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Alright, I'm pissed off.

So please, allow me to logically refute the open letter recently published by numerous women's organizations in support of a certain abuser and disgraced actress.

Line. by. line. 🪡
"Five months ago, the verdict in the defamation trial between [JD] and [AH] deeply concerned many professionals in the fields of intimate partner and sexual violence."

I could only find a handful, maybe less, of (relevant) experts who have actually stated that this verdict-
-concerns them. Most experts (especially those that understand that the precedent set by the verdict does not say that a person cannot speak about their experiences with abuse, but rather that they cannot LIE about the actions and behaviors of another: aka the entire function-
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Not infamous alleged cryptocurrency serial scammer and #AmberHeardlsALiar/#media waterboy coming after @LumberLaw aka Rob Moreton specifically and all YouTube #LawTube lawyers more broadly, threatening them after Moreton discovered Bouzy apparently committed perjury. #Thread 🪡
In his public Twitter attacks against @LumberLaw, Bouzy conveniently left-out Moreton had apparently discovered Bouzy perjured himself in a 2019 bankruptcy case in NJ, stemming from an eviction, in which Bouzy failed to disclose his company BotSentinel as an asset to the court.
For reference, you can hear more of @LumberLaw’s discoveries RE Bouzy, Bouzy’s eviction for failure to pay rent and Bouzy’s apparent perjury here, starting at around minute 38:

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Let me correct @cocainecross's malicious, pathetic & desperate thread by a supporter of Ms. Heard's that blocked me prior to posting, knowing full well, I was a threat because I rely on facts, evidence, not Ms. Heard's word as a pathological liar & Ms. Bredehoft's misinformation.
I find it offensive Depp supporters are relegated to "fans," when the reality is we are men/women of all ages, from all across the world, some fans, some not, many abuse survivors, survivors of false allegations. A lawyer, @aburkhartlaw paid $3K+ in the interest of transparency.
I am a man. Men of a certain age face erectile dysfunction. Ms. Heard, a violent narcissistic sociopath, could cause erectile dysfunction, psychologically. It's irrelevant, doesn't prove sexual violence, which a unanimous jury via evidence found to have never happened.
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Johnny Depp: "I told you already, I can go through this case, and if it's -- if it goes in my favor and the truth is -- it comes out, I think that what that will do will help the people out there, the women out there to -- to not have to listen to someone who's built a...
foundation, some foundation that they can stand on, a platform, and then use that platform to further their image as this great savior and public speaker and an ambassador to this or that or this or that. Clearly those are her goals, and I -- I am not going to be the...
springboard that gets her there based on her lies."
#UnsealedDocuments, Johnny Depp's deposition, November 12, 2020.
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In the unsealed Fairfax Court documents, 'Second Notification of Judicial Notice of Adjudicated Facts & Law Impacting this Matter,' from July 2021, that @aburkhartlaw has provided is with there are a few interesting things to note:…
Mr. Justice Nicol's ruling from 11/2/20, notes regarding the alleged 'Hicksville' sexual violence claims, now proven false, he found it suspect that Amber Heard never mentioned these allegations until 2020. Ms. Heard didn't allege sexual violence until 2019, that's suspect too.
In the Confidential Annex to her 1st statement, Ms. Heard who via evidence, CCTV footage, witness testimony was having a sexual affair w/ Elon Musk starting in March 2015, claims she couldn't even think of having sex again, after the falsely alleged Australia 2015 sexual assault.
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I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 513 face bruises 12/15/2015 - where's the split lip??
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises??

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 515 face bruises 12/15/2015 - where's the split lip??
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises??

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 522 face bruises 12/15/2015 lighter- where's the split lip?
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises?

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
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Christopher Bouzy A Thread
The purpose of this thread is to highlight the work CB did before he began working with high profile clients such as AH. It will be long but worth the read.
#JohnnyDeppWon #AmberHeardIsACheater #AmberHeardIsALiar #allegedscammer Image
Disclaimer: Everything written in this thread is alleged. All information was sourced from publicly available websites.
Before Christopher Bouzy started Bot Sentinel he was known in crypto forums as a scammer named "IconicExpert" Between 2014 and 2016 he was accused of scamming people out of thousands in crypto currency. This thread will focus on BlackCoin. Image
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At the center of the defamation suit is the Washington Post #MeToo Op-Ed. Please consider carefully that it was being used maliciously against due process for Title IX campus sexual assault as well, pushing for guilty before innocent by a woman who lied.
@ThatUmbrella the implications of the intent of the Washington Post article reach further than the ACLU. Currently there is a move to undermine due process in Campus sexual assault cases again back to Michele Dauber's standards (she helped draft "Dear Colleague"Title IX).
The current department of education OCR rep, @CatherineLhamon is a close friend of Michele Dauber's. Joe Biden promised to undo due process in campus sexual assault. The lies of Amber Heard and Michele Dauber are exactly why it must stick. Innocent until proven guilty always.
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Those BS Medical Records that Elaine said wasn't allowed in US Trial, yes they were.

