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..Paul Volcker and George Soros are among luminaries to have played down the risks to financial stability posed by hedge funds and other non-banks. In any case, limited moves are afoot to improve supervision of them. In the US, the Dodd-Frank..…
President Barack Obama, from prepared remarks at the signing ceremony for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, July 21, 20101…
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Thread: Rechtsextremes Vernetzungstreffen von #Rassisten aus der ganzen Welt in #Ungarn bei der #CPACHungary2022 (Conservative Political Action Conference). Wir richten einen kritischen Blick auf die Veranstaltung, die erstmals in #Europa stattfand. #CPAC #CPACHungary 1/x CPAC Hungary 2022
In äAmerika werden die Veranstaltungen der #CPAC überwiegend von US-RepublikanerInnen #GOP, #Trump-UnterstützerInnen, christlich Fundamentalisten und #Rassisten besucht. 2/x
#Orban, der Hauptredner der Veranstaltung, stellte seinen 12 Punkte Plan bei seiner Eröffnungsrede vor: „Hungary first, America first“, so der Slogan des nationalistischen ungarischen Ministerpräsidenten. 3/x
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They double down, deny, obfuscate, demean and attack when they're wrong. They avoid any responsibility or accountability.

The #WHO Pandemic Treaty is the most dangerous threat to humanity because it will ensure there can be no responsibility or accountability.
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Si dice che solo un folle ripeta più volte la medesima operazione aspettandosi che essa abbia risultati diversi. Il problema è invitare giornalisti e politici Russi nelle TV Italiane. Non è #maccartismo, non è #censura evitarlo. È evitare uno spreco di spazio. E vi spiego perché:
sappiamo che, per legge, da marzo ogni cittadino russo si può fare 15 anni di galera se devia dalla propaganda del #Cremlino. Vale a dire che in ogni singolo momento da qui alla fine della #guerra, se intervisti ogni singolo russo quello ti dirà che…
non siamo in guerra, ma siamo in una improbabile "#Operazionespeciale di #denazificazione" contro un esercito di nazisti gay ebrei terroristi che vogliono omosessualizzare i virili maschioni sovietici e privarli dei loro valori perché #Soros li vuole tutti col boa di struzzo
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I'm not sure why, but I'm the only person on the English speaking internet covering the #HeavenlyJerusalemProject, and how the Israeli/Ukrainian/Russian/American billionaire Igor Gekko (aka Igor Berkut) has announced the movement of Zionism to #Ukraine, called "#Khazaria Rising" Image
This man is a demon and possibly the antichrist, but I'm already getting too schizo for 99.999% of people, so I'll just post this picture of him discussing the project and let you wonder why he has this satanic image behind him. Image
If you think I'm just making these graphics myself, or making shit up, and not sharing what is in plain sight, you're making a big mistake.

I bet the Palestinians thought Zionism in 1900 was a conspiracy Image
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#UkraineWar #FakeNews
#Fake: the #West is not helping #Ukraine to conduct an information and propaganda campaign. Image
#Truth: Material on exactly how the information war against #Russia is being waged was published (…) by the #US resource
The Ukrainian regime, with the help of foreign consultants (…), has built an effective network of agencies that promote the necessary information, and partner media regularly receive a list of topics for coverage of various events.
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The EJC is proudly partnering with the Solutions Journalism Network. "SJN, to transform journalism so that all people have access to news that helps them envision and build a more equitable and sustainable world."
Sponsored by our "trusted" #BMGF 😎
Dutch Stichting European Journalism Centre (EJC) has been working "independently" and successfully to support, strengthen and develop "journalism". Paid by #Soros, #BMGF, EU-Commission, #Google, FB and many others. Journalism is dead!😉
Het bezwaar van het "vrije" Westen tegen de toenmalige SovjetUnie was het gebrek aan persvrijheid. In het Westen zijn de media in handen van paar buro's die er alles aan doen om de Westerse persvrijheid aan banden te leggen en te houden. #COVID19 #Ukraine
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Supporting Ukraine at this point equals supporting Soros.

This thread will educate you on what is actually occurring between Ukraine/Russia

If you want real coverage instead of fake news propaganda from MSM on Ukraine Russia follow @stranahan

#RussiaUkraine #Soros #Biden
⚡Ukraine is an ancient and proud land.

