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Dear everyone, why have you not yet watched this movie "The Race Is On" by @JamesGDyke yet? Right now it only has 4'700 views on youtube! It's excellent! Great content, strong analysis, great ppl being interviewed? What is wrong with you?
This movie should be shown in (high school+?) class rooms all over the UK (@merylbatchelder do you have a posse of teachers you can share this with?). It is the exactly right length & content to inform and spur discussion. You can share it with relatives.
It's just very good - better than Attenborough's #ClimateChangeTheFacts in many ways. Two slight quibbles: (1) it's a bit UK-centric, which doesn't mean it's not 95% relevant to the US or Europe or elsewhere, and (2) it omits activism, especially student strikes.
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The Mark of the Beast is your Birth Certificate - The Carbon Footprint is your Divinity

A Carbon Atom is composed of:
6 Protons
6 Neutrons
6 Electrons

The Human Body is composed of 18% Carbon (6+6+6)

#ClimateChange is a MOCKERY of Humanity's Divine Composition
The Elite need us ashamed and afraid of our Nature, our Divinity

666 is the number of MAN, as well as the Beast

The Beast is Man who has forsaken Divinity for Material Pursuit

Man may become a Beast of low carnal desire or imperious high intellect

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This is weak sauce -- an ahistorical false dichotomy. As my friends @NaomiOreskes & @MichaelEMann note in #ClimateChangeTheFacts: evidence alone has floundered in the face of 30y of climate denial & delay by fossil fuel interests & conservative ideologues. Let’s debunk. THREAD
2/n: First, @Anna_Soubry's point is ahistorical: The assertion that facts alone will win the day is contradicted by scholarship & experience, including history of climate politics, climate psychology, communication science, political science, & decades of advocacy & policymaking.
3/n: As I testified to EU Parliament last month, the fossil fuel industry has *known* the basic facts of climate science for 60 years: that its products, when used correctly, had the potential to cause catastrophic global warming.
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Last night’s #ClimateChangeTheFacts was, on the whole, excellent. Finally, after a mere 30 years of asking, a strong, unflinching BBC film on our existential crisis. The science was laid out clearly and remorselessly. The footage was harrowing and astonishing.
Mirabile dictu, there was even a sequence about a political aspect: the denial industry, funded by fossil fuel companies to prevent action from being taken. I had given up hope of ever seeing that on a BBC documentary.
And it was brilliant to see @GretaThunberg laying out the case for protest so beautifully and inspiringly.
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1. The missing facts from #ClimateChangeTheFacts. The climate crisis is a direct result of neoliberal capitalism. Corporations were given the power to exploit people and the planet for profit . An ideology of free market fundamentalism - money was the only thing that mattered.
2. Neoliberalism drove de-regulation, allowed corporations free reign, whilst at the same time rich countries forced poor countries to open up their economies & allow the exploitation of their resources, & forced structural adjustment programmes that hollowed out public services
3. The most powerful & profitable corporations - fossil fuel companies, industrial food companies, & the banks financing them calculated that sacrificing black & brown people in the global South was just part of doing business.
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++ THREAD ++
During #ClimateChangeTheFacts I’ll provide some further information as background to statements I make in the BBC’s documentary on climate change…
The 20 warmest years on record have occurred in the past 22 years. WMO Statement on global climate is available here…
The warming trend cannot be explained by natural factors but is caused by human activities. @CarbonBrief explains how…
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At 9pm - for the first time in 12yrs - BBC One will broadcast a 60-min documentary about climate change presented by Sir David Attenborough.

It covers the science, impacts and potential solutions of climate change, all of which Carbon Brief has covered in depth...
Last October, Carbon Brief exclusively reported the news that the film had been commissioned by the BBC...…
Earlier in the year, we tracked down the 2004 lecture that Attenborough personally attended which finally convinced him that he needed to speak out about climate change...…
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