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What happens when a fake ID, a Pak Jamaat protégé, and two Soros funded agents walk into a bar?

They produce a survey on India’s caste issue!

Story of EqualityLabs, Soros, million dollars funding, and an experiment run from the US in 1999.

(1/n) Image
#SB403 introduced by Senator Aisha Wahab to ban #castediscrimination was passed by California Senate Judiciary Committee last month was based on a ‘single’ caste survey report by #EqualityLabs. The Survey in question is a 2018 survey conducted by 4 people.

Who are they?
(2/n) Image
The very first ‘author’ of the Equality Labs ‘caste report’ – Maari Zwick is a ghost author! No such person exists.  And after we exposed the fake ID, it has now been deactivated. (Pls read our last report for more details).

(3/n) Image
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This tweet by a retired wealthy industrialist with too much time on his hands and no idea what to do with it illustrates what is wrong with India.

He extols the virtues of a clay water storage unit, the surahi, from the mid-20th century.


Of course, while he lives in unimaginable luxury, the likes of which we can't dream of.

It's a foolish comparison, because the surahi can only store and cool water by a few degrees, whereas the fridge can cool anything, preserve food, and make ice (needed for his scotch).

But that didn't stop Indian twitterati from going ga-ga over his tweet. Why?

Because if there's one thing guaranteed to give you applause in India today, it is hearkening to the past.
Our grandparents had the most wonderful life. Our country was great in the good old days.
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Didn't visit the #Shanghai #Autoshow, but here is a list of takeaways somebody wrote that's circulating on social media and getting a lot of nods.
I'll briefly translate.
1. EV are the future, the days of combustion engine vehicles are numbered. Image
2. Brand value of luxury brands such as #Benz and #BMW is the saving grace of combust engine vehicles
3. #Audi is lagging behind Benz and BMW, the conventional acronym of the big 3 lux brands of "BBA" is now "BB"
4. After 3 years of Covid, the latest development of Chinese EVs has shocked many foreign brands
5. Many foreigners are watching domestic brand cars with anxiety on their face
6. Japanese, Korean and French brands have little future in the Chinese market
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Quem me conhece sabe que há 5 anos reporto os crimes socioambientais da norueguesa @NorskHydroASA contra quilombolas em Barcarena, Pará. Tenho tbm um mestrado sobre o tema. Daí que esperei todo esse tempo a oportunidade d fazer alguns questionamentos ao @helderbarbalho em pessoa
O dia chegou e na última 6ª (24) pude fazer isso na frente do ministro do meio ambiente da Noruega, @EspenBarthEide. Fiz duas perguntas ao @helderbarbalho: 1) Por que a @NorskHydroASA ainda não mudou sua matriz energética se fez esse compromisso para ter incentivos fiscais?
Ele respondeu como podia: a Hydro irá implementar o gás natural como alternativa para sua produção. O excedente deverá ser vendido para a população, GNV etc. O problema é que o acertado era que em 2018 a conversão energética deveria ocorrer. Se não rolou, multa, né? Não multou.+
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JUST IN: General Motors offers buyouts to “majority of U.S. team.” Employees have two weeks to decide, per letter sent to whole company. #GM #GeneralMotors $GM #BREAKING

This comes just 10 days after GM laid off 500 employees back on Feb. 28.

Something General Motors CEO Mary Barra said, in no uncertain terms, was not on the table during a January earnings call.

Passage below *seems* to hint that if buyouts do not work, layoffs at #GM *could* happen again.

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China Seeks Extra Scrutiny of Ford-CATL Deal on IP Concerns: BBG
#China #US #CATL #Ford
China will scrutinize Ford Motor Co.’s recent agreement with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. to ensure the Chinese battery giant’s core technology isn’t handed over to the US carmaker: BBG cites people familiar
#China #US #CATL #Ford
While Beijing is pleased the deal showcases China’s prowess in the EV battery space, officials are concerned that competitive aspects of CATL’s technology could be given to or accessed by the American automaker, the people said.
#China #US #CATL #Ford
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GIVING CREDIT TO #FORD (@jimfarley98 so should you!)

