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1/ I'm pulling my hair out with the crap, disingenuous media reporting of the #NHSCrisis. I've seen the BBC, Sky and ITV all cite the Tories plan to give health and social care £14.1bn more over 2 years with NO CONTEXT. So let me do it:
2/ Total spend on health and social care is c£180 bn a year.
With inflation at c10%, to stay level they would need an extra c£18 bn a year.
The Tories plan is c.£7 bn a year, ie £11 bn, c60% less than is needed to stay level.
So in practice this extra money is a real terms cut.
3/ By not giving this context, the media are doing a propaganda job for the Tories. The Tories are trying to present a real terms cut as extra money. By parroting the line that this is "extra" money. the media are lying on the Tories behalf.
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1/ Thread: The next big Tory lie - Inflation
Sunak says “he’ll halve inflation this year” at his press conference.
No reporter asks him how exactly is it that he can control inflation and if he can why hasn’t he done it sooner?
2/ Inflation will fall ALL around the world this year. It’s a relative measure between two points in time. Prices spiked up last year because of the hike in energy prices especially after the Ukraine invasion. Unless there is another spike like that, inflation WILL go down.
3/ Energy prices this March are likely to be much lower than last year. Energy is a big part of inflation calculations. So, inflation WILL fall automatically. The Government doesn’t have to lift a finger for inflation to fall.
BofE Inflation report:…
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BE CAREFUL major distraction attempt being led today by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg. She’s pushing the story fed to her by a source that the Government are “close to a solution on #socialcare
More in this Thread (1 of 7)...
If you listen to her, she’s selling hot air. She’s saying the Government had “90% of a solution” before #COVID hit and they were planning to launch the policy in the autumn. This is based on one source telling her this and is based only on a handful of meetings..
..Andrew Dilnot had with the PM, the Chancellor and Health Secretary.

None of this stands up to analysis. The Tories had no plan for social care in their manifesto in December. When pressed after the election they said their plan was..
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The establishment media are going mad about the Labour’s #freebroadband plan saying it will hurt people’s pension plans. Yet they provide no evidence for this.
In this Thread, I provide EVIDENCE that Labour’s plan will save money for people with cash pension pots..
The valuation of BT at the start of November was £20.09 billion
The most recent valuation of the FTSE 100 I could get is Jan 2018, which is £2.054 trillion
BT therefore represents about 1% of the FTSE 100
(NB this is generous as BT’s share price is now lower than Jan 18)
The default fund choice in most cash pension plans splits investments between the UK and global funds. Most typically 60% UK / 40% global.
BT would therefore represent 0.6% of someone’s cash pension fund.
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70% of the electorate DIDN’T vote for the Tories in the 2017 General Election. How does the BBC represent their views in its Sunday morning paper reviews?
This Thread on how they did today (31st March)
Firstly the concept of “paper reviews” is deeply unrepresentative. Not only are their circulations at all time lows but the majority are owned by off shore non UK tax paying oligarchs who are deeply Conservative. Their papers reflect their views and interests.
This already deeply unrepresentative flaw is made worse by selecting “paper reviewers” who come from those same organisations OR who have the same polictical views and interests as the right wing pro-Tory press. Two examples to follow..
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#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | I think we all get why off shore oligarch billionaires who own the press hate Corbyn but why are the “independent” TV news biased?
This Thread on that blatant bias, first Jeremy himself calls it out..
#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | The bias against Corbyn has led to the distortion of truth on an industrial scale. Here @OwenJones84 calls out just one example much to the BBC presenter’s annoyance
#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | The BBC, strangely for the “impartial” public broadcaster is the most biased. Listen to this clip on how the BBC describe Corbyn to its World Service audience as being in the “pro Soviet Union camp”
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