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Today lawyer @pbhushan1 filed a reply to the contempt petition against him from the Supreme Court. Some highlights:
"Tweet regarding the CJI riding a motorcycle
(6 June) was made primarily to underline my anguish at the non physical functioning of the SC for the last more than 3 months, as a result of which fundamental rights of citizens, such as those in detention, those destitute & poor..."
"... and others facing serious and urgent grievances were not being addressed or taken up for redressal...The fact that he was on a motorcycle costing 50 lakhs owned by
a BJP leader had been established by documentary evidence published on social media..."
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US customs seized weapons smuggled frm China, meant to b used by protesters.
This is non-contact warfare!
Xi's regime hs a strategy 4 each democracy:
~racial tensions in US
~communal disharmony & Maoists in India
~debt traps

@GordonGChang @SecPompeo…
In my above article I hv proved hw Cheen hs bn involved in racial protests in US, Anti #CAA protests in delhi, chopper crash killing snr Taiwanese offcrs and Easter blasts in Sri Lanka. All these incidents either had direct involvement of Cheen or it's pet--Pakistan.
Such strategies usually unfold in many stages.
On May 31, I hd posted a thread on hw GENE SHARP's strategy to collapse to dictatorship ws being reverse "engineered" to destabilize America.
Nw v hv proof--protests wr MANUFACTURED and not organic.

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I had warned that including Christians in #CAA would open the door for the evangelical vultures. Refugees would be mass converted to Christianity for benefits.

Exactly what is happening.

The only solution is "right of return" for Indics alone.

And unlike delusions of the govt that including Christians would somehow save them from "secular" attacks on #CAA, it was clear that it wouldn't.

You will get no respite from those committed to eliminate you, no matter how far you bend. @narendramodi

It doesn't matter how far they bend to try to prove how "secular" they are, they will be attacked as "fascist" "Hitlers." They need to wake up.

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Six #Pakistani pilots spoke to @AlJazeera about allegations of fraud and improper flight certification practices.

@Official_PIA #CAA where art thou?

#MarshalMalik #ArCmdrHamdani firing pilots without show cause notice. Unheard off!…
Government's list had a number of errors such as including the names of deceased pilots, confusing pilots with similar names, and classifying pilots as belonging to airlines they had never flown with or taking exams they never attempted.

#CAA @Official_PIA @PALPA2020
Pilot A said that he had been approached by colleagues with an offer to help him cheat, with the aid of #PCAA officials, in exchange for payment when he had been attempting his commercial pilot's licence (CPL) written exams in 2009.

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Some important, but valid questions arise as I reflect upon the protests that happened in opposition to #CAA all over the country. Collating my thoughts as a thread and sharing it. The questions are open for anyone to answer. (1/N)
@sakthi_ind93 @Swamy39 @MaridhasAnswers
The #CAA guarantees to instantly provide Citizenship to all persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who entered India before 31st Dec, 2014. There are 30K+ such immediate beneficiaries who will now be granted Indian Citizenship. (2/N)
Now, questions are raised by few senior MPs and politicians about why Muslims have been excluded. Obvious reasons include:

1. Out of the 30k people who are awaiting Indian #citizenship for many years, there are Hindus, Sikhs, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist and Christians. (3/N)
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A lot of us Indians are looking at the current situation in USA, and a lot of us on the better side of the spectrum (not Islamophobics, not Modi fanbois, not Hindustani-Bhau-following rabid hindu rashtravadis either) are also thinking we are kinda better off

Here's a thread 👇
Not sure if you are noticing beneath the layers of outrage and hashtag and the noise and headlines something succinct, something really important to take note of - even the racist themselves DO NOT want themselves to be called racists.

Trump is shouting "I am not a racist".
This is an important lesson in how far, literally how far a society has gone. Yes today's protests are to take it further, towards the ideals of racism not just being gone on paper, but gone in practice.

