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🎬 Now on stage Professor @giovannilandoni talking about what we DON'T KNOW about #cardiocirculatory drugs

#Norepineprhine is the most used vasoactive drug in the guidelines for:

🔹 #sepsis
🔹#cardiogenic shock❗(Scandinavian)


@Smart_Meeting_M @SRAnesthesiaICU Image

BUT... #Norepineprhine (base) does not exist❗

🚫 base is not soluble, unstable and unable to reach target receptors
💡 Let's make it a salt!
🤔 But which one?

⚠️ Available Norepineprhine salts has different #dilution
⚠️ Sometimes with misleading #labeling Image

➡️ Please do not change you're clinical practice for this ⬅️

But consider the possible implications on:

🔹Second line drugs initiation
🔹Co- administration of other vasopressors
❗Comunication of your results!!!

#FOAMed #FOAMcc Image
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There's a big difference between an "at-the-market offering" (ATM) and an offering that's "priced at-the-market." An ATM offering isn't fixed in size (up to the amount registered) or price, and they might never sell any shares. 🧵 #pennystocks #dilution
ATM: An investment bank sells new shares directly onto the market on behalf of the company, for a commission (typ. 3%.) There's no telling if or when the ATM will be used, but they'll of course get market pricing at that time, just like when you or I sell shares.
An offering that's "priced at-the-market" is a deal that's already been agreed to, but they're basically explaining that they priced and sized the offering within the parameters of Nasdaq or NYSE's rules. It's not necessarily the minimum allowed price, either.
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What do we mean by #UseAirbornePrecautions? There are clear guidelines in health care settings, but what do we mean by it for the public? A 🧵 of 🧵(met-thread) on this. Strap in, this will be long 1/
2) First, this is not the first #airborne problem we have faced, and it won't be the last. And not all of them are exotic pathogens. Some could be as mundane as dust, smoke, pollens, volatile/semi-volatile organic compounds. They are all around our living space
3) Not all #airborne troubles are created equal. For example, I am a lot more allergic to cigarette smoke than incense. This varies from person to person and trouble to trouble. Some do not have any smell and can still be a "headache".
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🔴الـ SPACs مرة اخرى

🔸ان كنت مهتم لشركات الـ SPACs
🔹في سوق #الأسهم_الأمريكية
🔸فـ هذه #السلسة تهمك

مرحباً بالجميع💐
🟢الـ SPACs🔻
🔸شركات #مالية مدرجة في السوق عمرها 24 شهر
🔹ينقضي تواجدها بانتهاء هذه المدة
🔸عادةً 18 شهر للبحث ومحاولة عقد #صفقة
🔹مع شركة خاصة لإدراجها بالسوق

🟠سرعة الادراج وقلة المصاريف تغري الشركات بالتوجه لهم
🔹سعر #السهم 10 $ عند الطرح
🔸لكن هل هذا هو السعر الفعلي❓
🟢هذه المعلومة قد تخفى عن الكثير
🔸وهي قيمة السهم الفعلية

🔵يدير المفاوضات مجموعة مدراء
🔸لإتمام الصفقة بفائدة 20% كمتوسط
🔹وبكذا 10$ - 2$ = 8$

🟠لابد من استقطاب أسماء مستثمرين معروفة
🔹ومشاهير لتسويق شركة الــ #SPAC
🔸بول ايكمان - كاثي وود
🔹صناديق – مشاهير – مقدمي برامج Image
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#Demystifying #EIANotification Part II
Part I was abt #Evolution. This is abt #Purpose.
Purpose of #EIANotification is to properly assess in #advance d likely environmental impacts of planned developmental ‘#projects’ so that informed decisions cud be made well in time +
& then a #competent #authority (CA) could either accord or decline an EC (#EnvironmentClearance) to a project proponent (PP).
Presumption of course is that d CA is bound by its constitutional duty under Article 48A & d preamble of EPA1986 to ‘protect’ & ‘improve’ d environment.
#project’ has been defined as “expansion or modernization of any activity (if pollution load is to exceed the existing one) or new project listed in Schedule I to d notification.”
#Competent #Authority (CA)
In #EIA1994Notification d CA was d Central Government +
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