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Congratulations President @ibusolih on the announcements of how to deal with Jihadists in Syria and elsewhere returning to Maldives, designating 17 groups as terrorist organizations and much more.

#NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
Terrorist groups designated and US$220m lost to corruption: Detailed summary of President @ibusolih’s press conference today.…
@ibusolih My position around on jihadists wanting to return home from Syria and elsewhere remain unchanged since the beginning of the year. It's an opportunity for #SecularMaldives efforts to advance leaps & bounds. Heres how!
#NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab

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You remember the level of public outrage when Valezinee claimed to be a prophet? Did u also notice that what she did doesnt seem to be so bad compared to the level of criticism and laadheenee out there now?

#ExMuslim #Atheist #NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
And do you also know that this has the capacity to be pushed much further than it is now? And in the process of #NormalizingDissent we would lift the liberal baseline upwards as people desensitize and sets the new normal.
Through social media engagements with discussion, dialogue, offensive triggers, memes, videos, photos, science, reason, logic and much more, we will approach societal change with a #SocialEngineering mindset.
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This guy is such an ass. In his attempt to harass me, he keeps tagging my father to torment him. My father is a devout elderly Muslim man, who I understand is broken in devastation because of his belief that he failed in bringing up ”good Muslim children”.
This self styled Islam defender feels that it is acceptable to harass his fellow religionists as long as it's helpful for his nefarious agenda of harassing marginalized minorities in the Maldives.
He is a classic example of how toxic Islam is how corrosive it is on the human mind, stripping him of his ability to have empathy and making him void of the qualities that make humanity such a joy.
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I don't know if I should feel honored or terrified as to where this is going. Let's keep pushing forward and see how far this goes!

#ExMuslim #Atheist #NormalizingDissent #AwesomeWithoutAllah #SocialEngineering #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
But just for the record @NoToSecularism_, I have better tools and access to knowledge and a know how to use them, unlike all those enemies of those prophets from that time, so I actually contribute towards a bigger threat to Islam it's ever seen in it's entire history.
Are you comfortable with that?
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#SecularMaldives advocates should continue to highlight the barbarity of Islamic sharia through visual means like videos and photos to get the point across with more impact to influence society to move away from Islamic sharia. That would be helpful. #NormalizingDissent
People need to understand that there are consequences to them taking an Islamic sharia position. They need help in establishing that understanding through vivid and horrifying visual means. The people of Maldives won't be able to handle it. #ExMuslim #Atheist #ExMuslimBecause
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It's very good to see articles like these show up now. I think #SecularMaldives advocates should be very happy that we have been able to come this far since we started our current wave earlier in this year.

Article πŸ”—:

#thread so, scroll through...
Our activities across all social media platforms from last year had reached a point where @ibusolih was forced to set up this presidential committee in January to look into increased criticism of Islam in the Maldives. The writer is right in asking what is the news on their work.
I don't care for much else of what the author says says about his feelings of Islam in that opening passage of the article. Why is this commision silent? Was it just set up as a show? What is it's mandate? Where can we all find more information about it?
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@Alif_mv @RusthumRussso @M_Hameedh @PoliceMv Yes. Let's have @RusthumRussso arrested by the authorities, investigated for leaving Islam, giving us all a springboard for international pressure advocacy and much more. And if he gets killed in custody or before arrest, the country erupts in revolt. #GameTheory #SecularMaldives
@Alif_mv @RusthumRussso @M_Hameedh @PoliceMv @ibusolih @MohamedNasheed @ShimranAb @CDFofMNDF @MariyaDidi @evattey @hsuood @DdcomMdv @NCTCMaldives @EoIMaldives @EU_Maldives @CanHCSriLanka @UKinMaldives @USAmbSLM @USEmbSL There is literally 3 paths for all of this to unfold. And those are the 3 paths as I have laid it out above. @RusthumRussso and I have had extensive conversation about this current situation. And he says he is ready to take this challenge on. So if he is ready, you bring it!
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I just want to highlight that I have corrected the labels on these two unique lists. With a few exceptions, every single account in them is owned by a unique individual and every single one of them have strong opinions about the future of Maldives. #SecularMaldives
We have now come full circle. I reminded people of this day when they killed @yaamyn. And now that investigations have confirmed that @moyameehaa is also murdered, I think it's time we make our intentions for political change in the Maldives explicit and official.
We’ve banded together as individuals operating in a decentralized and autonomous way in our free choosing to advocate for around a set of ideas first made explicitly public in my blog on 29th April 2017, the same week they killed @yaamyn. #SecularMaldives…
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You fucking monsters. You beheaded Rilwan @moyameehaa

It goes without saying that anyone who cares about human rights, civil liberties or human progress should oppose Islam in all its forms!

