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Mchele / Pishori story, the last episode.
It was on Friday the 13th, April 2018.
At around 8pm, there was mad traffic along Thika Road so I arrived at my house in Zimmerman late & since I couldn't manage to fix supper, I passed by my favourite Butchery for a meal.
then I passed by the supermarket to buy milk & biscuits for breakfast. At my gate, though it was dark I noticed a young, slim girl probably around 16 or 17 yrs. I asked her what she was doing.
"Nimefukuzwa fees, naenda kwa Aunty yangu nilale, alafu kesho niende home." She said..
I was shocked, like who sends away such a young girl late in the evening to go home because of school fees arrears ?
She said that she had a phone but the battery was off & requested if she could charge the phone at my place so that she can call the aunty.
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Want to learn how to use Angular with other Google developer products?

I have talks for this, let me show you! #BetterTogether

🧵 (1/7)
Ever wondered how to build Web apps with @angular and @Firebase?

Find details in my 30 minute video codelab about:
‣ Building your UI with Angular and Material
‣ Storing data in Firestore
‣ Using `ng deploy` to push to Firebase hosting


Integrating @angular with @TensorFlow?

You can literally do this in a single line of code:
ng add ngx-tfjs

‣ How to use TensorFlow.js for sentiment analysis
‣ Build a sophisticated prefetching pipeline with @googleanalytics
‣ More!


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Kalenjin leaders must call an urgent meeting at Kapkatet grounds to formulate an action plan to rediscover manliness & stoicism.

If this doesn't happen, the new generation of men will be in trouble.

Kalenjin men used to be masculine, stoic & focused.

President Moi wouldn't have allowed the chaos going on in Rift Valley.

Gambling, masturbation, cybercrime, femicide & stupid politics are crimes that Moi disliked.

He would have summoned all chiefs & whipped them in State House for allowing the men to embarrass the nation.
The number of young men who are functional alcoholics is alarming.

Kalenjins were productive farmers.

Nowadays, younger men sell tractors and land bequeathed to them by their fathers to buy motorbikes or entertain sluts in Kapsabet and Mulot.

Moi would have whipped them.
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BREAKING: The Historian Rebellion has just commenced!

Historians bring a crucial perspective to this fight. We can't wait to act. We must rise up. History says so.
#ScientistRebellion #HistorianRebellion #BetterTogether
If you are a professional historian anywhere in the world and you would like to engage in nonviolent climate civil disobedience, please respond to this thread and follow @Amy_WB, who will be in touch. We've got some organizing to do! 🥳 @ScientistRebel1
*engage in or otherwise support those engaging in the actual risking!
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This morning, @EthnicMediaSvc in collaboration with @NAMIFlorida will address the alarming rise of suicides in Florida. Watch live on Facebook:
"We must bring suicide out of the shadows," says @EthnicMediaSvc founder Sandy Close. #Mentalhealth #Miami #stigmafree #BetterTogether #NotAlone #SuicidePrevention #SuicideAwareness
Susan Racher of @NAMIFlorida says community engagement and support are highly effective in preventing suicides. @nami is organizing a walk for suicide support in downtown Miami May 21
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The "ABCD" of founding a CBO


Here is how to build a Community Based Organization (CBO)

A CBO is a registered private or public non-political, non-profit organization representing a community or a segment of a community.

Its primary aim is to harness and share resources with its community or the section of community it represents.

1. Agenda

Before thinking of founding a CBO, have an agenda.

- Problem
- People

What is the problem you want to address? Maybe the problem needs a different kind of organization.

What kind of people do you want to help/support or represent?

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1/ Would you want your employees, your customers, your partners, and government regulators to hear what you tell investors?

It's not done! Different audiences will understand and react to the same thing very differently

I'm going to take that risk today, show you my deck 😱🙏
2/ I'm going to walk through what I presented and said yesterday at the big healthcare investor meeting #JPMHC22

In a normal year, to hear the coveted private company presentations you'd have to be there, investors and executives crammed into small rooms

camera crews outside
3/ What's the problem we're solving?

In the US, we wait until someone has a stroke or heart attack, and will then spare no expense

But we control blood pressure 63% of the time

All the "action" is at the bottom of the waterfall

That's a trillion dollars a year of suffering
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#NYE2021: So many thoughts go through my mind

2 long years ago today China alerted the world to what seemed to be a new viral respiratory illness. 1 year ago I was mentally preparing for a tough few more months & then surely we would be through #COVID19SK
Today SK sets new records for number of daily reported cases (735) and test positivity rate (26%), recognizing many more than this are infected. We have another tough few months ahead. I am tired & i'm not alone
Yet today I am mostly grateful & proud. Our @saskhealth team of over 45000 staff & physicians have done amazing things under incredibly challenging conditions/Let's start w vaccines: 1.8M doses in SK arms over the past 365 days. Countless lives saved.
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Every sane parent should send their sons into our tribe of men.