Amber Heard- Erin Burin Nurse Notes
- 8/27/2014

During UK Trial= Amber denies that Erin wrote the notes correctly, blames Johnny for insecurity & jealousy

#AmberHeardIsALiar #TeamDepp ImageImageImageImage
Those BS Medical Records that Elaine said wasn't allowed in US Trial, yes they were. Amber denies they were true, denies Erin would see her outbursts

Amber Heard- Erin Burin Nurse Notes
- 8/27/2014
- 9/2/2014 - wants erin to stay
#AmberHeardIsALiar #JusticeForJohnnyDeppServed ImageImageImage
Amber Heard- Erin Burin Nurse Notes
- 8/27/2014
During UK trial denied that Erin's notes are correct.
"client expressed she has difficulty dealing with feelings of insecurities and jealously when not in the presence of her husband"

AH blames JD

#AmberHeardIsALiar #TeamDepp
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Debunking all the misinformation and bullshit I’ve heard so far, a thread:
1. Ambers photos showed no injuries. She went on and on in her histrionic rant about how brutal the attacks were then proceeded to show pictures that depicted no injuries. No bruising, no swelling, nothing. She had one video of Johnny slamming cabinets, saying he wasnt mad…
…at her, seeing she was recording and leaving. None of that is abusive. Especially considering he had just found out his business manager had been embezzling millions of Johnnys own money. Johnny was the one with audio recordings, not her. In fact, they all proved she was the…
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A thread on yesterday’s rebuttal witnesses in the #DeppHeardTrial.

Interestingly, most of rebuttal so far has been focused on the specific question of calculating damages for Heard’s counterclaim. So, a quick note about damages.
For claims that are defamation per se, which both the claim and one of the counterclaims are, the plaintiff doesn’t have to prove that the statements were damaging. So, they don’t have to call witnesses to say, for eg, what an ordinary reader would think of an abuser or a liar.
That's because the allegations are so serious that they are damaging on their face. BUT the jury does still have to decide the *amount* of damages, so they have to be presented with evidence about how to calculate how much to award to either party.
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Please see below for all the reasons #AmberHeardIsALiar’s accusations literally can not be true! As a medical professional with a psychology background I have a firm grasp on the medical minutia in this case.I have 3 degrees. 1 is Psych rooted and the other 2 are medicine based…
Let’s start with “amica” cream. Lol. No it’s Arnica cream actually. I work in a field where I regularly advise my bruised patients to use “arnica.”  This may lighten the bruise over several months of use. Our bodies can not and do not heal overnight. The process takes time…
Time is defined in weeks when it comes to human injury. AH’s claims that she “does not bruise how you think she would” is not evidence based medicine. For example… you get whacked in the nose…so hard you “believe it is broken.” There are physical manifestations. As seen here.
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You wanna know why we're laughing? Because people like YOU kept dismissing this stuff as celebrity gossip and NEVER wanted to take it seriously, make us out to be "crazy fans" and play the "we can't know" card when we can literally listen to her abuse him on tape!
We're laughing because that's the only thing we can really do to deal with the absurdity of how people can be pretending there is any reasonable middle ground to this in the face of how incredibly clear it is that #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser and #AmberHeardIsALiar.
We're laughing because we're thanking the heavens that #AmberHeard is a bad enough liar that people can see through it. We're laughing because in spite of your attempts to gaslight the public into thinking it's not that clear-cut, when SHE SEVERED HIS FINGERTIP, it's not working.
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Amber Heard tonight after realizing that the world still won't believe her lies and that the new PR is not worth anything. #amberheard #AmberHeardIsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 1: Today I learned that you can have PTSD & still have 2 personality disorders. What she presented was not only bad acting but a failed attempt to seem luke the normal person. #amberheard #AmberHeardlsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 2: It sounded like She described her father. Now every man must be the same bad man as the father was. She totally has these 2 disorders. She also behaved like a child. #amberheard #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #AmberHeardlsALiar Image
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Because some people have absolutely no idea how media works here’s a very short thread on Johnny Depp V Amber Heard and THAT Milani product’s release date #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsALiar
The basics:

Amber Heard’s attorney claimed that she used that palette and carried it throughout her entire relationship to cover bruises. (Johnny Depp left Amber Heard in May 2016)
Milani themselves have confirmed that the product was not even released until 2017

(Not arguing on whether you think how they did it was right or not. Fact is they confirmed it.)
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A thread on all the things Amber Heard has lied about because I saw someone delusional say that Johnny Deep has been caught in lie after lie (lol)
#AmberHeardIsALiar Image
She claims to have donated all of her divorce settlement to charity in tv, various newspaper articles and court statements signed under oath. She has not done so ImageImage
October 2018, she claims to have donated the money
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Pineapple Express is trending in the US. Amber Heard is an abuser. She lied about donating her divorce funds to charity to fool the courts & public.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer was just suspended from twitter for sharing facts.

Silencing truth isn’t justice..but it IS Amber’s agenda ImageImageImageImage
Police body cam footage on the day Amber Heard & her co-conspirators alleged Johnny Depp threw a phone at her, smashed glass items off the kitchen island and other surfaces, trashed the place, and sloshed wine on walls and floors, throughout the penthouse. Yet, look at how clean.
Amber had abused NUMEROUS individuals.
#AmberHeardIsALiar ImageImageImageImage
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Why Amber Heard is lying: A thread about her "injuries."

On March 8, 2013, Amber claimed Johnny backhanded her in the mouth, causing a cut to her lip and blood spatter on the wall. She provided no photographic evidence of this, only a text exchange between her & Johnny.
"Hideous moment" could've been a reference to anything. He could have easily been referring to an injury Amber inflicted on him.

Amber was photographed days later, on March 14th, with no apparent injury to her lips. No cuts, no swelling, no discoloration.
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back to this thread, now let's show the hypocrisy of Heard, here's a snippet from Hague talks , the title of the vid is 'Why Be a Human Rights Activist?' (October 2018), you can see here Amber explaining she was raised among immigrants and considered them part of her family...
just a few months before she tweeted that, and was called a racist for doing so, so i guess it's not totally a coincidence that a few months after she needed to tell this story at The Hague ... Image
Another event she attended,Heard spoke at the Women's March on January 2020 i'll try to put some part of her speech here but first you need to hear her when a paparazzi asked her what happened to her foot that was injured she answered"you should see her"
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