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The GOP better damn well hope & pray Clarence Thomas is “just” hiding from his dumpster fire of a wife’s text message treason because the way the actuarial tables and his karma are set up… 🥴
Indeed he has but karma don’t do discharges so let’s “just” sit tight for a spell, dear. ☕️
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How much did I tell y’all so? Let me count the ways… 💅🏾🧾🌳
Needless to say, White folk in the suburbs are experiencing a very rude awakening. Too many Americans think they successfully White-flighted themselves to safety and are shocked & full of poutrage b/c the shit blew up in their faces & their kids brought Rona home to kill MeeMaw.
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The GOP & NRA also have a pretty good idea that plenty of aimless White #MAGAYouth (and adults) are considering school/workplace/mall shootings, vigilante killings and domestic terror attacks but they don’t give a shit b/c the blood money keeps flowing. #WhereWereTheyRadicalized
Michigan school massacre suspect’s mother wrote open letter to Trump praising his support for gun rights | via @MSN h/t @shannonrwatts #AmericanSociopath #MAGAMom #StochasticTerrorism #MAGAYouth #WhereWhereTheyRadicalized…
IOW, the #OxfordHighSchool shooting is yet another example of the stochastic terrorism borne of the Trump era and the ongoing radicalization of MAGA Youth at the behest of the GOP & NRA. The insurrection rages on and it doesn’t stop at the school doors either.
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Republicans find a new young White supremacist sociopath to glorify and emulate every year. This is how they recruit more Republicans and more White supremacist sociopaths, who so often graduate to become White domestic terrorists. The MSM colludes with them to normalize it all.
Flashback to when @TeenVogue cornered the market on Kyle Rittenhouse hot takes 2+ years in advance. Swap out the names and the gist remains the same:

“It’s about who we believe, who we protect, and who we decide is or is not worthy of those things.” - @brittneymac15 ImageImageImageImage
Kyle Rittenhouse is an American problem. Derek Chauvin is an American problem. The McMichaels are an American problem. The J6 insurrectionists are an American problem. The GOP/MSM alliance that aids, abets and incites ALL of these American problems is an AMERICAN PROBLEM.
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This likely wouldn’t work either b/c these people want their kids to grow up to be thoughtless, unempathetic, incompassionate racists just like mommy/daddy. Also some of the anti-CRT rhetoric even demonizes SEL (social emotional learning). They fully intend to raise sociopaths.
Anti-CRT propaganda (read Southern Strategy) finds a receptive audience amongst non-college educated White women b/c they stand to lose the MOST socioeconomic standing if the system of White patriarchy/oligarchy keeping them & their male benefactors afloat gets dismantled by CRT. ImageImageImage
They deny that slavery was genocide and that the Confederacy lost the Civil War too. They deny that the Civil War was about slavery. They deny that Trump lost the election and that Jan 6 was a White supremacist insurrection/domestic terrorist attack on the Union. They LIE & DENY.
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Overflow COVID tents pop up outside LBJ Hospital as delta pushes Harris Health near ICU capacity | via @houstonchron…
Breaking: People in hell want ice water.
Texas Governor More Concerned With Stopping Mask Mandates Than Stopping the Virus | via @RollingStone #AbbottVariant #AbbottFailedTexasAgain #AmericanSociopath…
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Republican Military Veterans Turn On Trump In New Attack Ad Airing On Fox News | via @HuffPost…
Ohio Republicans turn on Trump: ‘We will not make the same mistake this November’ #MAGARemorse… ImageImageImageImage
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My college roommate/BFF just told me she decided to home school her kids (ages 7 & 5) b/c school starts on 8/6 but her idiotic district in Germantown, TN STILL hasn’t announced a coherent/virtual reopening plan. WTAF, Tennessee?! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Procrastination for DT AIN’T self-preservation.
She was like “how the hell is anyone supposed to make an informed decision?!” and all I could say was they expect us to make uninformed, political decisions from the gut, per Trump’s request. The GOP’s dishing out cult kool aid & just waiting to see how many deplorables drink it.
My friend’s 39 & White and has met plenty of like minded, liberal friends in her neighborhood, so to hear her process this moment really crystallized the battle being waged in the burbs between the 53% & 47% for me. Imagine being sent to slaughter by White MAGAt peer pressure. 🥴
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The Trump/Barr goon gestapo in Portland is blatantly fascist on multiple levels but it also seems like the majority of analysis on this topic still VASTLY underestimates the degree to which it’s targeted GOP retribution against Portland’s penchant for *White liberalism/anarchy*. Image
In other words, this is yet another link in the chain of White on White crime for the purpose of maintaining White supremacy. It’s Kent State-esque and it’s meant to terrify White liberals, and more importantly, moderates away from becoming reliable allies to marginalized people.
Admittedly I find the whole thing ironic b/c over the yrs as I’ve discussed my POV on America’s endemic racism as a Black woman in TX, Portland (and OR in general) is invariably the location folk offer up as a prototype for liberal utopia, despite its history of White supremacy.
