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My name is Elsie Luna.
I am here today in Berlin at the @BBC offices,
standing with #ExtinctionRebellion in London.
No, I am not here to beg the BBC
to let me watch BBC programs outside the UK,
but because I want them to declare a climate emergency on the BBC.
I care about climate change because I don’t want people to die.
I don’t want to have a future
where the planet I am living on
has seas, acidic and rising,
and an atmosphere
full of pollution and space litter.
I don’t want to see all these species go extinct.
I won’t let that happen.
People say I shouldn’t be doing this.
Really I kind of agree,
it is not my fault,
and the adults should really be taking responsibility.
But they are not,
so why not protect the planet if no one else is?
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Looking for examples of social movements, activist campaigns etc. that organised with a transparent handbook so anyone can copy their structure.

Like the Enspiral Handbook ( but for movements.

Any clues? #occupy #ExtinctionRebellion #BLM
@AyniTeam @UlexProject do you have examples to share? Looking for a specific movement or organisation that publishes their "how we work" documentation, e.g. decision-making, roles, comms tools, policies, etc.
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"The curious incident of the denialist in the Anthropocene" (with apologies to @mark_haddon & A. Conan Doyle). We are in week 4 since #ExtinctionRebelion's resounding Declaration in London, & the most terrifying is what hasn't happened. Thread (sorry). 1/
The terrifying thing that hasn't happened is that no one has told us we are wrong.
Scientists (myself included) are raising the alarm. Politicians, journalists and the public agree on #ClimateBreakdown is an immense problem, even if some don't agree with tactics or targets. 2/
Just a couple of years ago, the denialists and fossil-fuel lobbies would have been out in full force, denying the urgency of climate change, denying the rapid and radical measures that are necessary to fight it. I am sure they are still out there, inventing new lies. 3/
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Ok, it's official folks. Roger Harrabin, @RHarrabin, the @BBC's environmental analyst, is not fit to hold his job of trust with the public broadcaster. He doesn't understand the science, the policy, the politics or his own responsible role as a communicator. Buckle up: thread 1/
1) the UK is not on track for cutting 80% of emissions by 2050. That distant goal has been treated as an excuse to do not much right now by successive govts. The current govt in particular has cut measures which could get us there - and those were insufficient to start with. 2/
2) the current science says (do you READ IPCC reports, @RHarrabin ? Here's a link that we need to reduce emissions drastically and immediately, not by 2050. Our situation is more urgent than it was decades ago. Please do keep up. 3/
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Things are starting to change. What future do we want?

The political left and alt-right will use technology (incl. #AI/#AGI) & near-certain runaway #climate change. How to turn threats into opportunities? An intro to #ExtinctionRebellion research: 1/n
This film introduces a political theory on necessary conditions for climate mitigation (a.k.a.: "saving the world"). Let's call this theory "carbon language" until we find a better term. Don't worry, this thread will be short and easy to understand. 2/n
Indeed, this thread is entirely unscientific because science can tell us only how to save the world, not why. Why preserve life on Earth? Why live good lives? These are ethical questions; their answers depend on our values, and if we want to mitigate climate change, we will 3/n
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"Can we save Earth?" A thread. Fun interview of #Schellnhuber, the leading #climate scientist, with digital-utopia-creating philosopher @richprecht (#AI:…). Worth your time content- and framing-wise, if you… 1/n #ExtinctionRebellion
...if you know German (else here a translation of notes I made towards the end to update you on the climate-debates State of the art in German media:
– A key reform of the political system worth debating would be to limit politicians' terms to 8 years, to incentivize them to 2/n
care about our not their future (see #Monbiot 2017:…).

– We're experiencing the paradoxon of being unable to go on and unable to get off.
-- Wir erleben eine Unmöglichkeit des Weitermachens und eine Unmöglichkeit des Ausstiegs.

– We live in a society 3/n
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Listening to the excellent @KevinClimate argue we could make a massive step towards addressing climate breakdown by just doing this: ‘if the top 10% carbon emitters reduced their carbon footprint to EU average that would cut global CO2 by 1/3’ #ExtinctionRebellion
Alternative view: Professor Robert Pollin argues if economic response to climate change is anti-growth, we risk ‘only achieving a 10% reduction in CO2 (not enough anyway) and triggering a reduction in GDP 4x greater than Great Depression’. Calls for Green New Deal. #PECGrowth
@MollyMEP argues for radical yet transitional economics ‘it’s like trying to change an aeroplane into a helicopter midflight, so important to make transitional changes eg with Citizens Income people would feel job security without need 4 economic growth to create jobs #PECGrowth
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