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#JUMP/LEAP !!!!!!!!!!
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Shane Owns WCW, Just remember …
He gives it all back to THE PEOPLE ..

Hulk ends up choosing to go back to his #ROOTS, #YELLOW & #RED ..
The Toaster
The Vacuum
The Light
The Radio 🎶
All Looking for their Master, I was once lost, being searched for, I have been found..

My #REAL FAMILY Means everything to me, all the hate in the world or drama, I have no time for. .
I choose to be the change, those who choose
Daily to be lost forever being apart of the problem, that’s their choice ..
Eventually it’s all going to be even more clear than it already is, those who chose the paths they have of hate/division will eventually have A choice to make, that choice comes once forgiveness of self
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My #ROOTS, Run DEEP ! …

#ThankYou, Job Well Done ! .-

Double Edge Sharp

Where do your ROOTS start?
Where Do Your ROOTS #END ? ..

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Use Logic …

Doesn’t it seem like the #Biblical that’s unfolding, the Biblical truths/proofs being shown & positives happening in the world don’t matter like they should? … Or it’s just not cared about like you would think it should be cared for? ..

Seeing as many as I do
Daily trying to bring others down around them is crazy, wasted time..
Divided =WEAK

You do know this is EXACTLY #WH-Y [THEY] altered the Bible/Books, right?

[They] replaced so much specifically for these times of AWAKENING. . [They] knew how important it
Would be keeping as many as possible living in constant FEAR or constantly fighting amongst one another NOT KNOWING WHICH WAY IS UP. . Down is up!

[They] painted an image for the last 100+years within minds of billions KNOWING these times were coming, forcing these altered
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Each one of [Them] is A player on the players board, each individual has A number attached to [Them]. The whole time the Military was “prompting” vaccines, posting all the picture they were, was always telling A story/painting—They were SHOWING everyone who was already cuffed &
Sentenced to death ..

There were pictures of A SHOT (firing squad) being loaded up & injected .. Everything within EVERY post has ALWAYS been A coded language showing everyone what was really happening ..
I talk to them all, EVERY DAY for the last 6 years going back & forth
Waiting for ones who chose to see..
I feel like I broken record repeating myself but whatever, it is what it is, all most could do was judge or cast their stones ..
It was & still kind of is A popularity contest. . Hate, pot stirring, childish games & drama seemed to be more
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“Space Jam & DVD’s”

This is it, Remember #WHY all of you are here—It’s either everyone will band together becoming 1 Mind, 1 Body, 1 Soul, 1 Spirit, 1 people #RISING up for the children or the Human Race gets destroyed by THE PEOPLE doing exactly what it is [They] want everyone
To do. .

What’s more important?

The survival of the Human race with EVERYONE uniting as 1 people REBUILDING this brave new world the way THE PEOPLE want it too where THE PEOPLE have all the power helping one another heal & making sure NOTHING like what everyone is
About to find out ever happens again so MANY MANY future generations are bright?


Is humanity going to Do what [They]/The Deep State/The NWO/Evil WANTS/NEEDS everyone to do? [They] need everyone destroying this world so the truth never has the chance of seeing the light
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The Door is Cracked now …

It’s always been open for those who are true …
Some refuse to go through it for the simple fact they can’t live with themselves or won’t be able to look at themselves in the mirror knowing they thought of only themselves by walking through
The door Leaving everyone else behind to figure it out for themselves .. All while KNOWING the entire world was purposely set up the way it has been by THOSE 13 bloodlines who ruled over everyone to fail, fail unless they sold their soul becoming puppets & or end up being
Programmed to live life daily ‘Hardwired To Self Destruct’ the second Ones got within smelling distance of THE DOOR. Especially those who say F-U too [THEM] ..
The closer ones get too THE DOOR, the harder the personal tests in ones own life become … Surrender your #BURDENs/
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DETROIT _ Had an interesting experience during what I hope will be my last hospital visit for a while. When it was time for me to be discharged, a clerk came in to get payment for the bill and have me sign a form to consent for doctors to treat me.
I gave her my credit card, but refused to sign a machine not attached to a laminated form. Why? This sentence: I authorize the facility to retain and preserve... specimens for research, scientific, teaching purposes as well as other tests not related to my diagnosis.
If we taught Black history, you'd know why. In 1951, a young mother named #HenriettaLacks visited The Johns Hopkins Hospital complaining of vaginal bleeding. She had a large, malignant tumor on her cervix & Hopkins was one of few hospitals treating poor African-Americans.
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प्रकृति: रक्षति रक्षिता ! Mangrove forest after a cyclone. The line of defense after a cyclone.
#Mangrove; not only home for various species but also a tool against #Disaster. Tropical country like India, with densely populated 7500 km long coastline, will be effected by cyclones more due to #ClimateChange. This salt tolerant species acts as a shield against cyclones. 2/n
So how it works. Reposting my old tweets. Mangroves create a maze & dense habitat. With species which are salt tolerant & special adaptations. They act like buffer & consume the winds & energy. So after passing the storms get dampen. 3/n
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/14/2021…
This mineral shouldn’t exist on Earth’s surface. But researchers found it inside a diamond.…

