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So of you may know I often point out the limitations of #Blockchain.

But I was curious if a current #Cryptocurrency or other type of hApp was built on #Holochain, could some of that data be populated onto a blockchain?

The only reason I could think of doing so would
be if a current #blockchain project wanted to remove the inherent blockchain issues, Scalability, Consensus, Congestion & Cost but still be able to retain their brand or "chain".

#Holochain mitigates all of these issues with unlimited scaling, the options of zero TX/RX fees it
would make sense for some of them to migrate to a cutting edge architecture that puts them in the new generation of #cryptocurrency while still being able to maintain their roots.

So I spoke with #Holochain lead #Dev @helioscomm & Paul advised that yes this is indeed possible.
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1/ GAME ON! The @USOCC's announcement that it's following #Wyoming by allowing national banks to custody #digitalassets is GREAT news for #crypto! Long overdue & hopefully will help U.S. regain ground it lost to other developed world countries by dilly-dallying for so long.
2/ Winners=customers & #crypto VCs. This will spur M&A boom as US banks acquire #digitalasset custodians. Most must sell bc:
a. trust co. charters now obsolete &
b. #BitLicense now obsolete 👏

bc @USOCC leapfrogged 'em. Custodians now MUST have a bank charter to be competitive.
3/ But @USOCC didn't leapfrog #Wyoming, bc we already offer a bank charter.🤠

What's the distinction? A bank license was **ALWAYS** the optimal US regulatory structure for crypto custodians--not a trust charter or #BitLicense. Bank charters are SO much better for #crypto custody
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If you can’t see that is good collateral by now, then you are choosing to be blind.

It is indeed a leverage machine, and that is a valuable thing.
But FWIW, assets designed to appreciate in value, be they capital assets or commodity monies, are naturally suited to serving as collateral and being leveraged👇
Skeptics of collateral and leverage machines rightly point out that they can become fragile and implode, and historically have.
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When you look at a project that has a lot of formulas, mathematical calculations and incomprehensible words, you can't stop thinking "Wow, I don't get it but this stuff is really cool!" But you always want to really understand it so this is my short $Rune story
Since the middle of the XIX century, many people have tried to create a device that would help connect the parts of clothing and shoes in the fastest and most convenient way. However, luck smiled on the American engineer Gideon Sundback.
He invented the Hookless Fastener: a slider connected prongs attached to two textile bands. Sundback received a patent for his version of the "zipper" in 1913.
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The cost to produce and distribute Information has collapsed thanks to Information Technology (IT).

With that collapse in cost, we've seen an inversion in how Power uses Information to its advantage.
2/ We went from the Church, which capitalized on *high-cost* of information (pre-printing press, all books had to be handwritten), by *limiting* information that would compete with the Church’s aims.
3/ To current Nation-States, which exploit the extremely *low-cost* of information to *amplify* the ideas they want people to think are true.
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#Top10 #cryptocurrencies [by #MarketVolume] on the 3rd of April, 2020 according to Dxone Exchange.
Number 10:

#OKB token by @OKEx

It is an #ERC20 token with a market cap of 1,221 Million #USD. It's key utility is discounts on #trading fees, voting rights, ability to invest in #incubated projects and #sharing_revenue.

(Source:…) via @crypto_briefing
Number 9:

#BNB by @binance

@cz_binance's brainchild, the BNB #token powers everything in the Binance ecosystem. What was once just a #cryptocoin for exchange is a full-fledged #Ethereum competitor and sits at 1,917 Million USD market cap
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1/8 I have been thinking a lot about @jack @bluesky and the plan to build a decentralized #blockchain based social media platform. It undoubtedly is the way of the future. But not in the way most are talking about it now.
2/8 There has already been a lot of work done by w3 on standard called #ActivityPub which is a decentralized social network protocol. The open source #Mastodon platform has already been built upon it. @getongab is already using it as well.
3/8 The issue is if you launch a truly decentralized blockchain social media platform that is completely censorship free you will have some very serious problems emerge. Some major issues in fact.…
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0/ 📢 @Quant_Network [ $QNT ] enables interoperability for @Binance's #BinanceChain [ $BNB ].