#SecularMaldives #WeAreRilwan
Take a good look at the face one of the killers of Rilwan

This is alleged leader of the cell that carried out the operation - real psychopaths --> Ahmad Aglyl @Ahammadhaa

He has been lurking around my social media in the past.
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Size dhahkaali kudakoh. Koba hihvaru ebuhuritha mi discussion raajjege emmenge thunmahchah mainstream ah gendhan? Foari fasheh hunnane ingey. Aharumen kerigen kurimathilaani. #NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
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The child in with me in the picture is my son. Islamist trolls have recently discovered a photo of us and have been posting it in an effort to intimidate me. I feel some clarification is in order when a child gets dragged into things he has no involvement. #thread
In January 2005, I married a woman whom I thought I was in love with. Right away, she told me she was pregnant and 9 months later, she gave birth to my son. Before he was 1 years old, my ex-wife and I got divorced over irreconcilable differences.
In court we amicably agreed on joint custody of our son. But we also agreed that he will live with his mother and then stay with me some days in the week. I took weekends. But it didn't last really long as I was going through an relapse with my addiction coming back an year...
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@KafirAchmed @EraserSecular @MixaanFaqih @KafirAchmed πŸ˜‚
@EraserSecular good man. Assemble your best social media defenders of Islam. Cos me and a few mates of mine have assembled team #SecularMaldives.

Unless you think, Ted, Abdul, Arey, ObjectiveMoral are the best Maldives can offer given the magnitude of challenge.
@KafirAchmed @EraserSecular @MixaanFaqih I shit you not man. We hope to have a community of 100 likeminded individuals before the end of the year who think minority rights is a big issue in the Maldives and think #SecularMaldives is the way forward. And willing to speak up on social media about how they feel. #GameOn
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I am very happy to introduce a brand new comic series from the Maldives, titled ”Demahom and His Imaginary Friends” by Maldivian artist @Ibbe4787. This is the first strip in the series. Check it out, follow and retweet if you like it. #NormalizingDissent #SecularMaldives
The series comes in both English @demahomenglish and Dhivehi @demahomdhivehi targeting both a local Maldivian audience and a global audience. Like, follow and retweet if you like what you see and wanna see more. #NormalizingDissent #SecularMaldives

