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28 Nov, 15 tweets, 15 min read
1-#Savita is the presiding Deity of the #GayatriMantra,

#Fire (#Agni) is the mouth,

#Vishvamitra is the #Rishi and #Gayatri is the metre.

Gayatri Mantra is recited during the investiture of sacred thread, practice of #Pranayama and #Japa, etc. (1/15)

2-What Gayatri is, the same is #Sandhya, and what Sandhya is, the same is Gayatri.

Sandhya and Gayatri are identical.

He who meditates on Gayatri,

..meditates on Lord #Vishnu, the Supreme Lord of the #Universe. (2/15)

3-A man can repeat the Gayatri Mantra mentally, in all states, even while lying, sitting, walking, etc.

There is no sin of commission or omission of any sort in its repetition.


4-One should thus perform Sandhya-Vandana with the Gayatri Mantra

...three times every day, in the morning, noon and evening.

It is the Gayatri Mantra alone that can be commonly prescribed for all. (4/15)

5-The Lord commands in the #Vedas -

"Let (one) Mantra be common to all"-"Samano Mantrah."

Hence the Gayatri should be the one Mantra for all. (5/15)

6-The secret lore of the Upanishads is the essence of the four Vedas,

..while Gayatri with the three #Vyahritis is the essence of the #Upanishads.

He is the real #Brahmana who knows and understands the Gayatri. (6/15)

7-Gayatri is the mother of the Vedas and is the destroyer of sins.

There is nothing more purifying, on the earth as well as in the heaven, than the Gayatri.

The Japa of Gayatri brings the same fruit as the recitation of all the four Vedas together with the Angas. (7/15)
8-This single Mantra repeated three times a day brings great good (#Kalyana or #Moksha).

It is the supreme Mantra of the Vedas.

It destroys all sins. (8/15)

9-It bestows splendid health, beauty, strength, vigour, vitality

..and magnetic aura in the face – what they refer to as the #Brahmic effulgence. (9/15)

10-वाराणसीपुरपते मणिकर्णिकेश

वीरेश दक्षमखकाल विभो गणेश ।

सर्वज्ञ सर्वहृदयैकनिवास नाथ

संसारदुःखगहनाज्जगदीश रक्ष ॥

vārāṇasīpurapate maṇikarṇikeśa

vīreśa dakṣamakhakāla vibho gaṇeśa ;

sarvajña sarvahṛdayaikanivāsa nātha

saṃsāraduḥkhagahanājjagadīśa rakṣa . (10/15)
11-O You! Lord of #Vārānasi,

and of #Manikarnikā as well,

the foremost amongst the heroes,

the destroyer of Daksha's sacrifice,

All-pervading One,

the Lord of the troops of demigods known as Ganas,

the #Omniscient One (11/15)

12-the One Indweller in the hearts of all,

O Lord, the ruler of the universe,

protect me who am forlorn

in the wilderness of the miseries of this world (#Samsāra). (12/15)

13-#Buddha famously said, #Life is #Suffering.

Instead, it is one of the first great #Truths of #Buddhism

My own personal attempt towards alleviating suffering in this world is #charity and giving people the best advise I can. (13/15)

14-To that end, I use #Astrological Consultations – wherein the intent is - to raise money and donate the proceeds to charity.

Join me in this #Yajna.

Those seeking a personal consultation - please send a Direct Message. (14/15)

15-Money thus generated, shall be given to charity.

Preference will be given to those, with acute issues.

May #Goddess #Saraswati guide this little effort of mine with her own hands.!

Om Tat Sat!

Shubham Bhavatu! (15/15)


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29 Nov
1-एक टक देर तक उस सुपुरुष को निहारते रहने के बाद बुजुर्ग भीलनी के मुंह से स्वर/बोल फूटे -

"कहो राम ! सबरी की डीह ढूंढ़ने में अधिक कष्ट तो नहीं हुआ ?"

राम मुस्कुराए :- "यहां तो आना ही था मां, कष्ट का क्या मोल, क्या मूल्य ?"
2-"जानते हो राम !

