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Dear anons and Secular Maldives proponents: 12,020 is over, and we made a lot of progress on the #SecularMaldives front. We pushed many important conversations publicly, drove controversial positions in the country while exposing those ideas to a bigger audience. 🧡 /1
We also engaged with the public and started discussing secular politics by injecting our selves into strategic conversations and we forced ourselves into relevance hile changing the entire face of public discourse in the country. /2
We gave a strong message that we exist and we matter. Now we must scale up the activism. Recent Vaguthu article showed the extent of problem. Regular folks were scared and silenced off while Islamists dominated comments and conversation around the article. /3
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Raajjeyga dheeni minivankamah medunukendi meehun onlinega muzaaharaa koh govaalaathaa madhuvegen 10 aharu vejje. Faalhuga magumahchan mi environmentgai nukunnaani moyaeh. Islamistun thibee meehunge leyah fenbovaafa keimadhuvefa. #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
Muzaaharaa eh kurumuge magusadhaki, message bayakah deliver koh, emeseju meehunah visnaidhee, meehunge bahaai amalu badhalukoh, gaanoonu thah islaahukoh, gaumuge raasthaa aai haalathu badhalu kurun.
Eheney kiyaafa magimahchah nikitheema vaagothaki, islamistun ge listakah araaa, target akah ve furaana ah nurahkaavani. Mihisaabu hasilukuran nikui massaikai haasilu nuve hurihaa kameh dhani oyaa.
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Everyone should understand, there is nothing I can do to stop the anons. I do however hear the concerns being raised on the escalating situation on the ground and it's really making people uncomfortable as to what Islamists may do.

Read on; time for a 🧡/1
Hear me out: When @yaamyn was murdered, I promised to enable a 100 Yameen’s and 100 Rilwan’s to fight the cause. So that their deaths were not in vain and others carried the torch they left behind. At the time when I said it, I was going through my refugee process, with PTSD. /2
I had no idea how I was going deliver on this promise. But I knew I had to take a shot at it. What started of as me ranting online, criticizing Islam, unpackng local politics, popularing science quickly started to gain some attention. /3
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They are running panic programs in hopes for retention of young people leaving Islam in droves. Maldivian mullahs are recognizing the crisis on their hands and are responding as they deem necessary. These are observations of facts. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
But there are valid concerns that if young people reveal their doubts or questions of curiosities, they will end up on a list somewhere. Islamists have been threatening people with their ”lists” for year's, maintaining a state of perpetual fear among the youth and citizens.
Over the years, Islamists have also killed people they have put on such lists. Given this history of violence and intimidation, the sentiment among young people is that this feels like an insincere trap, that could cause more harm than any good that could come from it.
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Islamic language that dehumanizes unbelievers is where Islamic violence begins. Slurs like Kuffar (derogatory term for someone who doesn't believe Islam) and Najis (filth) are weaponzied language, designed to ”other” and get their base worked up. /1
It is very clear from their language they do not recognize the humanity of those that doesn't believe what they believe. This is not due to the individual, but rather because of Islamic teachings found in it's source materials.…
And when they curse their imaginary God characters wrath on you, and condemn you to an imaginary hellfire in an none existent afterlife all within the mythological construct of Islam, it is only telling of what they would rather do to us if they had a choice. /3
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As the pandemic has shown us, any disruption to the tourism industry spells financial ruin to the Maldives. As the country tries to rebuild the economy, it’s very important the country ensures that Islamists don’t disrupt this recovery. /1
If @PoliceMv is allowed to be hijacked as an extension of Islamization efforts in the country, that means all efforts to reform the police haven't yet yielded dividends and much more needs to be still done. /2f
For this situation to be reversed, there needs to an increasing and amplifying selection pressure to change this. So that begins with engagement and dialogue designed to drive exposure to difficult ideas and concepts that drive introspection in the population. /3
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Human rights advocacy leads to getting killed by Islamists or the Islamic government.