We 'mislead' and 'spoil' young men.

Be inspired.

Be inspired.

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Lt Gen John Shaw, #USSPACECOM deputy cmdr, on @ascendspace's "Leveraging Our #Allies in National Security #Space" panel: It shows that all of our nations are continuing to focus more on more on #space & focusing on it together. #BetterTogether
Shaw recognizes work of @18SPCS & American/allied #space professionals at Combined Force Space Component Command & Joint Task Force-Space Defense for their work in relation to this week's Russian #ASAT test. 🛰️ @UKTeamVandenbe1 #VandenbergSFB @psgarrison #SchrieverSFB
Shaw says #USSPACECOM will continue to do its mission: do our best to understand what is going on in our domain (100km & up w no upper limit); make it transparent to all other users; share data w allies/partners/world; make it as safe as we can for further activity in #space.
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Today in honour of the upcoming COP26 instead of dreaming about the destruction of our nation through independence let’s share some home truths about Sturgeon & The SNP. I’ll start:

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If you have a newborn:

- Expose it to the morning sun daily.

- Keep its bedroom darker and silent. Switch off bulbs, phones, computers, radios,TVs.

- Massage its back, neck, limbs (hands, legs, fingers) to loosen muscle stiffness.

- Exclusive breastfeeding.

Morning sun 🔆

It is common knowledge that the sun promotes the synthesis of Vitamin D which prevents rickets in children.

Vitamin D strengthen bones which therefore ensures your baby will crawl, stand and walk easily.

Your baby's liver is still primitive. It becomes wholly functional after 2 years.

It's role in babies is metabolism, detoxification and synthesis of bile.

Neonates are susceptible to jaundice because of a primitive liver.

The sun promotes development of your baby's liver.
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Why have I chosen to run for CISD school board trustee in the special election? Because the students have gotten lost in the fray.
Most of my adult life has been spent as an educator & volunteer with public school students. I have advocated for my own children & empowered them to advocate for themselves.

As I watched the school board become more partisan & blatantly political, I could no longer stand back.
I also believe that an educator’s perspective is needed on our school board.

I will listen to the concerns of the parents, teachers, and students to work to create an environment in which all students feel safe and are able to reach their fullest potential.
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1/ It’s a wild month! I’m excited to see #AVAX on @Coinbase, giving over 68 million people globally simple, easy access to #Avalanche
2/ Listing on Coinbase is no easy task. Many projects have gone through this coveted process, so I wanted to acknowledge a few of the amazing projects - from play-to-earn to stablecoins - new to Coinbase in recent months.
3/ @AxieInfinity $AXS exploded this year, bringing the metaverse into the mainstream. With over $42M in sales in June 2021 alone, there’s no doubt that there’s more room to grow with gaming on-chain. I think play-to-earn is here to stay, and the Axie team is leading the way!
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My 3rd #YXE ICU night shift ended this morning w selfish feelings of relief that I had made it through the 3 nights mostly intact. Selfish because I get to leave while the work continues
Anyone who has finished a challenging shift will be familiar w the weird combo of exhilaration from making it thru while a nagging line of self-questioning lurks in the background: Did I do enough? What have I left for others to pick up?
We leave our shifts but the work stays w us. We carry what we see, do, hear, say with us way past the doors of the hospital or clinic where we work. Once home it takes time for the buzz of the shift to dissipate so rest/recovery can occur before the next shift starts
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2 Strong Memorial ICU team leaders --Dr. Paritosh Prasad and Nurse Manager Chris Burleigh -- will address #ROC media about how #HCWs are coping after 18 months of #Covid_19 care. 12:45p Follow the discussion here. @UofR #BetterTogether
@UofR Here at #StrongMemorial, we’ve never stopped. Been going 150 mph since March 2020 when #COVID_19 began. We are mentally and physically exhausted, but we still come to work every day, because caring for people is our life’s calling, Dr. Paritosh Prasad, #ROC #FLX #BetterTogether
@UofR There’s been palpable a shift in our community. Early on, we were heroes. Now, we watch protests out our windows. We need support. We need everyone to get through this, Dr. Prasad. #ROC #FLX #BetterTogether
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This is hard to write but it is true for many. What I’m about to say is a harsh reality of what people go through.

What I am about to say is also the reason why a lot of people don’t ask for help.

People do not ask for help because of the fears and stigmas that exist.

