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[Thread] As i've said. You are not gaining sympathy for your movement with these kind of protests. Look at the replies. 80% is negative towards you. You are doing more harm then good. You are costing people money, and now you are asking for donations as well? This is not the way!
Use your resources, your following, to educate people instead.

Like I teach my children to separate trash, plastics go by plastics, papier goes by paper ect, save empty batteries, and bring them to designated locations once a month. No water tap stays open while brushing
your teeth, no shower has to spill water while soaping in your body. No refrigerator door stays open. Close the doors because the heater is on. We are using our bicycles for small trips to get groceries. We have a small bag with us while on a hike to gather trash till we find a
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#ClimateStrike the Blue Angels ffs
I have not fact-checked this but
According to this 2014 EPA fact sheet, burning jet fuel emits 21 lbs of carbon per gallon. So if above figures are right, that would mean 151,200 lbs of carbon per hour of Blue Angel annoying-as-fuck flyovers.…
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A dark tweet, sorry about this.
We learned yesterday that scientific expedition in the east siberian arctic just found methane fountains bubbling on the sea surface .
#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg…
Please watch the video and focus on what the russian scientist declares (13.20-14-20)
Dr Natalia Shakhova
#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg #methane

Natalia Shakhova doesn't agree with the #ipcc, which doesn't take the ESAS risk into account for calculating the various #RCP ..or any feedback loops including #CH4

You can read more here…
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After elections on Sunday, a coalition of socialists, communists and anticapitalists is set to form a government in Portugal once more.

But as far-right populism grows across Europe, there are sure to be challenges ahead. @JoanaRamiroUK explains in a #thread: (1/11)
@JoanaRamiroUK Amid a rise in far-right populism across Europe, Portugal stands out as an example of a stable, efficient and popular left-wing government. Unemployment is low and the economy is growing. (2/11)…
@JoanaRamiroUK Since 2015, Portugal has been ruled by what's called Geringonça, “the contraption”: a Socialist Party (@psocialista) minority government with the support of the far-left Communist Party (@cdupcppev) and Left Bloc (@esquerdanet). (3/11)…
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1) Tomorrow is a big day for #ExtinctionRebellion. Just looked at @JessBots climate dash and their volume is comparable to #ClimateStrike. It's usually about 10%.
@JessBots 2) We pulled the friends of 572 accounts that seem to represent specific XR groups. They had 85k unique friends and 53k of those have not interacted in the last ninety days.
@JessBots 3) There were 143k accounts seen in the #ExtinctionRebellion stream. When this update finishes there should be 194k. The time curve here is account creation dates. That hump in 2012 is notable, our guess is it's activists who signed up during that time.
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.@MIT climate symposium #1, on the state of the science, live-streaming now @ClimateMIT
Opening remarks from Prof. Kerry Emanuel and President Rafael Reif
Prof. Susan Solomon: overview of climate science and some key challenges
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This week, @CBCNews decided to reprint a garbage article from @CanadianPress. It's a completely uncritical repackaging of the oil and gas industry’s talking points and an attack on the #ClimateStrike. Shame on the @CBC! Let's call them out in a THREAD! 🧵…
@CBCNews @CanadianPress @CBC More than a quarter (!) of Montreal’s population turned out to #ClimateStrike on Friday. But clearly the @CanadianPress couldn’t find a single striker or scientist to comment. I mean, it was only 1 IN 4 MONTREALERS that they could have spoken with... 2/…
@CBCNews @CanadianPress @CBC The article claims that “activists who want to stop new pipelines aren't considering the negative impact on Indigenous communities who are counting on oil and gas development to improve their lives.” And that fossil fuels are the solution to indigenous injustice.

Yeah, NO.
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This will be my last twitter thread for today. One of the talking points delivered by industry and gov't since the #ClimateStrike is "NL's oil is green!" with figures anywhere from 30% to 80% "less than average" carbon intensity being shared.

