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Friendly reminder-
With the discovery of the #COVID variant in both Snohomish and Pierce counties over the weekend, it’s more important than ever to:
😷 Wear a mask
🧼 Wash your hands
🚫 Avoid gatherings, especially indoors...
🏡Stay home if you're sick or have been exposed to #COVID19
⚕️Get tested if you have symptoms
📲 Sign up for #WaNotify at
There are currently 3 confirmed cases of the B.1.1.7 #COVID19 variant in #WA, but it is likely other cases exist and will be identified.

This variant is estimated to become the dominant strain the U.S. within a few months...
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"We expect to move into phase 1B in a matter of days. You’ll hear more of this accelerated pace very soon." - Assistant Secretary Michelle Roberts from our Division of Prevention & Community Health #COVID19

Watch live or catch it later on @TVWNews at…
"Vaccination is a tool that will ultimately bring this pandemic era to an end…. We need to make sure people at highest risk of getting sick or dying get the #COVID19 vaccine first." - Roberts
“We are not flattening out. We are continuing to rise.” - Dr. Scott Lindquist, State Epidemiologist for Communicable Diseases

We all must continue practicing the 3-Ws to flatten the #COVID19 curve:

🧼 Wash your hands
😷 Wear a mask
🙂⬅️➡️🙂 Watch your distance

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Washington passed 100,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 today.

Every choice you make right now matters.
As we transition into fall, cases are again on the rise in Washington.

Spending time indoors with people outside your household is just too risky right now. We all need to commit to having fewer, shorter, safer interactions – especially as the weather keeps us inside more often.
Each time cases have risen, hospitalizations have followed. We’re beginning to see that same trend now.

The risk COVID-19 presents is very real.
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Our Stay Home, Stay Healthy order will expire this Sunday.

Thanks to Washingtonians pulling together, we can transition fully to our county-by-county approach to safely reopen.

And as always, science will guide our actions.…
I want to be clear: this is not a return to normal. Each county will begin in their current phase next week.

Safe Start sets criteria for county applications and adds some flexibility for counties who aren’t fully approved to move to the next phase.
It's critical we continue our diligence as we reopen.

➡️ It’s still safest to stay home

➡️ If you go out:
😷 Wear a mask
🙋‍♀️ Keep 6 ft. apart 🙋‍♂️
🙌 Wash your hands

➡️ Stay local
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Effective immediately, outdoor religious services of under 100 people can be held in Phase 1. Participants will still need to practice physical distancing/wear facial coverings. Image
Counties in Phase 2 can hold indoor religious services at 25% capacity OR with fewer than 50 people (whichever is less).

In-home services/counseling with 5 or fewer total people are also now allowed in Phase 2. Image
Washington's faith leaders have been incredible partners in our fight against COVID-19.

They've found creative ways to practice and have provided support to those in need beyond their own faith communities. I'm grateful for their efforts.
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Good news: one-third of our state is now eligible to move into Phase 2. And 4 new counties were approved for Phase 2 today. They are:
✅ Adams
✅ Grays Harbor
✅ Lewis
✅ Spokane

We are making good progress. Image
We are hard at work on next steps as we approach the May 31 expiration of our current Stay Home, Stay Healthy order.

But I want to be very clear: not every county will be ready to move to Phase 2 on June 1. Infection rates are too high in some counties to do so responsibly.
As we enter Memorial Day weekend, a reminder: social gatherings are causing COVID-19 case spikes.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. And help WA continue on the path to recovery.…
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NEW: 10 more counties are eligible to apply to move to Phase 2. They are:

➡️ Spokane
➡️ Adams
➡️ Mason
➡️ Thurston
➡️ Lewis
➡️ Clark
➡️ Clallum
➡️ Kitsap
➡️ Island
➡️ San Juan Image
To qualify, counties must have fewer than 10 new cases per 100,000 residents over a 14-day span.

To enter Phase 2, they would apply and include data and information specific to their county. ImageImage
As counties are approved, businesses still must implement industry-specific Phase 2 guidelines before opening. All those guidelines can be found on our website.…
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Washington: this is hard.

Some of us have had to keep our distance from sick loved ones. Others had to let employees go. More are navigating unemployment and food/housing insecurity, perhaps for the first time.

Those actions have saved the lives of countless others.
Now, we’re at a turning point.

Our efforts have kept this virus in check. And we are all ready to see our state thrive again.

But know this: There is no good path forward without defeating this virus.
Remember: we are only beginning our recovery because distancing measures worked. We cannot let up.

Please, continue to protect one another by taking the threat of this virus seriously.

