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Shot all this in my back yard 🎥
#vfx #starwars
Full 4K original video:
Behind the Scenes:
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Gotta love @jimmy_dore. How do so many people still not know about these criminals? How long does it take to sink in, people? I mean...It's not brain surgery. 😉
Workforce statistics do not reflect what we're being told.
#VaccineInjuries #VaccineDeaths
#Fauci opened the #Gates of hell.
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#UnityTips: 🔥 Fluid 'simulation' trail shader. 🫧

Inspired by a #b3d node animation. [U]V gradient masks control the colour/alpha/width over trail. ✨

('fluid' is 100% rendered in the shader)

#unity3d #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #gameart #vfx #realtimevfx #proceduralart
In glorious, full screen 1080p. 🤩
A still of the node graph. Have a look: 👀📊
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Noise applied to a solid strip, with strength masked by horizontal gradient. Creates a the illusion of a wispy trial!

Throw in some remapping, bloom/post, and... 🤩

#gamedev #indiedev #vfx
Quantized time + colour gradients would be useful for styling and that toon look.

You could use it as a trail attached to either your mouse or a particle system. Imagine using it with this effect?

Plexus and all!

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Guess I can finally share this! A spider shader I made for Tomb Rainder Reloaded. It uses world position, sine waves and vertex colors to animate the spider, all done on the vertex shader. Those are projectiles so they had to be cheap and not skinned. #VFX #madewithunity
First thing I do is make a dot product of the mesh rotation with the world position, so it increments the motion correctly and don't play it backwards when going up or left. I put that on a sine node and I use it to offset the mesh left and right...
Then I add a number to that motion value and repeat the sine to get a "future position". This way I can get a direction that I can use to rotate the mesh (took me a while to figure that out. There are some overlapping sines to give some extra motion on top of all that...
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I also remember creating a cool Matte Painting setup for Terminator Genisys (2015) for the Golden Gate sequence and the bus stunt (real)
The environment for the entire sequence is made of bubbles (matte painting spheres) from different positions on the bridge #VFX #Story #Thread
We shot the real 360 environment from on side of the bridge to the other one, every 100m or so, and created multiple similar painting from every position to let the compositor picking the one for his shot.
We also had specific ones for long lenses camera, done by @SullyRichard
They really made the stunt tho, throwing a bus in the air. But as you can see, we had to add the bridge and the surrounding environment, that was really cool to do.
watch the behind the scenes here:
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This shot from Bourne Ultimatum (2007) is still one of my favorite MattePainting.
The jump is real, but we’ve extended the facade, created the interior of the flat, put a CG window, CG glass and added CG shutters.
This shot was a great team work from 3D, FX and DMP.
#vfx #story
A stunt man jumped through an opened window, followed by a camera on a wire.
We just added a closed window which shatters, built what's inside the room, extended the wall and added the shutters.

That is the original plate
more here :
Sorry for the broken link
Here it is, you'll see the whole preparation and stunt.
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I was amazed by this short footage.
The game responds to every player’s action with a tone of feedback!
So I decided to break down what makes it so tactile and alive and counted 27 methods.
#gamedev #GoMechaBall #madewithunity #indiegames #vfx
1) The ball leaves dust and a trail that has a fixed lifetime, thus it stretches when the ball moves faster - conveying speed
2) Dust ring, sparks, and distortion effect on dashing with the spider - conveying dashing feel
2/15 Image
3) The ball has an orange effect - responding to dashing
4) There is dust on the character's steps - adding life to the movement
5) Shells fly out on every shot - adding feel to the shooting and changing environment for a time
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🧠 Hey #VFX artists! Here are the best @UnrealEngine hacks you're not taking advantage of (but definitely should be!). 🧵

Up first: birds! 🐦🐦🐦
⏺️ How to fix UV Seams caused by math. [🧵2/17]
⏺️ How to use @UnrealEngine's Dot Product function to create desaturation controls. [🧵3/17]
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went on my daily lunchtime walk and the rain was smashing down on these steps, super cool water #vfx reference in slo mo…
just the slow part
this is the vfx artist's equivalent of when graphic designers critique the typeface on a restaurant menu
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Getting the most out of your grayscale noise textures.

Thread 2 - Balance


#vfx #techart #gamedev #indiedev #realtimevfx
In my previous thread I shared information about texture consistency and the importance of utilizing the full range of 8-bit values.

This thread focuses on the balance and evaluation of values distributed in a texture, which can be equally important when building versatile noise libraries.

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✨Hello! ✨

I've been given the all clear to post the art test that I did whilst applying for Blizzard, so thought I could use it as an opportunity to show how these things can go, what to expect, and how I approached it.

Here goes! 🧵

#gamedev #art #vfx #gameart #vfxartist
the brief was very simple and just asked me to make 'an explosion' that could fit in a Blizzard game world.

could have been anything really, so i started with researching WoW schools of magic for inspiration and settled on using "Arcane" and "Nature" as my guiding words. 🔮🌿
then i looked just lists of existing abilities in WoW to get an idea for their effects, and just randomly saw one called "Alter Time".

