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1/ PART-2 First read Tweet 4 to 7 below. How transparent #SAVITA is you will know. My friends parents wanted to help a forces widow. Yesterday in flat three hours the contribution was made. I don’t touch cash. The Benefactor transfers money directly to Beneficiary.
2/ See how it is done. My friend was given bank account details of the widow of an Infantry deceased soldiers widow. He was in SIKH LIGHT INFANTRY. Step 1- Rs 270,00 was transferred as a test transaction. Screen shot was sent to me which I sent to the widow.
3/ Step-2 The widow sent me screenshot of receipt of Rs 270.00 which I sent to my friend.
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1/ Meet POLLY (name changed) This pic is of 2012 when he was three years old. The second picture was taken yesterday. In 2012, I asked Polly ‘Polly bada hokar kya banega?(what do you want to become when you grow up?) He replied ENGINEER. What? #SAVITA #VoICE #Polly ImageImage
2/ He was in Play Group. I was dumbfounded. I asked him what is an ‘engineer’? He said he doesn’t know. Why do you want to become an engineer? He pointed at my son, then 17 yrs, and said ‘because Dada wants to be an engineer”! He had heard the word from my son. I again posed my……
3/ His reply bound me to him forever. He said, “I will buy a car and take my mummy everywhere”. My wife, son, and Polly’s mother were there, I took him in an a brace and said, ‘Uncle will make you an engineer’. Rest is story. His Playgroup, LKG, UKG, Class 1 to 3 were taken on
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1/ Start a journey with me tomorrow, 01 Dec to 03 December 2022 when I travel for three days going from a village to another in Himachal Pradesh to meet my unit soldiers who have long retired. This is brotherhood, camaraderie and love. This is my HUMBLE bow to my men. #VoICE
2/ I will, on 01 December leave Delhi at 5am, meet 5-6 veterans in Kurali (near Ropar), 2-3 veterans in Ropar and then climb hills and via Bilaspur go towards Mandi and attend a function of one of my old colleague at Ner Chowk where I will meet 10-15 veterans of my unit #VoICE
3/ Follow me, follow the journey and meet my men. They may be old but their spirit is never-sat-die. Numerous appear in my book ‘Under The Sun’ released in 27 Sep 2022. I will take pictures with them and recall the story. All those who have the book will relate, and those who
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1/ #SAVITA ‘Sustainable And Valuable Initiative for Timely Assistance’ - #ForcesWidows Upto yesterday, 08 Sep, more than 7 lace were transferred by Benefactors to Beneficiaries by good people who wanted to help educating children of deceased soldiers. How removed are people from
2/ reality is borne by conversations I have with widows of soldiers. Sample some 1. ‘Yours is the only voice I hear from Army, no one ever calls’ 2. ‘No one bothers for us, not even the unit where my husband served’ 3. ‘What use is Sena Medal of my husband when I have not
3/ benefitted at all? My daughters have completed education with money given by you’ 4. ‘Sir, you are the only one that makes me feel cared for’. WHY? If the so called ‘brotherhood of Army’ is so strong, why do these widows suffer? Army opens up Directorate of Veterans,
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1-#Savita is the presiding Deity of the #GayatriMantra,

#Fire (#Agni) is the mouth,

#Vishvamitra is the #Rishi and #Gayatri is the metre.

Gayatri Mantra is recited during the investiture of sacred thread, practice of #Pranayama and #Japa, etc. (1/15)

2-What Gayatri is, the same is #Sandhya, and what Sandhya is, the same is Gayatri.

Sandhya and Gayatri are identical.

He who meditates on Gayatri,

..meditates on Lord #Vishnu, the Supreme Lord of the #Universe. (2/15)

3-A man can repeat the Gayatri Mantra mentally, in all states, even while lying, sitting, walking, etc.

There is no sin of commission or omission of any sort in its repetition.


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I cycled 44 km cycling on 01 Oct 2019 and committed to cycle 1000km to take you through life of FORCES VETERANS AND WIDOWS under initiative called
“Sustainable And Valuable Initiative for Timely Assistance”
2. #1000kmCyclingForForcesWidows WHAT IS #SAVITA ?
It’s an initiative:
👉🏻Timely Assistance to widows of Soldiers & Policemen.
👉🏻Assistance to educate children of deceased Soldiers & Policemen up to PG.
👉🏻R & D of products for saving Soldiers & Policemen from Bleeding to Death.
3. #1000kmCyclingForForcesWidows I would cycle 1000km for Forces Widows to place before India the GAP between what they know about a Forces Veterans & Widows life & ‘the actual life’. I go twice/three times a year to meet ‘Widows & their school-college going children’ of my unit.
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It could be easily missed but there's a really important piece of legislation making it's way through Oireachtas at the moment - the Coroners (Amendment) Act 2018…
Thousands of deaths are considered by #coroners every year in Ireland and these are hugely important not just for families who have lost loved ones, but for society as a whole
The #coroners system in Ireland is regulated by legislation from 1962. It's enormously outdated. A report in 2000 recommended wholesale reform of the system. @ClareDalyTD introduced an excellent Bill in 2015
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