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If I was living in 1930's Germany, I would have helped the Jewish community and risked my ass. If I was alive during the 1960's I would have risked my ass to protect people of color and fight for their rights. I now live in 2020's Florida and I refuse to 🧵?
be part of the racists and homophobic doctrine that flooding Florida. I refuse to stop treating Trans kids appropriately and I will NEVER participate in the anti woke policies that #TropicalHitler has initiated. I am willing to risk my license and my life to 🧵/
protect those who are currently in a place where they being prevented from fighting for themselves. I will not "follow orders" from a sociopathic dictator who cares nothing for anyone but himself. 🧵/
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Not-so-fun fact: When nurses get sick or hurt on the job, we're not automatically eligible for #WorkersComp benefits. 😡

We often have to jump through hoops — while sick or hurt — to receive paid time off for work-related illnesses or injuries. (1/7)…
Disparities in our workers' comp system make it hard for nurses to get the job protections and timely care we need — and deserve — when we are injured on the job or fall ill to infectious disease, like Covid-19, MRSA, or hepatitis. (2/7)
In male-dominated public safety fields, a wide range of illnesses and injuries are presumed to stem from the job: everything from lower back pain to PTSD.

These workers are presumptively eligible for workers' comp, as they should be! But this is not the case for nurses. (3/7) Graphic featuring two firefighters crouching together. Red t
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Why do I hate hearing “the patient was bucking the vent”?

Mainly because it’s usually followed by “so we increased sedation.”

✅ Read on to learn what to say & do instead to better help your patient 🧵

#MedTwitter #NurseTwitter #MedEd
What do people mean when they say this? Usually that the patient is on a vent & looks uncomfortable. Common but non-specific.

➡️ What I hear: the patient is on a vent & looks uncomfortable AND I’m not sure why

➡️ What I think of: buck teeth and/or a horse doing this
What can make vented patients feel (or appear) uncomfortable? Lots of things, but broadly:

➡️ Vent dyssynchrony

➡️ Something non-vent related (ie pain, anxiety)

➡️ Delirium
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Im reading this today: Practical and philosophical considerations in choosing the DNP or PhD ...…
Nursing has a hx of developing diff doctorates d/t marginalization & non acceptance of nursing as a science
The DNP degree evolved in large part to address the nursing faculty shortage
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Words matter.
As a #DisabledNurse I often deal with #ableism in my professional life. Today I was attending a national meeting and want to share what happened. It is not my intent to embarrass or call anyone out. I want to share my perspective with hope it helps ppl.
When I know better I do better and I try to share my learnings. I was listening to an excellent webinar by a person who clearly had mastery of the topic today. During the presentation, that I paid to attend, they used the term “lame” several times to mean boring or not creative.
After several times saying it, I posted in the chat to please not use that word.

The speaker was talking and did not see the comment. Someone was reading questions and comments to them and skipped my comment while addressing all of the other comments. Image
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Part 2 of ACP-Medicine Forward series on solutions to #FixPriorAuth happening now w/ amazing lineup! @gabrieldane, co-founder w/ @EricTopol of @MedicineForward, kicks off the mtg w/ comments about urgency of #MedTwitter #advocacy & activism to protect dr-patient relationship.
Dr. @ShikhaJainMD is orienting audience to the amt of time #MedTwitter spends doing prior auth & peer-to-peer calls, in many cases w/ insurance company "peers" w/ no training in the specialty. Some could not even pronounce the tumor type or drug name. #DenialOfCare #FixPriorAuth
Dr. @ShikhaJainMD says that she cares for a patient with #cancer whose insurance company only allow 4 CT scans LIFETIME for their #cancer, which prevents her from assessing how well the treatment is working. This is absurd & MUST be fixed. #DenialOfCare #FixPriorAuth #MedTwitter
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🚨Everything you ever WANTED & NEEDED to know about buprenorphine in a single resource.…

Must-read for #hapc #NurseTwitter #socialwork #PharmD #MedTwitter #PA

📒Add to your fellowship required reading

Teaser 🧵on what you will find in the paper/1
Tip 1: Buprenorphine has Unique Pharmacology & < S/E Compared to Full Agonist Opioids
‘‘partial’’ is based on a comparison of protein activation in vitro studies
🔊does not mean partial analgesic
🔊does not mean partial analgesic
🔊does not mean partial analgesic/2
Tip 2:Buprenorphine may be the preferred opioid analgesic in selected patient populations.