Let's talk about this for a sec
To put some parameters around this: I'm *only* talking about CO2-equivalent emissions per barrel produced. Not biodiversity impact. Not impact of burning the oil itself.
First, not all oil is equal. Being imprecise with language allows people to give *very different* results for the GHG intensity of extraction. Have a look:…
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🇨🇦#Canada #FridaysForFuture International update #ClimateStrike #'s for #ClimateActionWeek:
🇨🇦1,000,000 people🇨🇦 Thus 1 out of every 6 strikers globally was Canadian🇨🇦 as well as we were 3rd globally for total # of strikes. Thanks to all local organizers & national supporters.
1000 #Calgary AB
15 #Cambridge ON
40 #Campbellton NB
20 #Camrose AB
15 #Canmore AB
15 #Cannington ON
150 #CapAuxMeules QC
300 #Caraquet NB
300 #Chambly QC
200 #ChathamKent ON
65 #Chibougamau QC
400 #Chillwack BC
40 #Clare NS
45 #Clinton ON
500 #Collingwood ON
80 #Compton QC
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Dear .@Cathmckenna yesterday I allowed my rage to take over when I saw both you & .@JustinTrudeau tweeting about #GretaThunberg & #climatestrikecanada #ClimateStrike.

Your work & this moment in history deserves more compassionate & thoughtful response, so here it is: THREAD
@cathmckenna @JustinTrudeau I admire your strength & commitment and as a woman who is attacked & threatened for my work I appreciate what you have been going through.

As a Canadian I also appreciate the coal phase out, the price on pollution & other elements of your climate platform but.../2

@cathmckenna @JustinTrudeau I knocked on doors in the last elxn to help this govt get elected b/c I was so horrified by the lost decade of climate inaction in Canada under the Harper govt & I believed you when you promised prorep, climate test for pipelines, stronger targets science based policy & UNDRIP/3
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Climate numbers from published reports. Start with Montreal at 500,000.…
Vancouver climate protest at 100,000 according to police.
4000-4500 in Waterloo Region according to police.…
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Had a great #Canadian launch of #7necessarysins via @BeaconPressBks at one of my favourite bookshops @LibrairieDandQ in #Montreal and was thrilled that one of my favourite artists MissMe came. Another great one for the Faces and Fingers of #7necessarysins collage 📷 @rerutled
Earlier on Friday, 500k people joined the #ClimateStrike in #Montreal. I was proud to be among those numbers. Gina Granter took four of her five daughters to the march and brought the youngest one, Mathilde, to my reading. Our youngest feminist there
Thank you, Mara and Teddy of @LibrairieDandQ for all your help with my #7necessarysins event.
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Quel che pochi vogliono capire è che per ridurre le emissioni bisogna investire in emissioni.
Sembra un paradosso, ma non lo è.

Non salveremo il mondo (solo) cambiando le nostre abitudini e (solo, ma poi, perché?) rinunciando ai nostri comfort
Finché continueremo a guardare al passato come modello, e non al futuro, non ne verremo fuori. Le #emissioni non diminuiranno perché la gente rinuncerà all'automobile o ad acquistare prodotti dalla Cina, ma perché lo sviluppo tecnologico ridurrà le emissioni prodotte
Chiedere alle persone di RINUNCIARE a qualcosa, senza offrire un'alternativa, non funziona. Si scatenano solo conflitti.

È piuttosto necessario uno sforzo congiunto a livello mondiale - e su questo si deve lavorare in fretta - per avviare delle politiche di investimento green
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After the most epic #ClimateStrike week ever, and after talking to many people, the truth of this overlong thread has been running through my mind. For too many, this is still such a strong desire for simple (market-based!) solutions, for people in power to simply take charge. 1/
We need to be able to communicate faster and better why evil is structural, is business-as-usual, is the inevitable outcome of power that is not "coerced from below" as Engler & Engler write in "This is an uprising". Either we, as activists, engaged citizens, a huge movement. 2/
see our work as constantly coercing power to act in good (or even just less evil) ways, or we fail. There is no easy, lazy, simple way out: just ongoing struggle against mighty forces of evil. The mightiest that have ever roamed the earth. 3/
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Unfortunately, @KolkataPolice stopped our march midway despite prior permission. We decided to stand our ground by sitting in front of the barricade.
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I hear it was the largest individual #climateCrisis protest in history. Any city wish to challenge that? Regardless, 500,000+ people in #Montreal today for #ClimateStrike makes a POWERFUL statement that we’ve reached a real turning point toward #ClimateAction! Via @GretaThunberg
This makes me happy of many levels — including that #Vancouver showed up 100K+ strong for the @ClimateStrike, AND that citizens did it by showing how streets, bridges & our FUTURE are about people, not cars. #ClimateCrisis
Hat tip to @SimiHeer, great video!
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THREAD: Wow. Just: wow. What an incredible day this was!

