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On #WorldEnvironmentDay2023 sharing my top 5 #Wildlife destinations. A thread with photos by @shranjan

1) Corbett - The #beauty of #Corbett lies in its montane #river valleys, majestic Sal #forests and expansive #grasslands teeming with #wildlife.

@ReserveCorbett #Dhikala ImageImageImageImage
2) Tadoba - It has transformed from a little known forest in the 90’s to Central India’s tiger capital. The only park where tiger sightings in #buffer zone are as good as the core.
@etadoba #tadoba @SvasaraResorts #TigerReserve ImageImageImageImage
3) Kaziranga - Wildlife as far as the #eye can see, the only park in #India that can match the experience of #MasaiMara. You can sight the “Big Five” in a single #safari.

@kaziranga_ #Assam #BigFive @assamforest ImageImageImageImage
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It’s nice to know the American government is about as on time for stuff as the Canadian Government.
#WhereIsThePhoto @NASA
I've been listening to this jazz stuff for like 20minutes. I followed the link from @Astropartigirl and @AstroKatie . The snare drum really gets after the sixtieth loop
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.@AustinCreedWins , NINTENDO 64/Regular …

Kong & Zilla, United as 1 for the time being … Common enemy, MECHA Zilla ..

Matrix Resurrections — 🌈 Time !!!
Mortal Kombat — Winning Time !
The Mandalorian
Home Sweet Home ..
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Wait. What….
Donald Trump is suggesting that the election be delayed.
Fact check:
*Only Congress can change the date of the election.
*Even then, the Constitution requires that states send electoral votes to Congress by Dec. 23.
*And Trump must end term in office, the Constitution says, on Jan. 20.…
Fact check 2:
Donald Trump would much rather have us talk about mail-in voting and delaying the election than about the 150,000 #covid19 deaths in the US.
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Curious for opinions from #wildlife #biology folks. Am teaching Wildlife Populations for the 2nd time this Spring and want to adjust labs a bit.

Currently, labs focus on understanding pop growth, CMR & other density estimates, etc. Most are Excel heavy.

Last year, we had two outdoor labs around estimating #squirrel population densities on campus, which students really enjoyed. This year am adding another outdoor lab around using #frog calling indices. (Yes, we shall be going out in the snow!)

I also think our students could use more practice learning local species & scientific names, esp. bc not all get to take all the animal-ologies. So..

Should I incorporate 1 - 2 specimen labs on important #wildlife species? (have good #mammal #bird #herp #fish collections)
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Tomorrow the #wildlife pops class is going to collect data on #squirrel densities on SCSU’s campus...outside.

They designed their data sheet on Monday & will be using range finders and compasses to estimate distances to active squirrels and dreys (nests).

1/2 🐿 ❄️ Image
If you don’t hear from me again it’s because they’ve mutineed and buried me under the snow.

Wish me luck.

2/2 🐿 ❄️
Outdoor #squirrel lab went well! Students collected data and then warmed up with hot chocolate and animal crackers as they determined population densities Image
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Please ask people why they go #SQUIRREL on twitter to talk about things that aren't the top item.

Fast food for Clemson is #NotRelevant. It is like rubbernecking a traffic accident.

funding government
health insurance market stability
cyber defense
voter reg.
POTUS is a genius at distracting people.

Admit that to yourself. Give him credit for that.

THEN, don't fall for it.
AND, ask better of others.

Opioid crisis
Veterans suicides
Kids in cages
drug use causing violence, chaos in Central America
N Korea
Why don't more people talk about #Distraction s?

All he does is cause yet another distraction to distract y'all from the last one.


Distractions have no power if you CHOOSE NOT TO GIVE IT TO THEM.

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