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#Ganesha in Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions
- Dharani Sutra of the Golden Ganapati, found in the T. XXI 1269, which was delivered by the Buddha to his disciple Shariputra
-The other textis the “Arya Maha Ganapati Hridaya Dharani” Image
Vajrapani =>Ganesh is seen as a worldly deity dedicated to protecting Buddhism
Mahayana => he is a Bodhisattva and consort of Avalokiteshvara
Tantric forms — in some lineages => he is an Enlightened deity ImageImage
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“Ahimsa is the highest duty.”

The primary rule in #Hinduism, #Jainism and #Buddhism is “dharma”

And the first of all dharma is “ahiṃsā” (non-violence) - this starts with food.

The idea that human being don’t kill any life-forms for food.

@TIinExile @Aabhas24 @truejainology
करुणा✨means more than just being nice.

Being kind to all living entities, not just to humans, but also to animals, birds, insects, etc..

This is because the living entity, depending on its consciousness, can take a material body in any one of the 8,400,000 species of life.
Therefore, to develop and maintain the quality of mercy, one must follow the principle of no meat eating.

This includes no eating of meat, fish, eggs, or insects.

In this way, Spiritual path remain free from so many unnecessary karmic reactions.
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#History of Pakistan’s Proxy War in #Kashmir
1.Three unsuccessful wars of 1947,1965 & 1971 made #Pakistan realize that annexation of #Kashmir was a tough nut to crack through conventional wars after which it resorted to its tried & tested means of Proxy war... ImageImage
..which it had used in #Afghanistan (Operation GIBRALTAR) with a strategy of 'bleeding India by a thousand cuts'. However, the action started in #Kashmir only after 1987 due to its involvement in #Afghanistan
The late President Zia-ul-Haq code named the #Proxy war as Operation #TOPAC as it was his brain child for annexation of Kashmir through an amalgam of subterfuge, subversion, force & religious fundamentalism.. Image
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A treasure trove of historical evidence of immense heritage value has been by found in Vommili village of Madugula #Visakhapatnam
Which was A part of Jeypore state of orissa of ancient kalinga
1/n Image
The objects retrieved from a trial excavation on the surface include a standing image of the Vajrayana deity 'Heruka',a terracotta elephant head,mud bowls,thumb and finger print designs on pots,polished black ware,dull chocolate-coloured slipware and herringbone patterns
2/n Image
The site , located close to the hills at Vommili,was used for cultivation for a long time , causing damage to some of the historical evidence . The idol of ' Heruka ' was found by the villagers and placed under a tree and was being worshipped .
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#Buddhism Maybe better described as a kind of "science of happiness?"…
“Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over;
nor upon another's seeming ability; nor upon the consideration, 'The monk is our teacher.' Rather, when you yourselves know that these things are good; these things are not blamable; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,
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Thread | #BEEF it OR not
Man used to eat meat, before 10000 BCE, however, as Man started Grains cultivation in Indian History, their preference on meat as food decreased. And virtually it was NIL till ~1500 AD
Let us see how it evolved through antiquity

TEETH are first indicators of whether an animal is #HERBIVOROUS or #CARNIVOROUS
Look at the teeth sets of a human dating BCE 7000, They were NOT meat-eaters.
A study conducted on Jaws from Upper Palaeolithic to Bronze Age shows that dental (crown) dimensions and mandibular dimensions between HUNTERS & FARMERS shifted to sedentism & agricultural subsistence thousands yrs ago.…
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Dr. Ambedkar believed that through the morality of Dhamma humans could transform themselves and reconstruct society.

‘The purpose of Religion is to explain the origin of the world. The purpose of Dhamma is to reconstruct the world’ (Dr. Ambedkar 1987: 322).

#Buddhism #Ambedkar
"My social Philosophy, may be said to be enshrined in three words: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity...My philosophy has roots in religion and not in political science. I have derived them from the teachings of my Master, the Buddha." - Dr Ambedkar
"I regard the Buddha's Dhamma to be the best. No religion can be compared to it. If a modern man who knows science must have a religion, the only religion he can have is the Religion of the Buddha."
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#Hinduism through the evil eyes of #LeftHistorians.

First of all, there is no such religion as #Hinduism. This name was coined by Britishers.

In this Thread, I’ve tried to bust the lies of #Communist Historians to malign the Sanatana Dharma using facts and evidences.

(1/21) ImageImage
🔸Our philosophy is 5000+ years old and is about the universal truth - Sanatana Dharma that all mankind should aspire for.

It is the oldest religion in the World.

The #Sanatanis have never been a proselytising race. #PanditNehru went on record to admit this.

It has existed from Ancient times, even before the advent of proselytising religions (#Buddhism, #Christianity and #Islam).

Unfortunately, we have always been taught the #Left version of History. which has always been Delhi-centric and anti-Sanatani.

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Demystifying Karma Theory


Karmas can be considered a kind of system of laws but natural rather than moral laws

Shrivatsa or the karmic knot depicted on the chest of Tirthankara



@YoungJainsIndia @truejainology @bahubali09 @_bhaarratpati @prashantkawadia Image
Jain snake and ladder

Gyan chauper/Jnan chauper (game of wisdom), the version associated with the Jain philosophy encompasses the concepts like karma and Moksha.