Ford's CEO recently discussed various inefficiencies in procuring Mach-E. For example, needlessly-long wiring and hosing

However, this isn't a fault. THIS IS FINE and a CREDIT to previous management

People tend to forget
People forget that Ford developed the Mach-E skunkworks style, in a single year by the small "Team Edison"

👏👏FORD WORKED AGILE👏👏 They did NOT try to get everything right, just make a good-enough car fast enough, hitch onto the learning curve and start sliding wright's law
That being considered, #MachE is a phenomenal achievement

It's better than ICE SUVs, Munro4 says is just $1500 more costly to make than the Tesla Model Y (though years and versions may vary) and lessons gained already found their way into the #F150 #Lightning
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5 US-amerikanische Unternehmen ermöglichten die Infrastruktur für die #Nazis zur Durchführung des #Holocaust:
1. #Ford Motor Company mit Henry Ford vebreitete die 'Juden-Verschwörung' durch die Zeitung "Dearborn Independent" und lie die Übersetzung in Deutschland verbreiten.
2. #GeneralMotors lieferte den "Blitz-Lastwagen" für den #Blitzkrieg, sowie essentielle Teile für den JU-88-Bomber, #Motoren für die Panzer, #Sprengstoff für Landminen und Torpedoköpfe.
3. #CarnegieInstitution basierend auf dem Vermögen von Andrew Carnegie und der 4. #RockefellerFoundation brachten die Ideologie der #Eugenik hervor, wonach Juden schädlich für die #Volksgesundheit seien.
Finanzierten auch #Mengele und die #Zwillingsversuche.
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2023 will be the year of layoffs…
20/1/2023 - #Google's parent #Alphabet to lay off 12,000
18/1/2023 - #Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

#layoffs #layoffs2023
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Picture of the Week: Speed of change around #energytransition is accelerating. Last year the @IEA projected that #renewableenergy installations would be 1800GW over the next five years. Now they are saying that it will be 2,400GW which is the installed capacity of #China.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
1. Geopolitics - #Ukrainian crisis has forced #Europe to accelerate #decarbonization. It has also been a wake up call for #China who is a huge #energy importer.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
2. Opportunity - #EVs, #batteries, #heatpumps and #Solar are multi-billion dollar markets growing at circa 40% per annum and are attracting the best entrepreneurs and businesses across the world
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1/15. Here’s a thread on Math in Ontario – are we in crisis? Looking forward to joining Amanda Pheffer on Ontario Today, CBC Radio, Nov 10, 12-1 pm. We examine math scores during the pandemic & peel back the layers to get at the core issues @onthebeat1 @CBCOntarioToday @OISEUofT
2/15. There are better ways to improve math education across Ontario than what is being provided by the Conservatives. Ontario needs evidence-based strategies mapped to a vision and strategic plan to level the playing field.
3/15. #Lecce is weaponizing math as he copies Snobelen’s rulebook by “creating a crisis” to push an agenda. He creates panic in math education by irresponsibly setting up teachers and schools for failure. How? Keep reading…
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1/14 Tesla USA Doubled Sales in First Half of 2022 via

$TSLA #tesla #electriccars $VW $F #ford #VW
2/14 VW CEO Herbert Deiss Said VW would pass Tesla in EV sales in 2025 Image
3/14 Ford CEO Jim Farley said Ford would challenge Tesla globally in EV sales Image
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1) Bugün Peter Lynch & John Rotchild’in


Borsada kendi bilgilerinizi kullanarak #para kazanma yolları isimli kitabından önemli pasajları arşiv niteliğinde paylaşıyorum.

Üç ana bölümden oluşan bu kült eser toplam da 302 sayfadan oluşmaktadır. +
2) “Hisse senetlerine yatırım yapmak bilim değil, sanattır ve herşeyi #sayı olarak görmek üzere eğitilmiş olan insanlar borsada büyük bir dezavantaja sahiptir.