But you are looking at a society having progressed enough to detest racism
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CAA is not unconstitutional, neither in India, nor Internationally. A Thread👇
It is not any news to anyone that whoever is an illegal immigrant in any country is thrown out. When I say illegal, it means they have no legal rights in the country they are in. CAA recognises that
our 3 neighbors Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are continuously persecuting religious minorities. This is an established fact and if you don’t agree to this, you should stop reading. Now CAA says that if you are a religious minority and fall in specific group we will give
you citizenship. Many people have linked NRC with CAA for personal interests which is baseless. NRC is mandate since 2004. Now when you say there are illegal immigrants that means there are legal residents as well, right? NRC is the exercise to tabulate the residents of India and
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☪️ Message to Youth to read Holy Quran in Holy Month of Ramazan, Youth is updated to social media, youth is learned, advised to read atleast 1 verse daily to get 100 rewards from the Almighty @asadowaisi @aimim_national #RamazanMessage #BattelOfBadr #PeaceMessage #YaumUlFurqaan
☪️ Message to perform good deeds in this holy month, then on the day of mehshar, Allah will order his Angels to bestow his blessings with food and water as reward. @asadowaisi @aimim_national #RamazanMessage #BattelOfBadr #PeaceMessage #YaumUlFurqaan
☪️ Advised the youth to keep yourself pious, be away from bad deeds, utilize the holy days, spend much time in prayers and astaghfar, this is the month of repentance and ask forgiveness. @asadowaisi @aimim_national #RamazanMessage #BattelOfBadr #PeaceMessage #YaumUlFurqaan
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#AmartyaSen's great insight was that dreadful disasters (s/as mass starvation) do not happen in a democracy because news of the early signs of distress are seen, heard and responded by those in power.
That theory is being tested in #Modi's #India. And so far found wanting
A willingly controlled and spontaneously sycophantic media refuses to hold the Great Leader to account; such criticism as may be made by intellectuals and a remnant of the free press is silenced by the howls of mobs on social media. Free debate is replaced by adulatory paeans.
Respectful discussion of policy choices has been pushed aside by a Know-it-all leadership that adopts a We-Can-never-admit-to-any-failings style of governance that places false propaganda over real performance, empty spin over true substance.
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Consequences of Indira Gandhi amending the #Preamble to add 'Secular' are being fully felt 45 years later. Rabid haters and lawless minority communalists -- from #CAA protesters to supporters of #TablighiJamaat to bigot @khan_zafarul -- cite that spurious amendment in defence. 1n
The sanctity of #Constitution of #India was perverted by Indira Gandhi during #Emergency . That perversion has struck roots and flourished in the dark depths of the minds of those who are intolerant of Hindus and perceive 'secularism' to mean protection for anti-Hindu bigotry. 2n
The Indian nation never accepted theocracy. #India has been and remains secular not despite but because of its Hindus. We are a civilisation, not a cult wedded to any fake 'ism'. That is why Constituent Assembly did not mention 'Secular' or 'Socialist' in Preamble. 3n
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@USCIRF just clubbed democratic India in with Pakistan, Saudi, Iran, China as #CPC Country of Particular Concern.

FYI: @USCIRF Chair @tperkins heads @FRCdc--@splcenter designated hate group that calls #yoga an obstacle to God & opposed #Hindu prayer in US Capitol.

Crux of argument condemning India: #CAA, cow slaughter, Kashmir.

Note the hypocrisy:

India: CAA | US: Lautenberg
India: restricts cow slaughter | US: bans dog slaughter

Note the irony:

India: fighting terrorism in Kashmir | US has already banned most Kashmir terror groups
We @HinduAmerican have engaged @USCIRF for years.

Recently, @USCIRF:

-hired Pakistani activist to write anti-India report…
-held multiple hearings perpetuating misinformation on India
-falsely alleged Indian hospitals separate patients based on religion
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@pratik_shinde18 @jonyboltay लहानपणापासून शिवसैनिक असल्यामुळे, मला सेनेचे सर्व निर्णय आवडलेत,
फ़क्त काँग्रेस - राष्ट्रवादीशी युती केलेली मनापासून आवडलेलं नाही, 😅👍

बाळासाहेबांनी मराठी माणासांसाठी सुरु केलेली संघटना म्हणजे #शिवसेना, कितीही विरोधक असला तरी, मराठी माणसाला सेनेबद्दल खुप आदर आहे,.. 🚩💪
@pratik_shinde18 @jonyboltay घरात, वर्गात किंवा गल्लीत एखादा दंगेखोर मुलगा असतो, जो स्वतः व्यवस्थे सोबत भांडून, घर, गल्ली, किंवा वर्गाला न्याय मिळवून देतो, तो आक्रमक मुलगा म्हणजे #शिवसेना 🚩