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Mike Pence Wants You to Pray the Coronavirus Away 😒 | via @VICE #PoltergeistPence #ScienceDenial #Cult45* #MAGAMasochism…
Trump has reportedly grown increasingly concerned about how it would appear if he contracted the coronavirus 🙄 | via @TheWeek #NoTearsInABucket #Bootstraps #SociopathRoulette #NotAHoax #NarcissistWhoCriedWolf 🤡👺📵…
30% of Americans say they trust Trump to get facts right on coronavirus — a lower mark than respondents gave the CDC (64%), their state governments (53%), local news (50%) and the news media in general (44%) | via @axios #DudeGottaGo #AmericanSociopath…
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Trump predicts Joe Biden will defeat him during Fox News interview: "Some people don’t love me" | via @Salon #ManyPeopleAreSaying #DudeGottaGo #AmericanSociopath #LoweredExpectations #ResignNow…
Pence following through with visit to Dallas church as pandemic rages | via @TexasTribune #VPVector #PoltergeistPence #Idiocracy 😷…
Trump's political position deteriorates as coronavirus spikes | via @dailykos #InstabilityInChief…
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CNN’s chyron writer has entered the chat.. 🥴🔥😈💣 #NarcissisticInjury #NarcissisticRage #LiarsLie #Tulsa Image
Trump cancels overflow crowd address due to low turnout | via @CNN #LowEnergy #NoStamina…
White House claims Trump 'in good spirits' after Tulsa rally humiliation. Let's look at the video... 🥴| via @dailykos #NarcissistWhoCriedWolf…
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Feels like an opportune moment for an evergreen Police Brutality Thread Alert 🚨... #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #SayHisName #ICantBreatheAGAIN
Circa October 2014: Racism and Darren Wilson Supporters: Not a Coincidence. | via @docrocktex26…
Circa October 2014: "He Reached for My Gun," and Other Fantasies Invoked by Police Who Kill Unarmed Black Men | via @docrocktex26…
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China's official news agency releases embarrassingly accurate video mocking Trump's blame-shifting | via @dailykos #AmericanSociopath #InternationalEmbarrassment 🤡😷 #UnmitigatedDisaster #LameDonny…
Trump slams George W. Bush for pleading for national unity now instead of during impeachment | via @dailykos #NarcissisticInjury #NarcissisticRage #HurtFeeFees #TheNarcissistWhoCriedWolf 🤡📵…
With Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Isn’t Even Pretending the Truth Matters | via @RollingStone #AmericanSociopath #LiarInChief…
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Tbh your “analysis” of both Joe & Hillary’s messaging is pretty reminiscent of mansplaining from a cis/het White guy who isn’t reflective of the Democratic base aka marginalized Americans who understand that racism/misogyny/homophobia/greed are America’s moral stains/sins. 😒😷
As if we don’t already know the oppressor doesn’t like messaging that reads oppression for filth...
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My money’s still on kompromat. 💅🏾
Me too, which is why they need to resign so that Democrats who actually know what to do and built the whole case to remove him can get back to doing the people’s business and protecting/saving lives. The time for sociopath’s play is over.
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Trump Asked Fauci Why Health Officials Couldn’t Simply Let Coronavirus ‘Wash Over’ the Country: WaPo | via @thedailybeast #Sadism #SwampThing #ThugLife #AmericanSociopath 🤡😷…
He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus | via @nytimes #AmericanSociopath #InstabilityInChief #TrumpLiesAmericansDie 🤡😷🚮
Trump to U.S. Postal Service: Drop Dead | via @RollingStone #AmericanSociopath #ETTD 🤡😷…
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Despite COVID-19 deaths topping 10,000 in the U.S and case numbers surpassing 350K+, 79% of Fox “News” consumers who responded to a Pew Research survey believe the media “slightly or greatly exaggerated” the risk of the pandemic. | via @VanityFair 🦊😷… ImageImageImage
How Trump and his gang of intransigent @GOP Governors are fundamentally incapable of managing #COVID19 altruistically b/c their profit motives & false pride take top priority, but Democrats are turning the tide with science & empathy | via @RickSmithShow…
“Two Texas prison units are on a complete lockdown after most of their inmate population was placed in medical restriction for possible exposure to COVID-19...”
| via @HoustonChron 😬😷… ImageImageImageImage
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Report: The Trump administration didn’t order ventilators or masks until mid-March | via @voxdotcom #AmericanSociopath 🤬#InstabilityInChief #LockHimUp…
“Trump’s approval for his management of the coronavirus is now under-water, 47-52%. Approval is down from 55% in the poll released on March 20, and closer to where it was in the March 13 poll, when it was 43%.” #TrumpSlump #InstabilityInChief #ITMFA 🤡😷…
Trump Is Gutting Our Democracy While We’re Dealing With Coronavirus | via @nytimes #AmericanSociopath #DudeGottaGo #ManchurianCandidate 🦊🤡😷 ImageImageImageImage
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A friend just told me his boss (who’s the CEO but in general runs the company in a very modernized/worker friendly way) is willing to allow work from home but refusing to take more safety precautions b/c “the whole #COVID19 thing is a hoax from the biased media”. #MAGAMasochism😷
The whole story really highlights the problem with the unholy alliance between business owners, supply side economics (that aren’t worker friendly) and the @GOP. In a public health crisis, the CEO mentality still attempts to maintain profits while skimping on worker well-being.
IOW, the CEO mentality is very much aligned with Trump’s inclination to minimize the threat of Coronavirus/COVID19, not just b/c many of them voted for this disaster and still support it, but b/c acknowledging the scope of the problem then working to fix it requires less profit.
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Keep this in mind as you watch the events in #RichmondVA unfold. It isn’t a coincidence that they’re kicking off the 2020 election season (and the impeachment trial) with incitement of the gun fanatics. #BigotryAndBullets #AmericanSociopath
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