Eğer hisse alım satımında herşey sayılarla açıklanabilseydi herkes bilgisayar başına geçerek #zengin olabilirdi.” +
3) “ Siz siz olun, #borsa nın bir kumar olduğunu söyleyenlere kulak asmayın.

#Yatırımlarınızı yönetme işini bir bankaya devrederseniz çoğunlukla karşılaşacağınız şey vasat bir #kazanç olacaktır.

Benim satın aldığım #hisse senetleri diğer #fon yöneticilerinin bucak bucak” +
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Pablo Pappalardo, presidente de #TapeRuvicha, manifestó que su principal desafío -en especial durante la pandemia- fue no parar, ya que trabajan directamente con el campo. Image
En ese sentido, desarrollaron protocolos para que la operativa no pare y puedan continuar acompañando de manera integral el avance de los cultivos.
Pappalardo señaló que al comienzo de este año estaban preocupados debido a la situación agrícola como la sequía, ahora el panorama mejoró notablemente.
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Gestern an einer Gewerbeausstellung. Organisiert von @_electrosuisse 👏 boten diverse Händler #eAuto-Probefahrten an. Die inzw. grosse Auswahl an Stromern ist eindrücklich & schön. @Tesla leider nicht anwesend.

Ich bin 5 #BEV‘s kurz probegefahren. Hier meine ersten Eindrücke:
1) #BMW #i4 M50:
+ enorme Beschleunigung
+ flüssige Bedienung
- Fahr- & Bremspedal sprechen zu schnell an -> sehr ruckliges & unangenehmes Fahren
- Rekup via Fahrpedal eher schwach
- sehr hoher Verbrauch
- Motorengeräusche 🤦‍♂️ (abschaltbar)
- hoher Preis für nen elektr. 3er
2) #Mini #Cooper SE:
+ geht gut ab
+ gute Rekup
- schlechte Traktionskontrolle (Durchdrehen beim Beschl.)
- erbärmliche Reichweite (183km EPA)
- überraschend kleiner Kofferraum
- störendes Plastikteil für HUD
- Bedienung fühlt sich Old School an
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1/ Over the weekend I posted an article titled "Things Are Happening (Ep. 3) - A Slow Motion Car Crash & The Ministry of Truth (April 30, 2022)" in which I covered, among other things, the marketing company...I mean... "Electric Car Company": RIVIAN 🧵…
2/ Rivian went public on Nov. 10, 2021 at an initial offering price of $78.

At close of trading on Fri, Nov 12, 2021 (3rd trading day), Rivian’s stock price was nearly $130; reflecting a market value of more than $127 BILLION

On Mon, Nov. 15th, shares closed trading at $149
3/ On Tues., Nov. 16th, shares topped out at $172.

On Weds., Nov. 17th, shares fell to $146… and they haven’t stopped falling since.

At the close of trading on Friday, April 29, 2022, Rivian shares were $30.24
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Au commencement de notre structure, nous avons voulu miser sur @FordFrance , une enseigne avec des valeurs et surtout une histoire qui se veut être une entreprise familiale, soutenue par une poignée d’investisseurs, puis disons nous le, un joli design 🔽 Image
En 2019 nous signons pour 2 modèles de la marque, en 2020 nous rencontrons notre premier problème, un compresseur de Clim HS clouant durant 2 mois notre véhicule de greffe, suite à l’impossibilité de #Ford de se faire parvenir la pièce EN EUROPE !🔽
Malgré tout,nous gardons espoir en la marque, et en 2021, nous signons l’achat de 2 VL en Mars pour une livraison prévue en Août 2021. Au mois d’août, après avoir échangé avec notre commercial pour nous annoncer que nos véhicules ne seront pas là, malgré une flotte vieillissante
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Small print. #DigitalID is to make #Ontario "one of the world’s most digitally advanced jurisdictions". $20 billion opportunity based on data from from various sources, including #DIACC (Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada), McKinsey & WEF.

