment on the town's farms with five shells
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