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A lot can be misinterpreted on twitter in nuance, in punctuation, in tone, short tweets πŸ†š deep conversations or long 🧡It’s why I use gifs a lot, in place of nonverbal communication like tone, facial expression, body language, look in the eye, eyebrow rise. 1/
I’d personally take a β€˜..... β€˜ as vague and be inquisitive about what the writer means πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ2/
Then I’d maintain curiosity and ask a question to clarify the meaning. 3/
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MEN too suffer candidiasis.


We suffer silently mostly due to undiagnosed Diabetes or uncircumcised bullet.

By the way ladies, if candidiasis is taking ages to clear, consider ditching sugar and refined carbs for good.


Let me tell you a story,...
1 month ago, a middle-aged man was booked in my clinic for a 'chronic STI'.

He was in excruciating pain.

He had been on several treatments for 4 years - on and off.

He suspected that his wife kept reinfecting him with STI since he doesn't trust her.
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Let me tell you something,

If you are just walking, just innocently, thinking about your dreams,

then, you slip and step into a shallow groove,

then, your ankle joint gets inflamed, - Painful & swollen. - You can't walk anymore,

You are UNFIT.


Get in the gym or improvise at home to do CALF RAISES.

Calf raises will stabilize your ankle, strengthen your feet and will improve your feet balance.

No unnecessary ankle injuries.

Don't take my word?

You can read…
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Make Men Great Again.

Procrastination vs Action.

Choose action!

Results will come.

#BetterTogether Image
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Let's talk about CELLULITE.

Cellulite is quite annoying.

People look so attractive in clothes but the cellulite changes every perception thereof...

Normally your surface anatomy has

- the skin,

- a layer of fat cells

- a connective sheath called fascia,

- then muscle.

Cellulite is

+ an enlargement of fat cells

+ the overstretching and breaking down of the fascia.

+ Overstretching of muscles beneath.

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The 4 B's of a Good Morning.

+ Benediction πŸ“š

+ Bed πŸ›οΈ

+ Body πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

+ Bath 🚿 COLD.

This is what will transform you into the best version of yourself.

Make it your morning routine.

Benediction πŸ“š

- Wake up early and read a chapter or two of your favourite book.

- Or, if you're deeply religious, this is the time to read your Holy Book & pray.

- Or simply meditate.

- Or, write something about yourself or something (blogging, journaling)

Bed πŸ›οΈ
- Make your bed.

- Clear clutter in your bedroom.

- Neatly fold your clothes.

- Clean the room.

- Raise curtains and open the windows.

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Six reasons seed oils aka 'vegetable oils' are terrible for your health:

There are six main problems with industrial seed oils aka 'vegetable' oils:

1. The consumption of industrial seed oils represents an evolutionary mismatch.

2. Eating industrial seed oils raises our omega-6-to-omega-3 fatty acid ratios, with significant consequences for our health.

3. Industrial seed oils are unstable and oxidize easily.

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Today I had the privilege to do my morning workouts at the Legacy Gym, Mombasa Mall.

I picked a few things that I would like to share.

Very important if you go to the gym.

Have a GOAL.

Pick one goal:

- Lose weight.

- Build muscles.

- Remain lean and fit.

After talking to some members in the gym, I concluded that they don't know why they are in the gym.

They don't have goals to pursue.


Most gym members don't have a plan. They just wake up and go to the gym. - Because 'going to the gym is good'

Without a goal, you won't have a plan, you will be moving carelessly from one workout to the next copying other members.

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Public Announcement:

Earlier today in my private clinic, a young man travelled all the way from Kakamega to come and visit me.

His aim was to appreciate what I had done for him.

- Helped him end masturbation and addiction to pornography.

I was deeply humbled.
This was the fourth person to travel from their home to come pass a note of thanks to me.

I never imagined it will come to this.

A lot of men have sent me thousands of messages on Twitter and Telegram thanking me for helping them.
There are other hundreds asking for help and support in several areas that I have now mastered

- Weight loss

- Toxic relationships

- Masturbation and pornography.

- Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

- Haemorrhoids.

I am so humbled.
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.@DanielAndrewsMP just about to start today's #COVID19Vic briefing and the TV just froze. Shot across the bow that we will see an increase in numbers because we are doing a testing blitz. 7 in hospital, 1 in ICU, over 18,000 tests yesterday, saturday record. Thanks all Vic. 1/
Thanks each and everyone of the 40,000 people tested over past 2 days in the testing blitz. Shout out to other states helping us achieve the testing we need to. Thanks everyone. Boost in capacity very important #BetterTogether 2/
Thanks all Victorians who’ve comes forward and been tested. Helps us know where to target and how we keep Victoria safe, how we avoid going back to tighter restrictions. 3/
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Results and feedback!

