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Il GIP che ha dissequestrato la nave della ONG Open Arms sembra che faccia parte di Magistratura Democratica @ MagDemocratica, l'associazione di sinistra dei magistrati.…
Giovanni Giampiccolo il GIP di Ragusa che ha dissequestrato la nave della ONG Open Arms è iscritto a Magistratura Democratica, l'associazione di sinistra dei magistrati. Pag. 276:… Potete vedere su @ MagDemocratica come promossero il dissequesto della ONG.
Giovanni Giampiccolo il GIP di Ragusa iscritto a Magistratura Democratica che ha dissequestrato la nave della ONG Open Arms è il solito che evitò il processo all'indiano accusato di aver tentato di rapire una bimba di 5 anni nella spiaggia di Scoglitti.…
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Early Sunday Morning Q
#MAGA #GreatAwakening #QAnon #TheStorm #QAnonPosts
Apr 8 2018 00:15:40 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: c96828 946546
Auth 1st S.
Contact window ok.
Early Sunday Morning Q
#MAGA #GreatAwakening #QAnon #TheStorm #QAnonPosts
Apr 8 2018 00:24:59 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: c96828 946691
Tracking good.
Relay back channel S-WH-E-P1.
Fly High.
Early Sunday Morning Q
#MAGA #GreatAwakening #QAnon #TheStorm #QAnonPosts
Apr 8 2018 00:48:59 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d6f611 947065
They are trying to start a war.
Public interest shift.
Pullout announcement.
Chem attack.
These people are sick.
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Judicial Watch: Obama Admin Spent $9 Million Colluding With Soros Groups in Albania.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch from the U.S. Agency for International Development show that, under the Obama administration, the agency gave $9 million to the "Justice for All"campaign, which is overseen by left-wing billionaire George Soros' "East-West Mgmt Institute."
The money was used "to fund left-wing political activities in Albania, including working with the country's Socialist government to push for highly controversial judicial 'reform,'" said Judicial Watch in a statement.
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Signs that #Election2016 was rigged (judge for yourselves)
1.There are plenty of examples were the #UnitedStates has been involved in trying to rig or likely has been a part of rigging foreign elections.
2.1948 election in# Italy, #USA agencies "threw everything, into helping the Christian Democrats.

1950s, the #CIA allegedly helped the West German Christian Democrats, led by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, to come to power.
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1) Ready for a new #FalseFlag event? Here goes.

In about a week, approx. 1,500 (and growing) #CentralAmericans, most from #Honduras are ignoring #immigration checkpoints, military bases, and #police in an organized march toward the #USA #border.

#QAnon @POTUS #BorderWall
2) Despite their being in #Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them. Organized by "a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras" (People Without Borders). Yeah right. #Fake and #staged.

#NWO #openborders #Soros #FalseFlag #QAnon #BuildTheWall
3) They're calling it a caravan, intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but #gangs and #cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants. This is the lie being fed. What's the #truth?
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The first (and probably ONLY) #racial history of #America. This is important, Americans. We weren't taught to VALUE, much less PRESERVE our #race [opposite!] and that is absolutely deadly.

Conquest of a continent: The expansion of races in #America…
Our (((enemies))) are trying to wipe THE WHITE RACE off the face of the planet via


"In his studies on the role of the #Aryan (read "#Nordic" for Grant) in #history, the questionable place of the #Alpine race, and the negative impact of the #Jews, Vacher de Lapouge is the most important and probably most direct influence on Grant..."
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continue to double down on protecting Russia, firing any and all who could assist with reigning Putin in and spreading Russian Propaganda to harm USA. Our elections are under attack, our infrastructure is under attack, our banks and businesses are under attack.
And to address this, @stevenmnuchin1 cut/pasted the Mueller indictments onto a sanction which does not respond to the years long Invasion of Russia onto our soil and Putin’s concerted efforts to get “his man” elected potus by undermining our free election process and our safety.
is murdering “spies” on foreign soil both in Europe and North America, he ratchets up war in Mid East and Asia to keep the World distracted and @UN @NATO are worrying about the negative effects of harsh consequences on @KremlinRussia_E because of Brexit/financials.
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Angela Merkel's Communist Background
2. Merkel's dad's pro-Communist attitude helped Angela go to college, when other children of clergy were routinely refused. The teenage Merkel, like virtually all of her contemporaries, joined the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ) communist youth org. #QAnon #Q…
3. Communists are communists: Coercion, confiscation, intimidation, and, eventually, genocide. No new ideas.

#Q" #QAnon
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If anyone was curious about Edward Snowden & where he aligns with the rest of the world, look no further than his backers. Alex & George Soros, Jack Dorsey & The ACLU.

