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I'm always amused by sales or marketing or communication professionals attempt to sell to me how I need their help, how I need their protection, etc or it could be "mutual benefit" to connect. Oh, then what is your rank for what you are paid to do and attempting to charge me for?
Why am I able to outpace, by far, sales, marketing, and communication professionals? What is it they are teaching you wrong in school and/or you are unable to apply for success in real life?

Likely, the answer is: authenticity
Lived experience
Open communication
Yes, metrics matter
Yes, reputation needs to be protected
But as we see happening with Dr. Fauci, those who wish to suppress science-based information (that they find embarrassing or wish to hide) will malign the person speaking about verifiable facts. Blowback does happen.
Read 28 tweets have to say, the most misogyny I have encountered is on #MedTwitter mostly from anon account doctors or anti-vaxx.

& tho I repost "The Female Lead" I have rare to no trolls or harassers. I have found @LinkedIn pretty female-friendly, in fact. Rarely get a weird message
My first run in was an all male group of doctors discussing IVF and ridiculing acupuncture as not evidence based but they had fragility to any aspect of IVF itself at all questioned or perceiving even tolerance of acupuncture as "quackery"
My point then was more a people in glass houses should not throw stones. There is a difference between clinical trials existing and #EBM as I know from having been on the payer side where business-minded clinicians' narrative advances ahead of science:…
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Woah..that was freaky but familiar. Was lying down & decided to get up to take pain meds for #endometriosis and #fibroids and it felt as painful to get up as the day after surgery. In kitchen, sweating, lightheaded. Quickly squatted to avoid passing out holding onto fridge door
..which swung open..but I did not fall. Then once head feeling better, stood up long enough to take meds...then walked, wobbly and lightheaded to chair. I can't quite feel my palms but that will come back. This probably gets to be called 10/10 pain..but maybe really an 8/10
Great..and a migraine too..scotoma.. taking a migraine med and lying down. Man, when it rains it pours.

Mother Nature is such a misogynist.

SO glad I did not decide to rent a car and try to go Finger Lakes this weekend to see peak foliage.
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Agree. There is a lot more to unpack and there are not simple policy or regulatory fixes. If you think the feds coming down hard on what the population uses to connect and communicate, you’re not a student of history, sociology, psychology, etc.

@sinanaral in @HarvardBiz
I hear all the old, harmful ideas repeated by many who should be at cutting edge of technology. Whereas what @DrvanTilburg describes, if merely digitized to “control” social media, will not work, will harm #SoMe #AI #SciComm #professionalism
From the #healthcare lens there are these potential issues of #AI and #bias including as relates to #COVID19. Yet 30% of business are now using #ArtificialIntelligence in some form. Horse out the barn.

So what is the answer? Ban? Control?


@JordanBazinsky @HealthITNews
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I'm doing a "virtual" visiting scholar stint w/ @ubcMedCHES this week. Today was a day full of exciting new connections & great discussions.

Ended my day with a talk: "Digitizing Health Professions Education via #SoMe

I am now going to TWEET my lecture as a #tweetorial. Image
I began by situation myself as the current Assistant Dean of #FacDev within the @MacHealthSci Faculty. Much of my content would eventually revolve around what I've learned from #FOAMed and how it's translated to our recent digital transformation of @MacPFD. ImageImage
Shout out to @sherbino who opened my eyes to @Twitter as a community of practice for myself as a clinician AND an educator. The #FOAMed, #MedTwitter, and #MedEd tweeps have been instrumental in helping me develop as a practitioner, scholar, and now faculty developer. ImageImageImageImage
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Please start to do this. If you find something not factual, take the time to highlight, cross out, write notes on the image. We are highly visual creatures and the red X will communicate much better than your facts or words.

Make the “wrong” or “not factual” a clear visual.
Further, think of unintended consequences. Will what you put out there take a life if its own?

I have seen too many of those paid to instruct #STEM professionals on #SciComm & #MedTwitter professionalism

fail to understand this aspect of #SciComm - how will others repurpose?
How often in re-sharing a conspiracy theory post are you merely driving traffic to that site or person? It is a numbers game. In your “OMG look at this!!!!” are you contributing to this?

Please stay away from those who share a new “look how bad” example…
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Today is @Pat_Kochanek's last official day as Editor-in-Chief of @PedCritCareMed.

It is a bittersweet day. So I'd like to say a few words about my dear friend, colleague and mentor.

I may be the loud #PedsICU lobbyist, but he is the quiet crusader and sponsor. (Thread)
For over 1 year, @DrSeanBarnes & I would travel to conferences where #PedsICU colleagues would be present and beg organizers to let us share how #PedsICU #SoMe could benefit them. Most of time people said yes, & we were a novelty act, of sorts. It wasn't always a good feeling.
We kept plugging away, though. Promoting colleague's work. Offering to register and promote hashtags for #PedsICU conferences. We had a small but energetic group who bought in including @pccm_doc @ChrisCarrollMD @karen_choong too many to name.
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1/x #Common_colds 'may account for #some #reported #COVID_19 #cases'


“Paul Whiteman, NAHT..,

“Tests for COVID-19 need to be #readily available pupils and staff who get #negative_results can get #back into #school quickly.