Ukraine is a borderland where East meets West. And has been the pathway for Western powers as they attempt to conquer the East.
⚡ Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 1918

Under the treaty, Russia lost nearly all of Ukraine, and the three Baltic Republics were ceded to Germany.
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The Truth Behind Ukraine v Russia - Is the Evil Within?…
tsk tsk tsk> #Putin the bad guy then too? Seems to me he was way ahead of what was transpiring even years ago. > #Clinton and #McCain. >…

Learn the History of how Congress has been hiding things from the people for years. It was John McCain who sponsored the Magnitsky Act as a cove
#Zelensky and The Neocon Agenda Exposed > " [Ukraine} It has been just a proxy fight for the Neocons."… The handwriting is on the wall. Zelensky had better take the
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@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros Let's ignore all the #kompromat that @KremlinRussia very probably has on all the #Brandon and #WheresHunter dealings in #Ukraine. All the #DeepState dirty laundry regarding energy and #China... and that China has all this info, and leverage, as well. Con't...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia Why did the Mayor of @moscowgov's wife give all that money to #HunterBiden? Was that an official operation? Was she taking orders? Was she gaining access to prove how easy it was? What was going on?

Ignore all that, we're talking about the #Soros #ColorRevolution in Ukraine. ...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia @moscowgov So there's a fun fact about #GeorgeSoros and his relationships with #Russia...

If he's ever found in their territories, he is to be shot on sight. He is designated not just a terrorist, but a person who violates human rights.

#Putin knows that Soros is a bad man. Keep goin'.
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Zum Glück ist nichts passiert-das professionelle Stuntpferd hat mit einem vorgetäuschten Tritt auf den Krisendarsteller hervorragende Arbeit geleistet.
Sie scheuen weder Kosten noch Mühen und buchen einfach die Besten, die etwas von der Materie verstehen.
Oh nein! Ein mit einem Fahrrad bewaffneter Terrorist hat es in Richtung der (professionellen Stunt-) Pferde geworfen. Grausam!
Herbst-Blatt Freunde: Stürzt die Regierung, @ProfKlausSchwab erledigt den Rest!
Dark Winter II ist vorbei, #Agenda2030 jetzt!
So eine böse Welt, der arme Krisendarsteller ist auch vom #Mohawk-Stamm; genau wie @Tamara_MVC ein Metis & White Supremacist ist, richtig? Das ist Rassismus in Aktion! Lasst sie alle verbrennen, Bastarde! Sie ist tot, nicht wahr? Ja! Nein? Ja! Nein? Ja!

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1/3 Breaking/ EXCLUSIVE : School Rape Victim’s Family & Rapist’s Lawyer: Loudoun County’s Soros Prosecutor Buta Biberaj is a LIAR, Broke LAW, ALLOWED 2nd Attack — Read it here @biberajbb @calebkershnerva @LoudounCoGovt @iandprior @fightforschools @JasonMiyaresVA #SOROS
2/3 Smith Family statement shows Soros $ Prosecutor Buta Biberaj FAILED their family, LIED to media, allowed Rapist to strike again. she has to GO! #BounceButa
3/3 Rapist’s LAWYER Caleb Kershner ( a County Supervisor too) says Soros DA Buta Biberaj BROKE the law — is dangerous & caused 2nd attack #LoudounSchools @calebkershnerva @biberajbb
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Supporting Ukraine at this point equals supporting Soros.

This thread will educate you on what is actually occurring between Ukraine/Russia

If you want real coverage instead of fake news propaganda from MSM on Ukraine Russia follow @stranahan

#RussiaUkraine #Soros #Biden
The video clip is from documentary "Ukraine On Fire"

Full Documentary
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They’re back….crafty devils left the bullhorns at home and brought COWBELLS. @MayorWu maybe you stop being a dictator, talk to @EdforBoston and call a City Council meeting for #NoVaxMandates
No quit. “Who is the Mayor? @MayorWu or @JoeBiden, #Soros ” Wu is devoted to DC narrative. Bright side w/ these moms you’ll never have a chance to be called “SleepyMichelle”
“Warriors come out and playyyy” er sorry they just wanna talk. Why don’t you just talk to ‘em @MayorWu ? They seem nice.
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After listening to drumbeat of #War I was decided to share my vision on ongoing crisis of #Ukraine
Long thread
#Russia #Ukraine #WW3 #history Image
First that western audience is missing - that's a truth why #Ukraine? Russia was not invading in Ukraine in #2014 and do not annex a #Crimea

People of Crimea decided on the referendum to walk away from Ukraine and join #Russia on 16 of March 2014 Image
To understand why people of #Crimea and after them people of #Donbas and leave behind #Ukraine where is #coup happened
We filmed a very tough documentary on that topic, if you didn't see that - there is a free copy from us

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I've been accumulating some #books for my #2022 #reading.
A thread! 🧵🧵🧵