The Pardon Snowden Campaign is funded by Many Big Name Globalist NWO types to include Alex and George Soros, Jack Dorsey & the ACLU.
Alex Soros brings in Edward Snowden to speak at and Open Society Foundation symposium last year.…
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I woke 11/22/63 seeing 1 man head shot & 1 gut shot live on B&W TV in 3 days. By 1966 I’d read Warren & knew dif b/t CIA, FBI, SS, US Marshall etc. Now after 54 years of study, the last 2 being 24/7, I see what I was prepped & groomed for my whole life & have not shirked. 1/?
I was adopted & raised LDS UAW Dem but now I’m fully woke (& completely broke b/c 2 years 24/7). Self-employed, my biz has gone to hell over last 395 day of 24/7 b/c saving kids & ending smuggling & #StopCIAcoup by #BlockImpeachment often seemed more important than my work. 2/?
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So the mainstream media has pushed North Korean propaganda including coverage of the head of Nork propaganda. What does that say about who controls the “narrative” (propaganda) of MSM. It’s the same people that really control North Korea.
MSM switches in waves of propaganda between the sky is falling to NK fawning. Hoping the public will not put together the totality of the way NK is used to yank the chain of the masses for increased military/surveillance budgets (always a good rocket launch right before).
We hear contradictory info all the time... NK is 10 years from nuke... NK already has it. Can’t reach US. Already can.

This is what propaganda looks like... changing narratives to suit the news of the day. Trump comes in and suddenly Rocket Man is shooting rockets frequently.
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I feel sorry for you, @MichaelEHayden.
You're going to look so fucking stupid.
Where'd you learn #disinformation journalism, Langley?
You tell your readers #TheStorm isn't real
Was Watergate real? How do you know? Were you there, or did you read about it?
Nice job to make sure PizzaGate was explained THE PROPER WAY, though.
You: "Hurr durr PIZZAGATE OMG everybody look at pizzagate. Look how it all has to do with this restaurant basement! Alex Jones made this guy shoot the restaurant!"
Did you know there were CCTV cameras pointing?
Thing is, the shooting was part of the distraction
Look at the cameras outside. Explain the CCTV on the day(s) of the shooting
Report on that, reporter man
Exposure was coming, countermeasures enacted.
Shooter connected to owner/cabal
Pedos wrote your Pizzagate story
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When government #Corruption involves an #AttorneyGeneral, #SpecialCounsel, former #CIA agent, former #FBI agent, & dozens of govt officials...shouldn't the media be interested?

They were w/#Watergate. Why not #FISAGate?

1. To translate for those blocked from #TRUTH in the #LSM bubble, the above tweet references media silence on MASSIVE state-level #Corruption. Synopsis of key people involved in #DeepState #Treason is in this thread.

For more info, read this mini novel:…
2. Chapter 1: #Treason involving spying+ on Americans and #POTUS.

Cast of characters:
DOJ: #LorettaLynch, #EricHolder, #RodRosenstein. #JohnCarlin
FBI: #Comey, #McCabe, #BillPriestap, #LisaPage,
#JamesBaker, #AndrewWeissmann, #JeannieRhee, #BruceOhr
CIA: #Brennan
DNI: #Clapper
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1. #QAnon's drops can require some time for personal analysis and input from the many good people digging. Here's my summary of key intel from the last week+ (1/19 - 1/27) of #Q drops. For Twitter efficiency, I will provide the direct link to the related posts as I review.
2. Chuckie Schumer was put on notice by #POTUS that his role in #Treason is known. Did you notice how # Schumer sulked away to the corner after his failed shutdown effort?…
3. Read this whole #Q post as it has so much meaning. "Will Sessions drop the Hammer?" HAMMER refers to the very secretive NSA spying program. The same tools used to spy on #Trump will be their undoing.…
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9. John Podesta didn't write that article that came out the other day. Robby Mook wrote it, Hillary helped.
Skippy was in ill health at the time. He is not doing so well health-wise.
10. The intellience community is annoyed because some of you guys aren't normally watching Dilley scopes and only in there to watch for Intel, write things down, then publish it on YouTube as if it were your own. You start to build your own brands around it.
11. The INTEL Community know & they don't like it.It's not a good look whether you're doing it to Q or Dilley's Intel Source or other sources.
"Annoyed" is not even the right word.
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"#ChuckAndNancy" #LimousineLiberals #Politics -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Genevieve Wood: Schumer Shutdown Makes Clear Democrats’ Real Priorities…

#SchumerShutdown | #tcot #PJNET
#LimousineLiberals #Soros #SJW #Antifa #LiberalFascism -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Antifa Member in Custody After Hospitalizing 56 Year Old Outside ‘Night For Freedom’ Event…
| #tcot #PJNET
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1. Meaniing of latest #QAnon post:s from today:

1st part focuses on how #Memo will expose #DeepState abuse of intelligence in #Coup, including #Obama himself, weaponizing intel,, lying to FISA courts. Session to nullify Russian probe. Plan to destroy US.
2. #HRC private server was not just to hide corruption, bribery...but was a #DeadDrop for classified data. She was not cleared for #SAP data & had it...accessible by anyone. Same w/#Huma.
- Supreme Court (SC) Justice (AS) Antonin Scalia taken in hit (197 = murder) to set up SC .
3. Obama/DeepState ramped up against conservatives w/IRS and #LSM (MSM) Mockingbird targeting.
- Snowden releases were VERY damaging to US mil/NSA and benefited rogue CIA.
- UraniumOne was pay-to-play + source of material for rogue states (NK/Iran) + weakens US.
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1) Here is a story of why we think #WeHaveTheMemo

See Q post below.

