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The chemical massacre

It is one of the crimes Bashar Al-Assad committed.
Through the use of internationally prohibited weapons.
He executed his crimes rudely because he knows that the international community will not hold him accountable.

Hundreds of people have died.
Choking with sarin gas.
The voice of the world rose.
These crimes were condemned. Then the world was silent.
These crimes have been forgotten.

But we did not forget
We will not forget these crimes.
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Amb Jeffrey on COVID-19 outbreak in #Syria:
While the Assad regime continues to use cynical ploys to divide the population even during this crisis, the Syrian people can continue to count on the U.S. to stand with them by delivering humanitarian assistance to people in need.
Jeffrey: I want to assure the Syrian ppl that U.S. sanctions do not in any way impact the delivery of humanitarian goods, incl. medicines&medical supplies, entering Syria. Since our sanctions were implemented, we've provided exemptions for humanitarian aid in all areas of #Syria.
Amb Jeffrey: In fact, there are U.S. programs working with NGO’s to deliver medicines and foodstuff to nearly all parts of #Syria, including regime held areas.
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The horror of a #coronavirus outbreak in refugee camps is unimaginable. While people around the world are told to wash their hands, people in overcrowded camps in #Idlib and Greece have no access to soap & water
The ceasefire in #Idlib must be protected and more than a million IDPs need to be able to return home. European countries must urgently resettle refugees from camps in the Greek islands #RefugeesWelcome
In #Idlib months of bombing have destroyed over 60 medical facilities and targeted medical & rescue workers. There's a huge need for clean drinking water and 3 in 10 children under five years old are malnourished, raising the risk of infection
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Amb. Jeffrey: The U.S. rejects the farcical Russian defense ministry & media statements alleging that yesterday’s peaceful demonstrations in #Idlib against Russian military patrols were organized by "terrorists trying to use civilians as a human shield."
Jeffrey: The reaction of Syrians to Russian military patrols in #Idlib is not surprising. For nearly a year the Assad regime - with Russian & Iranian support - has conducted a reckless & ruthless military offensive in Idlib that has killed & wounded thousands of civilians. #Syria
Amb. Jeffrey: The military solution the Assad regime hopes for, with support from Russia & Iran, is not achievable & will not bring peace to #Syria. Russia’s support for the depraved Assad regime has only further destabilized the country and region.
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Throughout the week, @LEXPRESS publishes testimonies of residents trapped in this bomb-damaged Syrian province, the last rebel-held enclave. Here are their words. Today, Marwa, 7, a refugee with her family north of Idleb.…
2\ Every day until March 15, the ninth anniversary of the start of the Syrian upheaval, L'Express wanted to give a voice to the inhabitants of the province of Idleb. Some live in makeshift camps. Others, whose house is still standing,
3\ come to the aid, with meager means, of their displaced compatriots. By caring for them, listening to them, or making them laugh. Exhausted, they remain determined to tell their daily suffering. So that we don't forget them. They are "Voices of Idleb".
Marwa, 7 years old
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"Yet for all the lives we have saved, death is beating us. For every Syrian that we’ve saved, there are five that we’ve lost" .From @RaedAlSaleh3, Head of Syria's White Helmets speak to a US Senate Committee on 'Nine Years of Brutality: Assad's Campaign Against the Syrian People'
"Since Russia’s intervention in 2015, the number of internally displaced people has doubled to 8 million; the relentless aerial bombardment and use of siege to retake areas like #Aleppo and #EasternGhouta has forced millions to “evacuate” to #Idlib. Now there isnt another Idlib."
"Raising funds to alleviate the suffering does not work any better than giving painkillers to a cancer patient. How much longer will the international community pursue this strategy before concluding it doesn’t work?"
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Syrian Association for Citizens' Dignity calls on @WHOSyria, @ICRC, @OCHA_Syria and other international agencies to take immediate steps to prepare for a possible outbreak of #COVID19 virus in #Idlib and take all possible preventive measures. [Thread] 1/
This includes dispatching staff, ICU equipment, plasma from recovered patients from other countries, respirators and medical supplies needed for a possible outbreak. If such measures aren’t taken now, considering the situation in Idlib, the outcome could be catastrophic. 2/
People of Idlib and northern countryside of Aleppo are particularly vulnerable to #COVID19. Their immune systems are severely affected due to the hardship suffered in recent months, harsh conditions of displacement and weak diet. 3/
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#THREAD: As the #Syrian war enters its 10th year, @AFP has put together a series of stories that shed critical light on where the conflict and its many players now stand. Taken together, they reveal the brutal cost of war & how regular #Syrians are paying the highest price
"It's certainly not a simple international conflict."
@RobaHusseini on how Syria plays host to a complex international showdown involving #Russia, the United States, #Turkey, #Israel and #Iran.
"Fear of death has turned into fear of poverty."
@Maher_mon from #Damascus on how residents of the Syrian capital are struggling to rebuild their lives after years of war.
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At #SFRC hearing, @omarAlshogre, who suffered unspeakable horror at the hands of the Assad regime, says he remembers getting more food from prison guards on the day when Caesar's photos were released, shocking the world. "That’s why we have to speak," @omarAlshogre says.
.@omarAlshogre talks about the psychological torture he underwent. One guard would ask him once a day, "how do you want me to kill you? Be creative." Omar adds, "what's awaiting people in #Idlib is the same thing, if we don't help them."
.@RaedAlSaleh3 says his Syria Civil Defense corps (White Helmets) are motivated by the phrase in the Quran, "Whoever saves one life, it is as if they have saved humanity."
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Thread on #SyriaCorona.
1. There are unofficial reports by regime supporters of more than 2,470 cases of #Corona resulting in 427 deaths mostly in Damascus, Latakia and Tartous. Officially there are no cases of #coronavirus in Syria #COVID19
2. It is reasonable to suspect that the reports of spreading of #coronavirus in Syria are credible because all countries around Syria and many in the Middle East have reported cases. There is nothing unique in Syria to make it immune from the pandemic
3. Iran has hit hard with the virus with more than 9,000 cases and 354 deaths so far, which is underestimate of the real crisis. There are tens of thousands of #Iranian religious visitors and paramilitaries in Syria which makes it very likely that they spread the virus in Syria
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"Rassurez-vous bonnes gens, les djihadistes syriens sont en train de virer sociaux-démocrates".
Incroyable tentative de blanchiment d'HTS de la part du correspondant du Monde, qui pour une fois a réussi (grâce aux Turcs) à se rendre sur place. #Syrie #Idlib
"Une formation islamiste révolutionnaire en quelque sorte" peut-on lire dans cet article qui pas une fois ne rappelle les exactions du groupe contre les civils (rebelles ou loyalistes).
Rien de convaincant dans cette mutation du groupe, sauf pour BB qui est bien le seul à y croire.
Ainsi "les cheikhs les plus extrémistes ont été expulsés et marginalisés" : quelques noms auraient été bien utiles, mais ce n'est visiblement pas nécessaire.
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THREAD ❇️A statement was released today by Activists and Civil society Organisations in north west #Syria (1)