Let's get #BetterTogether Image
Let's get #BetterTogether Image
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+ Eat a proper nutritious diet.

+ Stay away from sugar & simple carbs.

+ Reduce eating frequency. Forgo useless meals like morning breakfast.

+ More water. Zero juice & soda.

+ Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Be different from the obesogenic masses.

We live in an obesogenic society where eating like a pig and getting obese is the new normal.

So, when metabolic diseases ravage people, they blame the govt and meat instead of blaming themselves.

Be different from them.

It is fun eating empty calories. They are sweet.


When you suffer diabetes, hypertension and other metabolic disorders at the age of 30 - 40 years,

You will appreciate why living a healthy lifestyle is equivalent to living a quality optimal life.

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Struggling to read books?

Here is how I read 3 books in a month.

First, You need to have a solid mindset and commitment.

Don't read books because it is fancy, read them because you want to gain knowledge and build your mind.


#BetterTogether. Image
I wake up at 5:30 AM to read 1 chapter of my BOOK 1.

When in a morning energy, I wake up earlier (5:00) to read 2 chapters of BOOK 1. - I don't go beyond 2 chapters.


#BetterTogether Image
Then at lunchtime ( 1PM to 2 PM) I read 2 chapters of my book 2.

I don't go beyond 2 chapters.

#BetterTogether Image
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As I'm seeing more and more posts around a focus on the mental health of educators and students (a good thing) I keep seeing references to Maslow. Please keep in mind that it is important to know the true origins of the hierarchy of needs. To learn and understand further (thread)
there is this article written by @karenmichel… an image from the Society of Alberta archive I would also research the work done and teachings of @cblackst also the long history of work in First Nations advocacy and rights by
Leroy Little Bear (…) and this short write up by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council… and finally this article… which includes commentary from @DianSquire β€οΈπŸ’― It's important that we
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I meet so many women and men with the annoying abdominal obesity - Potbelly.

- they love chapati ( Wheat) and beer (barley).

Did you know that apart from making you obese, your chapati is addictive?

Thread about wheat...

The intestinal environment of the Homosapien was never fashioned to digest cereals.

Modern wheat is genetically modified, highly hybridized, chemically engineered and finely processed.

While growing up,

Wheat was eaten once or twice a year.

Nowadays, people eat wheat thrice a day. This is catastrophic.

Still, in our childhood, the dough was left to rise for 12 hours/ overnight. Today, you rise dough and 10 minutes later, chapati is ready.

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@CTSnetorg Global #COVID19 Grand Rounds starting at 8amPST!

Moderated by Drs. @tomcnguyen @BrianMitzman Chikwe

Featuring Drs. @igeorge1975 @vinodthourani @TomMihaljevicMD et al

Hashtag: #CTSNetLive

Live tweet thread to follow below
/2 The #COVID19 pandemic continues to challenge healthcare. In times of unknown, we need to rely on the collective experience of our #CTSurgery community.

Lets learn together rather than apart #CTSNetLive #TSSMN
/3 Make sure to also check out all the fantastic #COVID19 resources compiled by #CTSNetLive @CTSNet…
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If you are 35+ years,

You need to start eating One Meal A Day (OMAD)..


The society today has normalized people 35+ years to be

+ Fat and obese


If you look around, people 35+ years are living a sedentary lifestyle and eating unclean because that is what society made us believe.

Yet, if you are 35+ years,

You need to be fit and active because

+ You have a family that looks up to you.

+ You have a job that needs your maximum attention.

You can't meet these expectations if you are fat and unfit.

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It was nice engaging you on #FoodFriday.

What you need to know:

1. Simple carbs and sugar are your worst enemies.

2. They are empty calories meaning they have zero nutrients.

3. Wheat and maize flour especially processed flour is useless. Discard it.

4. Simple carbs and sugar spike your insulin resulting to hyperinsulinaemia and later insulin resistance.

5. Insulin resistance leads to Diabetes mellitus. Actually, incidences of obesity and Diabetes are rising in rural areas because of simple carbs.
6. If you are struggling with obesity, keep off fruits and other forms of fructose like honey.

Fructose is responsible for a fatty liver and abdominal obesity.

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Festival of Lights in Berlin at the moment. So lots of buildings currently have things projected on them. Here's the Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz.
This is actually pretty cool. #festivaloflightsberlin
The Dom is looking super pretty. β€οΈπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

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Excellent speech by @DrRosena on the need, love and support for EU immigrants in the UK #BetterTogether
#PeoplesVoteMarch #PeoplesVote #PutItToThePeople
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