#DOJ, one is the investigation of the DNC breach and the #SteeleDossier. The #DNC was breached by #SethRich who sent the data to #Wikileaks. Highest levels made aware. Think big.

@POTUS #ReleaseTheMemo
2) #Google funded Crowdstrike w $100m. Brennan/Clapper used Crowdstrike thru Google to find leaker. #DNC finds out it's #SethRich. Q wrote: (SR 187)(MS 13 (2) 187). Example made of Seth, murdered by 2 #MS13 members, which were themselves killed a few blocks away. #WeHaveTheMemo
3) #DebbieWassermanSchultz shuts down #SethRich investigation. "Failed robbery attempt". Q says: F-I/D-J ASSIST - the #FBI and #DOJ assist in cleaning it up. Q then says "INSURANCE" - referring to Strzok texts.
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#ReleaseTheMemo #ObamaGate #FISAGate

I think I figured out the remaining key questions I had. #Treason by the #Cabal was obvious. I have laid it out earlier in this thread:…

...but knowing something = proving something
...especially when dealing with
2. ...#Corruption and #Treason on both sides of the aisle
#LSM #LyingSycophantMedia that will actively hide #Truth and invent/support #FakeNews, such as #RussiaCollusionLie
#CognitiveDissonance & #Tribalism that affect ability of "other side" to accept uncomfortable #TRUTH
3. So #POTUS needed to generate bullet-proof evidence of involvement by #DOJ/#FBI in the #Treason of the #Cabal/ part b/c they themselves could block/prevent the #TRUTH
...and in part b/c they had tried to destroy much of the evidence.
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1) #MKULTRA is misunderstood. The #ConspiracyTheories have merit, but #weaponization goes well beyond #hollywood movies into the realm of things that are hard to imagine we'd do.

When resources are unlimited, you get the best weapons. This is a story about the CIA.

2) You corrupt congress into submission, get ultimate secrecy, and then collectively head down the rabbit hole. The #CIA has almost limitless power, and we were dumb enough to give it to them
3) The original intention of #MKULTRA may have been understanding mind control, and was to prevent other world powers from using it, but then it evolved into something different. Wildly different. #conspiracy
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Someone labeled #QAnon a #conspiracytheory

It's not.

I can objectively show more than once what @realDonaldTrump was about to tweet before he did it and also show coordination between Q and the DOD, and Q and @JulianAssange.

Huge events are happening, it's time to awaken.
2) in addition, while it's still being uncovered, there are deeply coded messages within @realDonaldTrump tweets. The specific intentions behind all of this are many, but one vital one is to specifically prevent #conspiracytheories from being concocted.
3) Another reason disclosure is self evident, it's a public disclosure. It so happens that the disclosures are happening in a location where the user base is sufficiently #redpilled to accept the #truths -they are a bit tough to take for #normies
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I know who that guy is — how funny!!

What are the chances that this guy has a history with John McCain?
2/ Earlier today I was pissed bc MSM never talk about Sen. McCain’s role in the dossier, so I did a small thread regarding #MccainInstitute

We aren’t giving his not-for-profit enough attention; I’m sure we’ll hear more.

3/ I left this guy out of the previous thread — he might even need his own dedicated thread — but may as well...

Have you heard of Rick Davis?

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1/What is Sen. McCain’s role regarding the infamous ‘dossier’ ?

Earlier it was reported that Fusion GPS admitted to working through an “emissary” — WHO IS IT?

2/ MSM doesn’t talk much about his not-for-profit, The McCain Institute...

We have looked at CF — lets see what we find here.

It’s only fair, right? Maybe it will generate some leads on this “emissary”...

3/ Right away you come across an interesting name you have heard of: Paul Singer

Paul is a wealthy ‘never-Trumper’ & major donor to the #MccainInstitute…
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Part 1: Jan 6/7 #Qanon moves to post on /TheStorm vs /CBTS. Looks like Q will be posting on /TheStorm from now on, in a sign that #TheStormIsUponUs. Q drops many #Breadcrumbs in this thread using verified tripcode (i.e, it is Q, that Reddit graphic was BS). #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
Part 2: After confirming ID (Part 1) #Qanon gets into #breadcrumbs, asks why Trump is now promoting black population on Twitter. Wants followers to think about the strategy of Trump's tweets. #FlyRosensteinFly?...just my speculation (not confident)
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm
Part 3: #Qanon brings up Australia (has donated $88 million to #ClintonFoundation), implicates Malcom Turnbull in leaked audio and possible ties to #PayToPlay. Directly brings up Saudi in CF funding. ...Drops seem to be heading towards #LockHerUp
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm
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