#Canada #Ford #Trudeau
Initiated in 2012, "DIACC members work in partnership w/ the Govt of #Canada." "In October 2020, the govt Ont. revealed 'Ontario Onwards: Ontario's COVID-19 Action Plan for a People-Focused Govt'. The very first item on the action plan revolves around the creation of #digitalID."
April 20, 2020: Thank you, PM Justin #Trudeau & Minister Chrystia #Freeland... We are encouraged by your decision to recognize #digitalID as an enabler of our economic growth... At the core of this [digital] infrastructure is a secure #digital identity,"

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Two years before the pandemic, ⁦@Ford⁩ made a billion-dollar bet that tech talent wants to work in hip urban centers close to dining, etc…

An economist at Ford’s rival @GM sees a new trend in where people want to work snd eat lunch.

My column:…
ICYMI: 'Behind-the-scenes work is done' as Ford puts Michigan Central Station back together…

#Detroit #DetroitCRE #Corktown #Ford
ICYMI: @Ford plans 3rd building at train station complex in #Corktown; renovated Book Depository to open by June… #Detroit #DetroitCRE #Ford #Mobility #Automotive
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#Ford DIY air filtration kit that reduces COVID-19 in the air.

It requires an easy-to-assemble die-cut cardboard base,

a 20-inch Lasko box fan, and

a 20x20x4-inch air filter with a standard minimum efficiency reporting value of 13 (MERV-13).… ImageImageImage
#Ford also offers a downloadable template for the cardboard frame people can use to assemble their own #Scrappy #Filtration unit incorporating their own box fan and filter.

How to assemble a CoViD-19 air filtration fan box using the downloadable template… Image
Air filtration kit validated by peer-reviewed scientific research journal

He, R. (何瑞辰) et al., 2021.

Airborne transmission of COVID-19 and mitigation using box fan air cleaners in a poorly ventilated classroom.

Physics of Fluids, 33(5), p.057107.… ImageImage
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Sakharov Prize: European Parliament honors Alexei #Navalny | DEc 15
- The Navalny team was loudly applauded by the broad majority of #MEPs attending the ceremony.…
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A friend of mine is interested in a #Ford #Mustang #MachE GT, so I did some research and learned of the following issues:

- There is currently a recall going on for the Mach-E regarding the windshield and the panoramic roof possibly flying off.

- Opening doors with phone or keyphob seems to work very unreliably.
- Unstable Bluetooth connection, so that phone-based functions (e.g. music, navigation via Apple Carplay) are often unusable.
- At CCS fast-charging stations, the #MachE charges only up to 80% with…

…fast DC, then it switches to slow AC charging (11kW). This is not adjustable and means that on road trips you effectively only have 200 miles of range instead of the promised 270.
- The #MachE's fast-charging limit of 150kW (DC) is rather underwhelming nowadays, in…

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1) Sayfamı takip edenlerin bildiği gibi artık bir klasik olan, geçen haftanın olaylarına ve önümüzdeki hafta öne çıkabilecek gelişmelere odaklanan, David Westin’in sunduğu #WallStreetWeek program özeti hazır.

Bir kahve içimi vakit ile buyrun başlayalım.
2) Öncelikle bizleri dolu dolu bir hafta bekliyor.📝✅

En azından açıklanacak ekonomik veriler açısından öyle. Diğer taraftan da alışveriş ve tatil dönemi başladığı için de bu hafta biraz kısa olacak. Bunların detaylarına şirketler ve haftanın programı bölümünde değineceğim.
3) #Enflasyon konusu en çok tartışılan tema oldu. Teknoloji, inovasyon ve verimlilik artışının iş gücünün katılımındaki kaybı karşılayarak büyümeye destek verdiği belirtiliyor. Benzer şekilde tüketicilerin yüksek harcamalarının etkisi de verilere ve hisse fiyatlarına yansıyor.
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This is a @Facebook page, this is a troll account, its name itself is very derogatory for all Hindus. Bhakti means the path of loving devotion to a particular god or deity, which, it is believed, leads to salvation or
Comparing the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT'S Prime Minister with a DICTATOR. If PM is really a dictator, this page would be non existent.
A common person, who was very poor became the PM, some boot lickers of the QUEEN are not accepting till today that they are not in the government today. Also, fraud #SonuSood is hero for them.
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