@akj224 ImageImage
Karmas are often wrongly interpreted as a method for reward and punishment of a soul for its good and bad deeds

In Jainism there is no question of there being any reward or punishment, as each soul is the master of its own destiny

@vinayak_jain Image
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A thread on #Bhāviveka and #atheism: Bhāviveka is a Buddhist author who lived before or after #Kumārila (see Krasser 2012)
We will see that some of the arguments on atheism by Bhāviveka and Kumārila are very similar. 1/n
In his Mādhyamikahṛdayakārikās “Strophes on the heart of the middle path”, one finds argument against deities (devatā):
Having observed the flawed behaviour of the authors of the Veda, Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Śiva, |
it is correct to abandon that Veda! || 9.59 || 2/n
(trayīmārgapraṇetṛṇāṃ brahmakeśvaśūlinām |
dṛṣṭvā kleśātmikāṃ caryāṃ yuktaṃ yat tyajyate trayī ||)
You probably remember my division among the concepts of "god" in Sanskrit sources. Which concept of God is that attacking? Surely devatās. 3/n…
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Trying to think like a satanic piece of 💩 so I can figure out where a few things are like the:

-Other destinations


I have seen old newspaper articles with this map saying it was an ancient Buddhist map
Not saying they're real or not, but I don't discredit anything at this point. There has to be someone out there with some info

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What is the Buddhist perspective on health and safety? A thread.🍎
Buddhism is reason. It teaches that faith is not relying on an external entity to protect us.
Rather, the daily Buddhist practice of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, draws forth our inherent potential, or Buddha nature, to take action that creates value.🌱
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In the beginning was the logos, the Big Bang, the primordial OM. Image
Big Bang Theory says that the physical universe spiralled out of an unimaginably hot and dense single point called a ‘singularity’ billions of times smaller than the head of a pin.

It does not say why? Or how? Image
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Dear Man-A DBT Assertiveness Script
People with all sorts of difficulties—ranging from typical, everyday deflation, anxiety, & personality pathology—often struggle with being pro-active, exercising self-control, overcoming passivity, boundary setting, &assertiveness
#Assertiveness is a crucial skill that can be developed through therapy and practice. It is fundamental to subjective well-being. From a clinical view, difficulties with assertiveness can be found among with anxiety & depression as well as substance use & personality d/o’s.
#Assertiveness can be conceptualized as a trait, social skill, behavior, or self-regulatory capacity. It refers 2 behavior that is intentional, self-directed, and pro-active.
It refers 2 behavior that gets one what one wants, & establishes interpersonal boundaries.
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Emily (@emilyjmayo) here, back to introduce the focus of my next 2 threads: Emperor Kōken/Shōtoku (r. 749-758; 764-770), whose handwriting is carved in the plaque below. Here I’ll be talking about her accomplishments & textual engagement through #Buddhism. #Japan #womenshistory
The plaque at Tōshōdaiji temple 📿 (with characters “tō,” “shō,” “dai” and “ji”) shows her beautiful calligraphic hand. It appears in Kiyoko Takagi’s book (linked), part of which was translated by your resident Tweetistorian for this week, @paularcurtis
Tōshōdaiji was founded by the priest Jianzhen (688-763), who came to Japan from China in 754. He went blind before reaching Japan, but Emperor Kōken sponsored him to construct the temple, which now has a figure of Jianzhen (below) that is only open for public viewing once a year.
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OK, I'm up to 30... that was hard! I'm going for a lunch break! LOL
People from the #osr that I salute... No particular order, Matt Finch for Swords and Wizardry, Old School Primer
The authors of OSRIC for clarifying AD&D 1e #OSR
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After much contemplation, I finally wrote about my experience with #Vipassana meditation.…

Sharing some quotes/excerpts/concepts in the thread below.
#Vipassanā in Pali means “#insight” or “seeing deeply”.

The practice of Vipassanā meditation, thus, revolves around training your mind to observe reality as it is, and not as you wish it to be. And in the process, overcome #suffering.
It is a #meditation technique that the #Buddha mastered over time and found to be the most effective in eradicating all kinds of suffering in the world.
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#OSHO #hypnosis

The #unconscious #mind is nine times bigger than the #conscious; it has tremendous treasures, all the memories of your past.

Below the unconscious, there is the collective unconscious. One can descend into the collective unconscious also with somebody’s help.
The master of Mystery School will take you slowly towards the unconscious and the collective #unconscious.

In your collective unconscious, you have memories of your #PastLives as animals, as birds.
Below the collective unconscious is the #cosmic #unconscious.

Slowly, slowly one can go deeper and deeper, and the cosmic unconscious has #memories of your being trees, rosebushes, stones.
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Pues me voy a animar como dije el otro día a hacer un proyecto 365, pero en vez de haciendo fotos, editando fotos mías antiguas, random, basadas en el mood de cada día.
La única limitación que me voy a poner, va a ser el formato 1:1... A ver lo que sale xD
I´ll say it also in English :)
I´m gonna try a photography 365 project, but instead of taking photos, processing old random photos of mine...
Only one rule: the square format.
Let´s see what I got, which will be directly affected by the mood of the day...
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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This Stupa is basically a pointed arch(lotus petal) rotated about its axis. Niche is typical Indian pointed arch.

#ReclaimArchitecture #Stupa #Buddha
one is octagonal Makara arch in which Garuda is shown devouring Naga. Arch is semi octagonal in form and decorated with elaborate foliage pattern of Angkor type emanating from Makara(s).
#ReclaimTemples #ReclaimArchitecture #hindu #Buddhism
The measurements of arch conform to measurements of Manasara(classic Indian architectural texts) according to which height of arch should be 3part and that of pilasters 5 parts. On pilaster carved are two elephant again conforming to Manasara texts.
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1/ I'm toying with the idea of a final stage of Progressive Summarization. #BASB
2/ Currently, the final stage is to incorporate what you've learned from your notes into a "remixed" deliverable of some kind - such as a tweet, a blog post, or a book.
3/ Of course, that's not really final within your own PKM, because the deliverable and the materials that you used to create it circulate back into your PARA notebooks.
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