The more we do, the faster businesses open and the sooner we can hug our loved ones again.
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COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to our state. So far, Washingtonians have stepped up.

There are more challenges ahead. But tomorrow, we enter Phase 1 of Safe Start, our phased approach to re-opening Washington’s economy:

#WeGotThisWA 1/4
Our "Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order is extended to the end of May. However, our Safe Start plan will allow us to lift parts of the order as it is responsible to do so.

Also, counties with:
✅ <75k people
✅ no cases for 3 weeks
can apply to move through phases more quickly. 2/4
We will not move to a new phase until it is responsible to do so.

Our risk-assessment dashboard will help us make data-driven decisions that protect Washingtonians: 3/4
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We want to keep Washingtonians healthy as we begin our recovery from COVID-19. To do that, we need to follow the science.

Yesterday, we launched a dashboard of risk assessment metrics we will use to guide how and when we reopen parts of our economy.
Because Washingtonians have stepped up, we have slowed the spread of COVID-19. We can see it in the data.

Our best weapon against this virus has been to stay home and stay healthy. That is still true today.
We need more testing. Period.

Our recovery strategy relies on the ability to test broadly and quickly. Today, we can't.

I’ve called on the fed. government to step up their production of testing supplies. They have promised more tests are on the way soon. We hope that is true.
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Washington: thank you for staying home and staying healthy. It's working.

While we have a long way to go, we're taking the first small step toward recovery today. 1/4

Existing construction projects can restart so long as they follow new safety measures.

Working with labor and industry groups, we developed a plan that will keep workers safe while working. 2/4 Image
As we look to reopen other industries, my office and @WAStateCommerce will convene similar stakeholder groups to ensure we protect public health.

We will not lift measures until health experts and data say it’s safe to do so. 3/4 Image
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One month ago, WA faced an unmitigated public health and economic disaster. Washingtonians have answered the call to slow the spread.

Though we have a long way to go, we can now plan how to recover from this crisis. Here's the outline of WA's Recovery Plan. 1/8
We are encouraged by projections, but we aren’t ready to ease restrictions yet.

When we are, it will be slow. It will be the turn of a dial, not the flip of a switch.

We will not be able to lift all restrictions on May 4. 2/8
Our recovery will be guided by three principles.

1⃣ Protect the health of Washingtonians first
2⃣ Get people back to work - safely
3⃣ Support our community through the recovery
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The West Coast is ahead of the curve on COVID-19. We’re going to make sure that stays true.

WA, OR and CA will work together on a shared approach for reopening our economies.

.@GavinNewsom, @OregonGovBrown and I agree on these principles to reopen our economy:

✅ Our residents' health comes first
✅ Health outcomes and science – not politics - will guide these decisions
✅ Our states will only be effective by working together, as one
Any successful lifting of interventions must include a robust system for testing, tracking and isolating.

The states will work together to share best practices and coordinate a framework to get it done.
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Washington: thank you for staying home. We are starting to bend the curve.

But we don’t know if we’re at the peak yet.

And what we do now matters more than ever. Here’s where we think we are. 1/7
As of yesterday, we have lost 446 Washingtonians. Families across the state are grieving those losses.

Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted by this virus. 2/7 Chart showing the number of COVID-19 related deaths per day in Washington through April 8.
If we continue our physical distancing, the @IHME_UW projections show we may be close to the peak.

That is a testament to all of you rising to this challenge.

But - this is only true if we continue to stay home and stay healthy. 3/7 Chart showing projected deaths per day in Washington if everyone continues to practice physical distancing measures.
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Today's COVID-19 update:

Decisive early action is helping flatten the curve in Washington. But we can’t let up now.

If we try to return to normal before we’ve defeated the virus, we risk losing all the progress we’ve made. 1/5
We're looking into options to reduce the number of people inside state prison facilities. Public safety and the health of our incarcerated individuals is at the forefront of these decisions.

We’ll have more to say on this soon. 2/5
Thousands of Washingtonians must be at work right now.

They are our grocery store workers, our nurses and our bus drivers. They deserve to be kept safe as they keep our state running.

85 million pieces of PPE are on their way to WA, and we’re expecting to buy more soon. 3/5
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Today we’re returning the field hospital stationed at Century Link to @fema so it can be redeployed to a state with a more significant need.

I’m proud that our diligence has saved lives across the state, and am even more proud that we can now help save lives across the country.
To be clear, this doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods. We can’t let up in our fight against COVID-19.
It does mean that we’re collaborating with other states to make sure we’re getting the resources we need, and passing on the ones we don’t.

