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A quick 🧵 on some $LVT game theory as it seems people are a bit confused..

“Why black holes?”

“Why are elements useless?”

“Why aren’t my orbs paid in AVAX”
Contrary to popular belief, you’re able to own all of these assets simultaneously. Our ecosystem doesn’t reward one asset more than the other, it just rewards differently.
If you’ve read our whitepaper (…), you’re aware that orbs payout the largest amount of $LVT. HOWEVER! This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the end-game.
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A thread (1/13) on why Spawn Art is building on @SecretNetwork (and no other chain can come close to matching what SN provides).
2/ Background: native support for encrypted data and state in secret contracts means that #nfts on @SecretNetwork can have both public and private metadata, and nft ownership and transactions are private. #SecretNFTs
3/ On other blockchains if you buy and sell an #nft, those transactions are visible to ANYONE. But it is even worse than that--they can see everything you have ever done and will do on that chain.
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It's time.
The inchoate, frothy sea of #Pisces is without differentiation. It needs the clarity & singularity of 1 instead of the duality of the fish.
Now, the #Pisces moment, symbolized by this:…
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🧵 Sharing snippets and my reflections from the [[Book/The Almanack of Naval Ravikant]] by [[Author/Eric Jorgenson]].
🎬 Start Date: [[December 26th, 2021]]
🏁 Finish Date: [[December 27th, 2021]]
📚 Genre: #NonFiction #Wealth #Happiness #Accountability #Priorities
1/To be taken seriously in today’ world we will have to question everything, we have to think from first principles, test things well, and be good at not fooling yourself.
2/If you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person that loves you unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/30/2021…
U.S. asbestos sites made risky by some remediation strategies…

#asbestos #remediation #risk
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/24/2021…
The Awful Uncertainty of the Coronavirus Death Toll | The New Yorker…

#COVID19 #uncertainty #death
Climate-friendly foam building insulation may do more harm than good…

#insulation #foam #ClimateChange #consequences
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/04/2021…
The Slow Birth of Covid Realism - WSJ…

#COVID19 #realism
Leading computer scientists debate the next steps for AI in 2021…

#AI #ethics
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/30/2020…
How China’s digital currency will thwart US dollar trap and help the world | South China Morning Post…

#china #dollar #world #currency
The Vaccine Rollout's Known Knowns and More - Insight…

#distribution #vaccine
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/18/2020…
Supported and open-minded of opposing views — the behaviorist…

#OpenMindedness #responsiveness #perception #psychology #HumanBehavior
There's something of Picasso about these botched restorations : The Post…

#art #education #restoration #training
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/05/2020…
Using game-theory to look for extraterrestrial intelligence…

#extraterrestrials #GameTheory #SETIParadox
The Green View: Universal Basic Income could transform our city…

#UniversalBasicIncome #scotland
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Adding to this. I see some resurfacing of the voices who felt she should have retired prior to 2016

It was on the rest of us to do our part..

..not for us to tell a woman (who worked 3-5x harder to get to her position than her peers on the same Bench) to leave early
She had a point.

“When that suggestion is made, I ask the question: Who do you think that the President could nominate that could get through the Republican Senate? ‘Who you would prefer on the court [rather] than me?”…
#RBG was describing #gametheory here because she considered her move as well as all the other players’ moves and what the Nash equilibrium would be in the “prisoner’s dilemma” would the move being suggested to her really result in the outcomes others wanted? Image
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#vodaidea is a delight to analyse from two perspectives: 1) #gametheory and 2) Soro's #reflexivity theory

some thoughts...
Competition would like Vodaidea gone. But Vodaidea has bought itself a couple of yrs of survival from AGR verdict as they will be able to raise enough funds to last a couple of years by convincing board that 'as ARPU's rise things will get better'
To kill Vodaidea competition needs to keep ARPUs low for 2 more years. But competition itself doesn't make enough money at these ARPUs. So will they want to self inflict pain for 2 more yrs?
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Does anyone else remember @X22Report or @RedPill78 reporting the @FBI saying the had no record of the @YahooNews memo that is being sourced rampantly in the media recently? If I Remember correct no record on The Vault either?
@intheMatrixxx @IPOT1776 @mikebravodude @prayingmedic
Let’s Go! Anons know what to do! Shoutout to @littllemel and @prayingmedic for the Sauce!
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Nash equilibrium straight to Waffle House
On Nash equilibrium of game theory or “prisoner’s dilemma”…
A different description of the Nash equilibrium of #gametheory in #economics

