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1. Daily Caller have posted a take-down piece re: my article on @IlhanMN / Qatar published in the Jerusalem Post. I wasn’t going to say anything, because i think readers can make up their own minds, but it offers a salient lesson in how to spot #FakeNews, so here we go:
2. This is article in question. Click-baity title. Tells you what to think in the headline - so your friends on FB get the message even if they don’t read the article. Let’s move on.
3. “Foreign elements”? “dubious story”? Jeez, that sounds scary. I’m based in Jerusalem (name of the paper gives it away). Does that make me a foreign element? 🤷‍♀️
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For some reason Huma Abedin is at the Met Gala tonight...

only found that because I was about to make a post saying..

Are these still the people we're supposed to be taking advice from?
I mean really...

I'm gonna go ahead and #justsayno
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#MEGA Making England Great Again by building a bureacratic wall to keep education dumbed down #firsttheycame #justsayno…
If my children were school age in England I wouldn't comply, no more than I'd register my religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation with timpot dictators. I also object conscientiously to forced electoral registration, same circus with ringmasters on rotation #homeed
Anyone would think they had money to burn. Have they really not noticed the state of their failing schools driven to disaster by #ofsted and austerity & that teachers are opting out in vast numbers? Trump inspired #policybasedevidence
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Dear @resistbot developers

STOP asking for DOB which you are linking to first and last names and phone over insecure SMS.

I’m stunned. This is the sort of info we opposed Trump’s gathering en masse last year.

#justSayNo to today’s ask about being registered to vote.
Reminder that @resistbot org fails basic transparency test on “about” page.

Nothing about how they manage your data, protect your #privacy , who is advisory board, who makes decisions, etc. #Opaque.
You can find two names buried near the bottom of long, densely-packed about page. No details/links.
Via Google search:
ED is Jason @Putorti
Tool built by @EricRies (per @Mlsif)
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The most in-depth and critical examination of WV's proposed mobile app voting (@Voatz) is from @DerSPIEGEL but it falls prey to the claim of "cumbersome absentee ballots" for service members. SOS Mac Warner KNOWS better.…
WV service and overseas voters can receive ballots electronically and return them by email or fax. It's a transparent process. How "cumbersome" is that?…
Vote by mobile phone? You might as well be casting a ballot using a lever or punchcard, given how transparent the process isn't. In any of these cases, the voter has no assurance that the vote she cast is the one received and counted.
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