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Last 3 Days:
•White man kills 5 women in FL
•White man kills 5 ppl in LA
•White man caught w/plans to mass murder women
•2 White Men plead guilty to bombing a Mosque & plans to bomb abortion clinic

WH: Give us $7B to stop foreign Brown terrorists🤔
And lest someone "not all White men" me—understand the point

If Muslims/Immigrants/Mexicans/Black men had committed 2 mass shootings causing 5 deaths each, bombed a church/synagogue, & planned a mass attack—the WH would make it headline news.

But b/c its all white men—SILENCE.
Someone reminded me that in addition to what I mentioned above, 3 white men were caught trying to mass murder American Muslims in upstate New York.

What wall would've stopped them?
Where were they radicalized?
Why is the WH silent?

Why isn't MSM asking?…
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Racist #MarchForLife participants harass & mock this elderly Native American man at Indigenous Peoples March

In other words—while claiming to protest abortion, they mock Native Americans for protesting genocide of their babies😳

Incomprehensible hate😓
The racist students are from @CovCathColonels, who have since protected their Twitter account.

I’m contacting Principal Robert Rowe at to ask if they endorse this racist mockery of Native Americans & how they’ll address this racism?
Here’s another angle that shows the full mob of #MarchForLife racists from @CovCathColonels mocking & ridiculing Native Americans—whose only crime was peacefully protesting genocide.😓

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60 white male boys at their Junior Prom doing the Hitler Salute as a joke.

B/c genocide is hilarious & white supremacy terror isn’t st record highs😑

My questions:
•Where are the white fathers?
•Why won’t the moderate white community condemn this?
1936: In Nazi Germany August Landmesser stood his ground & refused to salute Hitler.

2018: Jordon Blue stood his ground & refused to salute Hitler.

Congrats to Jordon for rejecting racism & Nazism & courageously standing for justice—even as he literally stood alone.✊🏽
This is a repeated pattern:
•Privileged White boys in America seem to think it’s fun to dress up like terrorists b/c apparently racism is a joke
•Meanwhile white supremacy terror is at record highs yet Govt keeps ignoring it😐

This is youth radicalization. It is inexcusable.
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•4 Jasper Cops suspended 1 week w/o pay for White Power symbol in post-arrest pic
•Imagine if they were secret Daesh terrorists—would we allow such a light punishment?
•They deserve prosecution & all their arrests re-examined
If only the FBI had warned of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement and police forces across America WAY BACK in 2006.

If only...

Oh right, they did. And since then government has done too little to stop it. What a shame.…
Real talk:
•POC, particularly Black Americans, have warned for generations that white supremacists are infiltrating criminal justice & law enforcement
•Govt won't believe Black Americans or the FBI—but will sit idle as white supremacists advance

That's called being complicit
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•A Nazi won a GOP office in WA
•A Nazi won the GOP nom in IL
•GOP politician Steve King of IA stands by retweeting a Neo Nazi
•A Nazi is running for office on the GOP ticket in VA
•A Nazi is polling 2nd for Senate on GOP ticket in CA

The GOP has Nazis. Purge them—then talk.
And for those who need receipts—here are links affirming the above GOP ticket Nazis
•WA Nazi…
•IL Nazi…
•IA Nazi…
•VA Nazi…
•CA Nazi…

And the GOP Nazi examples sadly go on:
•Last winter 45 retweeted British Nazis 3x & refused to apologize
•3 Days ago the convicted felon pardoned by 45—Dinesh D'Souza—retweeted hashtag “Burn The Jews”
•Today Ron Paul tweeted out a grotesquely racist & anti-Semitic cartoon😳
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