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Corbyn doesn’t mention Brexit in #PMQs. Understandable with compromise talks lined up for this afternoon. Focuses on Universal Credit, poverty instead. PM bracing herself from some furious Qs from the benches behind her, I suspect.
Not long ago the PM would say a Brexit deal must deliver her red lines of independent law-making, trade. Not anymore. In response to Owen Smith’s #PMQs question, she says she wants to end free movement. That’s about it. Clearly prepared to soften her position.
The PM’s new Brexit buzz phrases: “Orderly,” “as soon as possible,” and “without having to fight European elections.” How far we have come since independent trade policy, no ECJ, and no payments to the EU #PMQs.
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Are we really going to go through the last-but-one #PMQs before Brexit Day without a single Brexit question from Corbyn?!
Nearly there. Not a whisper.
Well, that was an abysmal wasted opportunity.
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#Brexit news for today:

Nigel Adams, Minister for Wales, and Governement whip has resigned the #Cabinet over #TheresaMay's way forward.


You can hear #TheresaMay's reaction from here

So the splitting of the #ToryParty continues. Where will it end? And can we expect resignations from #Labour if #Corbyn is seen as giving up too much to #TheresaMay during the discussions tonight.

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May complains Corbyn wants Brussels to negotiate trade deals on our behalf. Perhaps she hasn’t read up on what her indefinite backstop would involve #PMQs
This exchange is so pointless. Until all sides recognise that the economy only makes it through this with full membership of the single market *and* customs union, MPs will just keep talking to themselves and throwing their constituents to the wall #PMQs
Genuinely unwatchable now. I could almost cry with despair. #PMQs
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The #BBC are Neoliberal Fascists who work for the Neoliberal Establishment, the Bankers, the international Oligarchs & Big Money interests.

The BBC are big supporters of the EU and so is Goldman Sachs.

They are the ENEMY of you and me.

The ONLY difference between North Korea propaganda & UK Establishment's propaganda channel the #BBC, is that Brits are forced to pay to watch the propaganda & lies.

BBC & North Korea propaganda fulfill exactly the SAME purpose Domestic Control

The #BBC is a combination of George Orwell's "Ministry of Truth" & Goebbels "Ministry of Propaganda".

No Authoritarian Regime ever had so much success in deceiving its own people as the UK does with the #BBC…

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SNP's Deirdre Brock asks the prime minister about a Number 10 visit by the former head of Cambridge Analytica in 2016:

"Who did Alexander Nix meet in 10 Downing Street, what were the purposes of this visit and why was it not reported in the transparency data?"

May replied that she would “look into the issue" but also vaguely claimed to have answered the question elsewhere
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Cumbrian MP @timfarron tells the PM that bank closures have ravaged the region and left the town of Grange without one. PM says banks are responding to changing personal financing behaviour. Bit of a tin-eared #PMQs response to a issue facing towns and villages nationwide.
Furious cries of “absolute rubbish” from Labour benches as the PM says her government has given more money to local authorities #PMQs.
Labour MP Phil Wilson asks the PM to confirm “by what century” the Stronger Towns Fund will give back to the northeast the money it has lost as a result of austerity #PMQs
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Theresa May announces she will hold a No 10 knife crime summit in the coming days - and meet families of victims. “Responsibility for these crimes lies with the perpetrators but we must all do more to ensure that justice is served and tackle the root causes...” #PMQs
The PM says police have the “right resources” to deal with knife crime - but police officer numbers cut by 21,000, neighbourhood policing slashed - yes it’s not the only factor but it’s a huge one. It‘s also one which resonates on doorstep. Tories should beware.
PM says dealing with knife crime means “working across a number of areas”. She’s right, of course, except she also cut funding for youth services, children’s mental health, leisure facilities, education & councils. All weakens social fabric that prevents knife crime. #PMQs
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Video: Andrew Grice and @LizzyBuchan standing by to comment on #PMQs, which starts at noon…
It could be a weird #PMQs, a dialogue at cross purposes between two leaders who have made U-turns in broad daylight this week
PM curiously unpolitical in saying “if that deal is rejected” in meaningful vote – almost as if she’s given up already #PMQs
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Frightening to see multiple MPs leaping to applaud the Home Secretary for stripping citizenship from a UK citizen, given there are over 7 million people in the UK for whom a "dual citizenship" case might be made, if you include those with Irish ancestors. Scary times. #PMQs
Important: 100% different from voicing support from someone who went off to join ISIS! The full weight of all applicable laws should be brought to bear on her. But potentially making somebody stateless is illegal under international law. Do we really want to be that country?
It is the precedent that concerns me so much. Today, those who join terrorist groups. Tomorrow?
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May said in #PMQs that due diligence was carried out on Seaborne by Deloitte, Mott MacDonald and Slaughter & May.

Deloitte: “The standard tests could not be completed on Seaborne given a lack of existing financial information due to it only being incorporated in April 2017.”
via the National Audit Office report:…
Mott MacDonald: "The review flagged 'significant execution risks' relating to the Seaborne bid."
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Peter Bone misrepresents Donald Tusk's remark in #PMQs by selectively leaving most of it out.

What D.T. ACTUALLY said: "I've been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted #Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely."
Joanna Cherry, the SNP MP just called him on it.
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To @stephenkerrMP @theresa_may, here is the manifesto the current @theSNP Government was elected on. #PMQs
Something backed by a majority of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament (69 to 59)
Also, @stephenkerrMP may wish to speak to Ruth on this one
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Ahead of (potentially) the ONLY #PMQs remaining before the Meaningful Vote on Brexit, it's worth reminding ourselves of where things stand...

