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ALERT: NWS Reno is now predicting higher rainfall totals than any weather event in at least 20 years. Now is the time to finish clearing your gutters and drainage area, and finalize your plans to evacuate, esp if you live in or near a burn scar like the #CaldorFire. Details here:
Light to moderate rain is slowly spreading over the #CaldorFire area now and will be widespread by mid morning. Saturday may see somewhat lighter showers, with the main weather event beginning early Sun. Twin Bridges will wake up to a steady rain Sun AM, increasing in...
...intensity throughout the day. Snow levels are likely to remain above 10k ft through Sunday evening. Throughout Sun, expect heavy (possibly historic) rain below 10k, heavy snow above, gusts of 35 mph in valleys/up to 80 mph at ridges. Main threat across #CaldorFire area...
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Your midday #FawnFire and #CaldorFire alerts and updates thread begins here:

ALERT: Mountain Gate area, EVAC ORDER for Holiday rd S of Old Oregon.
ALERT: NE Redding, EVAC ORDER for all of Tierra Oaks. #FawnFire
ALERT: NE Redding, EVAC ORDER for all resident west of Old Oregon and N of Akrich st. Again this includes Tierra Oaks.


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Your #CaliforniaWildfires alerts and updates thread begins here.

We will start with #CaldorFire: Winds will shift to E/NE today up to 20 mph on ridge tops.
ALERT: Additional engines and strike teams are being moved back into Christmas Valley to prepare for *possible* spot fires crossing the ridge N of Little Round Top towards the E.

ALERT: We don't yet have updated Projected Incident Activity language. As of 7:20 last night ops projected possibility of fire moving into Christmas Valley threatening up to 560 structures within 24 hours (see below). Monitoring closely for updates. #CaldorFire
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Your #CaliforniaWildfires alerts and updates thread begins here. We start with an important #CaldorFire alert...
#CaldorFire ALERT: As I have been reporting all day, fire has reached the ridge leading up to Little Round Top. This is confirmed on the ground and on the Leek Springs cam. @Defensible1 also is showing 2 heat indicators exactly where the Leek Springs Cam is showing plumes.
UPDATE: Just N of #CaldorFire near Smith Lake is the #SmithFire. This is a NEW start, not a spot fire. While there doesn't appear to be much fuel up here, crews are evidently concerned enough to keep a helo on it which continues to drop water.
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Today's #CaliforniaWildfires thread begins here:

#CaldorFire: the flareup W of Lake Margaret has grown significantly in the last 12 hours. Fire has run N of the lake into Bucks Pasture and has jumped Strawberry Creek. Several hundred additional acres have burned. Remember...
...the area burning is well inside the "alligator mouth." While spread is expected to continue, there is black to the W, N, and S, and Little Round Top to the E. No imminent threat to structures. While many refer to this as the "Kirkwood area" locals know it's well N. #CaldorFire
NOTE on Lake Margaret area: you will likely see a lot of images like the one here coming out today. Please remember folks have returned home not far from here so when you share it, please choose your words carefully and include some of the info I provided above.

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Your #CaliforniaWildfires alerts and updates thread begins here:

#CaldorFire Update: Hwy 50 between Kyburz and Meyers is currently opened to residents only. At 8 am the hwy is expected to reopen fully to the public.
#CaldorFire Update: while hwy 50 is reopening many areas remain without power. There is currently no update when power will be restored for Strawberry and Twin Bridges.
#CaldorFire NOTICE: Dumpsters are located at the general store in Strawberry for residents cleaning up their property.
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When South Lake Tahoe residents evacuated last week due to #CALDORFIRE, many pulled out their garbage bins. Except there was no garbage pick-up...and the bears have turned the city of 22,000 into a Sizzler buffet. @sfchronicle…
These are photos from the South Lake Tahoe garbage company from just the last few days. Chonk bears & damage to fences and bear-proof bins. They’re finding holes in garages as bears smell rotting food… ImageImageImage
Since the #CaldorFire evacuation, bear break-ins have been reported at about 70 homes & vehicles, according to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department — compared to just a few per week normally. Officials have also seen coyotes & even porcupines feasting.…
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Hotshots Ryan Almond (center) and Sam Unterbach (left) use drip torches to fight the #CaldorFire with fire.

They're with the El Dorado Hotshots, one of several crews who lit the unburned forest behind homes in Meyers on Tuesday after the fire jumped 89.

More photos👇
It's not just the people with drip torches.

The whole hotshot crew gets involved with hand / power tools.

Sawyer Julain Mautz readies his chainsaw to help protect the homes near this #CaldorFire firing operation.
The wind came in sooner than anticipated in this part of Meyers near Apache Ave & Ottowa Dr on Tuesday.

The crew was already well underway with the firing operation.