Here's some of my selections:
“COVID-19: The Great Reset,” by Klaus #Schwaub – I need to know what he and that rascal #Soros are up to. This book was fully written and published by June 2020. I am nearly convinced these #Communist narratives and #COVID are manufactured by about 5-10 individuals.
“Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World,” by David Epstein
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@mirkhe #hallitus tilaa #elokapina'lliset, tuon #Marxist -regiimin likaisten operaatioiden hölmön siiven, kääntämään jälleen huomion pois laittoman lain valmistelustaan. #persut
- Manskulle istumaan 300 #Soros #PaidProtesters.
@mirkhe #Perustuslaki -vastainen, täysjumalaton #WEF #YGLs Marin -regiimi valjastettu laittomiin lakihankkeisiin, johtamaan Suomi Kiinan käskyttämään kontrolliin, pysyvään #lockdown'iin. @Kokoomus @keskusta @Demarit @vasemmisto @vihreat @persut @sfprkp @KDpuolue
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Sakharov Prize: European Parliament honors Alexei #Navalny | DEc 15
- The Navalny team was loudly applauded by the broad majority of #MEPs attending the ceremony.…
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Manual de cómo atacar a tu “amigo"

Crear 1 ONG➡️ONG➡️ONG ➡️Pagar Periodistas y Pseudo representantes de la Sociedad Civil, así crear y repetir mentiras hasta convertirlas en verdad

✔️Una vez su verdad es creada entonces hay que acusar condenar y sancionar a Tus amigos

Hoy #USATreasury sancionó a 2
funcionarios del gobierno y a la mamá
de uno de ellos, por estar
involucrados en corrupción

La Investigación la hizo #EIFaro, y las
Organizaciones de Sociedad Civil REPITIERON la “historia” hasta el

Pero, Quienes son los interesados?
Quiénes patrocinan a “La Sociedad Civil" y periodistas que vigilan, investigan -Inventan- y
denuncian "la corrupción" ⁉️

El Faro reveló la supuesta corrupción en la pandemia e involucra a @OsirisLunaMeza

El Faro es financiado X #Soros #SeaifOrg Y otros amigos muy interesados
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@Ulkoministerio @Haavisto #Trudeau refused to say the name of the new “#USMCA” trade agreement during a signing ceremony with President Donald #Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña #Nieto in #BuenosAires, Argentina, on Friday | Nov 30th, 2018
- lost one of his fake eyebrows… Image
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Textual en una TV de #Argentina. Dice dice el presentador: si el Ministerio de #Sanidad dice que no tiene aislado el #Sarcov2, contra qué están inoculando? 😂 #Plandemia #España #Covid #COVID19 #coronavirus
Un médico en #España dice claramente y textualmente que NO llevaría a sus hijos a vacunarse. #Plandemia #VacunateContraLaCovid #COVID19 #coronavirus #España
DEP este guerrero español , despierto y amante de la libertad que contribuyó en la causa contra la farsa de la #plandemia. #España #covid
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Secilmis #Picler gelenegi..

Adolf #Hitler
Rothschildler'in gayri mesru #Torun'udur (#Pic)

Almanya'da iktidara getirenler de
yine Rothschild ve Rockefeller'dir

Rothschild Malikanesinde hizmetciydi

Rothschildler'in gercek torunudur

Rothschildler kimdir?
Kimin cocugudur?

17.yy'la gitmemiz gerekiyor

Tarihin en büyük Sahte Mesih'inin
ortaya ciktigi yüzyil;
Sabatay Sevi

Sabatay'in Mesihligini
Yahudilerin cogu kabul etmisti

Ta ki
Osmanlinin tehditine dek Image
Osmanli Sultani
Sabatay Sevi'yi ölümle tehdit edince,
Sabatay "Müslüman" olmayi kabul ederek,
ölümden kurtulma yolunu secti

Ve böylece
#Dönme-#Dönek cagi basladi

Sabatay Sevi
Tanrinin bir istegi olarak perdeliyor

Yazdigi mektupta
"Tanri beni TÜRK yapti" diyor Image
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When do people consider the possibility the guy who, repeatedly, even after arrest, met w/a CHILD RAPIST/TRAFFICKER, who happened to be “interested” in twisted sciences, is actually *also* a psychopath who was meeting him FOR the sciences we see playing out today? 🦠💉🧬🦾
#4IR Image

Here’s a link to Epstein’s unchallenged, court-submitted, FAA flight log, w/Gates on it.

They did not report on all the Epstein/Maxwell connections. They lied about the lab 🦠. They lied about the 💉intent.

👀they are evil.… Image
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