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Today, at 10am EST the U.S. Senate @EPWCmte holds a hearing about the #chemicalspill #fires #disaster caused in #EastPalestine #Ohio in Room SD-406

Will officials by asked why they’re not testing for chemicals we found? Officials lack full transparency.
This isn’t a classic chemical spill. Officials set hazardous chemicals -on fire- likely creating 100s-1000s of other materials.

You have to throw the kitchen sink at the chemical screening /identification problem. They have not done that, yet.

Officials must course correct.
When you review the county drinking water well testing data they didn’t test for a number of the chemicals in the creek.

So, what was the purpose of testing? Spending that $? Telling residents water is safe?

Why did these agencies choose not to be thorough in their approach?
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How was PG&E convicted of mass manslaughter in the 2018 #CampFire?

We finally have the case they pleaded guilty to: 42 days of secret testimony in front of a Butte County grand jury.

We've made all 5,000+ pages available, but since you likely haven't got time to read 'em...'s a link to our story.

And a brief thread on what @ABC10's #FirePowerMoney team found inside 👇

Dozens of PG&E employees testified under oath.

Prosecutors started with what they found at the origin point of the Camp Fire:…

A broken cast-iron C-hook that held up the bare wire, estimated to be a 97+ year old original part on PG&E's Caribou-Palermo line.

This hook broke first, likely because it was was on a tower that sat on this wind-prone hilltop.

But there were many more:
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PG&E political power @ work:

“Gov. @GavinNewsom has decided that PG&E is going to continue, and so we're going to have to deal with PG&E in our community,” said Sonoma DA Ravitch, who called the deal “doing the best that we could under the circumstances.”…
After the announcement, Ravitch suggested @ABC10 do a story on @PGE4Me’s influence in Sacramento.

I told her we had. Many times.

Like when we asked @GavinNewsom about taking PG&E 💰 after its 2016 felony convictions. He called it a “strange question.”👇…
Or when @ABC10’s #FirePowerMoney listed each member of the 80% supermajority of #CAleg who did the same:…
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I want to start a new thread story. Not sure how long it will be and I may use different prompts: #vss365 #vssmagic #vssnature etc etc ... I love reading about legends and folk lore, and in my fantasy writing I often create my own myths. So this will be just a fun exercise...
According to #lore &myths of old,griffins nestled on these cliffs long ago. They swooped down on the unsuspecting;carried them off never to be seen again.
Griffins were not elemental creatures,but air & earth did have dominion over them; their only enemy -fire.
#vss365 #vssmagic
"I helped your troupe avoid #shadow and #gore," said the dark wizard simply, implying that he saved us from the mythical griffins. I gaped at him. "And now for what you promised."

"No," I was careful not to get trapped in words, "I said: after you summon her."
#vss365 #vssmagic
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Here are ways you can donate to help survivors & evacuees. Remember, cash is always preferred! This list will be updated regularly. Thank you for your donations! 👇
@gcwrescue is helping to rescue, rehabilitate, and release WILD animals impacted by the Caldor Fire. Donate:
has volunteers operating shelters in Reno and Gardnerville. Donate:… (select disaster relief).
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NEW: @PGE4Me's federal probation judge, William Alsup, demands answers on the #DixieFire and #FlyFire.

He asks about the tree that fell on PG&E's power line at the Dixie origin point-- demands inspection images showing what it looked like before it fell.
#FirePowerMoney @ABC10
This judge found PG&E committed safety violations in the 2020 #ZoggFire, which killed four people.

He based that finding in part on 2019 inspection photos of the power line, showing the tree leaning in the power line's direction.
#FirePowerMoney @ABC10…
The #DixieFire is just the latest in a long list of criminal investigations (also convictions) against PG&E for causing big disasters:

#FirePowerMoney @ABC10 #CampFire #KincadeFire #SanBruno #ZoggFire…
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It's been two years since the #campfire burned here in Butte County. This thread is a narrative about the fire with satellite images I created of the fire at the peak of it's rampage, and aerial photos we flew. This image shows the long-range spotting which spread the fire. 1/x
The fire started in the Feather River Canyon, near Pulga, and raced up Flea Valley Creek. Once the fire reached the rim of the Canyon, it rained embers all over the Concow Basin. It raced thru heavy fuels in the Concow area, which still had tall dead brush from fires in 2008. 2/x
By the time the leapt across the West Branch Feather River, it was nearly 5 miles wide. Every bright yellow dot in this image is a burning structure. This view looks North. Fire spread from right to left. 3/x #WUI #planning #paradiseca
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The #NorthComplex Fire is one of the most destructive - and deadliest - in California history. This thread 👇 features ways you can donate and support recovery efforts. A lot of those impacted survived the #CampFire and now have lost homes again. #CaliforniaFires #BearFire