They quickly decided they had to burn more forest faster before the wind lit it for them.
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#CaldorFire (El Dorado Co/ENF) - From the community meeting: incident has been split into a west & east zone. Have direct dozer & hand line all along that area of fire that went across Hwy 88 up to Two Sentinels west of Kirkwood, working to put hose in there.
#CaldorFire - They have some active fire on the west side of Hwy 88 near Silver Lake that is blowing smoke N/E, aircraft working that. Some fire still active in challenging rocky areas to the S/W of there. 1/4 acre spot fire in Div P that got handled.
#CaldorFire - Looking @ repopulation soon in Division A, they're in the process of removing their equipment & hose. Division D still looks extremely good w/ no smokes visible along the line from a recon flight. That piece could be called contained in the next day or so.
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#CaldorFire (El Dorado Co/ENF) - Flareup in Div P just west of Leek Springs, couple of trees torching right up against the retardant line, but remains inside. Had to divert 2 copters from the Kirkwood area to this. No tankers right now, copters also working by Wrights Lake.
#CaldorFire - Sounds like they have a handle on this flareup & the copters are heading back to the Kirkwood area.
#CaldorFire - Those copters will now be taking action on an area of trees that are on fire threatening cabins north of Hwy 88 near Kirkwood, looking to take some of the heat out of it as it approaches them.
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#CaldorFire (El Dorado Co/ENF) - From the morning update: no change on the western/SW side, that continues to hold. Their efforts to stop the southern side of Div D saved approx 600-700 structures & an additional 10,000 acres from burning. Continuing to mop up there.
#CaldorFire - They finally tied in that problematic area S/O US-50 near the Div F & G break. Still some internal pockets of fuel in there but don't expect any movement. Maintaining a strong presence east of there along US-50 to make sure nothing flares up around cabins.
#CaldorFire - Structure protection group established @ Wrights Lake. The fire is moving north/NE into the wilderness area. Flanking the fire away from structures. Into SLT: reduction in spread of the fire on the N/E side, it is bumping the border of the Heavenly Valley ski area.
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World, meet Harvey the Bear.

(No idea if that’s his/her real name.)

With the hotel shut down due to the #CaldorFire, Harvey decided to forage the area outside of hotel registration…

📸 Thread👇

@ABC10 #HarveyTheBear
#HarveyTheBear found something to munch on near valet parking…

STOP: #HarveyTheBear Crossing.

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Your morning #CaldorFire alerts and updates thread begins here:
UPDATE: We usually can't see flames on the Heavenly cam during the day due to cloud cover. Now, they are close enough to see at night and might even be close enough to break through the smoke today. Check out the pic. Also...

...remember there are vast resources and massive fuel breaks and dozer lines just to the SE of Heavenly between this cam and the fire. Crews are hopeful they can continue guiding the fire S of the resort towards the east. Will monitor.

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Good morning. We begin the day with a complicated story of great news and growing concerns. Let's get started.

Your early morning #caldorfire alerts and updates thread begins here:
NE: A massive 100+ ft fuel break was completed in the valley below and SE of Heavenly. Crews are successfully guiding the fire south of here in an E direction. Fire has crossed Trimmer Peek with spot fires growing N of Freel Peek near the Cold Creek drainage.

NE: Moving west through Meyers all lines continue to hold with crews on top of spot fires. Little growth. Up on Echo Summit fire continues to move through unburned areas with crews protecting structures. NW of here we get into the Echo Lakes areas...

