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A thread 🧵 #27 of funny memes

When you have 5 mins remaining on a test 👇 Image
You lied on your resume
You lied on your job description 😂 Image
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#KetchuPTime. This is part 2 to the "debunking CocaineCross" thread. I am doing all of this to show the misinformation by the account & countless others reg. #AmberHeard. Now, I am on the offensive with Drs. Laurel Anderson, Amy Banks & Bonnie Jacobs. 🧵 Image
28/ Before I begin this thread, a few concessions. Firstly, apologies for some typos & grammatical errors in the previous thread. As well as not numbering each thread for easier referencing as I shall be cross-referencing from that thread. For ease, i'll provide link to ref.🧵
29/ Secondly: apologies for not providing the correct screenshot for the assertion of "100l-350k based on the wording". Here are the screenshots to support the assertion: 🧵 ImageImage
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🧵21 facts on how women's rights are being curtailed across the Globe.
1. #Train services in UK plan to remove guards and ticket officers - endangering women, especially disabled women.
2. A women is killed every 3 days in the UK, every 5 hours globally for women and girls.
3. In #familycourt women are silenced, their abuse is ignored via the weapon of control allegations of 'parental alienation' - resulting in stolen children. See our pinned tweet.
4. The 2022 mean GPG (the difference between men and women's average hourly pay) is 5.45% &the median is 9.71%. An hourly difference of £1.44. (Gov.UK)
5. Nurses - 89% are women, salaries have fallen by 20%, there is a mass exodus from the profession NHS Digital
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Happy Sunday to the #HireSurvivorsHollywood Community! We’ve decided to use Sundays to highlight #survivors and #SilenceBreakers and the wonderful work they're doing!

Today we’re celebrating Amber Heard (#AmberHeard)!
#AmberHeard is a bisexual actress, activist, survivor, and Silence Breaker. In 2015, she filed a restraining order against her ex-husband Johnny Depp after surviving abuse from him.
She was later sued by him after publishing an article for the Washington Post in which she discussed sexual violence, domestic abuse, and how institutions protect male abusers.
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.@TaylorLorenz and @washingtonpost with @cbouzy orchestrate a targeted hate campaign against @ThatUmbrella with the specific purpose of harassing him off YT. They are calling on @YouTube to delete his channel in an orchestrated campaign. They do the thing they accuse him of.
Also, notice how they are targeting YT CEO. She's been their darling for a long time but this is the signal that it could change instantly if she doesn't play along. This is a threat to her. "Do our bidding or you're next Susan!"
Watch out @SusanWojcicki. They're coming for you now. But if you stand up for the first amendment you'll win the admiration of millions instead of satisfying the bloodlust of a couple of weirdos paid by #AmberHeard who I remind you is a PUBLIC FIGURE. #NoCensorship
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🧵THREAD. In response to @k4mil1aa’s thread, I wanted to create this thread with substantiated empirical research because there was a lot of misinformation and lack of context.

#DeppVsHeard #DeppVsHeardTrial #AmberHeard #JohnnyDepp
Curious about your thoughts. I’ve admired the research you’ve been posing in the aftermath of this trial. Hope you don’t mind the tag @megcelu
@threadreaderapp unroll 👋🏼
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I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 513 face bruises 12/15/2015 - where's the split lip??
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises??

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 515 face bruises 12/15/2015 - where's the split lip??
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises??

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 522 face bruises 12/15/2015 lighter- where's the split lip?
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises?

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
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#AmberHeard - PR company was "Precision Strategies" who also represent ACLU & Planned Parenthood.
"He also funds the American Civil Liberties Union and his family funds Planned Parenthood, two significant organizations for institutionalizing female-erasing language"
Coincidental marketing for Precision Strategies, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, L'Oreal no less:…
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#JeffreyEpstein to #AmberHeard and how women have been used to monetize.
@mldauber you aren't really about women's rights at all you. You are about using women to get power and money. Who do you work for? Who is paying you? You don't know what real women's leadership is at all.
"How social fields overlap, merge, and produce subjectivities can be expertly understood through a rigorous interrogation of the case of Jeffrey Epstein and his involvement with the Murdoch Family (The Sun - "Wifebeater" headline) and his connections to the Depp case."
If Michele Dauber was actually standing up for women's rights, she'd be standing up for women's agency. Instead she works a system of social media manipulation and click bait for Twitter (Jack Dorsey), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), and a bunch of other males.
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Au-delà de la réalité biologique, c’est quoi être une femme ? Et pourquoi ça ne veut rien dire de « se sentir femme » ? A thread. 🧵 👇
Être une femme, c’est découvrir toute petite à l’école que « le masculin l’emporte toujours sur le féminin ». Ressentir dès lors une profonde injustice.
Être une femme, c’est intégrer très tôt qu’on attend de nous d’être douces, calmes, attentionnées et soucieuses des besoins d’autrui. Surtout si autrui est masculin.
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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack & CAN Foundation will be hosting the 2nd Justice H R Khanna Memorial National Symposium on July 3, 2022.