#NorthComplex #NorthComplexWestZone #BearFire Donation Thread 👇

The @NVCF oversees the Wildfire Relief and Recovery Fund which distributes $$ to nonprofits to support survivors, victims families and recovery.…

2 Image
#NorthComplex #NorthComplexWestZone #BearFire Donation Thread 👇
You can snail mail @NVCF gift cards and they will distribute them to folks impacted by fires.
North Valley Community Foundation
The Foundation Building
1811 Concord Ave., Ste. 220
Chico CA, 95928
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I am watching the #NorthComplex Fire news conference on Facebook and I'll tweet anything of interest in THIS THREAD 👇 #NorthComplexFires #NorthComplexWestZone #BearFire #ClaremontFire
Damage inspection teams are out in the fire area. 7 teams of 2 people. Collecting info on damaged, destroyed and non-damaged structures. Photo taken of each property. Reports to OES & FEMA.
They do not work in active fire zones. Here is the map:…

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Yet again I’m packing up in fear of evacuation, this time from the growing #BearFire. This one is farther away from me but the sky looks exactly like it did during the #CampFire and there’s a layer of ash on everything. I hate this.
Made some wildfire preparedness and evacuation tips videos on my TikTok these past few weeks. Uploading them here as well in case they’re of use to anyone here on Twitter. Stay safe! #wildfires #NorthComplexFire #CaliforniaFires #Evacuations
Made some wildfire preparedness and evacuation tips videos on my TikTok these past few weeks. Uploading them here as well in case they’re of use to anyone here on Twitter. Stay safe! #wildfires #NorthComplexFire #CaliforniaFires #Evacuations
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Wow. Water utility district meeting update about #CZULightningComplex fire. Question 1: Is it safe for chemical absorption through skin? Utility says Waterboard would only allow Do Not Drink-Do Not Use order. We recommended Do Not Use order based on #TubbsFire and #CampFire
Yes, a DNU order should have been issued b/c no one understands if hazardous waste scale water contam. is present. Bathing in hazardous waste level water is NOT acceptable. Why did the Waterboard not allow the utility to issue a Do Not Use order? Utility needs to change to a DNU.
More questions about if people can people wash dishes? - my answer: No.
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#CampFire peeps...can we talk a minute? I've seen many of you grow so strong this last yr & how similar yours was to what #Australia is going thru now. I found myself thinking...who would understand everything they're feeling more so than you?

It's a FB group called The Bushfires Across New South Wales, #Australia Crisis Response & I'm hoping some of you might offer encouragement or share what you went thru. Trust me, if I didn't think you could handle it, I wouldn't bring it up...but many of you can now

Besides, sometimes when you help someone else, you actually realize you're helping yourselves too. [just say'n]

Will some of you consider it please? I think they could really use your help & insight -…

#CampFire #Paradise
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Same for #NapaCounty friends: if any fire STARTS north of you, please consider leaving sooner than later. Roads can easily become blocked with traffic, brought to a standstill. The options out of the valley to the south are very limited.
Out of Napa Valley, all traffic south is reduced to the ONE 4-LANE (Hwy 29) from the mile between the 221 junction to the Hwy 12 split at Jameson Canyon. (Napans won't likely be able to much west via Hwy 12, if permitted to make the turn west at all,
as Sonoma and Marin will already be clogged at 101 South with #KincadeFire evacuation traffic.) Consider going east, even out via 121, towards Winters or down Wooden Valley Rd, if 121 is open and accessible. Please remember the lesson of the #CampFire in Paradise.
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1/ Thread #Pets #Livestock #Horses #DisasterPreparedness

After the awful #CampFire #DisasterAssistTeam created a searchable Found Pets database w/ 1000+ animals - most were forever separated from their families

Make a #DisasterPlan for your whole family

2/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019 #DisasterPreparedness

The AVMA (American Vet Med Assoc) & ASPCA have excellent #resources & tips for what to include in #DisasterPrepKits



#DisasterAssistTeam #Animals #DAT
3/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019

Red Rover has printable #DisasterPrep lists & #info specific to different disaster events 🐶


Info for #CompanionAnimals 🐱

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BREAKING: Its now official...PG&E electrical equipment WAS in fact the cause of the deadly #CampFire in #Paradise that killed 85 people and destroyed almost 19,000 buildings/homes
PG&E CEO Bill Johnson spoke before an Assembly committee at the Capitol today. He says this announcement wasn't a surprise, but adds more urgency for the utility to improve its safety and fire prevention. #CampFire #ParadiseFire @FOX40 ImageImage
"We have a sense of urgency about paying those claims. Making sure the people who're affected get paid. That's not the right way to say it...get compensated." PG&E CEO Bill Johnson on #CampFire Liability @FOX40 Image
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Judge Alsup asks of PG&E lawyer why it paid $4.5B to company owners in recent years when that money could have been used to trim trees.