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I want to take a moment to remind people,

the history of all these types of "movements",

back to the #FrenchRevolution & beyond,

Is one of controlled opposition--#SunTzu, #Machiavelli, #GameTheory--and beyond.

If you don't think they stage all this with outcomes in mind...
Please keep reading.

You'd be better served to look up #Cointelpro, especially in relation to past movements in the Black Community i.e. #MLK #MalcolmX and even #TupacShakur [LINK: ]
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#SecularMvStrategy: Look for opportunities to jump in. Controlling infections is an important social good right now. Which presents this emergent opportunity for advocacy. These gangs are used by islamists to threaten human rights activism. #Thread 1/n
This is your opportunity to do incredible social good advocacy and advance #SecularMaldives goals. These gangs are a nuisance to both the country and rights advocates. Not taking this opportunity means delays in progress. 2/n
You know what you need to do. Engage all policy makers in the country with via social media, make a case for why this needs to be attended immediately and explain your concerns. 3/n
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In a pandemic, if R0>1, individual behavior has collective effects (the effect is, hum, exponential).
The aim of a lockdown is to reduce virus spreading.

Alice wants to go out and meet with her friend Bob.

#covid_19 #publicgood #socialbiology #gametheory #socialpsychology
Since the lockdown is well respected, the number of cases dropped. Alice and Bob feels healthy. They are convinced they are not infected. They go out and have long stroll in the park.
In other terms: Most people paid a cost (stayed home) and produced a benefit available for everyone (by reducing virus prevalence in the population). Alice and Bob take advantage of the benefit, but they don't pay the cost of production. They are cheaters.
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Small thread-

1/ No other sport uses ML for simulations like F1.

🔹100s of simulations
🔹4000 instances of cloud

Background model with -

🔹Other car arrangements
🔹Pit stops
🔹Multiple lap time
Too many permutations and combinations with the given parameters.

They use Game theory n Machine learning to continuously make their model adapt to situations.

Simulations are used to understand how the race is going to unfold.

It helps answer specific questions -

🔹How much fuel is needed?
🔹Which tyres to begin?
🔹When to change?
🔹Best time for overtaking
🔹Tyre + Weather + overtaking combinations

All the parameters are updated real-time during race to make decisions.

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OPEC was formed in the 1970s and the cartel could control prices - because the global economy runs on oil, and bulk of the reserves were in the Middle East.

They figured out, Oil Demand is inelastic. People have to buy no matter what price. It’s the most dense form of energy.
Price Elasticity if Demand in the short run was 8x.

1% cut in Oil production would lead to 8% rise in price.

But if prices are too high, then people start saving energy and demand falls.
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@_ConnerBrown_ 1/ Thankfully I'm not a regulator--just a volunteer! 😉 I just listened & found @angela_walch's comments v thought-provoking. She was critical of laws that "require" #blockchain implementations, & #Wyoming hasn't enacted any of those (WY enabled, not required). Dunno if others...
@_ConnerBrown_ @angela_walch 2/ ...have required, but if they did I agree w/ her. For the critical public records infrastructure @PeterMcCormack asked about, of course it wld be crazy not to run a new #blockchain system in parallel w/ the old for a good long time. I also agree w/ her point abt pigeonholing..
@_ConnerBrown_ @angela_walch @PeterMcCormack 3/ ...#crypto into traditional financial mkt infrastructure--I ,too, warned abt "crossing the streams" btwn #crypto & trad bc the settlement systems are SOOOOOOoooo different. This is partly why #Wyoming didn't adopt the ULC Supplemental Act, which would bring all the trad mkt...
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