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1) Last year, around this time, this Youtube link began to be shared via DM's. They were sent by the use of stolen individual account's msg systems.
Received this link?
It's a corrupt Twitter Phishing link, run by entities unknown. It's been in hiding & is back!
2) Here are some past examples of the same link & various accounts that were highjacked & had absolutely no idea that there DM systems were stolen & used for spreading this corrupt link.
Seems, as with all of the Twitter censorship & attacks, this one's cyclic!
3) The #TwitterBots are back hijacking accounts & sending malicious links!

Do not open this link if it is msg'd to U!

This Youtube link's been used 4over a year. It's a #PhishingScam. The accounts who's names the msgs are under have no idea that the link has been sent.
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1) 1st #TwitterBot du jour. I have 2wonder if they can read the #INSTABLOCK [ ! ]
2) For those of U that may wonder why I go on about the #TwitterBots, here's one of the pieces of the story of this accounts time & the Bot assaults.
This is what they look like. This is a #BotFarm. Take $100k worth of iPhones, add more tech & a tech orchestrator (coder) & start
3) fake accounts on each one. Add various programs as time passes & release into the #TwitterSphere.
Soon after starting this account, DM's began coming thru that had a #Youtube link. Most often there was nothing else. I won't show the link as text as it could be opened & that's
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Going to try to tweet this as I work through it. Someone out there doesn't like facebook. At least 3-4 different freshly minted botnets are retweeting anything with the #DeleteFacebook hashtag.
#Bot #TwitterBots
the 1st "set" of bots is very similar to the elon musk cryptocurrency scammer bots that are running wild on twitter.
they are retweeting everything this accounBwTYFklRaR
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Did not find enough (yet) to make the #TriggerALiberalIn4Words hashtag trend, but i got me some new bots.
189 bots in this network.
They have been dormant for a long time until late 2017.
#bots #TwitterBots #TriggerAConservativeIn2Words #AI #infosec
Older bots still use the API sometimes and this is a dead giveaway
see the "TV Tweet Time&" settings as the tweet source. That's a couple fields you have to fill out when getting api access to twitter. Bot owners usually jusps://
The set of accounts almost all start off with the same set of tweets:
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214 #Twitterbots that I noticed while looking into the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag.
They are spamming people with replies linking to /

#cybersecurity #infosec #bots #AI #Russia #Ukraine #Trump
more examples of the bots replying to people with spam:
I 1st noticed them because they re-tweeted a russian bots favorite account: @dbongino a fox news contributor who was one of the first people to mention the memo online.
There are some other notable russian favorites in here to:
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Another small set of spam bots found tweeting during the #Election2016.
These were found tweeting during the RNC on 18th-19th July 2016.
#bots #twitterbots #spam #spambots
167 bots in total in the "…2zVtcAKigr
pastebin of the screen names
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Part 3 of a multi-part look at the bots that tweeted during the #Election2016.
This part features some #Russian bots.
#Bots #TwitterBots #Spam #Tech #Infosec #Putinbot #ActiveMeasures
These bots were found tweeting during the 1st presidential debate 9-27-2016.
1560 total bots
Looks like a few different "networks"
Spreadsheet here if you want to see them for…kCMYHjNoUb
During the debates these accounts just re-tweeted everything form one account.
the account used to have a screen name of @Shrympp
The accounts all have the exact same stats, some have their lang set to "en" otherps://
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Part 2 of a multi-part look at the bots that tweeted during the #Election2016

These were found in the #SocialFeedMgr 2016 election data set GOP Convention (Twitter filter).
#bots #twitterbots #spam #tech #infosec…
I initially found 51 accounts that all looked the same:
after doing some searching there are around 655 accounts in this bot net.
You can see a spreadsheet of the accounts info here:…
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Spam bots did a lot of work in the #Election2016 .
#Twitter should do something about them before the #elections2018.
This is just a small chunk of the bots in the @SocialFeedMgr 2016 election data set.
#bots #twitterbots #spam…
Just looking at a small portion of the RNC tweets I found 30 bots.
The tweet samples:
#RNCinCLE #NeverTrump hashtags
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Fun fact: this tweet sent during the 1st presidential debate was boosted by bots.
Found the bots in the @SocialFeedMgr 2016 election dataset.
#bots #election #twitterbots
@SocialFeedMgr Tweet got 7000 retweets.
Link to the original, my best guess is that they paid for re-tweets.
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