I advice #SecularMaldives activists to double down on their security protocols. Safety first. #FikuryInqilab
If anyone in the #SecularMaldives environment needs advice or guidance to organize their online safety and security, hit me up, and I will take you through a crash course. Better safe than sorry. #FikuryInqilab
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I look forward to the government pressing charges against participants of Silent Solidarity gathering in 2011 as per the call from the opposition. It will be good marketing for the #SecularMaldives movement to get the entire country talking about it again & again. #FikuryInqilab
This will create enough curiosity in the public to get people to find out more about what Silent Solidarity was about and what #SecularMaldives activism is all about too. It has a lot of potential to create traffic towards signalling portals we have set up.
This will also provide a valid platform for lobbying globally, to highlight human rights abuses and religious fanaticism in the Maldives and it's outcome. These are opportunities we should keep our eyes open for and maximize on as the it emerges.
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The solution to this problem is to figure out credible reasons to justify the number of indian military personnel, and the expenses of maintaining this relationship. Once you do that, reveal the details, and they lose leverage to push through this issue. /1
And that means owning up to why Indian military assistance is needed. This requires large national conversation about the threat of Islamic extremists in the Maldives, explain the dangers and the opportunity cost of an attack etc. /2
People will except we'll reasoned decision making. And the public already has a frame of reference to indian military assistance from November 3rd 1988. So none of this is new or a surprise. /3
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Why go at all? It's a waste of productivity for the entire country that everything needs to stop so that people can go to the temples of mythology and invoke a storybook God character! People need to free their mental bandwidth from this nonsense. #SecularMaldives
Seems the article was deleted. Here is the same story from Vaguthu instead.
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Dear Islamists: The only reason we are at this current juncture is because you all underestimated #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab activism, and we gained grounds because of it. Read the thread and I will explain what happens next. 🧡 /1
You thought ignoring us would make it all go away, but we took the opportunity and used the time your silence bought us to grow and expand on the activism and engage Maldives population through online engagement, exposing the truth that Islam is a toxic and violent. /2
We deconstruction the Islamic power structures that dictate societal norms, we empowered women against the patriarchy. We also found ways to leverage children's rights issues against Islam and islamization. /3
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@iamabdullaahsan @MvSadhguru @sirumeenaa You think I am pacifist? In human views hinder any attempts to progress and must be confronted, and those views must be selected out of the ideas pool through engineering.
@iamabdullaahsan @MvSadhguru @sirumeenaa That selecting out process from the memetic pool begins with engineered engagement and shifting the Overton window. Islam can be neutered with some effort. The book I am writing will explain how.…
@iamabdullaahsan @MvSadhguru @sirumeenaa This begins by creating a counter-selection mechanism through seeding arguments designed to dismantle Islam and through educating people with science, reason, logic. Better selection pressures once deployed by utilizing social media algorithm network effect can't he responded. β™ŸοΈ
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Every opportunity we get, we need to amplify the vile and disgusting nature of the Islamic mind for the people to see, to process and to introspect. Because our play is, we are making an assumption that people are better humans than Islam would have them become. /1
Repeat this exposure to the Islamic toxicity and cruelty will eventually lead people to be humiliated to follow Islam. This is the bet we make every day when we expose the evils of Islamic doctrine to the people. /2
In the Maldives; when we look back at the activism work we have done since Islamists murdered @yaamyn, we can clearly see this strategy has begun to work as the Overton Window in the country slowly begins to shift away from Islamic theocracy. /3
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I reported todays threats to @rcmpgrcpolice. Had a long interview today with Police just a while ago. I don't always report threats, but the timing, the nature and context of the threats and what's happening around the world right now it felt important that I reported today.
For the last three years, I have made point of logging all credible threats I get with RCMP. This is done to leave a record of all that goes on with regards to my security with law enforcement in Canada.
This ensures that law enforcement is empowered with the right information and context to respond to a potential security threat to me.
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Maldives frees, 6 suspected terrorists. These same suspects were previously arrested, then released, re-arrested and now released again. One of reason given for release include the ridiculous reason of ”giving reprieve to the suspect as his colleagues are already released”. 1/n
I mean what the fuck kind of a reason is that to release Islamic terror suspects? These people are a clear and present danger to the Maldives people, it's nascent democracy, free press and human rights advocacy. 2/n
The government has made great fanfare of it's efforts to clean up the judiciary and reform the judicial system. This was the biggest leverage @MDPSecretariat used to come to power. 3/n
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My answer to the rather complicated question of why is Blasphemy necessary for dissent. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
You got indirectly featured in my first blog post after a long hiatus. @abdullahadam.