#diamonds #minerals #discovery #botswana #davemaoite
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There is no [THEM], ONLY US !!

Do NOT let [THEM] Infiltrate your mind!
Great JOB on NOT letting anyone infiltrate your band.


Remember your #ROOTS !!
No, i'm NOT asking you to forgive.
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Everyone who is Following along with the GINORMOUS conversations that is taking place right in front of everyone, out in the open for ALL to see, this is kind Really Really important ..

Spelling is FUN
#4 & #7

Stay Close to YOUR Roots ..
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WHAT makes YOU the very BEST version of yourself? . .
WHATmakes you LOVE yourself & Others MORE or GREAT today than you did the previous day? .
WHAT is holding YOU back from being this person, THE VERY #BEST YOU KNOW you can be that is within you just screaming to be released?
WHAT defines you? Define yourself in 5 Words or less.
WHAT makes YOUR heart beat so hard to where others feel that same PASSION & makes them want to be just like you or walk the path you pa ed for someone else?
WHAT is A path where there is no Path?

Gods GREATEST creation, YOU.
In YOUR darkest hours, I WILL Shine Down the brightest of Lights . .

Simple Man.
Simple Woman.

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Today is #WorldMangrovesDay. So let me remind you. #Mangroves;

- acts as buffer & reduce impact of cyclones & #storm surge.
- they break the #wind force
- provide #habitat to #animals during cyclone or otherwise
- they reduce #pollution.

We just need to protect them.
So how it works. Mangroves create a maze & dense habitat. With species which are salt tolerant & special adaptations. They act like buffer & consume the winds & energy. So after passing the storms get dampen. You must have read in ‘Theory of Vibration’.
They are prop roots. In #mangrove #ecosystem they are adventitious support roots. They Grow down from lateral branches, in a way support trees, with doing other root functions. Additionally roots buffer against damage to coasts & enhance biodiversity & carbon sequestration.
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Do You believe in yourself to be the change that:
-Benifits The Man/Woman you see in the mirror?
- Benifits Your Family/Home/Friends?
-Benifits The Future/Children?
-Benifits the World?
EVERYONE is being SHOWN, Plain as day how evil has PROGRAMMED the world from childhood into adulthood. .

YOU as an individual have to see the ROOT of all the problems & addresa them as God would address them. .
It should be obvious by now that the ways humanity have chosen
Are NOT working & CHANGE is NEEDED . .
Where to start? The Man/Woman in the mirror, right?
Then, all you have to do is BE THE CHANGE & be that MIRROR IMAGE. Be that ROCK God instended for you to be for OTHERS to lean on. Be A voice for the Voiceless As GOD would be A voice.
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Long thread: Connections between #Tamil and #Portuguese
When we land in a new country, we generally ask how they say ‘Thank you’ or ‘good morning’ in their language. When we landed in Lisbon, we asked the cab driver: “How do you call a window in Portuguese?” He said, “Janela”.
The emergency windows in Portugal read as ‘Janela de Emergencia’. We continued, “How do you call table in Portuguese?” He said, “Mejai”. We didn’t stop. “How do you call a ‘key’?” “Shavi”, he helped us in the pronunciation. #tamil #Portuguese
Many roof top restaurants in Lisbon are named as “Varanda de Lisboa” (Balcony of Lisbon). Many of us who speak Tamil might have thought Jannal, Mejai, Varanda and Chavi are Tamil words or Sanskrit loan words. They are not. #தமிழ் #tamil_portuguese
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Good afternoon everyone!