Details 👇
1/ 🔌 Quant Network announces they "have been working with" @Binance and will be connecting Binance Chain to their #Overledger operating system, solving interoperability.
2/ ⛓️ #Overledger has already connected to a number of enterprise #blockchains such as @inside_R3's Corda, @Hyperledger, and @Ripple, as well as public blockchains like #Bitcoin, @StellarOrg, and #Ethereum.
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1/ People don’t want to think about spending money every time they use a service. People want to use all they can of a service they’ve already paid for.
2/ AOL (all you could eat) vs Compuserve (per the minute) taught us who wins this battle, #crypto shouldn't have to relearn the same lesson the hard way.
3/ Aside from strictly P2P services, where the other side must always be individually found to get access to the resource, the drag of microtransactions should be avoided.

Even then, clever workarounds are likely to emerge.
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One of my favorite interviews I've done over the years in #crypto. A balanced & calm conversation between a #bitcoin minimalist and a crypto VC.… 🙏 @PeterMcCormack
A few too-long-didn't-listen takeaways: many #cryptoassets are shaping up as supply-side focused instruments that'll accrue value for providing suppliers access to "value-flows," similar to how a stock provides access to "cash-flows." Demand-side may not need native token at all.
Such #cryptoassets are more a replacement for equities, than for currencies, and majority of value will be projected via "discounted-value-flow" (DVF) models.

For those that have a demand-side component, there is likely to be an MV = PQ sleeve, requiring sum-of-the parts models
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1/ BOOM! #Wyoming just recognized clear, direct property rights for #digitalassets by passing SF125! This means #blockchain cos will prob want to apply WY law to your contracts, domicile here, &/or have a physical presence here. Thx again to the army of ppl who helped over months
2/ As @TraceMayer says, v impt for broad adoption of #crypto that it be “backwards-compatible w/ law.” SF125 enables that. Bill was amended w/ improvements & latest is here:…. Goes to @GordonGovernor for signature & could officially become law next week
3/ I'll publish analysis after it officially becomes law, but here's the key: #Wyoming law recognizes property rights in the DIRECT ownership of #digitalassets. Property law in US is determined by states, not the feds. WY not only did it first but did it right!! This applies to
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It's > 2/3 gambling use cases, and can't say I'm thrilled about it, but it's nonetheless notable that @block_one_'s $EOS is nearing 2M daily active users:…
2/ However, as @DiarNewsletter points out, @Ethereum's on-chain transactions are at an all-time high as it continues to attract substantive financially driven projects.
3/ Apparently @Tronfoundation's transactions are even more substantially gambling driven at > 95%…
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1/ Blockwhat? Blockchain! 🎉

Explore the journey we've undertaken so far. A THREAD.

The fascinating history behind blockchains, the technological fabric that makes it work and reviews for the best resources to help you navigate the crypto space 📚…

Let me take you an a captivating ride into the depths of the history that led the advent of #Bitcoin and eventually #Ethereum, the two most recognizable blockchains. Get to know the most influential people and their ideas that laid the groundwork for what was to come
3/ Mount Blockchain - 3000 B.C.

Ready to hike up Mount Blockchain? Get started by understanding what all this fuss is about! Let's go all the way back to 3000 B.C.…
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1/ TWEETSTORM about #Wyoming’s BIG REVEAL. This is long & info-packed, so buckle in. My native state is about to do bigger things for #blockchain, & the sector is about to pay Wyoming back big-time. Win-win! @Tyler_Lindholm @SenatorDriskill @TraceMayer @ForbesCrypto
3/ New bill 2 parts. 1-Digital asset custody via #SEC #CustodyRule wld create first true #QualifiedCustodian for digital assets (for investors who by law can’t self-custody). 2-Defines property rights for digital assets—doing something HUGELY IMPT for #bitcoin/virtual currencies
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Over the past weeks, the 🇪🇺 Parliament has issued two reports on #blockchain. I'll summarize the key points below.