बाळासाहेबांनी वेळोवेळी दाखवून दिलं आहे,
बजाव पुंगी हटाव लुंगी पासून, बाबरी मस्जिद पाडण्यापर्यंत,
@pratik_shinde18 @jonyboltay तरुणांच्यात चैतन्य व स्फुल्लिंग जागवून नवतरुणांना राजकीय पटलावर आणण्याचं कार्य #शिवसेनेनंचं केलं
त्यानंतर सत्तेत आल्यावर, पुणे - मुंबई महामार्ग, मुंबईचा केलेला कायापालट, खाजगी शिक्षण सुद्धा अल्प दरात उपलब्ध केलं,न्यायव्यवस्था सुधारली,महत्वाचं म्हणजे #अंडरवर्ल्ड संपवलं 👍💪🚩
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CAA is a benign piece of legislation, narrowly tailored to address a specific issue: Centre to Supreme Court #CitizenshipAmendmentAct #CAA_NRC_Protests #CAA
Centre's affidavit starts by quoting the Passports Act of 1920 and a host of other legislations. It also refers to the Nehru Liaqat Agreement was signed by Heads of Governments of India & Pakistan to protect religious minorities. #CAA_NPR_NRC
Due to theft of holy relic in Hazratbal Shrine in J &K on 27/12/1963, there were large scale communal disturbances in East Pakistan from 03/01/1964 in which there was widespread lawlessness, arson and huge loss of life and property of the minority community. (Pic: Kashmirlife)
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Not a single incident post 2300 hours on 25.2.2020. We said discussion after Holi, so that no flare up again. and let police carry out investigation so that facts can emerge. So that peace remains in Delhi: Home Minister @AmitShah in Lok Sabha. Therefore sought discussion on 11th
In Lok Sabha @AmitShah seeks `protection' (संरक्षण) of Speaker @ombirlakota to be able to make his statement. Shah praises @DelhiPolice for handling riots in an area where population is 20 lakh. Population of #Delhi 1.70 crore. Police kept riots restricted to 12 police stn areas.
Violence in Delhi remained restricted to 36 hours. 1400 hours on 24th Feb to 2300 hours on 25th Feb. @DelhiPolice did not let violence spread beyond 12 police station areas (in parts of east Delhi): @AmitShah in Lok Sabha clarifies he did not go to #TajMahal w/ @realDonaldTrump.
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Just finished my tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps and the history of it is devastating, but every second of the tour I could only see the future of #NRC and #CAA in India blatantly staring me in the face. Thread. CW:Graphic text/images, Holocaust, Murder, Racism
These are the same ideologies the #RSS idolizes. "Purity of race" is what a one-race nation mainly aims at. It doesn't take long for such ideologies to be stated blatantly.
This was ONE concentration camp. If the people dying weren't Jews, they were people leading the rebellion, leaders of the opposition and anyone who dared raise their voice against the Nazis. Look at these numbers.
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Must read.

Mainland India knows only Kashmir Hindu Exodus but has no clue on what went on with Hindu Bengali's in Meghalaya & Northeast.

Remember the first Nirbhaya didn't happen in Delhi, the first Nirbhaya case happened in Shillong & her name was Gauri Dey, a Bengali Hindu.
As I said

#CAA exposed

◆ Fake liberals do not understand Jihad agenda or even after understanding ignore or use it.

◆ Islamists dream of another partition.

◆ Separatist forces still active.

◆ Regions are at various levels of civilization today.

4th point☝️ for NE India.
Media & Politicians kept silent.

While one gets a Jail term for calling a NE Tribe Chinki in Delhi, but no one was arrested for pregnant Gauri Dey's rape in front of her husband by mob and then brutal killing by inserting bamboo inside her vagina.

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Breaking: Terming the action of the UP Govt. in putting up the posters of alleged #CAA Protestors highly Unjust , a division bench of the Allahabad High Court today said "absolute encroachment on personal liberty of individuals"
Good sense should prevail on the State and it must remove the hoardings before 3 pm and inform the court about this: Allahabad High Court headed by the Chief Justice asked Advocate General

When the Govt. Counsel submitted that they are accused of damaging public property, the Court said, "even if they are liable , you can't do this, you have to send individual notices"
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I knew you would say that :p. Did PVNR/Dr. Singh fail to get elected b/c they pursued economic reforms? The presumption is utter nonsense. Conversely, has Modi ji been reelected in 2019 b/c he pursued/promised economic reforms? That too is nonsense & we know it. 1/n
OTOH, lower economic growth, unemployment, lack of export competitiveness, are a necessary consequence of Modi ji’s populism. Don’t dodge this point. Poor economic performance is a result of Modi ji’s poor politics & not something independent of it. At many levels.
At the top of the charts is the wanton destruction of social capital through pursuit of divisive communal politics. Industrialists, at home & abroad, can read the tea leaves. Private investment has dried up. Growth is tapering off. Confidence in the economy has sunk.
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The Citizenship Amendment Act in #India has received much intl attention and generated heated debate and protests that provoked a police crackdown and rioting, including the recent #DelhiViolence that resulted in over 50 deaths. Why is the #CAA problematic?