Got A Question for you. In todays world, if Lucifer "rebelled" against Evil for doing all the things Evil were being allowed to do to Humanity & children, would Lucifer be in the wrong? WHAT IF back then, it was the same thing as the times everyone is
going through today? WHAT IF so much was kept hidden from Humanity for this very reason, so YOU wouldn't know the #REAL Story & "Lucifer" was cast into Hell(Earth) for eternity when all he was trying to do was SHOW the world NOTHING is what it seems & Free the children from being
trafficked, Raped & Slaughtered? When D.J.T visited the Vatican, he wore ALL BLACK for A specific reason. EVERYONE should know by now how CORRUPT the churches & everything else IS & has been. This is NOT something that JUST STARTED, this is A WAR that has been going on for
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Hi! ... 👋

Happy Happy Fryday!
What kind of Snacks are you filling your awesome lives with?
You don't have to be in A GIANT house or on A luxurious boat to be Happy .. Happiness comes from within. Object/materials give/put nothing out. Only YOU can CHOOSE to make A
ROW boat 🚣‍♂️ exactltly what it is, it is all you truly [NEED] ..
Lose you're Paddles? No worries, the winds will shift (WINDS OF CHANGE) just for you to give you that little extra P.U.S.H. into the direction you #SEEK, Right, Tommy Boy? .. ImageImage
Many of you seem to be stuck on the Beach looking for Gold & Treasures, don't worry, that will come .. What was stolen, will be given BACK to ALL OF YOU! #YOU are the ELITES.
Right now, you MUST be about THAT LIFE & get into your Boat & start sailing or Start sailing again. Image
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I Showed all of you I was Born in Wisconsin..

I showed all of you WHY evil in this world did all the cheating they did in all the States & Cities they did it in..
All to mock me & who I Am ..

Philly + Wisco
Ty Cobb, my Fathers side of the Family, he played for
the PHILLY (A)'s ..

Corn & COBB, were pardoned for A Reason ..

They Cheated in Georgia, because of my #ROOTS . .
ALL done to Mock me & who I Am..
Because I show ALL of you Hidden truth EVIL does not want YOU knowing, they hurt you more and more. Evil knew that little to none of you would believe A word
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I want to go stay in Barcelona, Spain for A few months & go film A Video part at MACBA .. Old School too, with A High 8-VX 1,000 ..
Since Day 1, I've always wanted to go there & make some Magic happen. I got 1-2-3 Video parts left in me to go film..
Almost time to get started.
Not to mention, Getting A Krew together to skate A Mini Ramp(Half Pipe) at live Heavy Metal Rock shows & Hip Hop shows while they are performing..
So much to do/Accomplish ..
K rew C lothing Co.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/25/2021…
We’ll Innovate Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis or Die Trying…

#ClimateChange #innovation #technology #consequences
Doing More by Doing Less: A Call to Rethink Philanthropy…

#philanthropy #impact #participation #grantmaking
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#ROOTS was my first professional audition. I was a 19 year old Theater major, @USC when I played Kunta Kinte.
My first day on the set the legendary @IAmCicelyTyson played my mother, Bings Kinte. @DrMayaAngelou played my grandmother, Nyo Boto. I was in the big leagues, fo’ sho!
I was in absolute, reverential, awe of the company I found myself in. The sole reason I wasn’t intimidated was the actor’s certainty that I KNEW who the character was. I knew that kid. I was that kid!
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Know your Nature & therapy to assists
BRAIN is Brahmi
Heart is Arjuna
Strength is Ashwagandha
Stamina is SHATAVARI
Guduchi is Immunity
Mulethi is throat
#roots #ayurveda
Ginger is digestion
Coconut oil is metabolism
Sweet Potatoes are Pancreas
Triphala is the GUT
Pumpkin is Fitness
Carrots are Retina
Tulsi is Oxygen
BOSWELIA गुग्गुळ is breathing
Awala is immunity
Tomatoes are Prostate
Pomegranate is Red blood cells
Water is Blood
Turmeric is circulation & Beauty
Grapes are Lungs
Papaya is Liver
Apples are breathing & Respiration
Moringa is Muscles & joints

To remove toxins
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