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I submit: this event was elegant and full of the innovation community of Geneva. Also, if the camera was pointed the other direction, there was a chaos of robots and steampunk DIY 🤩
@opengeneva @RadioTeleSuisse @HPE @ascaphe
Yes, I did get very inspired by a chance encounter with the @EcolintGeneva #STEMcenter cross-disciplinary approach, and yes I did then bring their robots to this elegant event...
...and yes I did then get journalists, public and innovators to play with said robots 🤖... @RadioTeleSuisse @nicolascapt @ascaphe @opengeneva @HPE
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In 1991... (I’m contributing in this thread a mini-history of 1991 at @cern by family friend @PitthanRainer who was one of the first testers of our WWW...) #web30 #ForTheWeb

In 1991... //: me to fb: “A friend at CERN is involved w the 30th bday party for the Internet. Wanna help? (Rainer would you like to be involved? I’m on the way to a meeting now:)” ://

Quoting @PitthanRainer “Well. on Sept 13 (I believe) 1991 I had a coffee... #web30 #fortheweb
In 1991, (quoting @PitthanRainer) “Well. on September 13 (I believe) 1991 I had a coffee on the Terrace of the CERN Main Cafeteria when Paul Kunz joined us. He came from somewhere teaching UNIX and was going to see Wim Berners-Lee, per Wim's request.” #web30 #ForTheWeb
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As you may know, today is the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. Hooray! #Web30 #ForTheWeb So, let's look at a really important part of its history: Did you know, from the start, the very first web browser was designed to help you read *and write* the web? This is IMPORTANT.
The web wasn't meant to be a jack in the box, where you turn the crank and every once in a while it scares the hell out of you. It was meant to be a box of legos — where you could play with it, sure, but you could take it apart & build anything you could imagine. We *create* it.
Perhaps the original sin of the web was that this ability was lost. Some of it was the primitive tools of the time made it hard to easily create web pages. But there were big commercial interests that wanted to separate consumption and creation on the web. And they won. For now.
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When the web came around, it felt like a utopia.
One world, with no borders. No distances. No geography. It was like a dream.
We thought we'd be getting rid of conflicts, as now anybody could be in direct contact with anyone else.
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In honor of #Web30 I want to note a few parts of the Internet that existed contemporaneously with the beginning of the World Wide Web, that WWW and tools fed from to get their start, and that are largely gone now. 1/
Anonymous FTP is how we distributed software 30 years ago.

Here's a list of FTP sites from that time. Note lots of servers, each with specialties, usually that reflected a community of interest. "Archie", a search engine for FTP, debuted in 1990.…

30 years ago, if you wanted to have mostly literate discussions on the net (mixed in with a fair bit of nonsense) there was Usenet News. Netnews worked as well it did because it requires widespread cooperation between sites to share code and costs.…

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Happy Birthday, Internet 🎉!

Das WWW feiert heute 30. Geburtstag und wir blicken auf seine Historie zurück und wie alles begann. Ein Thread. 1/11
Wir schreiben das Jahr 1948. Der erste programmierbare Computer wird ‘Baby’ 👶 genannt und wiegt über eine Tonne. 2/11

#Web30 #ForTheWeb @sciencemuseum
1950: Die ersten Computer kosten ungefähr so viel wie ein Privatjet. Wofür hättet ihr euch entschieden? ✈️oder 🖥? 3/11

#Web30 #ForTheWeb @sciencemuseum
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In 1989, @timberners_lee submitted a proposal that would change the world.

To celebrate #Web30, for the next 30 hours we're asking everyone to contribute to a crowdsourced timeline of web milestones.

Share your web moments at #Web30 #ForTheWeb:
Starting now, Sir @timberners_lee is speaking from @CERN, where it all began. #Web30 #ForTheWeb

📺 Watch the live stream:
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I'm thrilled to be traveling to CERN to be part of the #web30 celebrations! It's been *just* 30 years. (The events will be livestreamed). Also, did I mention visiting CERN? Lots of opportunities for me to tour tunnels and fangirl. 😀 #web30
Also, thank you scheduling deities for making the 30th anniversary of the www both the spring break for UNC *and* the week for the international human rights festival in Geneva. Now if someone can turn that rain forecast to either sun OR snow, we're, like, perfect.
Unlike young'uns, I grew up information deprived——no internet, limited TV/radio and I didn't speak English so limited books. I was among the earliest web users in Turkey and it was magic. But can't just be nostalgic. Everything good needs to be defended and reinvented everyday.
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