A thread…
What is #CAA? It provides a fast track to Indian citizenship for specifically non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan already in India; removes the illegal migrant label for specified groups; and protects them from legal action in regard to citizenship.
The government argues the #CAA’s only purpose is to protect persecuted minorities in neighboring countries, a laudable goal in of itself (and a key reason my org @USCIRF was formed), and has no impact on Indian Muslims.…
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1.अभी हाल ही में जो मैंने @ABPNews में देखा जिसमें कि चांद बाग़ दिल्ली में दंगाई भीड़ डीसीपी अमित शर्मा पर हमला कर रही है एवं उनको बचाते हुए श्री रतन लाल जी शहीद हो गए यह बहुत भयानक है।
इस प्रकार की स्थितियों से हम 1946 से 1947 के बीच की भारत विभाजन की स्थितियों में पहुंच जाएंगे
2. शायद भारत दुनिया का वो अनोखा देश है जहां का बहुसंख्यक समाज भय एवं असुरक्षा से पीड़ित है। जिस प्रकार से थोड़ी सी हिंसक भीड़ अंकित शर्मा, अमित शर्मा, रतनलाल जैसे कर्तव्यनिष्ठ पुलिस अधिकारियों पर जानलेवा हमला करती है, ...
3. ... अंकित शर्मा को तो 400 बार चाकू मारे गये थे, यह घटनाएं देश का मनोबल गिरा देंगी।
पुलिस असहाय क्यों रही, जो दंगाई वीडियोज में दिख रहे हैं इनको फास्ट ट्रैक कोर्ट में ले जाकर इन पर कठोरतम् कार्यवाही करना चाहिए ताकि इस देश में हमेशा के लिए अमन चैन कायम हो जाए।
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The @USCIRF hearing — USCIRF Chair @tperkins at Hearing on Citizenship Laws and Religious Freedom: “The right to a nationality is a fundamental human right and serves as a bedrock for accompanying political and civil rights.”
USCIRF Chair @tperkins at Hearing on Citizenship Laws and Religious Freedom: “the denial of citizenship can be a key predictor for mass atrocities.”
USCIRF Vice Chair @g_manchin: “We have recently seen a dramatic uptick in hate speech and disinformation on social media, particularly exacerbating the impact on religious minority communities.”
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My non-validated analysis gleaned over chai of Indian American vote on Super Tuesday & why it favored @JoeBiden:

IA population matters:
CA: 528K TX: 245K VA:103K MA: 77K NC: 57K
Pew estimate: 60% are citizens 80% Dems. ↑↑ turnout.

Huge consolidation for Biden. Why? (Thread)
1. Socialist rhetoric is a non-starter. Indian Americans (IA) left India for a reason & socialist politicians are comic foil there today.

2. Bernie was 1st politician to slam India for fully integrating Kashimr (an enormously popular/emotional issue for IA's). Disastrous move!
Bernie's Congressional proxies are incredibly unpopular among IA's:

1)@PramilaJayapal sponsored anti-India #HRes745-slamming India on Kashmir ignoring #KashmiriPandits
2)@IlhanMN targeted @AartiTikoo during @HouseForeign panel. Her sneering tweets against #CAA, Modi, etc.
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சின்ன கணக்கு
உங்களுக்கு கணிதம் தெரிந்தால் சொல்லுங்கள்!
1947 முதல் 2017 வரை, அதாவது 70 ஆண்டுகளில், இந்தியாவில் தங்கிவிட்ட முஸ்லீம் மக்கள் தொகை 3 கோடியிலிருந்து 30 கோடியாக அதிகரித்துள்ளது என்றால்,உங்கள் மகனின்/மகள் ஆயுட்காலம் அதாவது 2070
ஆண்டுகளில் அந்த முஸ்லீம் மக்கள் தொகை என்னவாக இருக்கும்?
மீண்டும் பத்து மடங்கு அதாவது 300 கோடி,
மேலும் சிந்தியுங்கள்…
- உங்கள் சொத்துக்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- உங்கள் வணிகத்திற்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- உங்கள் வேலைக்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- உங்கள் கோவில்களுக்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- பள்ளிக்குச் சென்ற உங்கள் மகளுக்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- நமது அரசியலமைப்பிற்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- நமது இனத்துக்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- உங்கள் இட ஒதுக்கீட்டிற்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
- உங்கள் நிகர மதிப்பு என்னவாகும்?
- உங்கள் சாதி மக்களுக்கு என்ன நடக்கும்?
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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' intervention application in three Supreme Court re #CAA is quite remarkable.

Sets out international legal standards that SC should consider without 'taking a side' per se. But a blind man can see the law is discriminatory.
What is particularly powerful in this application is how UNHCHR Michelle Bachelet Jeria points out that India played a key role in making the right to equal protection of laws part of international HR treaties.

What a small nation we have become, from one that dreamed so big.
That @MEAIndia response is so disheartening. Shows there is zero introspection and zero willingness to even consider the myriad international legal obligations of India that the #CAA could affect. One can hope the Hon'ble Supreme Court will be more open-minded, but...
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