...#chaos.” >…
2/x con’t

“... But...schools are struggling with staffing, have children #missing school, and ultimately that children's education is being needlessly disrupted"

“...>4 in 5 schools report having children off because they #cannot #get a #test or are #waiting for test results” >
3/x con’t quoting,

“The NAHT said #82% of #736 #schools surveyed have #children currently #not #attending because they can #NOT #ACCESS a #test #to #rule #out illness

Even more, #87%, have children currently #NOT attending because they are #WAITING #for their #test #results.“ >
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Next up @RBP0612 talking about "Maximizing your conference presence using your Social Media" Image
#ASNC2019 had close to 20 million impressions! Image
Global reach of conferences using #SoMe is impressive Image
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Next up is @FarrisTimimi talking about "To tweet or not to tweet". Image
He starts with talking about risk mitigation in #HCSM

You need to recognize risk in order to mitigate it. Image
Need to have effective onboarding of the new staff

Meaningful training

Actionable and comprehensible of #SoMe Guidelines! Image
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A lot can be misinterpreted on twitter in nuance, in punctuation, in tone, short tweets 🆚 deep conversations or long 🧵It’s why I use gifs a lot, in place of nonverbal communication like tone, facial expression, body language, look in the eye, eyebrow rise. 1/
I’d personally take a ‘..... ‘ as vague and be inquisitive about what the writer means 🤷🏻‍♀️2/
Then I’d maintain curiosity and ask a question to clarify the meaning. 3/
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The day is finally here!! Are you ready to "Steer your tweetanic?" Join us at 4p EDT for the #SoMe session at #ASNC2020 on "Steering your tweetanic: Basics and Advanced Outline" and learn from experts how to enhance your experience and presence here. Link: Image
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#Vainokäräjät @MolariJuha, #pääkäsittely päivä 3 jatkuu pian.

#ReformiStudio:n #tutkivatoimittaja @TiinaKeskimki seuraa paikan päällä salissa 209. Image
#Pääkäsittely jatkuu salissa 209. Syyttäjä, asianajajat ja vastaaja tulivat sisään salin ovesta. #Asianomistajat #JessikkaAro ja #SaaraJantunen ns. #pelkääjänovi:sta.

Ensin käsitellään vielä kirjallisia todisteita.

#vainokäräjät @MolariJuha
Käsitellään syytteen kohtaa 1.13. "Molari on 23.2017 pyrkinyt lähestymään Jantusta, valokuvannut häntä kadulla ja julkaissut ottamansa kuvat sekä omalla Facebook-sivullaan että MV-lehti nimisessä verkkojulkaisussa Jantusta halventavien kommenttien kanssa."…
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#ACCFIT #AHAFIT #cardiotwitter @MyASNC. This Thursday, follow me for live updates from the #ASNC2020 as we bring you the second session in the series on #SoMe "Steering Your Tweetanic: Basics and Advanced Outline". Don't forget to join us: 4-530p EDT. Image
Join us to learn from the 🌟s of #SoMe including @VietHeartPA @iamritu @RBP0612 @FarrisTimimi @CoronaryDoc @krishnapatel888 @NitiCardio as they bring the discussion regarding various topics related to #SoMe and guide us on carrying out and improving our presence on #SoMe. #cvnuc
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We had out first virtual Radiology learning session today.

A monthly learning meeting between Emergency Medicine & Radiology.

Helping us learn from each other and from our cases

A thread to share our learning from the cases ⬇️

#FOAMed #FOAMrad #FOAMped #SoME #radiology
The types of brain herniations

A great summary by @docskalski…

A rare case of Tuberous sclerosis and the learning from that

A great summary by @BMUZIO…

@Radiopaedia @DrVikasShah
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Did you know?

#ASNC2020 @MyASNC Virtual is scheduled over several wks

☢ Bulk of sessions ➡ Friday & Saturday, Sept 25 & 26

☢ Cases with Aces sessions ➡ once a wk, Sept 9 to Oct 7

☢ 2 #SoMe sessions ➡ Sept 10 & 17 at 4:00pm

☢ Technologist sessions ➡ Oct 3 Image
Join us on Sept 10 & 17 for #ASNC2020 virtual #SoMe sessions

1⃣ #SoMe Session Sep 10 @ 4:00pm EDT
☢ Leveraging #SoMe for Patient Care

2⃣ #SoMe Session Sep 17 @ 4:00pm EDT
☢ Steering Your Tweetanic Image
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Martina Navratilova was once asked, “How do you maintain your focus, physique and sharp game even at the age of 43?"

