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Alright, I'm pissed off.

So please, allow me to logically refute the open letter recently published by numerous women's organizations in support of a certain abuser and disgraced actress.

Line. by. line. 🪡
"Five months ago, the verdict in the defamation trial between [JD] and [AH] deeply concerned many professionals in the fields of intimate partner and sexual violence."

I could only find a handful, maybe less, of (relevant) experts who have actually stated that this verdict-
-concerns them. Most experts (especially those that understand that the precedent set by the verdict does not say that a person cannot speak about their experiences with abuse, but rather that they cannot LIE about the actions and behaviors of another: aka the entire function-
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Let me correct @cocainecross's malicious, pathetic & desperate thread by a supporter of Ms. Heard's that blocked me prior to posting, knowing full well, I was a threat because I rely on facts, evidence, not Ms. Heard's word as a pathological liar & Ms. Bredehoft's misinformation.
I find it offensive Depp supporters are relegated to "fans," when the reality is we are men/women of all ages, from all across the world, some fans, some not, many abuse survivors, survivors of false allegations. A lawyer, @aburkhartlaw paid $3K+ in the interest of transparency.
I am a man. Men of a certain age face erectile dysfunction. Ms. Heard, a violent narcissistic sociopath, could cause erectile dysfunction, psychologically. It's irrelevant, doesn't prove sexual violence, which a unanimous jury via evidence found to have never happened.
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In the unsealed Fairfax Court documents, 'Second Notification of Judicial Notice of Adjudicated Facts & Law Impacting this Matter,' from July 2021, that @aburkhartlaw has provided is with there are a few interesting things to note:…
Mr. Justice Nicol's ruling from 11/2/20, notes regarding the alleged 'Hicksville' sexual violence claims, now proven false, he found it suspect that Amber Heard never mentioned these allegations until 2020. Ms. Heard didn't allege sexual violence until 2019, that's suspect too.
In the Confidential Annex to her 1st statement, Ms. Heard who via evidence, CCTV footage, witness testimony was having a sexual affair w/ Elon Musk starting in March 2015, claims she couldn't even think of having sex again, after the falsely alleged Australia 2015 sexual assault.
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Johnny Told the World, Johnny Changed the World…
“I put it to Pizzey that over five decades on, and in light of Depp’s win, she is the one on the right side of history. “There have been headline-hitting cases of women’s violence over the years but nothing like this” she replies.
“The combination of the world-famous actor whose endearing honesty captivated the public, the televised trial, and the damning recordings, proved cathartic for our message—it is impossible to deny Heard’s abusive violence now.”
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Bora falar do caso do Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard? Sou psicĂłloga e venho me deparando muito com o termo "abuso mĂştuo". EntĂŁo segue uma thread da minha opiniĂŁo sobre isso tudo.
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial
Vamos primeiro esclarecer que não existe abuso mútuo, não tem essa de "ah, os dois eram abusivos". Em um relacionamento abusivo haverá sempre o lado dominante e o que o outro lado fizer é como resposta àquela violência psicológica/física que a vítima está sofrendo +
Então temos respostas reativas que podem ser: expressar o desejo de matar seu agressor (das formas mais bizarras possíveis, já vi fantasias bem bizarras no período que estagiei na DDM) e agressões reativas como bater pra escapar, bater pra se esquivar, pegar alguma arma para +
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I believed Amber at first. I went hard for her. I stopped watching anything with Johnny Depp in it, I lost friends over it because I was so sure. And then I heard the audio and read the texts. And I felt sick. It took months to full process it. #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser
I'm not denying the fact that there are a lot of people who believe Johnny Depp because they like him and he's famous. People believed OJ too, I remember. But we're not all like that. I'm not a diehard JD stan (prefer Keanu tbh), I'm just a person who sees through the lies.
There are no winners in this. Both AH and JD will be radioactive from now on and neither will recover fully. It's a crying shame it came to this. But I still believe, in the face of all the evidence, that Amber was the aggressor.
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Amber Heard tonight after realizing that the world still won't believe her lies and that the new PR is not worth anything. #amberheard #AmberHeardIsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 1: Today I learned that you can have PTSD & still have 2 personality disorders. What she presented was not only bad acting but a failed attempt to seem luke the normal person. #amberheard #AmberHeardlsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 2: It sounded like She described her father. Now every man must be the same bad man as the father was. She totally has these 2 disorders. She also behaved like a child. #amberheard #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #AmberHeardlsALiar Image
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