First, an Opinion by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, which considers the tech 'capable of decentralising forms of human interaction, the markets, banking and international trade'.…
It informed the 2nd report I'll mention below and focused on the #GDPR, stressing the capacity of blockchains for data protection by design. It mentions zk-SNARKs specifically (but remains mum on implications for AML etc).
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One year later and 2018 has clearly been an echo of 2014.

The question now becomes: will 2019 be the new 2015?
2015 was slow for the crypto industry (lots of pivots), markets consolidated (no V-shaped recovery) & private blockchains (with the term DLT not yet widely used) began to inflect in focus. Heavy regulation came out too (Bitlicense). But 2015 was also the yr #Ethereum launched 🙂
In 2019, many teams will pivot & mainstream won't come roaring back- too many got badly burned.

A V-shaped market recovery is unlikely & we don't want one either- consolidation a stronger base.

DLT? 🤷‍♂️

More regulation is certain.

Most imp: many key networks *should* go live.
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The French data protection authority has issued the first formal guidance on the relationship between #blockchain and the #GDPR in the #EU.

I'll tweet some of the main points. Here is the full text:…
1. The @CNIL makes clear that its goal issuing this publication is to provide concrete guidance to actors in the space. This is to be applauded. Many in this space try to build compliant systems but are having a hard time figuring out what this entails.
2. *Data controllers*: unsurprising: where users directly engage with the ledger they can sometimes be controllers.

This, however, is only so where natural or legal persons exercise a professional or commercial activity (broad interpretation of household activity).
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1)I am seeing an increasing number of people under the impression that #lightning as an overlay bridge network for #blockchains (via atomic swaps) is a great thing for alts.

And they can not be more wrong.

In reality, Lightning is where #altcoins will come in droves only to die
2) At the moment, all blockchains are entirely segregated from one another. The only real bridge that exists today are exchanges which are largely inefficient with enormous amounts of friction, ie. registration, KYC/AML, confirmation wait times for deposits/withdrawals, etc.
3) Friction & segregation of networks protects smaller networks from larger ones consuming & engulfing them. Network theory teaches us that we continually gravitate towards the singularity, after all this is the entire premise of a network. This is evident all throughout history.
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Mes commentaires sur cet intéressant rapport parlementaire sur les #blockchains
1) S'agissant des aspects descriptifs, remarquable effort de documentation, de compréhension et de pédagogie technique sur les origines et le fonctionnement de #Bitcoin, des #blockchains et des #cryptomonnaies. Résultat assez impressionnant de précision et d'objectivité
2) Présentation honnête de l'importance du courant #cypherpunk
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💪A thread on amazing Twitter threads 😍👇
In the process of revamping my #Twitter profile (dormant earlier), I have come to appreciate the wonderful underutilized platform it is!
Some threads contain crisp knowledge capsules that can help many. Starting 1 on such curated content
1. I largely rely on this: to find content
2. What I wish to share is what coincides largely with my interests- #Learning, #Investing, #Behavioralpsychology (#mentalmodels, #bias, etc), #Businessbooks, Industry insights/case studies, Life experiences, etc
While it will be difficult to structure the order of content here, I will try to block threads by category (as noted above & more). Feel free to comment with any good thread that you would have come across. Cumulative learning always helps.
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1/ Economists and traditional valuation experts claim that for most anything to be *valued* it must have cash flows.
2/ These experts then go on to say currencies can't be valued, they can only be *priced.*
3/ So then the "fundamental value" of stocks and other cash producing assets is based on currencies that have no fundamental value? Logic seems fragile at best, like building a castle with air.
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1\ Physicists have a word "crank": a person who doesn't know physics but persists in promulgating their personal theory. Cranks pop in all fields of physics but especially in certain areas: quantum mechanics, field theories, relativity, cosmology, &c.
2\ Why these subjects? B/c they are abstract & esoteric. It's hard to crank in Newtonian mechanics because your bogus theory is easily disproved by direct human experience. It's easier to crank in quantum b/c few outside the tribe of physics really understand quantum mechanics.
3\ Bad cranks are just crazy people. But good cranks are interesting. Their work *looks like* physics (has math, equations, diagrams) and, because its engaging an abstract subject like quantum mechanics, can be mistaken for real physics by laypeople who can't tell the difference.
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