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Remarkably good economics from @BBCNewsnight Ben Chu. My view is that on the revenue side, the policies should include 1) freezing personal allowances, 2) raising the 45% tax rate to 50% and reduce the level at which it is paid from £150K to £100K,
3) merging income & capital gains tax to income tax allowances and rates, 4) removing #NonDom status, 5) promising immediate action to identify beneficial ownership of UK assets, 6) setup Committees to consider the benefits of #UBI & #WealthTax ,and
7) announce that @hmtreasury will support more transparency & coordination in UK policymaking.
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NEW REPORT: We looked under the hood of G20 countries' international public finance for energy ahead of their Very Big Deadline to #StopFundingFossils.

🧵Here's more on the $55 billion / yr in fossil fuel money we found & how we can stop it 🧵…
GOOD NEWS: Public 💵 for fossils just dropped for the first time, and ~1/3 of this is from action from UK, @EIB, & others.

BAD NEWS: The rest of the drop is (a) just noise, (b) already overturned in early 2022 data, or (c) from worse data availability!…
But there is a growing 🌊 of countries adding more fossil free public finance policies that could mean this trend continues. For this to happen, @OlafScholz, @JustinTrudeau, @POTUS, @ItalyMFA_int need to show up at #COP27 with policies too!…
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Words fail. How, why, & when did our government come to this? Ask Boris Johnson if he has got what he wished for. He has played Eton games with our governance. Lack of political & economic acumen amongst Tory party leaders is astonishing. All their MPs are being held to account.
I blame #Brexit. They, Tory MPs, blame everything else that they can think of: Putin, the war, and even “remainers”! I can’t stop remembering BJ, now apparently sunning himself in the Caribbean, performing as a real politician over his period in office.
In the UK we are living day-by-day though an unprecedented historical unravelling of a Western government. Caused by a combination of external events, a Tory party actively promoting division during political & economic crises, & 12 years of Tory austerity.
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The crisis is upon us. The PM & Chancellor have provoked the interlinked financial markets & the bear has woken, angry & hungry. What should the PM, with power, do? Remove the dart that wounds the beast. Calm & if necessary subdue it. Convene wise & experienced councils.
Combat climate change. But now, today: 1. Replace Kwarteng by Sunak, & cancel #budget2022. It has been an unmitigated disaster, politically & economically. 2. Reappoint a previous respected mandarin to head @hmtreasury to reassure the public & the markets.
3. Convene an open public meeting of the PM, the Chancellor, the Governor @bankofengland , the head of the @OBR_UK & the head of the @TheFCA to further reassure the markets. The turmoil must be stopped urgently before bankruptcies overtake policy. The markets take no prisoners.
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Excellent piece. My view is that economic growth should be driven by the #GreenNewDeal and inequality agenda, but without making GDP growth a target. It is what it is: an ave., flawed but useful.
Priorities should be set, in the UK, by targets of reducing child poverty, alleviating poverty in deprived areas, eradicating the poverty trap, decarbonising the dwelling stock, supporting investment in exportables & renewables, reducing social conflict & modernising our towns.
These targets should be assessed & the instruments (taxes, other fiscal, monetary, regulation) to achieve them considered in the round, because instruments typically have multiple effects, good and bad. This requires proper planning, not the Truss hopes and wishes. E.g. #E3ME .
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1🧵Good morning lads,
do you remember that man in parliament in Germany? That something big is going to happen and that everyone still knows exactly where he was at this moment. My #PrediQtion is: We go back to the #JulianCalendar. Between #Oct4th & #Oct5th (15)
2🧵The original calendar for October 4, 1582. This is the #SWIFT. Q said 10 #darNKess days. He SWITCHED K AND N and that that switch would happen so fast you won't notice. So everyone was already thinking about CERN and that we were all going to walk through the "time machine".
3🧵But we're going back to the original calendar. The Pope then had STOLEN our TIME. Which has confused mankind for hundreds of years. They also say it's going to be #BIBLICAL and gradually it's coming to the surface that this is really the case. In 1582, 10 days disappeared in
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There’s nothing bourgeois about protecting our planet. If fracking returns like Smith wants it won’t take place in Westminster it’ll take place in rural working class areas who will suffer from earthquakes and contaminated water.
The rich with their safehouses in New Zealand won’t suffer as water levels rise; it'll be ordinary GMB members.

Instead of supporting multinational fossil corporations Smith should back a #greennewdeal securing good, high paying futureproof jobs for our members.
There is a plan to retrain and reskill fossil energy workers and secure a just transition. There is no future in fossil energy and there are no jobs on a dead planet.
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So I'm 6 days into Covid, my brain feels like cottage cheese, but I still want to try to say something about this permitting bill & the way that climate politics seems to be shaking out after the fade-away of the #GreenNewDeal.

It's supply-side climate policy and it's bad.

The vision of the #GreenNewDeal was to connect climate policy to a large host of policies that would raise the majority's real income—quite aside from what people would save on clean compared to fossil energy—and thereby win a entrenched constituency for decarbonization.

The idea, as I understood it, was that this broad constituency would arise in addition to whatever vested interests in decarbonization would be developed by establishing clean-energy industries, a climate corps, etc.

