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William Rees-Mogg was editor of The Times. In 1971 a conversation with him was filmed.

Full programme:
William Rees-Mogg wrote the prophetic book The Sovereign Individual and had views on capitalism and chaos that have fascinating links to his son’s enthusiasm for #Brexit.
But other Tory MPs have links to this ideology also referred to as “Creative Destruction”.

In 2005 @danny__kruger was to stand against Tony Blair. But he quit after being quoted as wanting a "period of creative destruction in the public services".…
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Dominic Raab says he’ll take no lectures from Angela Rayner on defence given she campaigned to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister,

Angela Rayner says she’ll take no lectures from Raab on defence as when Afghanistan was falling “he was on a sun lounger.” #PMQs
Raab says “I can’t help but thinking the honourable lady [Rayner] is auditioning for the job on that side of the House rather than this side.”
Raab says Labour “aren’t fit to govern.”
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Well here we go.
He sounds like a spunk filled balloon.
Say what you like Johnson, this strike has occurred under your watch.
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#PMQs video recap:

@Keir_Starmer made the first of his cultural references, claiming that Boris Johnson was not in fact "Obi-Wan Kenobi" but was instead "Jabba the Hutt."

Starmer then read out several critical statements about Boris Johnson, said by his own Tory MPs.

The Labour leader turned his focus to economics, claiming the PM has turned "screwing" buisness into an economic policy.

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Didn’t see this one coming. Starmer: “As for his boasting about the economy, he thinks he can perform Jedi mind tricks on the country: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. No rules were broken. The economy is booming. The problem is the force just isn’t with him any more.”
Starmer: “He thinks he’s Obi Wan Kenobi. The truth is he’s Jabba the Hutt” #PMQs
I’m really hoping “No, I am your father” isn’t going to make an appearance from anybody
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Keir Starmer accuses PM of wanting “the country to grind to a halt so he can feed off the division” #PMQs #strikes
Starmer says PM “thinks he’s on #LoveIsland … contestants that give the public the ick get booted out” #pmqs
(I should add in the interests of accuracy that contestants give each other the ick, but never mind)
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1) Lord Reed: The Supreme Court President backing the government against the people

Posted on June 11, 2022 by @davidhencke


2) "An influential all party report by peers and MPs published last week (see my report in Byline Times) found nine recent judgements by the Supreme Court were favouring the government over the individual"


3) 💥"The change appears to have taken place after Lord Robert Reed became President in 2020 replacing Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond" 💥


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The #Rwandaflights have not ben halted for good.

The #ECHR has said that the Uk gov should wait for the High Court to decide on the issue.

A hearing is set at the end of July.

Will the government proceed with other deportations in the meantime?
In a dramatic escalation last night and thanks to the European judges intervention, the scheduled flight has been cancelled only minutes before takeoff
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Who is being let down by current #pensions policy?
⚡low paid
⚡self employed
#men & #women in their 40s
⚡Part time workers below £10k threshold for autoenrolment
⚡mothers not claiming child benefit
#50sWomen recognise the shortcomings!
#FullRestitution ImageImageImageImage
Strange isn't it (or maybe not!) how many of the groups let down by #pensions policy contain significantly large numbers of #women?
Younger #women would do well to support #50sWomen, who have seen all these failings coming & are fighting on YOUR BEHALF to force Govt action!
Not least of which would be to carry out a proper #gendersensitive #impactassessment on any future changes in #pensions policy or implementation, which was denied to #50sWomen, & to begin to consider the ratified #CEDAW convention in any proposals
#WaspiFullRestitutionNow ImageImageImageImage
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Let's have a quick #THREAD on troubled Johnson-brown-nosing robotic hard-right Tory MP Jonathan Gullis - a controversial member of the European Research Group, & a parliamentary backer of FREER, an initiative run by the opaquely funded neoliberal Institute of Economic Affairs.
He stood in Washington & Sunderland West at #GE2017, losing to the incumbent Labour MP Sharon Hodgson, but somehow was elected as the MP for Stoke-on-Trent North at #GE2019, unseating Labour's Ruth Smeeth & becoming the first Conservative to represent the constituency.
At the time of his election, Gullis was employed as a school teacher & head of year at an Academy in Sutton Coldfield, & somewhat bizarrely for a Tory MP, served as the school's trade union representative, but he's spent his time as an MP railing against the Left & the 'woke'.
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Prime Minister's Questions: Johnson faces Commons grilling over Partygate…
You can watch #PMQs live here 👇…
This damning picture shows Boris Johnson raising a can of beer at his rule-breaking birthday bash on June 19 2020.

The PM was fined alongside Rishi Sunak over the party. #PMQs #Partygate #SueGrayReport
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‘This morning I had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others,’ Johnson says. I bet he bloody did. #PMQs
Starmer saves Sue Gray for later and goes on cost of living. Asks when the government will perform its inevitable U-turn on the windfall tax. Johnson tries to pin tax rises on Labour and blathers some bullshit about our recovery from Covid, which seems lacklustre even for him.
Starmer makes a joke about hindsight and then goes full Mrs Merton: ‘what is it about the Sue Gray report that first attracted the prime minister to a U-turn this week?’
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🚨BREAKING: Boris Johnson has received Sue Gray's full 'partygate' report at Downing Street
🗣️A Cabinet Office spokesman said: "We can confirm that Sue Gray has provided her final report to the Prime Minister."