She gave a humble reply, “The ball doesn’t know how old I am”. You need to stop yourself from stopping yourself.

Every game in life is
actually played on a 6-inch ground – the space between your two ears.

We don't live in bungalows, duplexes, or flats. We live in our mind which is an unlimited area.

Life is great when things are sorted and uncluttered there.
Keeping the mind messy with hatred growing on the table, regrets piling up in the corner, expectations boiling in the kitchen, secrets stuffed under the carpet, and worries littered everywhere ruin this real home.
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Happy birthday @SCCMPresident! Look forward to hearing your very timely plenary address @SCCMMW

#SCCMSoMe #SCCMMWC20 #pulmcc #PedsICU #COVID19
Nice #COVID19 timeline schematic from @SCCMPresident @sccmmw #SCCMSoMe
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Our August Newsletter is out, with important information on resources and educational opportunities that can enhance your #CTSurgery during the new academic year!

Full Newsletter:…
The @TSRA_official Clinical Scenarios in Cardiothoracic Surgery 2nd Edition has officially been published with lots of new content!

Editors include Drs. @clauden_louis, Watson, @AlexBresciaMD @JordanBloomMD @CoyanGarrett

Purchase your copy here today:…
Save the date for the upcoming @TSRA_official Webinar “Finding a Job in the COVID Era.”

Date: Tuesday September 8th 7-8PM EST

Panelists include Drs. Sundt, @medwards_md, Arnold, @AhmetKilicMD, @cllaucll2y, and @VinodThourani

#CTCareers #TSSMN #MedEd #FOAMEd #SoMe #Match2021
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The problem with remote consulting is one of unknown unknowns—you don’t always know what you’re not seeing. Teleconsultations for all by ⁦@HelenRSalisbury⁩ ⁦…
“Many of the clinical examinations I do are normal or confirm what I already suspect from the history, but I’m sometimes surprised by an unexpected finding.”
#Some of the most interesting parts of my job are when the chest exam that I thought would be normal reveals #pneumonia, or when I detect fast #AFib in the patient who just feels a little tired.”
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Today I gave a talk to our @hopkinsheart cardiology fellows about #SoMe for dissemination of academic research. Here are a few take-away points from the talk and a couple figures from a summary paper on this topic that I wrote with @AChoiHeart
#SoMe in academic research. We have actual RCT data that show that Twitter promotion can increase rates of downloads and traditional citation counts. Also having a graphical abstract increases citations and downloads compared to tweets with no graphic. .
#SoMe in academic medicine - Dr. @purviparwani has been a leader in advocating its use, along with sharing pearls & pitfalls. Here are some slides from some of her papers. Thanks to all your #cardiotwitter collaborators!
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So, we've covered a bit of learning theory for #EdTech2020 and @Monash_CPDMOE

Now for look at Twitter and the Learner Image
Most of us learners love social media (Luo et al. 2019) - it satisfies Kirkpatrick level 1 - but can it do more? Image
Back in 2013, @petercartledge , Miller & @drbobphillips performed a systematic review and found 1047 articles looking at #SoMe and identified just 9 looking at outcome measures - mainly related to learner satisfaction
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Thank you @BilalMohammadMD @AmyOxentenkoMD for reigniting a convo ab #medtwitter #GITwitter, an important facet of the healthcare #SoMe landscape.

Let's review a few analyses we performed over the years on engagement + impact of GI #SoMe:
(Evidence to convince more to join?)

Q: Is there benefit to divisional social media presence for a healthcare dept/institution?

With @DrLorenGR @walterchanMD we demonstrated an ⬆️ in institutional social media presence predicted GI divisional #ranking improvement on @USNewsHealth @jmirpub
As mentioned, with @BrennanSpiegel @Doctor_V we created the GI hashtag ontology in 2016 to standardize GI discourse on Twitter with all GI societies/journals at the time, after a discussion w @subatomicdoc whose work in Heme/Onc inspired us. @symplur…
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1/13) #MedTwitter & has been an inspiring experience, however it can be 😳 at first

It was truly an honor to write this article in #AmJGastro alongside THE @AmyOxentenkoMD


Here is a brief #Tweetorial summarizing our paper, & some tips & tricks
2/13) If you are new, 1st define your goals for #SoMe use

✅ Stay up to date w science
✅ Network & connect w colleagues / mentors
✅ Collaborations
✅ Career advancement
✅ Social networking
✅ Promote your practice, program or division/dept

You could have one or all of 👆
3/13) Set up your profile. Its the first impression on how others will 👀 you

➡️ Handle: Can be full name w degree (@AmyOxentenkoMD) or could be defined by your interests (@IBDMD)

➡️ Brief bio (role, interests, institution)

➡️ Don’t forget background pic - unused real estate
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