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He is the son of God, as it says tattooed on him.
He isn’t born yet but it here/has been here.


What is it you FEAR so much ?
The unknown?
Well, the unknown is KNOWN & I/#WE CAN SHOW YOU!!!

#OR, Continue going round & round on the ride
That was designed to separate the pure hearts from the evildoers that REFUSE to be apart of the solution …

The haters, the pot stirrers, the Dragging other under to save one’s own self NOT caring the damage it’s causing so someone can get what they want for person gains &
#FEAR is the problem …

There literally does not have to be ANY kind of traffic jam on the life/spiritual awakening Highway!!!
Because mostly EVERYONE chose the #BLIND to lead them/the #BLIND, chose ones who they thought were someone that are not the someone who they
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Hail to the Chief.
Tay, I know it’s ultimately ur choice/decision at the end of the day but how does your dad feel about Elvis being the Pastor that day? …
King is the pastor for King & Queens Wedding, extraordinary times we’re living in. ImageImage
It’s UR day, I want U to have the day U always dreamed of, I want it to be everything & more.
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Here I am proving to the world that the future has the ability to come back to the past & help create A world around everyone to where they don’t keep falling into the same traps, make the same mistakes or ones are able to help their loved ones from being hurt/taken away &
All anyone has to do is EARN IT to be able to be one of those individuals in the near future who can sign up voluntarily to come back to the past helping those in need to better The future …

FORGIVENESS brings PEACE within allowing ones to HEAL & see clearly..

The very same
Way the world around everyone has been created, YOU in the not to distant future can be one of those individuals who comes back to A selected timeline to help stop family member from hurting each other & also help create A world around everyone for when that timeline awakens.
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I have always known.
Eventually I will unlock my P0A_Triot23 Account or Post everything that has already been archived.

Do dates & Times matter?
Is Timing everything?

The world/country will finally see for themselves that some “nobody” is THE ONLY WAY, for MANY it will
Be to late though …
So many have fallen/are falling for all the traps being set for ones to fall into. They’ll realize they were entrapped & spread around things to wake up their family/friends who have beaten them into the ground for believing this whole time. Because their
Emotions are clouding their judgments, they’re sharing Hunter truths to be like “see I told you so” to their family & friends.
AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT [THEY] #NEED everyone to do. MANY are & soon they’ll have something on their record for the rest of their life that should not
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Everything has been flipped/MIRRORED For this very reason of what is happening in the world today.

All the warning signs of what has been happening for The last 100 years ignored & all the cries for help from
Those who knew shot down because what they were telling everyone who was asleep didn’t want to believe them or thought there is no way these things are happening to children ..

Want me to pull up ALL the posts made about the compounds/Farms where trafficked children get sent

There were MANY compounds all around the world with rooms FILLED with babies in bassinets, those babies are raised on these farms/compounds, indoctrinated & groomed to be sent into the world to push agendas their puppet masters NEED them to push..

How many “stars” this
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All of A sudden Skateboarding/Skateboarders matter, right?

This whole time, Skateboarding hasn’t meant shit to most the Main stream world, Now magically skateboarding matter because ones care more about the negatives happening in the world instead of all the positives
That have been shown.

What is the purpose of making some stupid post like this?
To get more people to act as [THEY]/evil needs everyone acting?
To get people to say the things [EVIL] needs everyone saying that PROVE how wicked most humans truly are?
EVERYONE should know by now how messed up this world truly is & that GOD IS THE ONLY WAY !!!

#OR MOST can just continue doing things their own wicked ways for their 15 minutes of fame, likes, follows & Retweets !

When is enough going to be enough & EVERYONE realizes there is
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I have more important things to do today than sitting on Social Media watching so many of the people fall for the “stars” lies & Deceptions misleading everyone #OR watching people discussing topics they hav absolutely no clue what is really going on/why everything is
Happening as it is …

1 piece of cheese on Bread, they deserve better & Sitting on ‘The Virus Of Life’ trying to help people who Don’t want to be helped or continue falling for all the same games being played upon their minds is the least of my worries…
I Can See You but YOU CAN’T SEE ME ! …

Welcome To Hell.
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Complaining about the right to choose?

Why wasn’t that right taken advantage of the night at the bar to NOT have Sex with someone ones barely knew?

A woman or man could EASILY say, “you know what I’m not going to sleep with this man/woman because if something were to happen
I’m not ready to have A baby, especially with someone I barely know” …

Same goes for pretty much EVERY OTHER SCENARIO that could be brought up.

If A woman is carrying A child from being rapped or some other Circumstances, there should be some kind of Exceptions.

Get to
The #ROOT of it all, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

The people have this world have been programmed & Hardwired to self destruct from birth on …

What ever happened to THAT side of life, sex & relationship being sacred?

