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Probably a bad idea to start a thread right before I go to sleep, but here it goes:

on my website, I offer some strategies I use (and I teach my students) to facilitate my reading.…

I read A LOT. I've improved my reading the usual way: PRACTICING.
If you think that skimming hundreds of articles or books will make you competent at READING, you're fooling yourself. As I have emphasized in my blog posts: there is no substitute for DEEP reading.

Obviously we need to triage, prioritize, and frequently, we DO skim A LOT.
But there are points where you need to stop & engage with the material in more depth. This is something I've said all the time, even in my blog posts on how to do #AICCSED…

You need to be systematic, diligent and accept that we all read at various speeds.
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Brief micro-thread on what's "canon" for me, my students and my research assistants. Anybody who has ever worked with me has learned at the very least the following techniques/software. <begin micro-thread>
To read, synthesize and write, most of my students and RAs learn

1) AIC content extraction (quick skim read)
2) Conceptual Synthesis Excel Dump (citation/readings organization)
3) Citation tracing until reaching conceptual saturation
4) Forward/backward citation tracing.
My students and RAs learn different ways of summarizing their readings:

1) Rhetorical precis…
2) Synthetic notes…
3) Memoranda…

They also learn how to write
1) a literature review
2) annotated bibliography
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Long thread on #AcWri particularly focused on overcoming procrastination and "writer's block", and moving stuff forward. Each blog post will be linked to in a tweet, so please bear with me through a long thread. If you're not here for #AcWri stuff, do mute.
A while ago, I read Joli Jensen 's book "Write No Matter What". It's delightful and offers a really chill approach to #AcWri - sustain constant contact with a writing project you like, under very little pressure. My reading notes here -…
I wrote about the different things I do to sustain "constant, low pressure contact with a writing project that I like" (I shared this blog post with Joli herself, BTW and we had a nice chat about it)…
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I was about to tweet a thread on how I "process" a paper (basically a better, more recent run-down of my Paper Processing Protocol… but I found this thread which should give you an idea of my process, from printed source to CSED row to Mendeley entry)
This other thread also shows you how I "process" a paper, from printed source to Conceptual Synthesis Excel Dump (CSED) row
I downloaded and printed these 5 articles which I need for the papers I’m revising. It’s way way way past my bed time so I won’t be reading them. But I hate disorganized papers. So all I’ll do is staple and label them. I know I already have the files in Mendeley, clean reference
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Good morning! Students (mine and others) as well as faculty members have asked me if I do have a particular sequence of blog posts about reading strategies, academic writing, literature reviews that I would recommend. I have to get my #2ThingsADay done, so here's a MICRO-THREAD.
For me, reading IS a fundamental component of writing… this means that I have a dedicated section on Reading Strategies in my Resources page… the Abstract-Introduction-Conclusion (AIC) method can be found here…
When my own students have to undertake a literature review, I ask of them to systematize their reading in an Excel table, the Conceptual Synthesis Excel Dump (CSED)… combining #AICCSED allows you to stay on top of the literature…
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