तुम्हारी प्रतीक्षा तब से कर रही हूँ, जब तुम जन्मे भी नहीं थे|

यह भी नहीं जानती थी, कि तुम कौन हो ?

कैसे दिखते हो ? क्यों आओगे मेरे पास ?

बस इतना ज्ञात था कि कोई पुरुषोत्तम आएगा जो मेरी प्रतीक्षा का अंत करेगा|
3-राम ने कहा :- "तभी तो मेरे जन्म के पूर्व ही तय हो चुका था कि राम को सबरी के आश्रम में जाना है”|

"एक बात बताऊँ प्रभु भक्ति के दो भाव होते हैं, पहला ‘मर्कट भाव’, और दूसरा ‘मार्जार भाव’|
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29 Nov
1-#Gayatri destroys the three kinds of #Taapa or pain.

Gayatri bestows on one the four kinds of #Purushartha, viz. #Dharma
(#righteousness), #Artha (wealth), #Kama (desired objects) and
#Moksha (#Liberation or freedom) (1/13)

#AstrologyAndSpirituality. Image
2-It destroys the three Granthis or knots of ignorance, #Avidya, #Kama and #Karma.

Gayatri purifies the mind.

Gayatri bestows on the Upasaka Ashta-#Siddhis

Gayatri makes a man powerful and highly intelligent. (2/13)

#AstrologyThread. Image
3-Gayatri eventually gives Liberation or emancipation from the wheel of birth and death. (3/13)

#TheWisdomOfTheVillageJyotishi Image
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28 Nov
1-ॐ सूर्य सुन्दरलोकनाथममृतं वेदान्तसारं शिवं

ज्ञानं ब्रह्ममयं सुरेशममलं लोकैकचित्तं स्वयम् ।

इन्द्रादित्यनराधिपं सुरगुरुं त्रैलोक्यचूडामणि

ब्रह्माविष्णुशिवस्वरूपहृदयं वन्दे सदा भास्करम् ।। (1/18)

2-Om Suryam sundaralokanathamamritam vedantasaram sivam,

Jnanam brahmamayam suresamamalam lokaikaphittam svayam;

Indradityanaradhipam suragurum trailokyachudamanim,

Brahmavishnusiva svarupa hridayam vande sada bhaskaram (2/18)
3-I always adore #Surya, the #Sun,

the beautiful Lord of the world,

the immortal,

the quintessence of the #Vedanta,

the auspicious,

the absolute knowledge,

Lord of the gods,


the one true #consciousness of the world himself, (3/18)

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27 Nov
1-Multiple commentaries have come and gone about the great #GayatriMantra.

I have personally found the exposition by Swami #Sivananda and Swami Chinmayananda worthwhile. (1/20)

2-For the next few days, we shall talk about the #GayatriMantra – the pinnacle of #Japa #Sadhana

Here is laying out my little understanding. (2/20)

3-ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत् सवितुर्वरेण्यम् ।

भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि। धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥ (3/20)

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27 Nov
1-What could be a man’s point-of-opening into the #Vedic Corpus?

For me it is #Ayurveda, #VedicAstrology and #Vastu. (1/16)

2-Vedic #Astrology that ways is well & truly a #Vedanga…for it virtually has answers to every question one might have

If one has a subtle enough perception! (2/16)

3-Consider this from the works of #Parashara.

This is used as a tool for #BirthTimeRectification and #PrashnaAstrology by #Jyotishis

..especially in the #Tamil School of #VedicAstrology. (3/16)

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26 Nov
1-What is the #Philosophy of #Japa and why is it important for #Sadhana?

What Is Japa?

Japa is the repetition of any Mantra or Name of the Lord. (1/15)

2-In this Kali Yuga or iron age when the physique of the vast majority of persons is not good,

..rigid Hatha Yogic practices are very difficult.

Japa is an easy way to God-realization. (2/15)

3-Tukaram, Dhruva, Prahlada, Valmiki Rishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa -

..all had attained salvation by uttering the Name of God. (3/15)

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