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my dear friends (& kitchen cabinet members) @FutureDocs and @ETSshow having a round table discussion on the good-bad-ugly of social media for #WomenInMedicine

(this session? aka Dr. Arora's 6th episode of Explore the Space) Image

social media v misinformation in the pandemic:

@FutureDocs: "if someone trusts a meme on facebook more than a physician at the hospital or clinic, then we need to be in this space"

one of the good/bad/ugly

social media could potentially given voice to marginalized individuals in healthcare...BUT those at the intersections of marginalized groups may not reap that benefit and may be further harmed
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When a man arrives out of the blue just to get his kicks. Don’t be like Brian. A play in three acts without a cogent argument in sight.
Brian doesn’t understand #Safeguarding, how risk is assessed and why women & girls have the right to single sex spaces. We exclude all males not because #AllMen but because #Some. Same principle applies for all males.
Brian then used the MRA tactic of #SomeWomenDoIt and the rather childish “how would you like it?”. Naturally he creates a straw man argument and clearly was here to start an argument (not a discussion) .
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‘…ask yourself if the authors are truly trying to inform their readers or if they are instead trying to advance a narrative that would be undermined if they fully enumerated how COVID-19 has harmed children.’
Is UK Paediatrics #SoMe governance dead? When will its leaders act against medics pushing misinformation narratives?

‘Doctors writing about COVID-19 and children have an obligation to inform their readers of essential facts.’ @jeremyphoward 👏👏

You know who, @dgurdasani1 💙
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Now up, growing your program through modern media by @purviparwani. In current era, #SoMe is a powerful tool for growing your program. #SCCT2021 ImageImageImageImage
Strategies for growing your growing your advanced imaging program through modern media. Great talk by @purviparwani #SCCT2021 ImageImageImageImage
5 tips for growing #CardiacCT program @purviparwani #SCCT2021. Tip 1: Make imaging relevant to clinical problem. Tip 2: Imaging content on #SoMe. Tip 3: 80/20 rule of original content/promotion. Tip 4: 360 degree Marketing ImageImageImageImage
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👉 Lessons I learned on & about #MedTwitter

A 🧵 about my journey exploring what’s beyond being #professional as a 🩺 #SoMe user

#TLDR: Aim for fulfilled & happy & kind ➕ a healthier 🪢 with technology 📱💻
🤔 why I made this 🧵?

I was asked to give a talk: 'How to be professional on social media' at #ESPNIC2021 for #YoungESPNIC and other participants of the congress

❗️But I felt we could be aiming for so much more than #Professional

So here we are👇
Experts talk about #SoMe as a non-binary thing: it isn’t like you use it or not, because it’s already everywhere. Others say it is actually harder to ignore it.

👥 If you come aboard, do it mindfully
⛔️ Staying out intentionally is an option
⚠️ Avoid the half-in/half-out state
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1. This month's #EHJCaseReports #tweetorial focuses on a cardiac condition that can result in these findings 👇 on #echofirst. What could it be?
1 Hypertension
2 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
3 Aortic stenosis
4 Cardiac amyloidosis…
#CardioTwitter @EHJCREiC
2. It’s cardiac amyloidosis! Here is a great resource from @escardio WG on Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases to start with…
3. First, what is amyloidosis?

Amyloidosis occurs when abnormal proteins misfold and deposit in tissues as beta-pleated sheets. These disrupt tissue structure and can cause damage to many different organs.
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Evidence online “#vaccine research” by @Illinois_Alma drives anti-#vaccine #SoMe
=prolong #pandemic

@KateClancy’s study: periods in perimenopause “after” vaccine
by 15-minute survey
= bad #data = #misinformation

American feminism has a long history of harming WOC Image
Best practices of #community engaged #research involves
to all important stakeholders

American feminism
frequently believes that it
✅box of the diversity
no need to listen to anybody else

Women & WOC deserve good, not bad #data.…
Theories of infertility “by” vaccine
Draw upon past government sterilization programs
Fears are never unfounded
even if not the case now

Being out of touch with these realities + poor #studydesign
= research that adds harm without adding knowledge…
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Hi #MedTwitter!!! I was excited to be involved w/ the #SHEASpring2021 pre-conference workshop that included an eval of the professional use of #twitter. Here are my notes from the session, sharing in case useful; my focus is on providing helpful tips to new(er) users (🧵):
✅ Always be mindful of your reason for using #twitter; keep use +, professional, consider focusing on only a few topical areas important to you. Consider limiting use to only a few times/day and limit total time spent in app (can go down a 🐇 hole)
At conferences (like #SHEASpring2021):

✅ Connecting w/ others during conferences HUGELY valuable & a good way to grow your network
✅ Engage w/ others; don’t just put out content, respond to others’ posts (great way to build network). Don’t forget to use the conference #!
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1/16 There were SO many great questions in the pre-workshop on #SoMe & #VisualAbstract use today for #SHEASpring2021
One ❓was what is how to 'thread'?
So, let's chat!
Know the differences in #SoMe platforms, what kind of content they use, and think about where you intended audience is most likely found!
Consider what you like to do - write, photo, image, listen.
✅ Create intentional content
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⏳for another #tweetorialERA 🥳 @HDiniz_

➡️Native kidney biopsy plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of many conditions and, while generally safe, can be associated with bleeding complications.