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One million US homes are built on floodplains. It would cost $200B to relocate the people who live in them. If we do that, we will save $1T. Those homes are doomed. 1/ A leafy suburb, flooded to the roofline. In the foreground i
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
When (not if) people leave them (either before or after floods come), they merely be arriving at a conclusion that is inevitable today.… 3/
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Let’s be clear: this bill isn’t the Green New Deal. It’s not even @POTUS’ Build Back Better. This is the Manchin Climate Plan.

And, with our democracy in decline, the strongest possible version of this bill must pass immediately. A 🧵 on why:
This bill could significantly reduce carbon emissions & open the door to more ambitious legislation. As of now, this bill includes:
-Commitment to 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030
-$60 billion for environmental justice program
-Billions of dollars for renewables
The far right is tearing apart our democracy and the future of US politics is grim. This could be our last chance to pass any federal climate policy for some time.

Every step we make towards decarbonizing our economy will save lives.
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1/There’s a lot of stuff here that contradicts a lot of what they’ve been saying re: COVID the last few months. I get the measures being mentioned, but they were all strutting just the other day like they had conquered COVID. A lot of this is empty rhetoric, unfortunately.

2/While a lot of what is being said above is rather empty by most standards, it doesn’t make preventive measures any less effective. Wearing KN95 masks, getting vaccinated [now available to kids], and occasional testing are important. We all have that responsibility. COVID sucks.
3/As for what’s empty—many people have faced issues with COVID testing as of late, with insurance companies and pharmacies like Walgreens attempting to charge the uninsured $100+ for a PCR test. Infrastructure isn’t magically changing to improve ventilation overnight.
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Buen hilo, pero quiero añadir contexto:
1. Biden está acorralado. No es sólo que el senador Manchin haya echado por tierra su agenda climática, es que falta también apoyo republicano y, si intenta cualquier acción ejecutiva (decretos), tendrá al Tribunal Supremo en contra.👇🏽
2. Biden está acorralado (como tantos), por su propia visión crecentista y extractivista de la economía, y una crisis energética que lo tiene suplicando más petróleo a otros países productores, y concediendo innumerables permisos de extracción en casa, más incluso que Trump.
3. Es decir: si hubiera salido adelante el #GreenNewDeal, no sería más que un plan de empleo (renovables, etc.) sin cambios estructurales sustanciales, con +zonas de sacrificio, y sin tener en cuenta el carácter finito del planeta, el #peakoil, la falta de minerales raros, etc.
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Ugh... takes like these from otherwise smart people are nothing new, but they're obviously gonna become a lot more convincing for the next decade.

Short version: The American Empire is not only not in decline, its no where near its peak. (1/11)
The fundamentals: The contiguous territory of the United States is so absurdly advantageous its basically impossible for it to not be the wealthiest and most powerful nation on the planet. RIP @brain4breakfast (2/11)
Now, B4B was quite wrong about US politics, but here's the thing: when your country naturally generates caloric surpluses and can ship goods this cheaply with no risk of invasion, the political system can be anything and you'd still be the wealthiest nation on the planet. (3/11)
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Let’s talk *𝙇𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙢*

Scotland has the most concentrated pattern of land ownership in the developed world, with only 450 landowners owning half of the private land in the country, preventing new industries & stifling innovation.

This needs to change. 👇
Land is essential to Scotland’s response to the climate crisis, but the current approach is simply failing to deliver what Scotland needs.

This transition should benefit everyone, not a small number at the expense of the rest. To do this we need to diversify land ownership. /2
So what’s wrong with the way we do land now? 🤔

⛰ Hill farming
🦌 Deer stalking
🐦 Grouse shooting

…not to mention the undemocratic distribution of ownership & the impact this has on rural employment opportunities. But let’s focus on the direct environmental impacts first. /3
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It's hard to put into words what it feels like to be a young person reading the news of today's SCOTUS decision. Our lives will be defined by a crisis that our government refuses to address.

But what does WV v. EPA mean and where do we go from here? 🧵
What did the Court decide today?

They sided with the fossil fuel industry to limit the EPA's ability to use the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions coming from power plants.

The EPA can still regulate emissions but its power is significantly reduced.
What does the WV vs EPA ruling mean for the climate?

It's a bad decision that will have serious consequences, but it's not the end. The @WhiteHouse and @TheDemocrats still have plenty of options to take action and fight for our generation
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What is a District Heating System and why do I need it?

Yesterday we gave you problems. Today let’s look at the solution. 👇
A District Heating System is a method of distributing heat through a heating grid by creating a ring main carrying very hot water in highly insulated pipes fed by heat-generating plants at any point round its circumference & sub-grids to distribute hot water directly to homes. /1
Since all options for decarbonising heat are expensive & disruptive it is helpful to focus on the quality of the outcome.

It is the only future-proofed option since any new heat-generating technologies can simply be 'plugged in' to the ring main & feed the existing system. /2
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The Common Home Plan pulled together lots of our previous research, and other campaigners, activists, and researchers.