In case you aren't convinced.

Analgesic efficacy is = and maybe > than oxycodone, fentanyl, hydromorphone, hydrocodone, and morphine/3 Image
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Some @ontarionurses nurses &allied health workers maintain the right to strike due to not being classified as “essential” like their hospital counterparts. To end hallway medicine, to end the ALC crisis, to decrease ED visits & to increase patient experience and best practice 1/6
then these same nurses and allied health could be considered “essential” in the eyes of some. In 2015, CCAC’s care coordinators ( RNs and allied health) were on strike for ten days.… 2/6
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Please reply with a few words or a story about an amazing nurse in your life. Patients, caregivers, #MedTwitter or #NurseTwitter, chime in. Our nurse colleagues are exhausted in this #pandemic & need to know how much they are appreciated. Bring it.
I’ll start. I want to recognize Mary Evans at @HopkinsGynOb. With my firstborn, I had a difficult labor & then he was in the NICU for breathing problems. She held my hand for ages, long after her shift was over. Nearly 2 decades later, her presence still means everything to me.
And I’d like to recognize the many #OncTwitter nurses I have had the joy & honor of working with at @hopkinskimmel, but especially @JHHMartha, the late Margaret Gardner, & @LillieShockney. They share a common trait, which is almost magical to witness...
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I’m concerned that labeling #monkeypox a sexually transmitted infection (STI) will cause confusion & delay (🚂) in public response. It’s transmitted most often by direct skin-to-skin contact w/ the rash (see the whole list of ways it spreads from CDC 👇), and sex includes … 1/
plenty of direct skin-to-skin contact, but you certainly don’t need to have sex to get it. That means that we will identify cases regardless of sex/gender/age, & whether or not ppl are sexually active. We have to get this right in #SciComm headlines & opening paragraphs …/2
because most people won’t read the whole article (or 🧵). They skim. We want people to understand that common STI risk reduction advice like “wear a condom” is valuable but will still leave ppl open to a lot of risk if a partner has #monkeypox. /3
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1/🧵 Training Young Docs & Nurses💥

#JULY is a big time of year for medical trainees who move to the next level of their careers.

Question: How do I best serve them as a teacher & help them succeed?

Tip: this helps me be a better dad & husband, too.

2/ As a “coach” of younger doctors (or my kids or athletes, etc), there are certain truths I have learned:

Ultimately, students’, athletes’ and children’s successes and failures are their own. Not mine.

I shouldn’t take credit for their successes nor blame for their failures.
3/ I must, of course, protect patients from misdiagnoses & treatment errors.

While overseeing younger physicians’ progress to independence, I have to prioritize patient safety.
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Hi all! I am sharing a list from a young woman needing help. She is in school to become an EMT and has child expenses as well as personal needs to get through the program. I know #NurseTwitter is always so awesome about helping someone in need.
Including #EMT and #Paramedic folks on this too.
Please help if you can. Thanks!…
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Racism in nursing- centering the story of @DonQuenick-a 🧵