Without looking at what the effect actually did, I just used those words as a springboard to start concepting! 🎨
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In this thread we are going, finally, to implement Navier-Stokes simulation in Niagara. We should obtain something like in the gif below. #ue5 #niagara #vfx #gamedev #math
Following the steps in Stam's Stable Fluids paper, let's split our original problem into smaller ones. Basically, we solve the momentum equation (apply forces, advect velocity and diffuse it) and after that we force that computed velocity to be divergence-free using the pressure. Image
We know how to solve (from the previous thread...more or less) all the elements of last picture, except maybe the "advection" step. Luckily, it can easily solve using a method called "Semi-Lagrangian scheme". Again, I recommend you take a look to @nvidia GPU Gems blog. Image
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Simple barriers, inspired by the concept art by Pavel Savchuk

#shader #realtimevfx #gamedev #unity3d #VFX #amplifyshader
Well, I guess mixed media uploads are available only on mobile apps so I'll post them in separate tweets
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💧 Stylized Water in UE5 Breakdown 💦

After I posted my latest scene, there were a few people who reached out to me about the water! While I'm working to finalize the complete project breakdown, here's a 🧵on the material:

#UnrealEngine #gameart #VFX
Firstly, the water is based on the SingleLayerWater material type in Unreal. This colors the scene below the water mesh and allows for transparency without having to code that logic in the graph. I introduce slight color variation by using a curve to define the AbsorptionColor. ImageImageImage
The sparkly effect on top is what completes the water's signature look. It is made with fairly uncomplicated logic based on techniques used by Nintendo on Mario Galaxy. @JasperRLZ provides a thorough breakdown here that helped me a ton:
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A lot of people have been asking about how I've set up the water I showed in my last tweet, so here comes a breakdown of the materials in Unreal Engine 4, a 🧵

#indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #UnrealEngine #VFX
First off the base water, for lakes and oceans etc, that the river and waterfall are based on.
Here’s an overview of the material. It’s an opaque material and I’ve turned on tessellation for displacement of the waves. Image
Here’s a closeup of the first foam part of the graph. This is for the animated small lines moving away from the shore, and uses techniques shown by Johannes Bjurström in this video: Image
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Using @OpenAI dall-e 2 AI to dream up what a Chinese restaurant skyscraper might look like. The fluid frame interpolation was made with @runwayapp new super slow motion setting that also uses the power of AI to morph between frames.
#aiart #ai #architecture #vfx #dalle
To create this a still from the original video was uploading to dall-e’s outpainting canvas. I then erased a little bit off the top of the building, generated an extension and repeated this step over 40 times
Next step is to sequence all the frames together and erase the sky behind it
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Getting the most out of your grayscale noise textures.

A series of threads that will include technical information, workflow best practices, evaluation techniques, and free files.

Thread 1 - Consistency


#vfx #techart #gamedev #indiedev #realtimevfx @polycount
I hope this thread helps shed some light on the subject of building grayscale texture libraries that aid in game development workflows. It's important to note that I make a lot of generalizations about how these types of textures are utilized, and your needs may differ.

For games, we commonly rely on 8-bit texture formats. 16-bit formats are recommended when building source files, but require additional consideration when being utilized at runtime. For now we'll be focusing on 8-bit.

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Hoy os traigo un juego de los míos. El #CGI está muy cerca de imitar a la realidad sin que los podamos distinguir. Un reto cada pocas horas, ¿va?

Empezamos con manzanas. Sólo una de estas manzanas es #3D. ¿Sabríais decirme cuál?
Encuesta a continuación. ¡Votad! Image
¿Qué manzana de las anteriores es 3D digital?
Y la manzana digital era... 🥁 ¡La 1!
La inmensa mayoría habéis tenido claro que la manzana 3 era real. Pero no todos habéis podido distinguir cuál de las dos restantes era la digital. Estaba complicado, lo reconozco... 🍎
#3D #VFX #CGI #DigitalVSReal
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Making textures and sprites from scratch for #vfx can be a tedious and time-consuming process.
So here's my collection of 1000+ free noise, particle & sprite textures for #realtimevfx artists from various sources.
1. VFExtra Texture pack by @Niels_Dewitte (50+ textures)… Image
2. Free noise pack by @Luos_83 Image
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No me gusta posicionarme en temas polémicos, ni entrar a valorar asuntos no artísticos de mi profesión, pero lleváis unos días insistiendo mucho, así que diré un par de cosillas brevemente al respecto del tema de Marvel y el duro trabajo de los equipos de #VFX.
Vaya por delante que esta es mi opinión personal basada en mi experiencia, propia y ajena a mi alrededor. Se ajusta a la realidad objetiva como cualquier otra opinión personal: lo justo. Y la experiencia de otros artistas puede ser muy diferente y es igual de válida. Respeto.
La inmensa mayoría de artistas de VFX que trabajamos para proyectos de Marvel (o de cualquiera de las grandes) no trabajamos para Marvel directamente, sino para un estudio de VFX en el que estamos contratados. Es el estudio el que tiene a Marvel como cliente, no los artistas.
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I get this question a lot. I’m not sure what’s the best way or most accurate way of doing this but I can tell you how I do it. This is a mini #tutorial - #houdini #fluid #simulation #vfx @sidefx 🧵
I make 90% of these in a SOP solver and don’t use the bigger solvers like flip or pyro. Basically I started this one by making a simple motion. Don’t remember what exactly but say making particles move towards the center.
Then I convert that v to vdb field, I usually use the attrib rasterize for that. then I use the vdb non-divergent to make that field non divergent.And then transfer than v field to points. I use wrangle I think you can use the vdb node,I think vdb advect points if you want.
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Here is a small breakdown of the impact frame effect I used in my previous tweet (The effect is inspired by @__grit 's hand drawn impact effect). It's post process based.

#VFX #RealtimeVFX #shader #madewithunity #gamedev
The first step of the effect is to get the scene outlines. I used some color/normal/depth edge detection algorithm from @alexanderameye… and made some BIG outlines.
The second step is to blur the outlines to get rid of the hard edges. So radial blur + simple blur. (Radial blur example from @HarryAlisavakis :… )
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