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Saw this photo of @dr_iyaz with Shaheem in Saudi shaking hands, showing camaraderie I guess πŸ€”
Looking at the photo, you immediately notice how swollen his feet are. I am no doctor or expert, but I don't think it will be comfortable for him to walk, given the condition his feet is.
Especially given the amount of weight that they are supposed to carry. Just look at the size of this man. It's unbelievable. A friend of mine jokingly said he looks like ”he eats enough food to end hunger in a poor African village”.
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Every now and then I have shared analytics from my Twitter account so that people who follow the account have a sense of the audience that v are interacting with. The Maldives has a population of just 400,000 people. While impressions remain above 200k, 58% audience is Maldivian.
I want to invite all Maldivian #SecularMaldives activists engaging in #NormalizingDissent in a #FikuryInqilab to also share them with the audience. Your privacy still remains in tact. Just need 2 show 28 days activity header, the months overview data, gender/language and country.
The purpose of this is to show the actual depth and size of the networks we have access to, feeding ideas into the Maldives society. They continue to say we are a few, just 2-3 people. That's a lie, and we can show the size of our reach this way.
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@Dr_Adhsar @RitualizeAzazil @Dewey8Dewey @0x526978 @david_verbrugge @JAkmedd @ZamZamFarish @DhivehiOne @KevinAtheist @yaattey @blackpa84447806 @MurtadMilli @allah6988 @MixaanFaqih @iruvayani @xoroseii @Ravans1 @AreyougoneMAD1 @EraserSecular @AchmedKafir @faro0485 @bodualee @ufadollz @blu3Greenalgae @mardoohkalaange @noseculars @sirumeenaa @SerinaWilliam19 Evolution is an important issue. Religious people claim God as creator and reason for us to being here. This is a fundamental truth as far as believers are concerned. Evolution elegantly debunks the claim by explaining with evidence how we got to be here and who we are.
@Dr_Adhsar @RitualizeAzazil @Dewey8Dewey @0x526978 @david_verbrugge @JAkmedd @ZamZamFarish @DhivehiOne @KevinAtheist @yaattey @blackpa84447806 @MurtadMilli @allah6988 @MixaanFaqih @iruvayani @xoroseii @Ravans1 @AreyougoneMAD1 @EraserSecular @AchmedKafir @faro0485 @bodualee @ufadollz @blu3Greenalgae @mardoohkalaange @noseculars @sirumeenaa @SerinaWilliam19 And once the story of creation is gone from your narrative, then everything else is debunked as a default. If ”god” did not create us, then any stories about what this imagination wants us to do is nothing more than a story deeply socialized.
@Dr_Adhsar @RitualizeAzazil @Dewey8Dewey @0x526978 @david_verbrugge @JAkmedd @ZamZamFarish @DhivehiOne @KevinAtheist @yaattey @blackpa84447806 @MurtadMilli @allah6988 @MixaanFaqih @iruvayani @xoroseii @Ravans1 @AreyougoneMAD1 @EraserSecular @AchmedKafir @faro0485 @bodualee @ufadollz @blu3Greenalgae @mardoohkalaange @noseculars @sirumeenaa @SerinaWilliam19 And therefore to believe in a God is then just ignorance. Ignorance is something you can get rid of with education. I would hope this is the type of thinking that #ExMuslim #atheist who is also a #SecularMaldives activist would/should have.
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This is an important conversation that nobody seems to be having. @MohamedNasheed’s sovereign nation fund needs to be back on the agenda, I think. If the unthinkable happens, which the scientists studying climate change think it will, then Maldivians are in a lot of trouble.
How does the entire population of a country who have been made into climate refugees get back to any sort of normal life after the events? Most ppl's income sources are deeply tied to the geography of Maldives - tourism/resorts and landlords/real estate. All of it will be gone.
A lot of people lack the necessary skills, education to thrive in a modern world in the event of forced migration or relocation in the worst case scenario. In such an event, families would get broken up due to circumstances out of control of the people being impacted.
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#SecularMaldives ge adu gadhaveevarakah mivaahaka mainstream vumah furusathu boduvaani. Mainstream veggen gaumi conversation akah dheven annani. Gaumee conversation akah veggen nooni majlis thalhumaahama ah dheveykah nei. Majileehun gaanonu badhaku kureveyni! #FikuryInqilab
Gaanoon jehey badhalu vaan! Hurihaa rayyithunah hurihaa haggeh kashavaru kureven annani gaanoonu thah egothah farumaakurevigen. Mee muslimun ge ekani gaumeh noon. Gaumu hijack kohgen ulhey ulhun nimumakah gennan jehey! #NormalizingDissent
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I don't see why that is a problem. In mature democracies opposing ideas air out their views on how they think the best approach should be. I think Islam should have no place in the government and will be voicing out accordingly. Nuroa dhariyakah kireh nulibeyne.
Those of us interested in pushing for dialogue should engage in that dialogue that advances their interests and how they see the country they love advance in to the future as free people. Change begins with dialogue and discussion. And for that you have to be willing to express.
Aharen dhaaeedhu kurani #SecularMaldives akah. Aharenaki islameh noon, magey ves gaumu. Aharen kahala ehemeehunves baivaru. Emeehunge haggu thakeh vesvey. Ameehun recognize koh balaigannan ves vey. Mikan aharumenah nuvaahaahindhaku, siyaasi strategy eh gothugai....
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I appreciate the tag man to let me know. Congratulations on coming to a mental place that allowed you to make an anon and wanting speak up. The more the better. I hope to see your public engagement in #MvTwitter networks on issues that r important to building a #SecularMaldives
Some areas to focus would be on issues with islam. You can start thinking about #NormalizingDissent as a vital aspect to breaking the barriers that islam has built around personal freedom. Right now as many conversations around islam can be helpful in the long run as criticism...
...of islam become commonplace. Maldives small population and high connectivity of the people on social media would allow for quick proliferation of ideas with deep penetration in to the psyche of younger people. We won't see results immediately but over time we will.
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@noseculars Did you seriously think I am here for the likes? Really, that's what you think this is about?

Here. Let me show you what's in the hood.

Oh, before you look at the images, ask yourself what's the population of Maldives.
@noseculars How does this trend look over a the months? I glad you didn't ask. But no issues. I will show you. It does fluctuate.
@noseculars Do you want more? I bet you got the point by now.

Can I ask you a question? Do you know that data and computer scientists have successfully run experiments of social engineering on social media platforms over large sample groups with impressive results?
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That is a really good picture. President @ibusolih has such a great vibe about him, you can't help but like him. I have high hopes for his #Agenda19 reforms. #SecularMaldives will aim to build on top of it.
This is the perfect game theoretperfect optimum opportunity for the #SecularMaldives movement. President @ibusolih, @MohamedNasheed’s defining leadership as the speaker oof the parliament and #Agenda19 carries deep and meaningful political aspirations of the Dhivehi people.
The reforms outlined in #Agenda19 would be foundational to a more free and fair society. It can begin to happen now or later, but a #SecularMaldives can't exist without those reforms. The coinciding of the timing of the current wave of secular activism and the current MDP...
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