Register here…
Event commences. First Session will be presided over by Justice Vikram Nath, Judge, Supreme Court of India, who will be initiating the debate and delivering the keynote address on topic “Fundamental Duties vis-a-vis Fundamental Rights under Our Constitution”.
Thereafter, Senior Advocates NK Kaul and Sidharth Luthra will be taking the deliberation forward.
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Ridicolo il fenomeno #corsivoe.

Ecco qualche considerazione spicciola, da docente e da social-aholic di lunga data.
Tanti allievi mi hanno chiesto un parere che condivido qui.
Ça va sans dire :)

A seguire: thread a tema.
Ridicolo il fenomeno #corsivoe.
Non in quanto tale, di meteore l'universo social è pieno.
La ridicolaggine, ben rappresentata dalla tizia, è pensare che chiunque possa davvero lavorare e vivere con ste idiozie.
Esempi di presunti "influencer" si, ce ne sono tanti.
Ma ⬇️
pensare di farne un ruolo, rinunciando a sviluppare cultura e competenze reali (persistenti) puntando alla "vita facile" grazie ad un vento che può cessare di colpo (lasciandoti con una pessima reputazione e nessun bagaglio), è un'idea malsana.

Del resto, di fenomeni simili ⬇️
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Here's the lowdown of what happened in #JohnnyDepp v. #AmberHeard today: the hearing started with Elaine Bredehoft asking about a briefing schedule for post-trial/post verdict motions. Judge Azcarate said something to the effect of @LawCrimeNetwork
"We don't do that" and mentioned that EB has been practicing there for 20 years. EB wanted to schedule hearings. Judge Azcarate said "I've had this case for 18 months and we had a 6-week trial. We don't need a hearing." EB said "Your Honor can decide on the papers"
Judge A said, "absolutely." EB said something about the post-trial motion being ministerial. Judge A said "this judgement is final today... I'm putting final on the order." @LawCrimeNetwork
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If you see how MSM is supporting #AmberHeard and it doesn't make sense to you, start looking at #NewHamsphire -epicenter of where the DV & SA Survivor movement on college campuses has been used to undermine due process & the concept of innocent until guilty. Follow @GracieGato
#NewHampshire is a swing state. It is "First in the Nation" for Primaries. It is where a massive amount of lobbying money goes from DC. It is home to the 4th largest state house in the world with 423 or so reps - for a population of 1.3 million.
New Hampshire's sexual assault statute is problematic. It requires neither corroborating witness nor evidence. The White House under Obama had a strategic partnership with the University of New Hampshire & local officials - effectively using it to push cruel experiment:
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#AmberHeard is going on Today Show and GMA...they would not be taking someone on their show who they knew is a liar. So why are they taking her on their show? It's not just clickbait & ratings. It's because there is an agenda. Please do not let them get away. Lives matter.
The machine behind #AmberHeard is powerful. They've pushed a narrative for the last few years with Amber Heard and other "ambassadors" to #BelieveWomen to #DefundThePolice to #MeToo etc. Everyone of these is dishonest and lacks transparency. All of them are political. We're pawns
We just cannot, as a society, for the safety of our kids, support role models forced in our faces, like #AmberHeard is on MSM, who are liars. It is a recipe for a divisive society.
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On my feed you will find out how #AmberHeard is connected to #ChessyProut #MicheleDauber #LauraLDunn #TinaTchen #TimesUp #NWLC #SKDK #PrecisionStrategies #ACLU #KnowYourIX and the political sham behind her. My research started with NH v Owen Labrie...:
From NH v Owen Labrie I discovered a network behind his accuser, Chessy Prout. That network was also behind Chanel Miller, Brock Turner's accuser in People v Brock Turner; behind Amber Heard, Johnny Depp's accuser. It looks like it was organized recruiting and racketeering.
That network was also tied to The White House Task Force formed in 2014 and to the "Dear Colleague" Title IX letter published in 2011 and updated with the White Paper "Not Alone" in 2014, the lobbying for "Victim's Bill of Rights" (2016) and #MeToo (2017) & Times Up (2018).
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#AmberHeard lied. She created hoaxes, told Glamour Magazine that she was "amplifying" @mldauber's voice. Michele Dauber used social media to call for extreme violence & possibly also created hoaxes against herself. Please read this again.Something's wrong.…
"A lynch-mob atmosphere has been created at Stanford and other campuses, accompanied by the effort, spearheaded by Dauber, ..the vice president of the United States, Joseph Biden, intervened in the Turner case, issuing an ignorant and anti-democratic “open letter.”
"The provocative “protest” this week outside the Turner home in Ohio, in the Dayton area, is the inevitable product of the relentless propaganda campaign instigated by Dauber and her cohorts."
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Lundy Bancroft, domestic violence expert & author of “Why does he do that?” has commented on the #DeppvsHeardTrial and on the use of psych evaluations against accusers like #AmberHeard.