They voiced concerns about the fact that the #Russia - #Turkey deal is unclear about the fate of the areas North of the M4 Roadway.
As activists and civil society organisations in north west #Syria we remain against handing over any liberated territory and we call on the #Turkish side to support the opposition factions in retaking these areas, to ensure the return of the civilians from those areas (2)
.#Russian control over areas south of M4 means #Regime’s control is there & aligns with its public statements that it is near taking control of #Ariha, #Jabal_Al_Zawiya #Jisr_Al_Shughour. This does not meet demands/aspirations of millions of #Syrians from these areas (3)
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#HappyInternationalWomensDay to the brave & suffering women in #Idlib #IdlibUnderFire #IdlibUnderSiege #SyrianRefugees suffering in #Lebanon #Jordan & to the #Children, husbands, family members they have lost. #IFOnlyYoudListen #IfOnlyYoudTry 💔😢
#IfOnlyYoudListen If only you’d try if only you’d open your heart & let love in Reach for me take my hand if you hear a child cry when they fall, wouldn’t you run to them & answer their call? Where are your tears? #WhereIsYourVoice Time is running out but we still have a choice💔
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A few points to share with you now #Syria #Idlib #Russia #Turkey
The Russian-Turkish deal is valid for six months. Turkey will have to present all maps where its proxies are deployed and where jihadists and foreign figgers are deployed in the entire area of Idlib and surrounding+
#Syria and #Russia have the freedom to bomb all jihadists positions as included in the non-announced deal. Therefore there is no violation of the ceasefire unless, along the M4, Turkey fail to clear the Saraqeb-Latakia road and the Syrian army becomes under fire.
#Turkey asked until the 15th of March to clear jihadists or dislodge them (perhaps to other parts of Syria at the moment. That is not Russia/Damascus's problem) from the main axis agreed in #Moscow. Turkey said if Jihadists won't leave, Ankara shall not intervene in their favour.
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Spiegone #Siria - Secondo episodio

Passare 6 ore a trattare con Putin non dev’essere piacevole. Erdogan, che pure un po’ d’esperienza in materia ce l’ha, s'è presentato ieri sera davanti ai giornalisti a Mosca visibilmente scosso, tesissimo, due occhiaie che manco Toni Capuozzo.
I presidenti di Russia e Turchia hanno annunciato un accordo che pare aver già zittito le armi a #Idlib. Nelle ore precedenti, s’erano seduti al tavolo con mappa e righello così come avevano fatto lo scorso 22 ottobre per disegnare il destino del nord-est della Siria. 👇
Quella volta si erano visti a Sochi, che è in territorio russo ma più o meno metà strada tra Mosca e Ankara. Ieri il sultano è andato invece direttamente a corte dello zar. E non è un caso, perché i rapporti di forza nel frattempo sono cambiati. 👇
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Pictures from the demonstration of the city of #Kafr_Takhareem in northern Idlib
#Syria #idlib
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Erdogan gives up everything south of the #M4 with a 6km buffer zone to both sides.
Not a word about the 8 besieged Turkish observation posts.
Not a word about regime withdrawal from ANY city.
Again a "buffer zone" like in Astana (below), which was used by Assad, Putin & Iran to recapture most of the zone.
Erdogan surrendered.
Plain and simple.
A f*cking MILLION of civilians was forcefully displaced by the #AssadPutin offensive since December.
This agreement will make them IDPs for decades or forever.
Simply unbelievable.
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Details of the potential TUR-RUS deal on a ceasefire still unknown.
Min. Lavrov told journalists about the set up of a “security corridor” in #Idlib #Syria
Acc. to press report, Pres. Erdogan told there was an agreement for a ceasefire in #Idlib starting at midnight.
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I went to #Idlib to cover the humanitarian catastrophe and #Turkey's recent offensive against the Assad regime.