Here Is Something to think about,

What if you were a #singleparent with a #child

You work full time for $15.00/hr

You take home roughly $960.00 per paycheck (bi-weekly after taxes)

#singleparent #parenting #Blessed #grateful #calgary #calgarylife #alberta #yyc

Your bills per month:

$1,000 or more for rent
$150 or more for cable/internet
$250 or more for utilities
$150 per month for car insurance

So let’s do the math

You bring home about
$1,920.00 a month

Your bills average about $1,500(give or take)

@GrannyGTArp @BallerGearCA
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Apart from retweeting where to get vax’d I haven’t said much on Twitter so far about the pandemic. That might be me trying not to rock the boat, it might be fatigue and low grade D, but the anti-vax protests affecting access to hospitals has driven me to the brink 1/
In December I lost most of my vision due to a brain lesion. Spent 2 weeks in neuro ward, recovered slowly over next couple months. Losing your vision is scary as shit, it also resulted in me having a super heightened startle response - an unanticipated move or sound 2/
would make my heart pound, make me sweat and tremble. Recurred in March but kept more vision on the right. Phew.
My tx has nuked my immune system.
My husband has been my caregiver, champion, my everything thru this…oh and also my driver cause well vision-driving- you get it 3/
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If you are 35+ years of age,

You need to start eating One Meal A Day (OMAD) and doing periodic fasting like #AutophagyMarathon


Society today has normalized people 35+ years to be

+ Fat and obese

+Slow and weak

+ Manboobs

+ Dadbods

If you look around, people 35+ years are living a sedentary lifestyle and eating unclean because that is what our obesogenic society made them believe.

Yet, if you are 35+ years,

You need to be fit, healthy and active because

+ You have a family that looks up to you.

+ You have a job that needs your maximum attention.

But, you can't meet these expectations if you are fat, unhealthy and unfit.

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If you are employed, I am sure you have just come from work and you are so tired.

Before you sleep tonight, go sit at the furthest and most silent corner of your house,

Ask yourself,

“If tomorrow I lose this job, what next?”

Go now, then read this thread...

What other skill do you have apart from what you have?

Do you have another skill than can give you leverage in case you lose your job?

Do you have another skill that will cushion you if you lose your job tomorrow?

Do this,

Take a pen and a paper,

- Draw 4 columns.

In the first column write your current skills. In the second column figure out how you can add value to your current skill.


Teaching | Videography.

“Videography will help me deliver online lessons”

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How to buy stocks in The Nairobi Security Exchange (NSE), Kenya:

I will be simple.

First, shares are traded at the NSE.

When you buy a share of a company, you become an owner of that company. You are an investor in that company.


OPEN A CDS account,

Shares are bought and sold through a special account known as Central Depository System Account (CDS).

Here, your money is stored safely for buying and selling.

CDS accounts are managed by Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Ltd.

How to open a CDS account:

- Walk into your bank ( @Coopbankenya , @AbsaKenya, @KCBGroup, @NCBABankKenya or @KeEquityBank etc) and ask for the BROKERAGE DEPARTMENT.

Every bank trading at NSE has one.

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Greatest muscles of your body

1. Sartorius - Longest muscle

2. Latissimus Dorsi - Broadest muscle

3. Gluteus - Strongest muscle

The stronger these muscles, the stronger your frame.

The workout that hits them all at once is THE SQUAT.

SARTORIUS is the longest muscle of the human body. It originates from the hip and inserts just below the knee. Its function is the flexion and rotation of your hips and knees.

Latissimus Dorsi is the broadest muscle which is located at your back. It is also known as the 'swimmers' muscle'.

It rotates and extends shoulder joints. It also depresses the shoulder blades. It helps in extension of the spine.

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Woe unto you if your boss is obese.

He or she will project on you all the anger, resentment and low self-esteem because of how he or she hates their body.

Please tell your boss to UNFAT. - or the organization might collapse because of his weight and appetite.

How do you tell your boss to UNFAT?


There is probability your boss is struggling to lose weight and therefore using anger towards employees as a way to cope up with the frustrations of living with:

- Obesity

- Diabetes

- PE and ED

- Hypertension.

Start living a healthy lifestyle.

When in the office:

- Practice intermittent fasting,

- Discard sugar & processed carbs.

- Go to the gym, run once a week then post your photos in the office social media groups.

- Share my #BetterTogether tweets to your social media status.
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"Dear Men, work hard so that in your old age you have something for yourself , forget about the children and their mother! You are the only stranger in that family you call yours, that house is for your wife and kids ! My grandfather told me that a married man is like a tractor
that builds a road, does it very nicely BUT when the road is completed , they bring a low loader and carry the tractor away claiming it will spoil the road!! That tractor is never allowed to step on the road it built ! Same case to a married man, you deny yourself , get loans ,
wear used clothes to see your children through high school and college because we believe that the only gift you can give your children is quality education cos there are no more shambas!! When the children hit teenage, now the Father is dispensable, most of these women poison
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