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Amber Heard stan’s favorite thing to accuse Johnny of is Coercive Control, but it’s really Amber who’s guilty of doing that. Shall we take a look at how she coercively controlled him? Thread 🧵👇🏼:
1. Isolating Johnny from Friends and Family

Amber had her sister and 4 of her friends move into the same building her and Johnny were living in. They all lived next door to each other. He never kept her away from her support system but she tried to do exactly that to him!
Jonathan Shaw, Bill Carter (Jack’s godfather), Keith Richards (Johnny’s idol), people who were extremely close with Johnny have alluded or mentioned they hadn’t spoken with/seen him between 2013-2016. He was only seen with them again after he & Amber divorced. Coincidence?
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Same. Even if I wasn't a survivor of domestic violence (more than once) I'd still be capable of easily seeing that #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser.

Her behavior actually triggers many DV survivors. I can only watch her in small doses. Folk have got to stop with their sexist lens.

I find it so cringeworthy that many people still view DV in a sexist way, where male abusers and female targets are the norm and they can't (won't) get their heads around any other gender combination. It's sick. Stop it.
And while I'm at it, stop calling us victims. We are survivors. IMO, the term victim applies only to those who were killed by their abuser(s).

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is only one type of DV...
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You wanna know why we're laughing? Because people like YOU kept dismissing this stuff as celebrity gossip and NEVER wanted to take it seriously, make us out to be "crazy fans" and play the "we can't know" card when we can literally listen to her abuse him on tape!
We're laughing because that's the only thing we can really do to deal with the absurdity of how people can be pretending there is any reasonable middle ground to this in the face of how incredibly clear it is that #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser and #AmberHeardIsALiar.
We're laughing because we're thanking the heavens that #AmberHeard is a bad enough liar that people can see through it. We're laughing because in spite of your attempts to gaslight the public into thinking it's not that clear-cut, when SHE SEVERED HIS FINGERTIP, it's not working.
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Amber Heard tonight after realizing that the world still won't believe her lies and that the new PR is not worth anything. #amberheard #AmberHeardIsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 1: Today I learned that you can have PTSD & still have 2 personality disorders. What she presented was not only bad acting but a failed attempt to seem luke the normal person. #amberheard #AmberHeardlsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Image
Amber Heard - Part 2: It sounded like She described her father. Now every man must be the same bad man as the father was. She totally has these 2 disorders. She also behaved like a child. #amberheard #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #AmberHeardlsALiar Image
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Note: They don’t have the same stylist. For the last 3 weeks AH has been mirroring Johnny’s outfits consistently, including hairstyle. The forensic psychiatrist testified that people with Heard’s personality disorder mirror people for attention & other reasons. She’s a stalker.
AH copied Dr Shannon’s hairstyle later. She has also mirrored Johnny’s use of eyeglasses and other mannerisms. It’s very creepy, esp because she knows what she’s doing.
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💥 Resumen Día #5 del Juicio en Virginia: Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard
(Día 4 formalmente)

Hilo ⬇

#JohnnyDepp #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JusticeForJohnnyDeppVirginia2022

Continuó el testimonio del Dr. Kipper (doctor de Johnny). Su declaración ya estaba pre-grabada desde el año pasado pero se está utilizando de nuevo para este juicio.


◼ Dijo que nunca le vio g0lpes a Amber, y que si los hubiera visto los habría documentado.

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L'Oréal believes 'Abusers are Worth It!' If you support L'Oréal you're supporting domestic violence & false allegations. Amber Heard is a diagnosed violent narcissistic sociopath, a serial abuser & a false accuser via evidence, witnesses, & her own self-admission.
#BoycottLOreal Image
Ms. Heard admits to being the violent abuser in audio recordings:…
Ms. Heard was arrested for domestic violence in 2009:…
Ms. Heard severed Mr. Depp's finger & put a cigarette out on his face March 8, 2015. ImageImageImageImage
Ms. Heard is currently under investigation for perjury in both Australia & Los Angeles, California.

Ms. Heard is a DIAGNOSED narcissistic sociopath; she is a serial abuser with multiple victims.

Ms. Heard LIED about donating money to ill/dying children. ImageImageImage
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Reminder that Amber Heard has several victims, not just Johnny Depp, and all of them still live in fear of her and her friends.

Lily-Rose and Jack Depp, Tasya Van Ree, Kate James and her son, David Killackey, Paula, Jennifer Howell are just some of them. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp ImageImageImageImage
Whitney Heard was also one of her victims. Unfortunately, Paige Heard (RIP) and her daughter were both abused by Amber and her father. Amber Heard also abused pets and children. Besides, she's racist, bodyshamer, has pedo friends, outed her stepdaughter, xenophobic and etc. ImageImageImageImage
Amber Heard has also stolen from an independent artist along with her Infamous abusive friend, Eve Barlow. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser ImageImageImageImage
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In light of recent events, here’s a thread that explains how important it is to support male victims (abuse, sexual harassment, etc.) who decide to speak up about it. I will be focusing on actors Brendan Fraser and Johnny Depp
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardisAnAbuser
I’m sure by now everyone knows about most of the details in Johnny Depp’s case and it’s just so upsetting when some of you decide to dismiss or ignore them like imagine if he was your dad, brother, friend, husband or whoever else would you still be silent? #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
Also this is not a conspiracy theory and the support everyone is showing him is not because he’s a handsome rich famous person! there are FACTS, WITNESSES, AND EVIDENCE that show he’s the victim
And Amber is the abuser #justiceforjohnnydepp
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A thread to explain why the world is ignoring both Johnny Depp and Syria and why endo-idealism is the plague that underlies all of our problems. #BindingChaos Read more:…
Johnny Depp and Syria, while complete opposites of the 'shit I should care about' spectrum, share a common trend that we should all be looking at as a wider conversation: Endo-idealism.
Endo-idealism involves sorting all of the info available according to the laws of endoreality: All virtue, ownership, credit & victimhood are assigned to the endo-ideal and all vice, guilt & punishment are assigned to the negative image, by all committed members of the endogroup.
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What happened on April 21 2016?
Multiple eyewitnesses are coming forward with sworn testimonies.
Here's what they saw/know.
(thanks @ThatBrianFella)

On April 21 2016 Amber Heard was having a birthday party in Depp's penthouse — Johnny arrived late and she assaulted, punched him.
After Amber Heard brutally assaulted Johnny Depp, she threw his mobile phone and the wallet containing it off the 13th floor.
Amber Heard told it to bodyguard Starling Jenkins who arrived at the penthouse in the morning of April 22 2016 to escort Amber and friends to Coachella.
These screenshots has been presented as evidence of what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp: she implies to have thrown his mobile/wallet off the street and trying to block Johnny's credit cards (contained in the wallet).
Amber Heard sent these texts to a security staff member.
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Who knew that under an angel face, under kind and friendly appearance a two faced demon was hiding? This woman abused her ex girlfriend in 2009 and got arrested. Years later she asked for the police to wipe her record clean before marrying Johnny Depp. While she and the latter>>
in their Honeymoon she chopped off his finger with a vodka bottle for daring to talk about a postnuptial contract. She often hit, kicked, manipulated and humiliated him whenever things didn't go her way. Having arrived 2 hrs late for her bday Johnny received 2 punches in the face
and his phone and wallet were thrown out the window in April 2016. Seeing this Johnny left the premises and asked her not to follow him. As she was angry, she took a dump in their marital bed. One month later she loared him into the apartment so as he could take his belongings>>>
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