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What is the most commonly performed imaging test for CAD in the U.K.?
The most common imaging test is #CVnuc, #yesCCT increasing after 2016 NICE CG95 but the treadmill is still the most common test whatever the guidelines say… Image
Myocardial perfusion #scintigraphy for the diagnosis and management of CAD was first assessed by NICE in 2003
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🗓️February, Amyloidosis month.
🏅5 Best Papers
💖Tips, Tricks & Thread/links 🧵(1/15)👇
#CardioEd #cardiotwitter #Cardiology #ENARM
🔴Diagnostic delays➡️3 years from symptom onset
👫 may be evaluated > 5 specialists prior to receiving the correct diagnosis
✅vast majority of cardiac amyloidosis➡️transthyretin amyloidosis or light chain amyloidosis
✅“red flag”🚩suspicion for this diagnosis👇
💟ECG⬇️voltage QRS amplitude limb leads (≤0.5 mV), pseudo-infarct pattern & relative⬇️voltage QRS (S wave in V1 + Rwave in V5 or V6 ≤15 mm) in the setting of LVH on #EchoFirst AV block
💟Echo concentric LVH, biatrial⬆️& small pericardial💦, apical sparing of LV strain (3/15)
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#Tweetorial on #ASNC2020 session

⚡Selecting Between Different Functional Tests⚡

☢ vs 🧲 vs ⏺ ❓

🔘 Strengths/Limits of Lesion Specific vs Myocardial Ischemia
🔘 Comparing Dx Accuracy of Tests
🔘 Ischemia Testing in #INOCA
🔘 How to Select Best Noninvasive Test

#ASNC2020 #cvNuc
Dr Di Carli

☢ Issues with proposed #FFR threshold 0.8
☢ Exercise MPI correlates well with FFR but not at 0.8
☢ Benefit of FFR-guided revasc dominantly occurs w/ thresholds <0.8
☢ Quantification of lesion-specific #ischemia insufficient for patient mgmt
#ASNC2020 #cvNuc
Dr Di Carli

Lesion-specific #ischemia measurements (FFR/#FFRCT)

☢ Strength
Validated against ETT/MPI
Strong outcome data
Guidelines supported

☢ Limit
Controversial threshold (0.80 vs MPI-validated 0.66)
⬆ microvasc resist causes FFR pseudonormalization
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Dr Bateman on now! On to why Ischemia testing wins. Image
He takes us back to 1980s, the first of the scanners! Image
He debates that the ischemia is about MYOCARDIUM and not just about the epicardial coronary artery ImageImage
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This is Dr Miller now! #ASNC2020 @MyASNC #CVNuc
Statin wins!
No benefit from stents in outcomes! Image
Old trials have suggested no benefit in symptoms over time as well. Same with ischemia showing no benefit in composite endpoint or in symptoms.
He questions a 2 point change in SAQ summary score seen in ISCHEMIA. What does it exactly mean in clinical world? ImageImage
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The first debate between Dr Johnson and Dr Miller! Dr Johnson presents a case to begin the talk. ImageImage
Here is the cath and the FFR! Image
SKepticism for PCI from both physicians and the guidelines committee. Image
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@krishnapatel888 presenting the case before we start the debate. @MyASNC #ASNC2020 #CVNuc ImageImageImageImage
Images and MBFR presented ! Pay attention to LAD and LCX territories. Image
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Now on is Dr. Eshtehardi @CoronaryDoc talking about "Going Live: Tweets, Tweetorials and Twitter Polls" Last talk in the session. ImageImage
Great point: Structure of a simple tweet has many intricate parts! Text, hashtags, people tagged in the text AND photos, links and replies!
You can determine who can reply to the tweets. Image
Tweetorials are an important part of #MedTwitter #cardiotwitter education.
We also have a repository of up to 2000 tweetorials now! Image
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Next up @RBP0612 talking about "Maximizing your conference presence using your Social Media" Image
#ASNC2019 had close to 20 million impressions! Image
Global reach of conferences using #SoMe is impressive Image
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Starting now the #ASNC2020 "Steering your Tweetanic: Basics and Advanced Outline". Join us:
@krishnapatel888 opening the floor with Introduction to the session. Please remember to register for #ASNC2020 Image
Now we will start the session.Going first is @VietHeartPA Image
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The day is finally here!! Are you ready to "Steer your tweetanic?" Join us at 4p EDT for the #SoMe session at #ASNC2020 on "Steering your tweetanic: Basics and Advanced Outline" and learn from experts how to enhance your experience and presence here. Link: Image
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#ACCFIT #AHAFIT #cardiotwitter @MyASNC. This Thursday, follow me for live updates from the #ASNC2020 as we bring you the second session in the series on #SoMe "Steering Your Tweetanic: Basics and Advanced Outline". Don't forget to join us: 4-530p EDT. Image
Join us to learn from the 🌟s of #SoMe including @VietHeartPA @iamritu @RBP0612 @FarrisTimimi @CoronaryDoc @krishnapatel888 @NitiCardio as they bring the discussion regarding various topics related to #SoMe and guide us on carrying out and improving our presence on #SoMe. #cvnuc
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☢ Selecting Between Different Functional Tests in 2020? ☢

