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What happens when a fake ID, a Pak Jamaat protégé, and two Soros funded agents walk into a bar?

They produce a survey on India’s caste issue!

Story of EqualityLabs, Soros, million dollars funding, and an experiment run from the US in 1999.

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#SB403 introduced by Senator Aisha Wahab to ban #castediscrimination was passed by California Senate Judiciary Committee last month was based on a ‘single’ caste survey report by #EqualityLabs. The Survey in question is a 2018 survey conducted by 4 people.

Who are they?
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The very first ‘author’ of the Equality Labs ‘caste report’ – Maari Zwick is a ghost author! No such person exists.  And after we exposed the fake ID, it has now been deactivated. (Pls read our last report for more details).

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@AssemblyDems @GavinNewsom @AsmRepublicans Please consider this seriously. There is no universally recognized definition of “caste” anywhere in the world. @EqualityLabs, the brains behind #SB403 has a clear agenda (1) Divide Americans into "Caste Oppressors" and "Caste Oppressed"
@AssemblyDems @GavinNewsom @AsmRepublicans (2) Demand "reservations a la India" and lower standards for qualifying for jobs and entry into academic institutions with the "caste oppressed" victim card (3) have a victim card attached at birth for lifelong demand for entitlements
@AssemblyDems @GavinNewsom @AsmRepublicans #Sb403 opens up the flood gates for the "caste oppressed" to fleece businesses and practically anyone with $s. Please demand a simple answer to the question- "what is caste? Pls Don't accept vaguery & handwringing. Pls Don't be duped.
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California is institutionalizing hate against South Asians, Indians Hindu's through #SB403
@CAgovernor @GavinNewsom @SenBrianJones @tandon4congress @rishikumar1 @HinduAmerican @CoHNAOfficial @hindupost @HinduHate
Sen Wahab @aishabbwahab got @lalindia
Lalita du Perron -Associate Director @Stanford to support her on #SB403
Lalita du Perron is toxic and #Hinduphobic She connects Hindu god Shri Krishna with Sexual Harassment and MeToo Moment.
@IskconInc @iskconsv @kbmandir Image
An article from her current project on sexual harassment culture in North India, “Eve-teasing in song: coercion, consent, Krishna, and courtesans” is in process. Check out her @Stanford homepage.…
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Most Indians are not aware of the sinister Bill SB403 that is going to severely impact their lives in times to come. With laws like SB403, the US will devolve into a hostile space for Indians. Indians are all in for a rude shock!
@hindupost @HinduHate @HinduStop @hinduoncampus
Why is this bill SB403 a Problem?
South Asian , Indians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains , Buddhists hoteliers or small business owners can be at risk of unfair profiling and targeted enforcement by authorities.
@HinduAmerican @CoHNAOfficial @HinduPACT @sewausa @SenBrianJones @alex_lee
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People in California need to keep pushing back against the casteist attacks on #SB403 by forwarding the text of #Article15 of the Indian constitution. And point out that the bill is just adding this to the California statutes.

Plain and simple.

Nothing to protest here. Image
Oh for sure, but then let's have them make it explicit, in the United States, especially California, that they are the side in this debate that pines for a theocratic state as an ideal.

Right now they pretend as if the bill is an attack on Hindus. #SB403

These HAF suhag Shukla types are just pouring a lot of heat into the discourse and very little light.

While it is important to combat their misinformation, we should also be putting them on the defensive by asking if they are also opposed to the Indian constitution. 🤷 Image
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Ambedkar Jayanti Special 🥳🙏🏿🎈🧨👏🏾🎊

What is American Dream? 🎂

Why caste is not compatible with American Dream? ☠️

Why @HinduAmerican is a threat to the American dream? ⛔️

And President @BarackObama’s speech on American Dream at Knox College, Galesburg (25th July 2013) 🎉……
Transcript of Obama’s Speech:

That's why we don't call it John's dream or Susie's dream or Barack's dream or Pat's dream. We call it the American Dream. And that's what makes this country special, the idea that no matter who you are or what you look like or where you come from……
The American Dream is a widely held belief in the United States that through hard work, determination, and resilience, anyone can achieve success and prosperity regardless of their background or social status.
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Raising Caste Consciousness flies in the face of common sense. Why would anyone import a bogus European conception of class that was the first thing India rejected post independence from Britain? Someone is clearly benefiting from it. Who is?

#StopProfiling and #RejectCaste
How will each of the following profiteers benefit from raising caste consciousness in the US?
* Lawmakers
* Trial Lawyers
* Anti-Hindu cabal
* Corporate training businesses

... AND at the expense of who?

Once you figure it out, then #SayNoCaste and ask others to #RejectCaste.
Lawyers who are eagerly waiting for caste law(s), like #SB403, to pass have a covert agenda. This is not justice, it's profiteering off litigation at the expense of minority communities. Worse, they'll judge by name.
#StopProfiling #RejectCaste #SayNoToSB403 ImageImage
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