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Quelques reflexions supplémentaires, à froid, sur la #BattleOfWinterfell et visent à dépasser un peu les analyses fondées sur la rationalité tactique des belligérants.
Le point d’achoppement principal, c’est « l’armée » de Daenerys. Et je mets des guillemets car elle n’a d’armée que le nom. Si on regarde ce qui la compose, on est bien plus face à un ensemble de composantes fonctionnant en silos.
Et avec les spécificités propres. Les Dothrakis par exemple, sont surtout des pillards, effectuant des raids plus que des opérations et des manœuvres. Leur truc c’est le choc, en terrain ouvert si possible face un adversaire clairsemé.
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Sat down to watch #BattleOfWinterfell #GOTS8E3 and I’m actually nervous 😬
I say nervous… #terrified
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1/Know the odds of anyone changing their life around because of a few Tweets are slim to none, but 1) never worry about the odds 2) I believe in the slow burn realization-- the phenomenon wherein a concept enters one's mind and sits and churns in there till perhaps it meets it's
2/component thought ten years later and boom catalyzes a chain reaction... Anyway, compelled to relay that seeing all the posts about #AvengersEndgame and #BattleOfWinterfell brings something to the surface in me, because I see that the reason these stories resonate so deeply is
3/because of our own heroic natures, which we often deny. I see the world as if everyone in those battles, all the allies, the whole team decided to take a meal break, perhaps a trip to Ikea, maybe freshen up their make-up mid other words it's always been unfathomable
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I left #BattleOfWinterfell disappointed. There were iconic, tense moments... but overall execution of the event... meh. Maybe on rewatch it'll get better.

1 of 2 things happened. imho.
Whoever edited the ep did a really bad job OR writers felt too committed to main characters.
There's no way Samwell, Dany, Podrick, Jon, Jamie all survived the scenarios they were in.

And if they did, they really needed to SHOW how they did so, instead of just returning to them still being alive.
The wights took turns. Stop it. How did Beric get into that room w/ Hound and the hero when he clearly was caught up?

I mean, we were all prepped to have favorites die. All survived??

There's some other stuff I need to sort out this evening, but...

I still stan for Arya.
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The planning meeting for the #BattleOfWinterfell had to have been a clusterfuck. #GamefThrones
"Okay, you know how we're trying to defend a castle?"
"One of those buildings specifically designed to withstand a siege?"
"Right. Bear with me but what if we... found them outside?"
"Ooo! That's good! I'll go one better?"
"We don't dig any trenches?"
"Love where your head's at!"
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I love how the first ten minutes of #BattleOfWinterfell is just a montage of nervous people staring at the dark

Holy shit that opening battle sequence was brilliant

The swordlights winking out. Like hope flickering away.

#BattleOfWinterfell #GameOfThrones
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Don’t even think about killing off Tyrion, GoT writer-fuckers. #BattleOfWinterfell #GameOfThrones
What assholes, these writers. This ten minute plus build up is EXCRUCIATING. #DemThrones #BattleOfWinterfell
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You ain't seen s*** til you've seen an undead Hodor riding a zombie bear through the gates of Winterfell!
For those complaining THAT WAS A WISH!! Not even a prediction. and definitely not a spoiler because it doesn't air for another 45 minutes!!
Besides, as I've tweeted this 3 times now....
But if that does actually happen, sorry, but at the same time...
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Who’s gonna die Pt. 1 #BattleOfWinterfell
Who’s gonna die Pt. 2
Who’s gonna die Pt. 3
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It’s finally here. The #GameofThrones epic battle between the living and the dead has come to Winterfell for Episode 3. What else is there to do but wildly guess who will survive the #BattleofWinterfell! Let’s begin: 1/
Live or die: Sansa Stark 2/
Live or die: Theon Greyjoy 3/
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