This should be most interesting session of virtual #ASNC2020

I am excited to be virtual moderator w/ expert speakers Dan Berman, Keon Nieman, Paul Knaapen, @mdicarli, @VTaqMD

#cvImaging #cvNuc #CardioTwitter ImageImageImage
Are you ready for most exciting #ASNC2020 session?

⚡Selecting Between Different Functional Tests⚡

☢ vs 🧲 vs ⏺ ❓

Let’s hear from #cvImaging giants
Keon Nieman, Paul Knaapen, @mdicarli @VTaqMD @danielbermanmd

📆 Sat, Sept 26
⏰ 2:15 to 3:30PM
🗒 ImageImageImageImage
☢ This super exciting session starts in 3 hours ☢

📺 Tune in #cvNuc peeps to learn who benefits from ischemia testing & how to select best non-invasive test

⏰ 2:15 to 3:30PM
#ASNC2020 Image
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Did you know?

#ASNC2020 @MyASNC Virtual is scheduled over several wks

☢ Bulk of sessions ➡ Friday & Saturday, Sept 25 & 26

☢ Cases with Aces sessions ➡ once a wk, Sept 9 to Oct 7

☢ 2 #SoMe sessions ➡ Sept 10 & 17 at 4:00pm

☢ Technologist sessions ➡ Oct 3 Image
Join us on Sept 10 & 17 for #ASNC2020 virtual #SoMe sessions

1⃣ #SoMe Session Sep 10 @ 4:00pm EDT
☢ Leveraging #SoMe for Patient Care

2⃣ #SoMe Session Sep 17 @ 4:00pm EDT
☢ Steering Your Tweetanic Image
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On behalf of @ACC Imaging Section Leadership Council & @JACCJournals Imaging, I’d like to invite you to join us for this webinar:

Multimodality CV Imaging in #COVID19 Era: Ramping up safely to a New Normal

Friday, June 19th at Noon ET Image
Safe reopening of #CVImaging labs

What modality?
What patient?

Great @ACCinTouch @JACCJournals #JACCImaging webinar by @WilliamZoghbi @RonBlankstein @salernomdphd @VTaqMD @RigolinVera @mdicarli

1/2 #EchoFirst & #CVNuc ImageImageImageImage
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⚡️ Happening Now ⚡️

#ACCImaging Council Webinar

Role of Multimodality Imaging in Dx & Management of Patients With #COVID19

#YesCCT #EchoFirst #WhyCMR #CVNuc

Join us👇… Image
@JudyHungMD @DRCJWhite @Drroxmehran @mdicarli @ToddVillinesMD discussing Dx w/u & role of #YesCCT for abnl EKG & RWMA on echo ImageImage
Management algorithm of acute MI in #COVID19 by @ToddVillinesMD Image
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The debates start, be there Chicago ballroom E. @venkmurthy going first pro: pet is better than spect @purviparwani @MyASNC @RBP0612
@venkmurthy PET pro: faster, easy availability of tracer now, better tracer extraction, more sensitive to detect defects, better image quality, less radiation #ASNC2019
PET -greater diagnostic accuracy, always attenuation corrected.
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Join us now for this case-based education session from @HMethodistCV by @almallahmo & John Mahmarian
#ASNC2019 #CVnuc Image
What is your approach to a pre-op asx patient with nl perfusion but #CAC 3,400 on SPECT?
@khurramn1 @venkmurthy @RonBlankstein @almallahmo
#PET + #CFR a great modality to evaluate patients with high #CAC

nl #CFR & perfusion very reassuring in this case with #CAC > 1000 Image
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