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i thought of making a thread #KnowYourRamayana.

an interesting chapter(=sarga) - and perhaps the most tragic - in the Valmiki Ramayana is the 45th sarga of Aranya kaanDa.…

the interesting part: there is no mention of Lakshmana drawing a rekha(line) 🙂
now the tragic part:😭
सौमित्रे मित्र रूपेण भ्रातुः त्वम् असि शत्रुवत् ||३-४५-५
Son of Sumitra, you are an enemy of your brother(Rama)in the disguise of a friend.

इच्छसि त्वम् विनश्यन्तम् रामम् लक्ष्मण मत् कृते ||३-४५-६
Lakshmana,for wanting me you desire Rama's destruction.
Now, we have oft heard of this - "when street dogs bark, why would an elephant even bother!". Some random people casting aspersions will never bother a person. But, here Sita - whom he(Lakshmana) verily considered like his mother - she is herself doubting his integrity. 😭
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Lineage of Shri Ram 🙏
Brahma (ब्रह्मा)
Marichi (प्रजापति मरीचि)
Sage Kashyap(महर्षि कश्यप)
Vivaswana (Surya/Sun) (विवस्वान सूर्य)
Vaivaswat Manu (वैवस्वत मनु)
King Ikshvaku (First Ruler of Ayodhya)(इक्ष्वाकु)
Kukshi (कुक्षि)
Vikukshi विकुक्षि
Vaan वाण
Anaranya अनरण्य
Prithu पृथु
Trishanku त्रिशंकु
Dhundhmaar धुंधमार
Yuvanashwa युवनाश्व
Mandhata मान्धाता
Susandhi सुसन्धि
Dhruvsandhi ध्रुवसंधि
Bharat भरत
Asit असित
Sagar सगर
Asamanja असमंज
Anshuman अंशुमन
@Aabhas24 @gopugoswami
Dilip दिलीप
Bhagirath भगीरथ
Kakutstha ककुत्स्था
Raghu रघु
Pravridhh/Kalmapaad प्रवृद्घ
Sankhana संगखण
Sudarshan सुदर्शन
Agnivarna अग्निवर्ण
Shighraga शिघ्रग
Maru मरू
Pashushruk पशुश्रुक
Ambarish अंबरीश
Nahush नहुष
Yayati ययाति
Nabhag नाभाग
@Shrimaan @saket71
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