As to the trial he says:
“There's just all these smoke screens going up […] 90% of this discussion has nothing to do with the allegations against him.

If we're just focused on […] what are the indications that he actually did what she's saying he did, well wow it's pretty pretty persuasive”. (2/7)
But, generally speaking, he explains that:

“The abuser is so good at muddying the waters and […] the court is also very good at allowing him to do that.”

One way abusers do this is by using psych evaluations, which can be incredibly problematic. (3/7)
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#AmberIsALiar and she and her team are using @SavannahGuthrie to influence judicial outcome before appeals. Steve Silverman Esq had his license suspended from DC Bar in 2014 for doing the same: Doe v Cabrera. #ElaineBredehoft ??!
Coincidentally, Steve Silverman Esq who had his license suspended by DC Bar in 2014 for using media slipped a copy of Does (Chessy Prout) v St Paul's School to Savannah Guthrie's team on June 1, 2016 before the school had a copy of the suit itself.
AND coincidentally, Steve Silverman's partner in the lawsuit against St Paul's School for Chessy Prout & Co, Steve Kelly Esq advertises for "Not the perfect victim". Chessy Prout then went on with @SavannahGuthrie in August 2016 - to influence a civil suit and appeals.
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Thread of celebrities and public figures who have expressed or indicated support for @realamberheard. #IStandWithAmberHeard #IBelieveAmberHeard Amber Heard photographed sm...
Alex Winter (@Winter, actor and filmmaker, best known as Bill S. Preston, Esq. in Bill & Ted). Headshot of Alex Winter pho...A screencap of a tweet by A...A screencap of a tweet by A...
Alex came forward as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse under #MeToo. #IStandWithAlexWinter…
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@SPILLTH23179358 @andysignore @Stanford Thank you. @andysignore I can help you on the Michele Dauber of it and Stanford. Several of us have done a lot of research on what went down. You should read this piece thoroughly as well…
@SPILLTH23179358 @andysignore @Stanford Michele Dauber is pals with Russlyn Ali who is pals/in business with Laurene Powell Jobs at XQ Institute. Jobs owns 7% of Disney which is PR repped by SKDK who also rep Times Up/NWLC, Vital Voices and L'Oreal (and Christine Blasey Ford & Patrice Cullors of BLM)......
@SPILLTH23179358 @andysignore @Stanford Between 2009 and 2012, Michele Dauber's husband, Ken Dauber, was paid $26K by US Ed OCR while Russlyn Ali was there. Michele Dauber helped author the unregulated federal directive "Dear Colleague" Title IX (intro'd by Joe Biden at UNH in 2011) which Russlyn Ali signed.
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Those BS Medical Records that Elaine said wasn't allowed in US Trial, yes they were.

Amber Heard- Erin Burin Nurse Notes
- 8/27/2014

During UK Trial= Amber denies that Erin wrote the notes correctly, blames Johnny for insecurity & jealousy

#AmberHeardIsALiar #TeamDepp ImageImageImageImage
Those BS Medical Records that Elaine said wasn't allowed in US Trial, yes they were. Amber denies they were true, denies Erin would see her outbursts

Amber Heard- Erin Burin Nurse Notes
- 8/27/2014
- 9/2/2014 - wants erin to stay
#AmberHeardIsALiar #JusticeForJohnnyDeppServed ImageImageImage
Amber Heard- Erin Burin Nurse Notes
- 8/27/2014
During UK trial denied that Erin's notes are correct.
"client expressed she has difficulty dealing with feelings of insecurities and jealously when not in the presence of her husband"

AH blames JD

#AmberHeardIsALiar #TeamDepp
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I am fed up with #AmberTards bringing the fckng UK trial every time they can't answer a question. So here is a thread explaining why the 2020 UK libel case against "The Sun" wasn't a fair trial. 🧵
Let's start with all the connections to the judge (Andrew Nicol) of the case. Starting with Jennifer Robinson, who was #AmberHeard lawyer. Her mentor and boss, was Geoffrey Ronald Robertson.

#AmberHeardCommittedPerjury Image
Geoffrey Ronald Robertson was the boss of Andrew Nicol until 2008 when Andrew Nicol was appointed to the Queen’s Bench Division. Geoffrey and Andrew even wrote a book together.
#AmberHeardCommittedPerjury Image
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