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A friend just told me his boss (who’s the CEO but in general runs the company in a very modernized/worker friendly way) is willing to allow work from home but refusing to take more safety precautions b/c “the whole #COVID19 thing is a hoax from the biased media”. #MAGAMasochism😷
The whole story really highlights the problem with the unholy alliance between business owners, supply side economics (that aren’t worker friendly) and the @GOP. In a public health crisis, the CEO mentality still attempts to maintain profits while skimping on worker well-being.
IOW, the CEO mentality is very much aligned with Trump’s inclination to minimize the threat of Coronavirus/COVID19, not just b/c many of them voted for this disaster and still support it, but b/c acknowledging the scope of the problem then working to fix it requires less profit.
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Keep this in mind as you watch the events in #RichmondVA unfold. It isn’t a coincidence that they’re kicking off the 2020 election season (and the impeachment trial) with incitement of the gun fanatics. #BigotryAndBullets #AmericanSociopath
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The thing about the now routine bombshell Friday news dumps of the Trump era is they always leave open the prospect of history repeating itself with another Saturday Night Massacre. 🙃…
The @GOP establishment needs to be prosecuted for defrauding the American people on Trump and Putin’s behalf for the last 4 YEARS. The entire party sits on a throne of lies and every corporate donor who supports them should be boycotted and protested relentlessly.
I’m old enough to remember this moment and I’d still very much like to know why they looked so horrified. The onion isn’t anywhere near finished peeling.… via @RawStory #RussianAsset
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@msnbc’s chyron: “Sondland confirms deal with Ukraine, implicates Trump” 🍿
Cue your stamp if you had “we followed the president’s orders” and “quid pro quo” on your impeachment bingo card... #ImpeachmentHearings
Shorter Sondland: The sociopath made us do it, he ordered the code red and we couldn’t say no. #ImpeachmentHearings
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President Trump's Lies Are Finally Called Out in Rare Statement From U.S. Intelligence Community Watchdog… via @gizmodo #AmericanSociopath #LiarInChief
Intelligence Inspector General to GOP: You Know Nothing of My Work… via @NYMag
State Department watchdog requests "urgent" Congress meeting on Ukraine… via @axios
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Poll shows net 20-point swing in favor of impeaching and removing Trump… via @axios #YesWeCan
CNN’s Jim Acosta: Administration officials are warning Trump that he’s probably going to be impeached… via @fawfulfan #ImpeachTheMF
This impeachment poll has ZERO good news for Trump… via @CNN #NarcissisticInjury #InsecurityInChief #ImpeachTheMF
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As if #MoscowMitch doesn’t already have that territory covered. 🙄
Spoiler Alert: Trump is about to abuse every ounce of power that he possibly can until he can’t anymore. He won’t be able to handle the narcissistic injury of impeachment proceedings and in his rage he’ll destroy every single thing his tiny hands can grasp. #AmericanSociopath
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Who woulda thunk that a dude who asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails & the 2016 election and has obstructed justice to evade indictment/impeachment would turn around and try the exact same shit over again with Biden bc it worked the 1st time and he’s still scott free?
News at 11: sociopath gonna sociopath, traitor gonna treason.
Trump’s crime spree isn’t going to end until consequences are levied and he no longer has power that he can abuse at will. He’s emboldened by getting away with this fraud for as long as he has and his rap sheet will only grow if he’s given the time and leeway. #AmericanSociopath
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Every day is a scandal with Trump occupying the WH because Trump’s entire life, family, business and social network are a scandal. He’s always lived a disordered life, now he’s imposed constant chaos onto the entire country with impunity. #AmericanSociopath #InstabilityInChief
There’s been no reprieve for 2.5 years straight, every news cycle’s been punctuated by the crimes and disorder of Trump and his associates. The air is thick with hatred, corruption, abuse and destruction, that’s a direct manifestation of the pollution coming from the White House.
This shit isn’t “great”, it’s grotesque.
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The folk who blame mental illness for terrorist shooting attacks should be forced to delineate which specific mental illnesses they think are responsible for radicalizing all these White men into mass murderers. Make them cite the DSM criteria and applicable treatment options.
Historically, the vast majority of mass shooter terrorists who live to stand trial are deemed competent to stand trial b/c the “insanity” y’all think they have is rooted in a toxic combination of narcissism, sociopathy and/or impulse control dysfunction.
They know the difference between right and wrong but make a *willful choice* to do wrong. Giving them the tools to put their sociopathy into bloody action only furthers the carnage, and America gives them not only the guns but nukes and control of the entire federal government.
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As if what we really need in this moment is more White men who wouldn’t be where they are today without racism pretending they get to referee the definition and confrontation of racism. 😒
Y’all can go ahead and stop imploring Republicans to denounce the racism they voted for, they’ve officially launched the inevitable “this isn’t actually racism” portion of their programming. Stop fishing for cover on their behalf, they don’t want your rehabilitation by proxy.
Seriously the issue at hand isn’t that the @GOP is unapologetically racist, it’s that their racism has been obfuscated and mainstreamed for 50+ years to the extent that folk are still asking if they condone racism with a straight face even after they nominated/elected KKK Trump.
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At this point it’s pretty clear the issue isn’t just Trump’s mental health but also that of the millions of Republican enablers who support his sociopathy and cognitive impairment. He’s merely a symptom of a systemic sociopolitical disease.
