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Payton Gendron is an *American problem*. Stop pretending these White domestic terrorists have to look outside our borders for inspiration/marching orders when all they have to do is watch Fox “news” & follow Republicans on social media. #ThisIsAmerikkka #WhereWereTheyRadicalized
“The author calls himself a white supremacist, fascist and antisemite... The author also mentions Dylann Roof, who killed nine worshipers in an attack on a Black church in Charleston in 2015.” | via @washingtonpost (🎁 link) #WhereWereTheyRadicalized
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Republicans find a new young White supremacist sociopath to glorify and emulate every year. This is how they recruit more Republicans and more White supremacist sociopaths, who so often graduate to become White domestic terrorists. The MSM colludes with them to normalize it all.
Flashback to when @TeenVogue cornered the market on Kyle Rittenhouse hot takes 2+ years in advance. Swap out the names and the gist remains the same:

“It’s about who we believe, who we protect, and who we decide is or is not worthy of those things.” - @brittneymac15 ImageImageImageImage
Kyle Rittenhouse is an American problem. Derek Chauvin is an American problem. The McMichaels are an American problem. The J6 insurrectionists are an American problem. The GOP/MSM alliance that aids, abets and incites ALL of these American problems is an AMERICAN PROBLEM.
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@AhNahChedz Excellent question and this is gonna be a multi-tweet answer but let’s start here: White supremacy is enshrined into the American Constitution and we haven’t yet amended it fully or properly enough to right damn near 600 YEARS of wrongs. *More* wrong is being done by the minute.
@AhNahChedz Beyond that, despite the sordid, genocidal history of White supremacy in America, our government had the unmitigated nerve and gall to have NOT classified it as terrorism until AFTER the El Paso shooting. Denial, fragility, habitual lies and COMPLICITY.
🤡👹👻 #ThisIsAmeriKKKa ImageImageImageImage
@AhNahChedz It then follows that b/c America’s failed to even classify White supremacist hate crimes as domestic terrorism it’s ALSO failed to classify the police state that descended from slave patrols as terrorism too. It’s a centuries old conspiracy in service of SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION.👺
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