It’s like there’s BILLIONS of Adams & Eves running around the world
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Ask and you shall receive …
Truth is What is wanted, truth is what is given.
WILL #Nothing finally be good enough?
Carry On.
Just remember, everyone has 2 simple choices;
1 - Be Still & KNOW.
2 - Be the individuals evil needs everyone being becoming the problem
By Doing exactly what evil failed doing themselves, which is why evil needs everyone to destroy themselves, Others, this Country & World.

I Know what everyone wants, I know someone 🪞 that can give it all to you—Just Say the word.

Everyone should choose with their own FREE WILL to Rise above it all & come together …
Unite because you want to.

Everyone should be figuring out the whole corrupt “System” was built up/designed to turn everyone against one another if [their] empire of evil was
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Don’t worry, the Vultures fail & I don’t let any of THEM get to me.

Military overwatch.
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“Take your shot”


Remember when the FF happened where Someone opened fire on A softball game or practice?
It was A charity game or something?
Police Vs firefighters maybe?

If you know what I’m
Talking about, you should think about going back & digging deeper on where it happened, who did it & when it took place.

Evil/corruption has been planning for A very long time. What firearm was the guy using? AR-15?

I guarantee you, all the dots will connect to other FF’s
That happened further ahead in time.. That is how these evil entities work, [they] leave [their] fingerprint on everything [they] do. Each fingerprint connects/leads to what [they] will do next & where/when [they] will strike next.
[they] have had all of this planned for
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.@bullyray5150, yourself & .@davidlagreca1 we’re talking on Busted Open about Cobra Kai & how “no one saw it coming … If anyone did see it coming, you both call bullshit”…

I know & see all.

As far as the 24/7 championship,
Either Dave truly has absolutely no clue of the hidden layer/storylines being told of what’s going on IRL #OR No one can be #REAL with their listeners who do know about the hidden storyline layers #OR Controversy creates cash & the more everyone keeps silent “Kay fabe”, the more
Talk shows like .@BustedOpenRadio keep their listeners on the #HOOK without showing/talking about the hidden biblical layers of life the .@WWE/.@AEW are secretly showing the world/Country but the world/Country is pretty much clueless …

So which one is it?
Afraid to speak
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Why would an entire family plan their lives around A life that wasn’t born yet?

Why would EVERYONE who knew, on both “sides” do all that they/[they] have leaving truth of who some “nobody” is everything created?

If you think I asked for ANY OF THIS, you’re mistaken & it
Would be A very ignorant thing to think ..
Because how could someone ask for all of this to be done for him when he wasn’t even born yet?

I didn’t ask to come from the Bloodline I come from, I didn’t ask to inherit the world problems to just become everyones punching bag or
I didn’t ask to be born just to be everyones scapegoat/easiest person to blame for ALL the problems Humanity created for themselves ..

If you think DJT is the “OUTSIDER” being talked about within Q, again you are sadly mistaken & like always the movement has come up with their
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This is truly simple …

Humanity can either RISE ABOVE IT ALL & move on #OR The children all around the world will be saved & taken to others timeline to start over JUST LIKE ADAM & EVE …

Those who have been able to rise above it all, they go look after the children that
Are taken to start over …

Out of all the children around the world, 1 of those timelines they’re taken too will make it past this very moment in time WE ALL ARE AT NOW.


Humanity can GROW UP, everyone puts their BIG BOY/GIRL pants on & stops acting like spoiled children
That kick & scream when they don’t get what They want when they want it.

See through all the FALSE FLAGS being thrown at everyone !!
Everything being done to date, It’s all being done by evil for political gains & trying evils hardest to make it to where the truth never
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It’s almost like “they” copied & pasted words that “Nobody” has been saying, saying for well over 3 years now, Why ?
All being done as A subliminal way of SHOWING everyone something really important? …
Showing WHAT Really Important details? …
Eh, I truly feel it Matters not.
Everyone should just continue on with their day to day lives however they’ve been living them.
Everyone within the movement has Lucifer to guide them, that’s who everyone chose & everyone outside of the movement has the really really evil
Beings Doing all this harm upon the masses who are pretending to be the “good guys”, pointing “their” fingers fueling propaganda machines …

Heck, did you know those who everyone labels “Luciferians”, worship Lucifer & in the very same breathe hate on him IRL not even knowing
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100-500-1,200-1,800-3,000 years of lies, No matter how many opinions someone has doesn’t make those lies true & never will ..
No matter how much “Knowledge” ones think they have based on THOUSANDS of years of lies, does not make those lies true …

It seems like Until the
People get what they want, all those lies throughout time that have been force fed into the masses for many generations will continue causing people to treat their fellow man like trash


The masses will end up allowing those layers of life that told those lies for many
Generation push them OVER THE EDGE destroying themselves, others & or this world …


THE WORLD/COUNTRY can FINALLY #BeStill PROVING you’re not going to do exactly as [THEY]/evil (the common enemy God & Lucifer have that enslaved humanity/hurt children) [NEED] everyone
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Tap Tap Taps Out …