"Why is it PG&E always say safety is our number one thing ... it's not really true," he says.
Judge Alsup and one of the PG&E lawyers are now getting into a testy exchange about how CA utilities and regulators apply the state's vegetation management laws. The judge thinks the law is really stricter than how PG&E and the CPUC implement it re power lines
PG&E lawyer says it doesn't matter because the company wants to dramatically beef up its vegetation management around power lines. But it will take 8 years, mostly because of a lack of qualified tree trimmers, he says
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Big day for #PGE in court today as federal judge will weigh harsh sanctions against the utility as part of the company’s probation terms following the San Bruno explosion…
Packed courtroom this morning for #PGE hearing; Cal Fire, CPUC, electrical worker union, even Sonoma and Napa counties filed briefs telling judge his probation strengthening proposals go too far; we'll see what judge says to that…
#PGE interim CEO John Simon is seated in first row
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I'm one of the Amazon employees quoted in this NYT article.

I want to add to @kateconger's reporting and provide more context on WHY I decided to take this action and to be so public about it.

Climate change is the issue of our lifetimes. 1/X…
As @RevYearwood so eloquently put it, climate change is about "HUMANITY," about justice. It's also an issue of our national security, health, safety, economy. Climate change is changing & will change everything. It's effecting everything we care about. 2/x
From the devastating floods in Kerala, India to the #CampFire in CA, we're living through the climate crisis as it destroys communities and kills people living their lives. It's hitting the most vulnerable among us. 3/x…
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We’ve spent this week reporting on the aftermath of the deadly #CampFire in Northern California for @newshour. Here’s a thread on what we’ve been seeing.
Three weeks in, there’s obvious relief that #CampFire is 100% contained, but thousands of people from #Paradise are still homeless, with no obvious remedy. Almost 90 people died in the fire, and nearly 190 more are still unaccounted for.
The scene up in #Paradise itself is just shocking. Photos just don’t do it justice. There’s a lot of talk about the “restorative” power of fire, but what we’ve seen was *anything* but....
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1/ The smoke from this month’s devastating #CampFire has lifted from many parts of California.

Yet our new analysis of hospital data suggests health problems could just be starting.…
2/ We analyzed hospital data from last year’s Tubbs fire, California’s second most destructive blaze.

We found that 3 to 5 months after the flames died out, regional emergency rooms saw a 20 percent spike in patients with heart and lung problems.
3/ In January through March 2018, 7 of 9 hospitals in Sonoma and Napa counties – areas close to the heart of the blaze – saw upticks in patients admitted for heart and respiratory ailments compared to the same months in 2017 and 2016.
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Please open @AaronRodgers12 tweet⤵️, and RT w/ hashtag #retweet4good.
@StateFarm will donate $1, up to $1 million, for every RT of @AaronRodgers12 tweet w/ hashtag #retweet4good by midnight EST Sunday, Nov 25. #CampFire @MsMariaT @RedwoodGirl @SaysDana @traciemac_Bmore
2/ @AaronRodgers12 was born and raised in Chico, and has donated $1 million to @NVCF. Despite stellar high school football record, he wasn't recruited by major colleges, instead attended Butte Community College in Oroville after HS graduation. (more...)…
3/ Here's what the #CampFire looked like from Oroville from 7:02am to 7:37am on Nov 8th (it's hard to believe how enormous the fire became in 35 minutes): (more...)
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It's the night before thanksgiving. It's cold and wet outside. #CampFire evacuees are still bracing the elements and looking for shelter. Here are some images I'd like to share some images from my time exploring the Chico Walmart parking lot, a temporary refuge for some.
Folks like Sarah, Martin and James, from Magalia, have made the most out of their circumstance. A parking spot was their living room. They set up a propane heater (which was stolen in the middle of the night later) and a television to watch the latest news on the #CampFire.
Brenda Wilson tried very hard to keep her dog Scooby warm. The dog was shivering. She slept in the car. She was cold herself. She was distraught and wanted to go home. When I spoke to her, she had no idea if her home survived the #CampFire.
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Magalia had a plan to remove the dead trees but it had to be approved by California environmental agencies. By law only 50 acres a YEAR could be treated with prescribed burning up to 500 acres over 10 years. WTF is wrong with you @JerryBrownGov
What did these plans have to address? AIR QUALITY of course, notice how wildfires affect moonbeams precious air😡 This didn’t have to happen. #CampFire
It didn’t stop there. FROGS needed to be studied 🐸and of course a detailed study of every plant that ever lived. All of them dead now. #CampFire
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The one on the right we put in two weeks ago #campfire
Also just a reminder that whatever other precautions you’re taking change, or get landlord to change, the filters on your HVAC.
Folks who are still in market for air filter: we got this Conway brand via @wirecutter last year during Napa fires and it is a godsend. But think I’ll get another :(
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