Here are some impressions. (THREAD 1/17)
2/17: First thing you notice: wherever you go, there are children. They make up an estimated 60% of the more than 1 million displaced people in #Idlib and live without clean water, sufficient food, shelter or education.
3/17: Locals live in the cities, IDPs in the camps. But many can hardly be called 'camps'. People just rent a plot of land and construct their own tents. In this camp for new arrivals in Sarmadā, there are no facilities. Just mud, putrid water and a heavy stench. #Idlib
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In Only A Few Hours: #Turkey’s Pres. #Erdogan to Meet with #Russia’s #Putin on #Syria. - - - “Putin-Erdogan summit: Prelude to Russo-Turkish clash or last best hope for Syrian peace?”…
I know they’ve had so many cursory meetings in the past, but this one is very critical. Tensions Very High. I’ll be covering the meeting with my analysis at #Newsbud. #Russia #Turkey #Syria
#Putin, #Erdogan Seek to Ease #Syria Tensions at High-Stakes Talks…
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A lot has changed in #Idlib/NW #Syria in recent days & much of the focus has been on hour-by-hour developments & less has been said on what it all means going forward.

Here's a lengthy thread laying out some of my thinking.
2 weeks ago, pro-#Assad forces were rampaging through #Idlib, overwhelming opposition defenses & swallowing up #Turkey's military observation posts almost at will.

The world stood virtually silent - or indifferent - as 1 million people were methodically & brutally displaced.
#pt: Amid the pro-#Assad advances, #Turkey ramped up arms supplies & intel sharing with #NLF/#SNA opposition proxies - in an attempt to bolster their offensive & defensive capabilities.

Then #TSK artillery support was added, along with a low-tempo campaign of covert UAV strikes.
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#Turkey Parliament Opposition Party Asks: “Why did Turkey Purchase #S400 from #Russia, Now That It is Clear it Will NOT be Deployed-Activated?!”- - - “MSB'ye tek soruluk S-400 önergesi” #Cumhuriyet #cumhuriyetgzt @cumhuriyetgzt
(Pls Read & Share)- In July 2019 I published the following analysis and stated that #Turkey paid & got #S400 from #Russia BUT with tacit agreement with #USA that they will NOT be deployed/activated. - - -…
Also, in May 2019 I published below analysis stating that #S400 deal with #Russia & implementation/activation was not likely due to #Idlib #Syria. I specifically predicted what we see today. - - - The Battle for Idlib: A Wild Card in Turkey’s S-400 Deal…
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1. I know it's not for me to say, but if you ever witnessed the looks on the faces of women & kids being liberated from #ISIS by the female #YPJ you would understand why I think they can save #Idlib. They appear like angels with Ak-47s to protect the innocent civilians.
2. And all but the most radical Sunnis know they'll be safe & need not flee. But this is a pipe-dream with #Turkey on an Ottoman scorched earth campaign to wipe out the remaining Syrian #Kurds #Ezidi and #Christians. @DefenseIntel @SOJTFOIR @WHNSC @EsperDoD @USEmbassySyria
@DefenseIntel @SOJTFOIR @WHNSC @EsperDoD @USEmbassySyria 3. Remember Kobane, Manbij, Raqqa, Tabqa and DeirEzZor. Each time terror turned to joy.
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A #Lesbo e al confine terrestre fra #Grecia e #Turchia la situazione è pressoché fuori controllo. Erdoğan non tratterrà più i profughi siriani e sembra anzi che le autorità turche li stiano attivamente trasportando al confine, dove ormai quasi 100.000 persone (1/7)
sono ammassate, in condizioni terribili, al confine con la #UE. A #Lesbo gruppo di estrema destra, anche con la collaborazione della popolazione locale, stanno procedendo al pestaggio di reporter e volontari delle ONG, e al respingimento delle imbarcazioni di fortuna usate (2/7)
per transitare dalla costa turca a quella dell’isola greca. Stamane nel ribaltamento di un’imbarcazione è morto un bambino, sembra siriano. Erdoğan chiede altri miliardi di € all’Europa per frenare un flusso che in parte è dovuto anche alle sue iniziative militari. (3/7)
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