The Viper & Rattlesnake are the ones the people choose & in the very same breathe talk shit about not know who they’re really fighting for—I truly don’t care, they’ll be the ones replacing the evil bloodlines that have been ruling/enslaving the world & do
Good for the world ..
I was born In the gutter & put into A “cage” that
Never felt like A home since day 1 .✍️ Enslaved to the same corrupt system everyone else was enslaved too.
Because I come from where I do & what I have that’s needed within me, is the reason why everything
Was done “All For A Buck” as it has been …
All done to make sure the ones who has all the Keys within him was guided to exactly where everyone needed him to be.
This is why drugs/pain pills flood the streets & why evil did everything else that evil has in time, all the poisons
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I’m Fully Aware …
Grapes/Bread are the real [EVIL] Ones plaguing/enslaving this world, doing harm upon children/trafficking children …


There is only 1 “Nobody” that could turn water into wine & the story told of it was never something physical that happened ..
It has always been about KNOWING of all those that were/are pretending to be of light/God/Jesus but really the ones doing all the harm upon children/humanity as [they] have been …

Once [they] are all arrested, all the crimes exposed of what’s been happening for the last
5-10-25-60-89-99-500-1,755-2,000 years & Justice is served —Everything can go back to the way it was always meant to be before [they]/evil/the common enemy of Lucifer & Gods infiltrated …
I don’t care if ones chose the “Darkside”, those who chose the
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Dog = The people of United States
doG = “Nobody”

I hear all the screaming & see all the facing crying out for help within my mind/Visions before every major event that takes place .. It All gets louder & more clear the closer it becomes to the day of …

All Those Screams &
Cries out for help have happened ENDLESS amounts of times (Groundhog’s Day) over & over again, Vibrations/Frequencies left in time trapped within two mirrors facing one another, bouncing back & forth from one infinite end to the other in A matter of seconds … Each time the mind
taps into it all, those Vibrations become pictures/Images of what’s to come.
All the screams = Frequencies constantly traveling & being Bounced back & forth within those two mirrors facing one another, each time it passes by the mind picks it all up.

#TOPS ‘Inception’
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“Stars = Souls On Earth” …
“Pyramids =“
Coming to A Theater Near U
Everybody Loves Raymond/RaymAn

The Outer Limits
There is nothing wrong with your television set ..
#WE Are Controlling Your Transmission ..
If we wish to make it louder, WE will bring up the Volume …
If WE Wish to make it softer, WE will tune it to A whisper …
WE Will Control the Horizontal..
WE can ROLL the Image, Make it flutter ..
WE can change the focus to A soft blurr #OR SHARPen it to Crystal Clarity…

For the NeXT hour sit quietly & WE will control all that you SEE & HEAR …

There is nothing wrong with your television set.
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He isn’t coming back to Twitter, so what are all of you going to do now?

Wine piss & Moan that you didn’t get “The Tweet” from 1 of the only ones who matters?

Accept “The Tweet” from who it was always supposed to come from?

Still nothing will ever be good enough?
#WHY Did you allow yourselves to be so mislead ?

You are a CHILD right now, right this very second, no matter what age you are & Mislead …

Every single JFK account, most fell for.
Every single Parody account was always more important ..
Every single person claiming to
Be me/trying so hard to be me, was “Trusted”… Even when all the warning signs were clear as day.

When All Stars shined for 🦌 BUCK, their light never mattered because it wasn’t who mattered to most.

… And even when the ones YOU ALL chose/look to for Answers, comms, proof,
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As far as The Third Strain of #MonkeyPox, the cure can be found within Planet Of The Apes #OR CONGO …

If you should happen to come down with #SmallPox Strain Number 3, Find ‘Tarzan’ & ask him for help …
Tarzan is the only one who can/is allowed to Swing from Branch to Branch
Within the Biblical Bloodline Tree of life …
Tarzan keeps the peace with ALL Biblical Bloodline Families on EVERY branch, including the TRUNK of the Tree …
Tarzan = Pure

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Just Remember, When [they] mock you—[They] & MANY of the people mocked “nobody” first…
-It only matters when it happens to someone important, I know.

When [they] spit on you, [they] & MANY of the people Spit on “Nobody” first.
-It only matters when it happens to someone
Important, I know …

Humanity is at it’s crossroads, every choice EVERYONE collectively makes from this point forward determines whether there’s A future for ALL mankind & the children or just the children.

Is everyone going to collectively put on their BIG Boy/Girl pants
Choosing with their own FREE WILL too BREAK THE CYCLE #OR choose to Judge those who have sinned/made mistakes in their lives,becoming the very wicked/evil beings most seek to rid?
R N R;
“Reconcile Not Revenge”.✍️

None of this is truly hard, Humanity makes most of it harder upon
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