Would you biopsy a patient with aspirin exposure?🤔
Bleeding complication rates are low, with less than 2% of patients requiring transfusion and less than 0.5% requiring an intervention to control the bleeding.

⚠️These complication rates are higher in hospitalized patients and those with AKI.…
But not every patient has the same risk of bleeding 🩸

Risk factors include anemia, thrombocytopenia, frailty index, obesity, comorbidities, and kidney function.…
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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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“QAnon is ...a self-sustaining environment of #disinformation & #misinformation...

.. QAnon hijacks the architecture of social media..

..By controlling acceptable forms of information, QAnon traps its members in a downward spiral of radicalization.”…
“As P.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking describe in.. book Likewar: The Weaponization of #SocialMedia, this phenomenon of “junk” or “fake news” is not new. In 2016, a similar, but related, conspiracy known as “Pizzagate” resulted in a shooting at a DC area pizza parlor.” #SoMe
Above is not limited to academic articles

There has been an increase in #antiAsianhate crimes
targeting of #GOTV by minorities
including this attempt to intimidate me for my GOTV, by armed right wing

There was the #Nashvillebombing (with QAnon beliefs)
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Thread zu meinem Vortrag auf der #DGKJahrestagung von heute zum Thema:

❤️#Twitter und #SoMe❤️
➡️Neue #SozialeMedien für den Kardiologen?⬅️

#Cardiotwitter @SiiloMessenger Image
2/10 #ConflictOfPassion (I have no financial conflict of interest)

#DGKJahrestagung 2021 Image
3/10 Vielfältigkeit von #SoMe (aber bitte kein WhatsApp für den professionellen Gebrauch!)

📺Youtubechanel von @echo_stepbystep:…

📺Youtubechanel von @DjawidHashemi:…

📱LinkedIn-Account von Prof. Ghanem:… Image
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Happening now at #RPA21:
The Challenges of Social Media Education: A data-driven specialty-specific introspection…

I'm live on the RPA platform and Twitter for your questions Image
My disclosures

I created Nephrology On-Demand in 2010

I launched @NODanalytics in 2015

I made @NODanalytics free for educational use in 2018

I created to mitigate the perils of customized search Image
Many specialties are gravitating to Twitter for education & learning.
Some are more advanced than others; it is very evident that #NephTwitter is far more advanced than other specialties: longer experience w/#SoMe education & more offerings. Image
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Tout thread en physiologie devrait commencer par les mots de notre maitre à tous, Jean Hamburger : « les reins sont l’organe de notre liberté »

En gros, si vous pouvez manger tout ce que vous voulez et garder un équilibre en eau et en ions (la fameuse « homéostasie »), c’est grâce à eux 💪
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#PedsICU conversations
Just out our paper in @PedCritCareMed led by the fabulous @AnnaZanin_MD 🇮🇹 on the Live Tweeting the Discovery of #COVID19 related Syndrome in Children (#PIMS #MISC)

Nuestro artículo sobre descubrimiento Sínd niños y @Twitter…
Doctors have discussed clinical cases since its inception, COnversations among peers and sharing is key for medicine knowledge advancements

