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When the well-intentioned white person or faux “DEI expert” comes with the “we all have bias”, inform them:

Yes, we all have biases.
But, those biases are not equal.
Becos we don’t all have power.
The power to translate that bias into an outcome for those without power.

Bias + Power = Badness

My bias may get someone uninvited from the cookout.

But a white person’s bias gets folks killed.
Whole communities drowned. Burned. Shot up. Set on fire. Sick. Deformed.


Implicit or Explicit, it’s not the bias I’m worried about as much as your unearned power - acquired through bloodshed, rape, theft, & genocide - to translate that bias to impact our lives, families, health, wealth, joy, & peace of mind.

THAT’s my concern.

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Chyyyyyle! When it comes time to actually do the work of divesting from white supremacy culture, policy, practices, processes, & protocols, healthcare, medical, & public health systems hide behind impotent, un-funded DEI committees & taskforce that have no real power
Real change requires identifying and uprooting cultures of whiteness encoded in the operations & infrastructure of these institutions & disrupting the power dynamics that maintain health disparities as well as the underrepresentation of Black folks in organizational leadership.
Health disparities and Underrepresentation are not accidental.
They are by design.
They are preventable.
It will take focused strategic collective & structural intentional action to undo them.
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🧵 Here’s a sampling of books on or including info on Race Science/Race medicine/Scientific racism. Feel free to add to the list. Save, share, tag folks. Also, let me know if you’ve read any of them & your take-aways.
How have they shaped/influenced your work?
List ⬇️.
✅Racism, Not Race: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by @gravesjl55 & Alan Goodman

✅Superior: THE RETURN OF RACE SCIENCE by Angela Saini

✅Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-Create Race in the Twenty-First Century by @DorothyERoberts

✅Breathing Race into the Machine
The Surprising Career of the Spirometer from Plantation to Genetics by @LundyBraun

✅Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty by @DorothyERoberts

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Good morntint🌞
I am still surprised at how many super highly educated people with authority & power 2 whom I have to explicitly state these words:
“Human Race Is A Sociopolitical Construct #HRIASC invented by white supremacism for the purpose of economic power hoarding.” #AIMART
Again, I wouldn’t be a millennial professor if I didn’t make an @instagram reel/TikTok about it 😁😆😊

We stay reminding MDs, PhDs, RNs, PharmDs, DPTs, SLPs, ABCDs, XYZs, 5-Os, & C3POs that
Race is NOT biological &
Racism is the vector of health disparities. @EndRC2022 #AIMART
Biological race is a racist lie created 2 justify American chattel slavery, settler & non-settler colonialism, & imperialism. That lie was created to encode the belief in the biological inferiority of Black bodies into America’s cultural, economic, legal, & political core.#AIMART
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TY @innodim for inviting me to speak! My cognitive PEM wouldn’t let me be great but I appreciate her encouragement & summary! Want to be sure my main points are clear in re to Black Maternal #Mental Health, Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMADs, & disparities.#AIMART #BMHW22
I am no expert, so I'll share what I know. Black mothers are more at risk of #PMADs & are less likely to receive treatment b/c the structural social & economic inequities as a result of #antiBlack #racism & #misogynoir in this white supremacist patriarchal society.#BMHW22
“Close to 40% of Black mothers will suffer from postpartum depression [(PPD)]” OR ‘Systemic racism & sexism harm Black mothers which manifest as PPD for a reported ~40%.’ Addressing these risk factors associated w PMAD is key:
Lack of access to high-quality medical care
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📣Almost 40% of Black mothers and birthing people experience Maternal Mental Health (MMH) conditions.

📣Compared to white women, Black women are twice as likely to experience MMH conditions but half as likely to receive treatment.…

📣Black women are one of the most undertreated groups for depression in the U.S.

📣Over 50% cases of postpartum depression in women of color go unreported

that increase the risk of MMH among Black women:
👉🏿Structural racism & intersectional systemic violence/oppression, including misogynoir
👉🏿Exposure to violence
👉🏿Gaps in medical insurance
👉🏿Adverse Childhood Experiences
& more 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿
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“When we are taking care of our Black pregnant women…we are sowing the seed for a healthier society overall.” @innodim refers to ‘the domino effect of caring for the most vulnerable’ yields a positive impact on the health of everyone! #AIMART #BMHW22
Dr. Harold says ‘BW present w cardiovascular disease while pregnant in spite of the high socioeconomic status’s protective factors seen in their counterparts b/c of weathering: Black women have experienced chronic stress at the intersection of racism & sexism.’ #AIMART #BMHW22
“It is a consequence of surviving white supremacy to structural racism.” Yes! @innodim The disproportionate rates of disease & death during the perinatal period are a result of a “underlying pathology of the society,” ‘not our genetics’.
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On this upcoming International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery & Transatlantic SlaveTrade 3/25 & International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 3/21, I'm remembering how Black people were cared for by Veterinarians along with white folks' animals. 1/
I’m remembering how we weren’t seen by human physicians unless our case was complex or “interesting” and were serving the role of “teaching material” for the education of white physicians or “research materials” for experimentation and research to improve white health.

I’m remembering how not much has changed today as practices such as “race correction” continue to uphold the current system of medical apartheid that undervalues Black bodies, minds, and souls in the Canadian and US health/healthcare/pubic health system.

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Now that you washed the crust from yo’ eyes & done your morntint meditation - can’t wait to see you 1pmET this aftrnoon on @TwitterSpaces
for the crisis management that is #AIMART becos
📣Global AntiBlackness is a Global Health Crisis!

Then follow @Clubhouse for the antiracism skills workshop on the CARE framework/Rubric.
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#AIMART storytime 🧵
This just in: Boom💥
So, I’m getting ready for work today, tying up the ol’ scrubs and peek at my phone - I see a message, sent last night from the ER doc stating that one of my patients, a young Black man admitted for Sickle cell pain crisis...

..., wanted to leave and the doc was okay with discharging because the patient’s pain seemed to have resolved. Ok, I get to the 🏥and my team informs me the patient is still in-house (in the ED – No beds on the floors.

The ED is overflowing, so we have patients admitted and waiting in the ED for a bed for daaaays on end. Coupled with the ED being short-staffed - yeah…not good) and didn’t leave, after my wonderful senior resident convinced him to stay and receive more analgesia (pain meds)

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