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#HNY 15/1/21 #Scexit Poll update. Remember headline results of +50% LeaveUK normally EXCLUDE undecideds. Most polls only use a sample subset & leading/soft questions. SNP internal target? 60% polling for 1yr. Even gifting ALL undecideds? Target is rarely ever reached. #SNPOut
New Savanta Comres Scotsman poll shows LeaveUK at 51% (down 1% from Comres poll in Dec after peaking at 55% in Oct 20). Headlines say 57% but that ignores important non-committed voters. 1016 potential Scots voters were polled, 12% were weighted OUT to 894 - producing 51%/38%/10%
This means DK's are artificially reduced IMO. Interestingly Comres played around with weighting & adjusted results 4 a set of 847, producing a LeaveUK "win" of 47%/43%/10% (Tables further down in thread). As always, gifting LeaveUK ALL undecideds gets them nowhere near SNP target
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17/10/20 #Scexit Poll update. Remember headline results of +50% LeaveUK normally EXCLUDE undecideds/DKs. Many polls only use a sample subset & leading/soft questions. SNP internal target? 60% polling for 1yr. Even with the benefit of ALL DKs? Never even achieved 4 a month #SNPOut
Yes, they've led in recent polls, but it's nothing to really crow about due to Brexit Remainers still protesting & the less well-informed mesmerised by the Daily Sturgeon Show. Come the post-Covid new year & the Holyrood election let's see how polling goes...
Normal charts updated....1
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Some cracking letters (thread)- The whole (economic) truth & nothing but the (economic) truth: Nationalists press those of us who support the U.K. to ‘defend’ it - sod off, it’s up 2 the economically uninformed nationalists 2 try 2sell us their bitter pill of divisive austerity-
The Folly of Federalism: Further division & #Scext by a thousand cuts- #JustSayNo-
Scottish National Investment Bank: More nationalist bollox that’s as political as the hustings-
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7/9/20 Polling update. Don’t forget headline results of +50% LeaveUK (or thereabouts) EXCLUDE undecideds. Many polls now only use a subset of respondents & soft questions. SNP internal target is +60% polling for 12 mnths, even given the benefit of ALL DKs, nowhere near 😏 #SNPOut
It’s evident that even with ALL the DK’s awarded LeaveUK hasn’t even approached their target other than in 4 polls. Bear in mind polls have a +/-3% accuracy & DKs normally stick with the status quo as happened in 2014.
The recent bluster from Nats & their politicians about a surge & having a consistent lead in the polls is absolute nonsense - they’d have to hit 52% EXCLUDING DKs consistently for months 2 claim real progress. The press have talked a few polls up for sensationalism. No real lead.
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@NicolaSturgeon⁩ & ⁦@theSNP’s ⁩ currency plan ridiculed by top economist Ronald MacDonald for planning 2 use the £ in early #Scexit years, rather than a new currency. He said under their plan, iScot would almost immediately go bankrupt #SNPOut…
Never forget....#Scexit never will have a real plan, it’s belief rather than logic - Nats don’t care about a post Scexit economic cataclysm, their adherence to nationalism stops rational thought - even Sturgeon says Scexit transcends the economy #SNPOut Image
Pathetic nationalism at its “best” blame the messenger - let’s just blame The Express & ignore the highly respected economist 😂😂😂 Image
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An intelligent Yes voter speaks. It's fact that #indyref started with a Holyrood win based on an unconditional manifesto pledge 2 hold 1, ending with UK/ScotGov political commitment 2 implement the result. Why’s everyone so convinced it won't happen again?…
Here’s @TerryEntoure again with another clinical view of the nonsense some of his “colleagues”, co independenistas, say, this time GMKemp from #BullshitForScotland, quite relevant with recent #Scexit announcements… - scroll up, read article, then this reply
I said voter, I meant supporter as it looks like he might not have been allowed to vote.......
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