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#CaldorFire (El Dorado Co/ENF) - Quick look @ todays ops map from certain areas of the fire. #Kirkwood: have dozer line (circled in blue) around Ferguson Point & completed dozer line down the west side of Kirkwood & out in front of that fire running N/E from Lake Kirkwood.
#CaldorFire - SLT: The green is a 75-100ft wide fuel break under powerlines that runs nearly to the NV border, it looks like they've put some dozer line behind it too where it starts on the western side. Have completed dozer line along west side of N Upper Truckee Rd & LT Blvd.
#CaldorFire - Wrights Lake: Seems to be a fuel break on the maps now along the road that leads to the lake proper. I heard radio traffic earlier saying they'd take dozer line around cabins @ the lake & into the granite in Section 28 (N/E of lake). Yellow = proposed dozer line.
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#CaldorFire (El Dorado Co/ENF) - From the community meeting: continue to see flare-ups within the perimeter on the south & S/W sides, expect smoke in there, if it looks really bad, let them know. They're already in there monitoring & mopping up though.
#CaldorFire - Still a lot of work to do on that uncontained piece of Div D. Have lots of hose & crews in there, it is a real troublesome area but they have a real heavy presence there to ensure the fire is out.
#CaldorFire - Still removing their equipment from areas of Division F near Jenkinson Lake, there is hose in peoples driveways etc, before they can repopulate. In Division G along US-50 near Ice House Rd, that big unburned island of fuels is 1,000 acres.
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#CaldorFire (El Dorado Co/ENF) - From the ops update that was just posted: still a good 48-96 hours of mop up before they can call that last piece of Div D contained then look @ repopulating the area off Sly Park Rd. It still has potential to spread, 1 acre spot fire yesterday.
#CaldorFire - Still working on that unburned island south of US-50 near the Div F & G break (Ice House Rd). Big fear for them is if fire spots north across US-50 there, they are making contingency lines using dozers & masticators on the north side of US-50.
#CaldorFire - The fire by Wrights Lake has started turning back N/W towards the lake. Large contingent of resources in there protecting infrastructure & property. Trying to stop it moving east & west by putting dozer line into the granite rocks.
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Your afternoon #caldorfire alerts and updates thread begins here:
Pilot of a helo near Silver Lake heard a "loud noise" and immediately landed. Emergency canceled. Pilot is safe. Unclear what the issue is with the helo. #caldorfire
ALERT: N, Fire north of hwy above Lower Forni has grown rapidly and is now less than a 1/2 mile from Wrights Lake. Helos have been dumping water and crews are preparing structures for defense near the lake.

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There is "an alarming trend" of evacuated residents leaving irrigation, garden hoses, and sprinklers on roofs following evacuation orders in attempts to protect property. 1/5
"As a result, Lake Tahoe Public Utility Districts and water purveyors are experiencing drawdowns in their water supply since evacuation warnings and orders went into effect."

Neighborhood water tanks & wells are at maximum capacity and being drawn down. 2/5
"This misuse of water can leave water supplies dangerously low when firefighters need fast access to water from fire hydrants to protect homes."

Residents are calling fire districts asking if they should spray down houses and veg before evacuating. "This is not effective."
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Here is a thread of places offering discounts and freebies for you during this trying time. New offerings will be added ASAP. Call ahead to verify, as needed! Please RT.
🍽️FREE LUNCH & DINNER🍽️ for #DixieFire & #CaldorFire evacuees and survivors at FISH in #CarsonCity, NV. No questions asked! They serve it daily from 11:30 AM-5 PM. 775-882-FISH (3474)
👧BOYS & GIRLS CLUB PLACERVILLE CLUBHOUSE👧is free for #CaldorFire & #DixieFire evacuee kids - you don't have to be a member! Kids get breakfast, lunch and snacks, too. 530-295-8019, 2840 Mallard Dr, #Placerville.
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Thanks for humoring me this morning on the personal thread. For a general summary of the status of all fronts of the fire see today's early morning overview thread.

Your morning #caldorfire alerts and updates thread begins here:
UPDATE: The #caldorfire has burned over 204,000 acres and is 20% contained. Red Flag Warning continues into the afternoon.
Heavenly continues use of snow guns to spray water across the resort as much as possible. Looking SW the front (red) is approaching the valley. Crews are cutting fuel breaks (green) in an effort to guide the fire SE around Heavenly. Lines are rough approximations.

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Good morning. Ops map is in, thermal imaging flight is in progress, and I have reconnected with ground sources so there is a lot to cover this morning. Let's get to it.

Your early morning #caldorfire overview begins here:
E: Starting in Christmas Valley looking N and NE. Double dozer lines have been completed on the E side of 89 from Grass Lake Creek N to Christmas Valley Drive. Crews continue to hold this line and are successfully protecting structures here. There have been...

...brief moments of slopover out to 89 but all of these instances have been quickly brought under control. The primary concern for the structures here is actually from embers coming off the ridge towards Echo Summit but crews continue to manage well...

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#CaldorFire (El Dorado Co/ENF) - Fixed wing retardant operations have concluded for the day, were working by Wrights Lake. Good retardant line in there, won't hold the fire but will buy them some time to widen the road leading to the lake per radio traffic.
#CaldorFire - There is potentially cabins involved in this same area, air support was still being requested for this, but unable due to the time of day. No specific location given. Copters will be assigned @ first light tomorrow.
#CaldorFire - Updated map for this area, not as close to Wrights Lake as it may sound (~2 miles). There are back firing ops in this area now. Went back to 5pm meeting to check: definitely said fire moving towards lake w/ resources in place to protect cabins around the lake.
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Here are ways you can donate to help survivors & evacuees. Remember, cash is always preferred! This list will be updated regularly. Thank you for your donations! 👇
@gcwrescue is helping to rescue, rehabilitate, and release WILD animals impacted by the Caldor Fire. Donate:
has volunteers operating shelters in Reno and Gardnerville. Donate:… (select disaster relief).
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