Follow the latest updates here 👇… Police officer stands outsi...
The latest from our Whitehall Correspondent 👇
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Tory MPs think the 'Rishi rehabiliation' is now underway.
😇 Geidt clears him re conflicts of interest
🎂 Partygate fine seen as unfair
🛢️@MumsnetTowers warning of windfall tax shows new political nous
📈Firm line against spending that wd fuel inflation…
.@RishiSunak was missing from #PMQs cos he was chairing Treasury’s new 'Efficiencies and Value for Money Committee', which overran.
Tho he dropped to bottom of the @ConHome league table after the non-dom row, that wasn't as big a fall as after the Spring Statement after tax hikes.

“The only way is up now, isn’t it?” one MP joked to me.
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🚨🚨 Boris Johnson @ #PMQs ‘Employment is going up by record amounts. 500k more people in paid employment now than before the pandemic


➡️ This is false. The total number of people in employment 600k LOWER than before the pandemic ❌❌

He is misleading the house ❌
The data on employment comes from the ONS where there was an estimated 32.5 million people in employment in the 3 months to Feb 22. It was 33.1 million in the 3 months to Feb 20.…
The number of employees has risen since before the pandemic (those are people who work for someone else). But the number of people who are self-employed has fallen dramatically 800k - as Government policies of lockdowns hit these workers.
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.@Ianblackford_MP: "Last night the Prime Minister might have convinced his backbenchers - and the spineless Scottish Tories - to keep him in place for another few weeks – but the public aren’t so easily fooled." #PMQs
.@Ianblackford_MP: "82% of people in Scotland said they believe the Prime Minister lied to this Parliament and to the public about his lawbreaking Covid parties.

Are they right... or should they not believe their lying eyes?" #PMQs
.@Ianblackford_MP: "No government can be led by a Prime Minister who is in a constant crisis to save his own skin." #PMQs
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Starmer continuing his good form at #PMQs. Cites resignations of Allegra Stratton, Neil Ferguson, Matt Hancock. ‘Why does the prime minister think everyone else’s actions have consequences except his own?’
Johnson’s responses are dismal even by his standards. Refuses to answer question or even confirm he accepts he broke the law. Basically tells Starmer he should be asking him about any subject that isn’t uncomfortable for him.
Johnson calls Starmer a ‘Corbynista in an Islington suit’, which is literally risible to anyone with a brain on either the left or right - and, once again, the person who lived in Islington was, in fact, Johnson
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The Institute of Economic Affairs are on #PoliticsLive AGAIN?

The IEA is a dodgy free-market fundamentalist think tank which refuses to say who funds them, & represents the interests of billionaires who want to reduce taxes & remove worker, consumer, & environmental protections.
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The far-right are fond of calling moderate liberals "McCarthyite" for daring to criticise them when, of course, the originsl McCarthyism was about driving stars & producers on the left out of popular culture. As it stands, I don't think British democracy can survive...
1/6 🧵
any more right wingers perpetuating their own power networks across film & broadcasting. In Britain the fact these networks exists means the political right not only enjoy corporate support & that of the national press, but that of every mainstream British media outlet
This essentially means the left, Labour & Greens have no national media platform from which to challenge govt besides the thin gruel of #PMQs on a Wednesday & social media, which is also dominated by RW voices with paid amplification. So, right now, Britain is more or less... 3/6
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"It looks to me Mr. Speaker as though the company concerned has broken the law."

Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson clash over the fire-and-rehire policy used by P&O.

Follow this thread for video updates from #PMQs
"The government had advanced warning of these mass sackings" - @Keir_Starmer in #PMQs.

Read an analysis on fire-and-rehire policies by @BNHWalker here:…
"Why does the Prime Minister think that they will take a crumb of comfort from his half-arsed bluster and waffle today?"

Keir Starmer targets Boris Johnson over a lack of action on the issue of fire and rehire in #PMQs.

Listen to more here:
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EXCLUSIVE: UK government spent 34 years suppressing its own study which found servicemen at nuclear weapons tests were 3.5x more likely to die from leukaemia.…
It took 20 years for the govt to admit *some* of it, and another 14 for nuclear veterans to be told that 140 pages of data on their risks of cancer, suicide and heart disease even existed.
In 2008, government lawyers told the High Court that 159 men on high-risk missions 'may' have been exposed.

In fact, the real number was 2,314. And by this point, the government had known that fact for 20 years.
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Angela Rayner asks "whether the lazy comments of the Prime Minister worsened the situation" in regards to the detainment of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

Follow this thread for video updates from #PMQs
"Is there any time he overruled or ignored direct advice from the British security services?"

@AngelaRayner replaces Keir Starmer in #PMQs today as she squares off against Dominic Raab.

Read Kate Mossman's interview with Rayner here:…
"British intelligence reportedly warned against the granting of peerage to the Prime Minister's close friend and now Lord Lebedev of Hampton and Siberia" - @AngelaRayner in #PMQs

Read an analysis of why Lebedev is a headache for the Conservatives here:…
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Boris Johnson faces questions from Keir Starmer on UK's response to Ukrainian refugee crisis

Follow #PMQs LIVE here ⬇️…
Boris Johnson kicked off the session by praising President Zelensky’s address yesterday as the Prime Minister vowed to do more “in the coming days to protect the people of Ukraine”.…
Keir Starmer used his first question to ask the Prime Minister to do more to help UK households facing rising energy bills. ⬇️

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🔴The Ministry of Defence has said service personnel are banned from travelling to Ukraine amid reports British soldiers have gone absent without leave to fight Russia.

Keep up with the latest updates here 👇…
🔴5,000 residents fled the besieged city of Sumy yesterday, the Ukrainian government has announced, with the humanitarian corridor to stay open today… CREDIT: ANADOLU AGENCY /ANADOLU
🔴760 visas have been granted so far for Ukrainians to come to the UK, Cabinet minister Grant Shapps has said… Credit: AFP
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