If you want to share particular pieces of policy with your MSP, MP or Cllr, without them having to go through the whole #GreenNewDeal, then take a look below 👇
Building Scotland’s Future Now

A proposal to build a public-owned Scottish National Infrastructure Company to manage public investment and local procurement.…
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Buildings/insulation is not a particularly ‘sexy’ political topic, but undoubtedly one of the *most* crucial tasks of a #GreenNewDeal

We must stop heat leaks & upgrade/insulate our houses so they can achieve 70 - 90% thermal efficiency.

Take a look below to find out how 👇 /1
Achieving maximal thermal performance is likely to be unachievable in many houses & in many where it might be technically achievable, getting the last ten per cent or so of efficiency may be so expensive as to be prohibitive. /2
The Passivhaus standard assumes a thermal performance of 25 kWh/m2 per year, an 85% reduction in current average heating requirement & where this is achievable it is certainly desirable. The addition of zero-carbon heating infrastructure should help achieve the remaining %.

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#BREAKING We are seeing exciting things for #RankedChoiceVoting, the labor movement, & ballot initiatives!! Thread of #DownBallotProgressives & causes #NotMeUs🔹 + some w/
🌻 @GreenPartyUS #MedicareForAll #UnionStrong #1u
Follow @TheRagtagBand
.@CallForCongress🔹is running for #WA02 8/2/22 against @RepRickLarsen🔹! He ran a great campaign ‘20 so let’s pick up this seat this time! #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll

We, @TheRagtagBand stand behind @WholeWashington in efforts for #MedicareForAll in Washington & #ThroughTheStates! @RedBeretsM4All is fundraising for this initiative! #YesOn1471

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Last night we disrupted @pritipatel because her #Rwandaplan is cruel, morally bankrupt & it will cost lives.

We demand the Government drops this widely condemned policy & provides support for people seeking safety.

No matter where we come from, we all deserve dignity & respect
We’re sickened to see the Gov ramping up its hostile policies rather than helping those fleeing from war, poverty & extreme weather.

As climate change displaces entire communities, leaving people vulnerable to exploitation & violence, we MUST act with compassion.
And as a country with a long history of exploiting people and resources, the UK must recognise its responsibility.

We call on the Government to provide an accessible & decent system for people seeking refuge, to drastically cut emissions and to pay its dues! #GreenNewDeal
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For #WorldBookDay2022, we are highlighting some of the fantastic books from our Roosevelt team. Happy reading!📚
.@rgunns chapter in @sunrisemvmt's “Winning The Green New Deal: Why We Must, How We Can” brilliantly explains the greatest strength of the #GreenNewDeal: its vision for transforming our economy and society.…
In “Freedom from the Market: America's Fight to Liberate Itself from the Grip of the Invisible Hand,” @rortybomb clearly shows how relying on the free market to run our lives ends up limiting—not expanding—our freedom.…
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THREAD: @ninaturner lost by a little over 4K votes in special election in dead of summer w/ low turnout & massive Super PAC $$ against her. For reference, @CoriBush lost 2018 primary by nearly 30K votes & then beat same opponent 2 years later by over 4K
@ninaturner @CoriBush People can vote however they want or support Turner or not. But the defeatist attitude of not supporting her because she is running as a Democrat (Green Party not on ballot, she'd lost by 40-50 in this solid blue district if she skipped primary and ran as independent) bc..
@ninaturner @CoriBush The Squad has let you down or Bernie has let you down might be good for YT clicks but, in reality, is going to keep progressives forever in the minority. Whether it's Nina Turner or anyone else, where the oligarchy wants us mentally is to CHECK OUT and be defeatist...
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Spätestens nach #Putins Angriff auf die #Ukraine ist klar: Die #Linke muss ihre #Außenpolitik verändern. Aber wie? Ich habe im #ND mal einen Vorschlag gemacht:… 1/ Image
Das Problem hat mehrere Ebenen: Positionen, die für Teile der Partei identitätsstiftend sind, werden inzwischen systematisch vom politischen Gegner genutzt. Nicht nur um linke Außenpolitik zu kritisieren, sondern um eine Umsetzung linker Politik insgesamt zu blockieren. 2/
Das Problem zeigt sich auch bei Linken Wählern: Schon vor Putins Krieg lehnte die Hälfte der eigenen Wähler*nnen linke Forderung nach Auflösung der #Nato ab. Dafür unterstützt die Mehrheit eine #EUArmee - die die Linke bisher ablehnt. Man kann diese Liste noch lange verlängern.3/
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#BREAKING We are seeing exciting things for #RankedChoiceVoting, the labor movement, & ballot initiatives!! Thread of #DownBallotProgressives & causes #NotMeUs🔹 + some w/
🌻 @GreenPartyUS #MedicareForAll #UnionStrong #1u
Follow @TheRagtagBand
.@CallForCongress🔹is running for #WA02 8/2/22 against @RepRickLarsen🔹! He ran a great campaign ‘20 so let’s pick up this seat this time! #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll

📌Website: ImageImage
We, @TheRagtagBand stand behind @WholeWashington in efforts for #MedicareForAll in Washington and #ThroughTheStates! @RedBeretsM4All is fundraising for the ballot initiative!

📌… ImageImage
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