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Great human rights activist @valeriemhughes

'The Responsibility to Protect (#R2P) principle was forged following the genocides in Rwanda and Srebrenica in the 1990s and unanimously adopted at UN World Summit in 2005'…
'Simon Adams executive director Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect
“Basis of #R2P: all humans have right to be protected from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing & crimes against humanity. If their own government fails them, international community is obliged to act”
'There are echoes of Philip Gourevitch’s definitive book on the Rwandan genocide 'We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families' in the extremely courageous daily reports from @FARED60350386 a Syrian citizen journalist in south Idlib'
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I have been writing what’s happening here for couple of days now but unfortunately no one is watching us being killed by Assad and Putin.
For days and till now every day Assad and Putin bombarding cities and towns in the countryside of Idlib, killing innocent children and
Why isn’t the world holding Assad and Putin accountable. Every day till the moment I am writing this post, the bombing continues by the Assad regime on my city, Idlib’s countryside and Hama’s northern countryside.
Where are human rights?!
Where is the President of United States, Donald Trump?! Or are we just numbers?! Or are we people who do not deserve to live!?!
There are some wonderful and caring people standing with us in solidarity, but that is not enough!!
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Since the intervention after the agreement Sochi .. Russian aviation kills 45 civilians and 40 prisoners in Idlib within 15 days

The statistics team at the Maara Media Center documented the violations committed by Russian warplanes in March 2019
following the Sochi agreement signed between Russia and Turkey on the area of ​​reducing the escalation in and around Idlib.

With 45 civilians, including 17 children, 8 women and 20 men, including a civilian defense component, in addition to the killing of 40 prisoners,
targeting 20 residential areas in the governorate of Idlib with 57 air strikes with high-explosive missiles.

The number of injured was 114 wounded, most of them women and children, some of whom had amputations of the leg and foot, and others still in Turkish hospitals
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I would like to talk to you about the events of our day, March,22 2019
Since the morning and until now, Russian warplanes did not leave the skies of southern Idlib countryside and the northern Hama countryside.
Aircraft bombard and kill innocent children and civilians.
People are in a slow death state.
People are living not knowing for how long!?
The streets are empty of people, a cautious calm.
People's mind is confused.
Every day, death and destruction.
The smell of blood fills the place.
Children live in a very difficult terror conditions.
My sister cries during bombardment.
I do not know what to do or how to help her.
Writing what’s going on in 1000 pages will not reflect the reality in which we live in.
The world has abandoned us,
Western media does not talk about us
We are killed in an international silence.
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7 March 2019
I will talk about the my city of Ma'arat al-Nu'man, which lies south of Idlib
When you walk the streets you see people in their places all scared
People live in fear and fear because of the sudden shelling
All the talk of people talks about the catastrophic
situation we are living
The Assad regime is bombing and killing children and civilians
The goal of bombing cities is to empty people of the population and cause disaster
Russian weapons help Assad kill civilians
At times I think why ???
Arab countries and countries of the
world watching us kill in slow
The killing and wounding of children and civilians at Assad and Putin is easier than a drink of smoke
People always live in fear
I swear when I watch children in the streets I grieve for them
I know that all these words are not enough and do not
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@RonanLTynan on courageous, dangerous, hour by hour reporting under constant regime & Russian bombardment from @FARED60350386 who lives in & has his #EyesOnIdlib