Brexit's already costing jobs and investments.
Trading on WTO terms does. Not. Work. Not the way Brexiters describe it, anyway... The key point missing is *alone*: trading on WTO terms alone is a disaster waiting to happen.
There's no transition period in a no deal situation. It's over the cliff, out of the EU, on 29 March 2019 at 11pm. Many MPs seem to find this confusing...
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Corbyn spot on here. May is running down the clock and wasting money on an outcome she knows won’t happen, just to make her deal look like lesser of two evils. She is now driving Project Fear. Even by standards of British politics this is unparalleled cynicism #PMQs
Wow, there really is nothing more cringe-making than watching May bleat out rigidly rehearsed stale jokes. Also, did nobody suggest ‘they’re behind you’ might be an unwise line when 117 of her own MPs just tried to get rid of her? #PMQs
Have to do a double-take when PM answers a question about foreign policy. Seems impossible to remember a time when UK gov took a sustained interest in world affairs and wasn’t exclusively concerned with implementing a navel-gazing orgy of economic ruin and national self-harm
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All he wants is to create chaos,’ wails May, apparently oblivious to the fact her party has just launched a coup against her a day after she pulled the plug on the defining vote of the last 70 years #PMQs
Wow. Corbyn is genuinely angry and rightly so. May is in contempt of Parliament and in contempt of the people, and sits back smirking like a Bullingdon boy, preternaturally incapable of any shred of contrition, humility or self-awareness #PMQs
Corbyn (correctly) tells May business is crying out for certainty and asks her to rule out no-deal. Anyone who cared about jobs or communities or the national interest would so in a heartbeat. Any non-sadist would. May can’t and won’t. She is unfit to lead. #PMQs
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Ahead of of #PMQs, here's what is actually happening with #Brexit at the moment (thread):
Theresa May's government has become the first in history to be held in "contempt of parliament" after refusing to release the full legal advice offered on the Brexit divorce deal
MPs have won the right to have a "meaningful vote" on Brexit plans if the PM's withdrawal agreement is defeated in parliament next week
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Not even May can keep a straight face as she asserts that the deal will ‘make us better off’. Her Chancellor literally said the opposite this morning and every major economist the world over agrees with him. She is beneath contempt. #pmqs
Now she reels off a (small) list of organisations backing the deal. That’s because the alternative is the carnage of no deal at all. She’s so desperate to save her own skin that she will throw the rest of us off the cliff to do it #PMQs
Now May says that it’s not possible to sign a deal while we’re in the EU. Quite so. But then why did David Davis say we could sign it a nanosecond after we left, and why did May agree by promising a final trade deal would be ready to implement? She is genuinely shameless. #PMQs
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1. Today first #pmqs since Salzburg, but really important movement is btw officials behind closed doors this week, shuttling back and forwards btw Brussels and Westminster
2. Don't expect any new proposals to emerge from either side, even tho Barnier is making a speech today - both sides all too familiar with their positions, it's about whether the two templates which don't fit in terms of substance can be made somehow to fit
3. IF, it can be made to work, then likely Raab will appear alongside Barnier in Brussels on Monday, draft conclusions signed off by foreign ministers in Luxembourg on same day, key Cabinet on Tuesday, then EU leaders get their mits on it all on Weds night
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#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | I think we all get why off shore oligarch billionaires who own the press hate Corbyn but why are the “independent” TV news biased?
This Thread on that blatant bias, first Jeremy himself calls it out..
#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | The bias against Corbyn has led to the distortion of truth on an industrial scale. Here @OwenJones84 calls out just one example much to the BBC presenter’s annoyance
#BrokenMedia | #PoliticalBias | #BroadcastMedia | The BBC, strangely for the “impartial” public broadcaster is the most biased. Listen to this clip on how the BBC describe Corbyn to its World Service audience as being in the “pro Soviet Union camp”
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Corbyn quite right to call out May's customs proposal in #PMQs. Why would the EU outsource its customs competencies to a third country? He should have pressed her on the VAT alignment amendment, though. That amendment could have very serious implications for the Irish border.
May: "while I was agreeing on the future of NATO with Trump..."

*howls of laughter*

May: "while I was negotiating our future security, he was renegotiating the definition of anti-Semitism"

*cries of "shame!*

Sums it up, really. Both parties are a mess #PMQs.
May tells the SNP's Ian Blackford she won't extend Article 50, which you might soon be able to put in the same box as "there won't be an early election," I suspect #PMQs
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I get why Corbyn went solely on buses last week at #pmqs now - to leave @EmilyThornberry the space this week to set out Labour's CU/SM bilateral position very clearly for pre-election record. She's better at this detail than him. This is the key bit from Hansard today
In an ideal world, this would be going viral on the #fbpe hashtag as, short of full Remain, it's what they've been demanding - full compliance with CU/SM conditions as set by EU to secure a deal, including on FoM controls as currently set in EU law.
But as with the @JPonpolitics example, any such wave of #fbpe virality is hampered by the commentariat's refusal/inability to understand/portray Labour's position on a a bilateral deal.
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1. Cabinet minister accused of not telling truth by NAO, authorities to say Vote Leave broke law in #euref, Cabinet squabbling over eu plans they haven’t all even seen yet and eu likely to reject, brexiteer MPs summoned to see chief whip - just another day in 2018 -oh, and #pmqs
2. Anyone else ready for the holidays?
3. If it’s the kind of thing that floats your boat, apparently ERG MPs summoned the chief whip not the other way round -
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