@EvanMcMullin Also the main reason we aren’t having sober mainstream discussions about Trump’s mental health is folk keep shushing mental health professionals and disavowing our duty to warn under the guise of “politically correct” Barry Goldwater ethics.
Bottom line is plenty of us have been having sober discussions re: Trump’s mental health since the day he descended that damn escalator but jack shit will be done about him or the manifestations of his disorder bc America prides itself on stigmatizing facts, science & integrity.
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More than $1 trillion in worldwide stock value was wiped out on Monday… via @markets #TrumpTradeWar #InstabilityInChief
Trump's economic adviser says America 'will suffer' from his trade war… #FiscalMalfeasance #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
GOP senator: Bankrupt farmers should be happy to 'sacrifice' for Trump… via @owillis #MAGA #AmericanSociopath #SelfInducedEconomicAnxiety
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Yup hyperbole of narcissism aside, they only stop when someone stops them, either interpersonally by social/familial estrangement, financially and in the most extreme cases incarceration (aka quarantine). See Manafort. He hit the trifecta.
@slipperyhero The caveat is all of the above still don’t irreversibly stop that egotistical sociopathy wheel from turning in their brains. Many remain just as scheming and conniving on the inside and resume their “old” ways when released. Manafort is *still* plotting and lying.
@slipperyhero Trump is still plotting and lying and will do so until he breathes his last breath. He’s never been faced with petard hoisting consequences, that’s how he felt no pause or fear about being installed by Putin or obstruction of justice. Who’s gonna stop him?
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Propane Jane discusses how the Barr letter is a stall tactic to manipulate the media/public opinion and why no news is good news for Trump supporters who’ve been conditioned to believe their favorite #AmericanSociopath is infallible via @RickSmithShow…
How Did the Mueller Report Show Up on Amazon When It Hasn’t Been Made Public?… via @variety
Monica Lewinsky: ‘If F*cking Only’ Clinton Had Got the William Barr Summary Treatment… via @thedailybeast
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Does AG Barr’s summary of the Mueller report “exonerate” Trump? We asked 15 legal experts.… via @voxdotcom
Barr’s Quick Decision on Obstruction Was Awkward. And Troubling.… via @bopinion @CassSunstein
William Barr Did What He Was Hired to Do… via @esquire Hint: lie with impunity. #AmericanSociopath
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Trump delivers belligerent 25-minute rant on fake 'national emergency'… #InstabilityInChief #AmericanSociopath
Cue the articles of impeachment. 🚨 #NationalEmergencyDeclaration
Cue the #25thAmendmentNow. 🚨
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Racism shut the government down. Tell the story accurately.
Oh and by the fucking way, Trump and the GOP don’t (and never did) have a mandate to build their racist ass wall in the first place. The very thought of this and other heinous ideas was why 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary than did Trump. We didn’t vote for this SHIT.
Matter of fact the GOP’s racism is one of the main reasons they just lost the damn House. They’re going out the same way they came in, virulently racist and egregiously fucking stupid, incompetent and negligent. Mark it down.
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An Epidemic Is Killing Thousands Of Coal Miners. Regulators Could Have Stopped It
The stock market is on pace for its worst December since the Great Depression… #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
The death of our Siemens factory is the result of another Trump lie… #MAGA #AmericanSociopath
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First-ever Fact Checker poll: Few Americans believe Trump’s false statements #AmericanSociopath #LiarInChief…
In other words, the vast majority of Republicans know Trump’s a habitual liar but they still voted for him anyway because their entire political ideology is rooted in the propagation of LIES that affirm their greedy, misinformed & antiquated worldview.…
After nearly two years in the White House, Trump's lies start catching up with him… via @latimes
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According to @nytdavidbrooks GOP lawmakers are now thinking Trump may not finish out his term after Mueller bombshells via @RawStory
I love how these anonymous GOP lawmakers are all of a sudden saying they don’t think Trump will complete his term as if he hasn’t already committed numerous impeachable offenses or it hasn’t been within their power to remove his unfit, treasonous ass ever since 1/20/17.
Trump was always going to end up leaving office in disgrace, whether he did it prematurely or as scheduled, which is why it’s even more egregiously negligent and stupid that the GOP hitched its wagon to him in the first place. Don’t ever let them wash off his stink.
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Republican strategist on GOP plan for Kavanaugh: 'We need to ram this through as hard and fast as possible'…
Pun intended. 😷
GOP plows forward amid sexual misconduct allegations lodged at Brett Kavanaugh via @suntimes #DirtyOldMen #AmericanSociopath
Trump's Treatment of Women, Not Russia, Will Bring Him Down… #TimesUp
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What’s more shameful is the White American majority voted for Trump precisely so this would happen, and the more he justifies such heinous actions by calling the undocumented “animals” the more his approval rating rebounds. #ThisIsAmerica
Never forget that White Americans voted in majority for dictator Donald Trump and EVERY racist, inhumane atrocity his corrupt government commits. @HillaryClinton called them deplorable for a reason and they prove it daily.
Propane Jane discusses how the deplorables’ dehumanization of marginalized groups has paved the way for dismantling of every civil rights advancement of the 20th Century and the illegitimate ascendancy of #InstabilityInChief via @RickSmithShow…
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Trump summons press to defend abuser, ignore his victims… via @shareblue #AmericanSociopath
Pence and Trump can’t get agree on whether to condemn domestic violence… via @shareblue
The White House had to protect Rob Porter to save Donald Trump… via @voxdotcom
No honor amongst sociopaths.
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