DonQuenick was a 3 time nominated Daisy award winning nurse working in ICU. She also received the American Heart Association award for performing CPR to a patient. She received many patient compliments. 1/18
DonQuenick (DQ) was by all accounts an excellent nurse-but she reported being treated poorly at work. This ranged from unsafe staffing assignments, unfair critiques, lack of leadership support, unaddressed complaints and retaliatory practices. At one point things went so 2/18
far as to include accusations of theft of patient belongings that were later dropped. In May 2019, Nurse DQ was caring for a patient who was critically ill. The family decided to withdraw care and the MD gave an order to remove him from the ventilator. This is fairly common 3/18
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1) Welcome to a #tweetorial on what every #ICU #nurse should know about #hypertensive crisis, or #hypertensive #emergency as it is now more properly termed. I’m Bryan Boling @bryanboling, ICU #NP, & co-host of the @icuscenarios podcast. Follow this 🧵for 🆓CE/#CME credit!
2) This accredited educational activity is intended for healthcare providers & is supported by grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, & Chiesi. Faculty disclosures Like ❤️this topic? More CE/#CME on #hypertension mgt at….
3) So let's start with a case: 65yo ♂️, presents to the #ED with #headache, lethargy & confusion. PMH: #HTN, #hyperlipidemia, #DM2, COPD. Initial VS: HR 85, BP 205/120, T 37.2 RR 12, SpO2 92% on RA. Family reports that he has been more lethargic over the past 2 days.
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Happy Monday to all my new/existing follows! So excited many people are willing to share their experiences with racism and are READY to dismantle it! I’m a nurse, speaker @NSB_Speakers, writer @ByBlacks, medical contributor @CBCNews @globalnews @CP24 and podcaster @GrittyNurse! Image
I discuss & advocate for #mentalhealth #healthequity #poverty.
I am mom of neurodivergent twins and a little girl. I am a #autism & #disability advocate and anti-racism educator who specializes in anti-racism in healthcare. I’m also an intersectional feminist! #Speaker
I have also advocated for #nursing as a profession, discussed the intersection of policy and healthcare and openly advocate for healthy and safe work environments free from bullying and harassment (got no time for bullies!) #NurseTwitter
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#NurseTwitter like most of you, I've been reflecting on the #RaDondaVaught case. The only thing I'm emotional about is the loss of an innocent life. I think it is important to reflect on future practice implications now and take a long hard look at "just culture" 1/
First, we should examine two cases in the country that did not receive attention or support where a nurse was criminalized for fatal medication errors. It should be noted that this is a rare occurrence, but what is happening with RV has happened before 2/
Case A: In Madison, WI, a 16-year veteran nurse administered a lethal dose of an anesthetic (meant to be placed in the epidural line) and an antibiotic. The 16-year old laboring patient died. The nurse did not scan the med, check the med, and created an override in the Pyxis 3/
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1/🧵 True Medicine #LongCOVID
In #COVID & beyond, TRUE medicine, which is to say true healing ❤️‍🩹,  adapts itself to each suffering patient.
It’s the opposite of #gaslighting someone because her disease doesn't “fit” our model when she (eg) fails POTS criteria.

2/ Our healing must have the character of MERCY, which means we #doctors & #nurses will bend our love to fit the shape of each suffering patient.

Only then can we lift her up.

It may means admitting we don't know what to do now other than listen more.

#Medtwitter #NurseTwitter
3/ I am drawn in by my patient's weakness, perhaps because I see even greater weakness in myself.
The person in front of me needs the help I can provide by mustering #compassion, the same compassion I seek from others for MY foibles, deficits & inabilities.
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A 🧵.

I was an ICU nurse for 30 years. What would it take to get me back to the bedside?

1. Guaranteed hours (no calloffs d/t low census)
2. Pay commensurate w my accomplishments, experience & education. So low 6 figures, but not starting with 1.

3. A company car like my engineer spouse has.
4. Company cell phone too.
5. Yearly weeklong retreat at a 5-star resort because "team building" like the man has.