I figured I would chime in on the controversy that @ArminNavabi @AtheistRepublic @ApostateProphet and others are embroiled in. Cc: @MoTheAtheist @SarahTheHaider @MaryamNamazie @YasMohammedxx
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The weekly @AtheistRepublic Maldives Consulate video conference will be at 9pm Maldives time. See you then. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
The meeting is now over. Today was a good call. All of this I hope, would end up laying the foundation for community building. Let's keep it going and build momentum. I will see those of you who will choose to join the call next week. #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
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The call is now over. The call lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Details of participants will be kept private. I am happy to report no one wore a mask. The next call will be on Friday, August 28. 2020 - 9pm Maldives time. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
A brief recap of the call;

We had a quick introduction. We talked about the meeting format. We discussed what people are involved in at the moment. We also talked about growing the network of activists. Ideas were exchanged about exploring guest speakers to talk about activism.
On the next weeks call;

Follow up on ideas on growing the network and recruiting.

I am hoping the number of attendees will increase as we maintain regularity of the calls. See you on next weeks call. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
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Starting this week, I will be having online group meetings via Zoom. The meetings will be invitation only, so if someone didn't get a link, it means you weren't invited. #Thread 1/n
Currently there are roughly 50 or so people who will get invites either via Twitter group chats or @secularmaldives #FikuryInqilabNetwork platform. 2/n
The purpose of these calls would be to get familiar with activists in the space in a face to face environment. It's literally become impossible for me to attend to endless group chats or DM’s. There is just too many of it and not enough time in the day. 3/n
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My new living room furniture set up just arrived. Excited about that. My order got split up in delivery though. So can't set up everything until the next batch arrive at the end of the week. πŸ™„
I have been getting my new set up since last week though. I am most excited about is my new standing desk. I always wanted one. Long work hours are better standing than sitting.
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Dear guys who call themselves feminists.

Everyone appreciates that you care enough about the struggles of women to achieve equality and improve their lives, but when you hijack her label for her struggles towards emancipation, you inadvertently inject male perspectives... 1/n to the conversation. The problem feminism has been trying to solve for many years now is to improve their lived experiences and achieve equality. In a world built by a patriarchial system, us men cant even comprehend the impact this has had on women throughout the ages. 2/n
When a woman clutches her purse a little tighter, or crosses the road quickly when you are the only other person on the same street and you know you are not a rapist or a violent person, understand that this is because of socialized mass PTSD and not about ”you”. 3/n
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The Maldives #meToo movement will have it's crowning achievement when survivors of @ilyaasibrahim88 reign of rape and abuse all over the Maldives during @maumoonagayoom’s dictatorship get their moment to speak. Ilyas shouldn't be a free man. #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
Today @MohamedNasheed said that he will get justice for all victims of sexual abuse in the Maldives after #Maldives erupted after failed attempts at justice by victims and amid increasing abuse arrests.
Yet @MohamedNasheed himself has praised Ilyas Ibrahim in the past, claiming he is an important figure to an @MDPSecretariat government. How is the public able to trust Nasheed when he publicly praises sexual abusers? #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
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#SecularMvStrategy: we are encouraged to see that Islamists have chosen to respond to #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab talking points around women & children rights issues instead of resorting to violence. We should aspire to keep this conversation going in a free market of ideas.
The most ideal course of action moving forward by #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab advocates would be respond to all their arguments, enabling the conversation to remain in the spotlight allowing for the public to be exposed to all arguments & let better arguments win in the end.
Engaging in these conversations is key to pushing the #OvertonWindow further to left. Change happens when public perceptions change. Difficult conversation allows for exposure and introspection. Introspection is where change begins. Legislation follows soon after. #FikuryInqilab
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It would be good if someone could take the effort to debunk this video by @JAMIYYATHSALAF’s mullah @Ahmadhsameer’s tirade against women’s rights and feminism. This conversation needs to be continued. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
Here are all slides from his presentation.
Slides continued...
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