World media please report the horror that Fared risks his life to tell us about…
'@FARED60350386 a young citizen journalist photographer in Idlib hour by hour is fearlessly reporting relentless attacks on civilians where children are paying a terrible price. He asks why has the world abandoned us & where is our commitment to human rights & children’s rights?
'@FARED60350386 reports make him a compelling witness to warcrimes & crimes against humanity & a shocking reminder of our abysmal failure to stop slaughter in an area where 3m civilians including 1m children are at grave risk from these relentless & merciless attacks by Assad'
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February 22, 2019
It was truly sad a dark day
My friend Jawad and I went our visit our friend,
I was worried and scared of starting of any shelling. In our way to there and halfway, the bombing on my city has began.
The first high-explosive missile was dropped and three seconds later, three missiles were also dropped.
One rocket fell just 50 meters away from me!!
I began to run towards the location where the rocket fell to witness,
help and document what happened.
Are there civilian casualties?
The fall of the rocket led to a huge fire.
The Syrian Civil Defense rushed to rescue.
My heart had stopped due to the double bombing.
This is our daily life ..
Why did the whole world abandon us ??
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As usual
I also woke up today to the sound of the high-explosive Assad system rockets
At 9 am
It was a very difficult day
At about 3 o'clock, I do not remember exactly
Another bombing took place on my city
Today there were more than 8 casualties of children, civilians and women
My sister screamed when the cluster rockets fell on us
This is our daily life
Please everyone pray for us
Today I live, but tomorrow I do not know
A missile may fall on me and die
Our hearts have become black
Destruction is everywhere
Murder everywhere
Injuries everywhere
Life is very, very difficult
The streets are empty of people
Very scary calm
there is nobody
The city is dark and scary
Every minute you say to yourself, a rocket will fall and die
Ghost Town
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I'll talk to you about what happened with me
At first I was sleeping in the room
At 9 am I woke up to the sound of the rockets that landed on my city before the Assad forces
I rushed to the window to see where the rockets had landed
I could not see anything that was 700 meters
Here, the Syrian Civil Defense and ambulances began to go to the site of the rockets to save civilians
After an hour or two, I did not remember exactly how the shelling of my city and the city of Khan Sheikhan began again
I went to the bombing places for filming I could
not go to all places because of the sudden double bombing
I was able to photograph Russian warplanes a bit and they were in the sky of my city
Now the relative calm temporarily, but people and children are very afraid of sudden bombing
This is our life
Pray for us
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Since the morning, Assad's forces have started shelling cluster bombs on the southern Idlib countryside
The first city was KhanSheikhan
At 1:20 the shelling began on the cities of Ma'arat al-Nu'man
In the first rocket landed on my city I was very afraid
My heart almost stopped from fear
People started running down the streets to hide from the shelling
My sisters and children in school I was very afraid of them shelling
The ambulance began to rush to the bombing sites to save children and civilians
I went to the bombing site to document and photograph the location of the shelling
And I there said the observatory there is a rocket in the sky
I ran and ran away from the rocket
The rocket landed 500 meters away from me
My legs no longer carry me with fear of rockets
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يعتزم خامنئي الولي الفقيه المكسورة شوكته للنظام والذي يعيش أزمات داخلية ودولية، شن هجوم على إدلب واستمرار الحرب وسفك الدماء في سوريا مهما كلف الثمن. وفي هذا السياق أرسل وزير الدفاع والخارجية التابعين له إلى سوريا في الأيام الماضية
زار وزير دفاع الملالي، سوريا يومي 26 و 27 أغسطس وقال خلال اللقاء ببشار الأسد وقادة جيشه، إن قوات الحرس وعملائها سيبقون في سوريا. كما أكد بشار الأسد أيضا «جاءت مجموعة من القوات الإيرانية المتطوعة للحرب في سوريا يقودها ضباط إيرانيون» (وكالة أنباء ايرنا 27 آب 2018)
وعقب ذلك، أشار وزير خارجية الملالي خلال زيارته لسوريا يوم 3 سبتمبر، إلى مجزرة وشيكة في إدلب وأكد قائلا «يجب تطهير الأجزاء المتبقية في إدلب من الإرهابيين الباقين وأن يتم وضع المنطقة تحت تصرف الشعب السوري»
#إيران #سوريا
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Aircraft spotters working with Hala Systems spotted
multiple Hips from the Vehicles School helicopter base in Hama. Hips
were sighted by different spotters on a route towards Haas underground
hospital after that, then around the area Haas hospital is in just
before it was bombed.
A useful video from Idlib Media Center, giving a detailed look at the entrance area and how badly damaged it was. Some will (and already are) claiming it was an Al-Qaeda bunker or something. Looks like a hospital to me.
So here's a geolocation challenge for you #digitalsherlocks, these two photographs may show the moment Haas hospital was bombed, but can they be geolocated?
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