6. Ten thousand dollar bonus yearly for doing my job correctly, like physicians get.
7. Protection from, and prosecution of, anyone who assaults me at work like cops have.
8. Lunch every day, like executives get.
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"I was working in the ER, I was 7 weeks pregnant. My husband & I were so excited. I was helping with a patient who was being violent and a danger to self/others. They were able to kick me in the abdomen. 3 wks later, we lost the baby." #orleg #PassHB4142
2/ "My coworker was assaulted last June. She had multiple closed fist hits to her head/neck, resulting in a significant head injury that kept her out of work for months & up to now can only work for a short time due to lingering problems from the assault." #orleg #PassHB4142
3/ "The passage of HB4142 is critical. Healthcare workers are leaving the profession in droves." #orleg #nursetwitter #PassHB4142
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1) Welcome to @cardiomet_CE's series on #lipid management! This is a 10-#tweetorial program, all #accredited, that will cover IT ALL. The expert author for this module is Robert Giugliano MD @ @rgiugliano, renowned #cardiologist from @BrighamWomens & @harvardmed ! Image
2) This #tweetorial, accredited for #CME/CE and intended for #physicians #physicianassociates #nurses #nursepractitioners #pharmacists is supported by an educational grant from Esperion Therapeutics. See faculty disclosures at
3) @rgiugliano is going to discuss care of patients taking #statins who still have residual atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease #ASCVD risk.
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🧵My #UrgencyOfNormal includes:
👉People w/ #cancer needing urgent chemo getting a hosp bed without a wk+ wait & a desperate plea by their dr on Twitter
👉My #immunocompromised patients not wondering if kids brought home #COVID19 that can kill them (#vaccineswork less in them)
(P.S. You might think these are someone else's problems, but >1 in 3 Americans get #cancer in their lifetime, so reply w/ care...this could well become you or yours)
👉Timely medical care in our local ERs
👉The same teacher, not a parade of subs, because of #COVID19 illness

👉#NurseTwitter, #MedTwitter, & drs in training not getting called in to cover repeatedly when they're finally off b/c yet another colleague has #COVID19
👉Thousands in US dying/d of a virus we'd never heard of a little over 2y ago
👉170K US kids not being orphaned by this virus
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This is the NYT piece in which #AHA & #AONL is referencing. As I’ve said, I’m a fan of Robyn Begley she is truly committed to #nursing. But their response is wrong.… @WeNurses #NurseTwitter #ANursesVoice
I know the controversy of this piece seems to be on nurse to patient ratios (which lets be honest have worked well in CA, with the highest patient outcomes in the country in healthcare), but let’s not miss what was said: Today there are MORE NURSES in the US than ever in HISTORY!
Over 5 million to be exact - and only a little more 3 Million of them are practicing today. Why?!? The environments in which nurses are working are unsafe, understaffed & place so much risk on the license of a nurse - that nurses are choosing to no longer work in healthcare.
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#AIMART storytime 🧵
This just in: Boom💥
So, I’m getting ready for work today, tying up the ol’ scrubs and peek at my phone - I see a message, sent last night from the ER doc stating that one of my patients, a young Black man admitted for Sickle cell pain crisis...

..., wanted to leave and the doc was okay with discharging because the patient’s pain seemed to have resolved. Ok, I get to the 🏥and my team informs me the patient is still in-house (in the ED – No beds on the floors.

The ED is overflowing, so we have patients admitted and waiting in the ED for a bed for daaaays on end. Coupled with the ED being short-staffed - yeah…not good) and didn’t leave, after my wonderful senior resident convinced him to stay and receive more analgesia (pain meds)

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This 👇👇👇 (h/t @joemd)

Also, at midcareer female success is threatening to men our age AND to younger men who rely on patriarchal patronage systems. Women, overpoliced by the system, then, yes, are tougher bosses AND we *do* tend to adhere more closely to ethics.

I do do all:
On #MedTwitter there is a pattern of “callouts”, yes vs all genders & ages, but also pattern of misogyny and misogynoir. It happens towards nurses & doctors alike. One of the reasons I connected with @ShrimpBrokkoli is because I saw a yt male resident ridiculing her online.
I saw that behavior being taught by NON-clinical faculty & that REALLY crossed a line.
If you are a woman + nurse + frontline + Black/WOC, you already live with so much violence towards you. Added online made up drama from a trainee vs nurse?
No, no, & no.…
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