Los médicos siempre conversaron entre ellos y así la medicina avanza

(Rembrandt) #historicmedtwitter… Image
These conversations abled naming of diseases, etc. Unfortunately, many of those inventions/discoveries remained in silos, and massive global dissemination was impossible in real time. Moreover, tracking the origins and giving merits was difficult.
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Facebook restricts publishers and users in Australia🇦🇺 from viewing or sharing news articles, ramping up a standoff with government over a proposal to force tech companies to pay newspapers for content, by @JeffHorwitz… via @WSJ #journalism
Even for a company that specialises in PR disasters, @Facebook has excelled with its Australian blackout. By turning off news sharing, it has turned attention to its own reckless opaque power, by @EmilyBell… via @guardian #journalism
“What Facebook is doing in Australia is highly irresponsible and compromises the safety of many Australian people” - @s_guilbeault
Canada condemns @Facebook’s Australian news ban, by @curryb… via @globeandmail #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #journalism
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In the run up to #RAUK21 -5-6th May 2021 ,& to introduce some of the many publications of our Bruce Scott Lecturer @EMARIANOMD - I thought I’d start tweeting 10 of his papers to get you inspired about #RegionalAnaesthesia #RegionalAnesthesia - I’ll add them all to this thread...
In the first of 10 of @EMARIANOMD‘s papers, lets start by looking at this one on Continuous interscalene brachial plexus block via an ultrasound-guided Posterior approach #RAUK21 #MarianoTopTen 1/10……
The second of 10 of @EMARIANOMD’s papers is on #PedAnes! This paper is on the Feasibility of ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block catheters for pain control on pediatric medical missions in developing countries. #RAUK21 #MarianoTopTen 2/10…
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"As QAnon influencers and their followers are pushed off mainstream platforms.... There, they may be exposed to more extremist content, like that of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups."

So what is the right approach? No right answers.…
..soooo.. usually seek facts & ideas ...rather than go down rabbit holes of others’ 🤯

..but wow, some remaining QAnon-posting accounts are within 1-2 degrees of separation..

To FB’s credit, misinformation/disinformation posts get covered with a grey filter & this warning:
Since I am a Muslim woman on the highly armed alt right’s radar myself now

am curious to understand what kind of 👹 they perceive me to be - tho prefer to only a quick peek, not a deep dive

(Obviously @IlhanMN was not actually at any such training camp)…
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Recently @JAMA_current published an OpEd about #SoMe harassment, framing it as a problem women experience

It fails to acknowledge the danger/assault/harassment Black boys and men face from white women like this, in person or online
Same for LGBTQ men

Women not the only victims
American feminism and the role of white women & damsel in distress in relation to Black men in America

has a deep and ugly history

that keeps popping up in current affairs, like Amy Cooper in Central Park calling 911 on a birdwatching Black man asking her to respect rules
@JAMA_current’s failure to frame this as an inherently intersectional issue has multiple implications for #SciComm at a time we need to be using correct frames.

First gender is not binary.

An opening line of women vs men excludes spectrum of #LGBTQ & or experience of Black men. Image
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We knew this.

We need stable, responsible voices on #SoMe

I am ALL for 1st amendment. Am anti-policing. Am anti-censorship.

Those of us in #SciComm can hold our OWN selves to higher standards than I see on #MedTwitter now. Vet. Verify. Be factual. Don’t do “left” vs “right.”
We cannot control what others post or do with our own posts to mislabel or misuse, unfortunately. We can reduce the “gotcha” aspects w/ passing things thru several gates. For me, having worked in the ED, been a public official, served as an expert witness, have automatic filters.
Deleting is NO protection. There is legal precedent “cleaning up” social media can lead to more questions.

It has been screenshotted. The “blocked!” or “deleted!” is used for innuendo.

Long thread on compliance & legal aspects of #SciComm for licensed professionals.
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People get #MedTwitter mixed up with the doctors’ lounge or M&M or narrative medicine. It is not. #SoMe patient details sharing has gotten folks disciplined. Plus, even narrative medicine can cross into appropriating someone else’s experience.
Folks don’t realize HIPAA is not limited to name, initials, age, DOB, etc. If a patient might recognize you and the story you are telling and/or a coworker can go to your schedule and see a list patient diagnosed and put 2+2 together, that has been used to discipline clinicians.
There is also a really bad trend on #MedTwitter driven by both seasoned and entry level faculty (latter likely replicating/perpetuating things taught by mentors) of lazy teaching using screenshots and real life examples, identifiable, without consent, of lay people or peers.
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This is why I rarely block people, except if flat out and repeatedly abusive or manipulative and not acting in good faith.

Super important to avoid overly curated feeds or echo chambers.

Keep feeding your mind new content. Challenge your assumptions.
I am quicker to block anonymous accounts who engage in ad hominem - latter signals weak argument. Plus, if you dish it out, be ready to take it. If you lack the gonads (of any gender) to put yourself out there, I don't really respect you and have limited interest in your content
I do appreciate people who introduce me to new sources of data or new ways to look at data. Show me articles, evidence, analysis, and we have a conversation.

I don't (try not to) get elitist/snarky like some do to assert dominance/superiority.

I like to learn how others think.
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#SoMe on conferences should be more than 'just' posting photos of slides (that's where most of us started). It's about summarising, creating infographics like @FOAMecmo @WhistlingDixie4 @hughgifford #LIVES2020
and adding background infos, papers and other resources like @iceman_ex @aartisarwal @Gas_Craic
And creating excellent blogs and websites like by @Wilkinsonjonny or @_dasFOAM
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