Just a week after a record 4 million people joined the #ClimateStrike on Sep 20, millions more took to the streets today.

The #GlobalClimateStrike now ranks as one of the largest coordinated protests in human history.
It really feels like we’ve entered a new era.

Today we were bold, rebellious, beautiful, strong & funny.

We wove together visions of climate, gender, social, migrant, racial & economic justice.

We were fearlessly clear: we're going to fold the status quo into a better world.
Here's how some of it went down:

Italy made people-powered history - from huge cities like Rome & Milan, to small towns & villages, market squares filled with TONS of people.

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I couldn’t post this earlier because there were so many people and the cell signal was kaput. Girls girls girls #ClimateStrikeMontreal
People all around us #ClimateStrikeMontreal with @rerutled
Girls DESERVE attention!

If girls aren’t part of your revolution, it’s not my revolution

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"How dare you!"

Greta Thunberg's UN speech to world leaders is resonating with young protesters on #ClimateStrike:

🇳🇱 The Netherlands
🇰🇷 South Korea
🇪🇸 Spain
"Denial = Death"

Thousands of students around the world are striking for action on climate change for a 2nd week. #ClimateStrike

🇳🇵 Nepal
🇨🇭 Switzerland
🇮🇳 India
🇫🇮 Finland
"We are at the beginning of a mass extinction"

Young protesters on #ClimateStrike are remembering @GretaThunberg's powerful words at the UN:

🇺🇸 Washington, DC
🇻🇳 Vietnam
🇮🇳 India
🇳🇿 New Zealand
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The Global #ClimateStrike continues today, with massive rallies in some countries. Love and strength to all!
Alongside the grief and fear, I feel a sense of relief. For 30 years, privately and publicly, I've been told I'm mad. Sometimes I felt I was, and sometimes I behaved that way, lashing out irrationally. Now I know that if I'm mad, so are millions of others. Mad as hell, in fact.
Now we come together, motivated by something that's almost unmentionable in this market-driven world.
We are constantly told self-interest reigns supreme.
It doesn't.
We rebel in love for each other, love for the living world, love for what we might become.
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Just got twitter whiplash by going from the HUGE New Zealand #ClimateStrike to this: a PRO climate change, anti-science billboard put up by the @UAlberta. Where to effing start?
Let's start with the fact that reliable scientific consensus (and the reality surrounding us already in Europe) is of large crop LOSS due to erratic and fierce weather (droughts, heat waves, torrential rains, spread of disease). See IPCC SR on land.
So even if some crops at higher latitudes are doing better, around the world, it's a net and LARGE loss. Nice one, @UAlberta, very nice.

Next, the fact that CO2-loading the atmosphere results in lower nutrition for literally every crop on earth.
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Here we go again...
As you may have noticed, the haters are as active as ever - going after me, my looks, my clothes, my behaviour and my differences.
They come up with every thinkable lie and conspiracy theory. (Thread->)
It seems they will cross every possible line to avert the focus, since they are so desperate not to talk about the climate and ecological crisis.
Being different is not an illness and the current, best available science is not opinions - it’s facts. ->
I honestly don’t understand why adults would choose to spend their time mocking and threatening teenagers and children for promoting science, when they could do something good instead. I guess they must simply feel so threatened by us. ->
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Climate activists have shut down several blocks along Montgomery St. in San Francisco’s Financial District, demanding banks divest from the fossil fuel industry #ClimateStrike @MotherJones
two groups from Rainforest Action Network @RAN are blocking entrances to Chase Bank in downtown SF, demanding they #DefundClimateChange
another group has set up a lockdown outside the @WellsFargo SF HQ, not letting anyone in for the day. a number of suited employees are milling about, unsure what to do.
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#ClimateStrike is still rolling. Haven't done much analysis here yet.
#ClimateStrike participants are at nearly 2.6m unique accounts.
There have been 750k new participants in the last 24 hours.
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