While we’ve been able to return ventilators, and now the field hospital, we still have a desperate need for PPE.
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This is welcome news, but we cannot be complacent. The only reason we've made so much progress is because we took quick and bold action: physical distancing, closing school and nonessential businesses, and the Governor's #StayHomeStayHealthy order.…
Although we now expect fewer hospitalizations and deaths, this news does NOT mean we are in the clear. If we want to stay in control, we MUST continue following @GovInslee’s #StayHomeStayHealthy order to defeat #COVID19. Please: wear cloth masks & adhere to physical distancing.
Washington has always helped lead the way. Let's continue to set a powerful example for the rest of the country. If we all do our part, we will get through this. #WeGotThisWA
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I’m proud of our efforts to combat COVID-19 in Washington.

Today, I want to update you on our economic plan and programs to support our small businesses. 1/7
1) The Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grant.

These will provide up to $10,000 for small businesses under 10 employers. It can be used for rent, utility bills, supplies, inventory, or other operating expenses.

To apply visit
2) Business resiliency assistance through the @WAStateCommerce Dept.

Commerce is working with partners like @TacUrbanLeague, @inbachamber, and @SCIDpda across the state to get information translated so that everyone has access to financial assistance. 3/7
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A little over 3 weeks ago, @waOSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal and I closed schools across the state to keep our students, educators and their families, safe.

Today, I’m making the hard decision to extend the closure order through the end of the school year. 1/5
To families: I know that it’ll be difficult to find a new normal at home.

But we must put the health and safety of our community first.

The past three weeks have shown that we can rise to the challenge. 2/5
To educators: I know this is no small feat. We have 150 years of experience with our traditional learning model. We can’t make that up overnight.

I’m asking our students and our educators to be flexible. We all have our students’ best interests at heart. 3/5
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Today, I’m signing the 2020 supplemental operating budget. Legislators and many others put in a huge amount of work to pass good policies and smart investments.

Under normal circumstances, I would not veto that work. However, these are not normal times. 1/5
COVID-19 has caused financial pain to Washingtonians. That includes lost revenue for the state.

So today, I’m vetoing 147 separate expenditure items. It will reduce state spending by $445 million over the next three years. 2/5
Let me be clear: there are many good policies that would have made our state stronger. That includes bills I personally requested and fought for.

But Washingtonians are making hard choices to protect our state as we speak. We in leadership positions must do the same. 3/5
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Washingtonians: thank you for staying home. I’m proud of our efforts as a state.

But we have an obligation to ourselves and our loved ones to recognize the hard road ahead

So tonight I’m extending the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order for one month. 1/7
Here’s why we’re doing this:

The steps we have taken are working. But we have yet to see the full toll of this virus.

We will not sacrifice the lives of Washingtonians by ending these measures too soon. 2/7
I do not make this decision lightly.

Through no fault of their own, more Washingtonians will be in a financially-perilous position because of it.

We must find ways to support them. 3/7
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We’re seeing signs our measures are starting to slow the spread in the Puget Sound region. I’m grateful to Washingtonians for stepping up.

But we know some individuals and businesses are not complying. Today, we’re laying out how we will handle violators.…
First - If state or local authorities get a complaint, they’re going to issue a warning.

If they are violating the order they need to stop what they’re doing.
Second - If they don’t stop, action will be taken, starting with possible citations, suspension notices, or revoking a business license.
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The federal stimulus package will provide critical support to Washington.

It makes investments in medical supplies, child care, expanded unemployment insurance and small business support.

That will make a meaningful difference in Washingtonians’ lives. 1/5
Our best estimate of what it means for WA:

➡️ $2.953 billion from state/local relief fund
➡️ $58.2 million for child care
➡️ $11.8 million for housing impacts in counties/cities
➡️ $11.1 million for energy bill assistance
➡️ $273.5 million to help schools serve students
I am grateful for the unified efforts of Washington State's Congressional Delegation, who fought on a bipartisan basis for Washingtonians who are on the front lines of this crisis.

Their leadership in this moment shows we are truly all in this together. 3/5 #WeGotThisWA
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As of midnight last night, our “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order is in full effect.

For at least the next two weeks, it's our best weapon to slow the COVID-19 infection rate in Washington. #WeGotThisWA 1/10
Workers and businesses: Learn more about what qualifies as an essential business. 2/10
Some good news: This graph shows diagnosed cases statewide over the last couple of weeks. We think our actions have started to bend the curve in our hardest hit counties.

But this only matters if we stay committed to these efforts. And have a long way to go. #WeGotThisWA 3/10
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